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A podcast focusing on the San Diego Padres, Major League Baseball, and other sports topics featuring the world renowned duo of Hoppy and Hobbs!


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A podcast focusing on the San Diego Padres, Major League Baseball, and other sports topics featuring the world renowned duo of Hoppy and Hobbs!




#59 - 4 Trades, 4 Free Agents

The podcast starts with a discussion about the Padres' roster development, including recent acquisitions and potential trades. The conversation then shifts to the Dodgers' offseason moves and their chances of winning the World Series. Hoppy and Hobbs also delve into the limitations of American baseball culture in developing two-way players like Shohei Ohtani. The financial implications of having two-way players in the league are also explored. In this conversation, the hosts discuss various topics related to baseball, including Shohei Ohtani's contract, the challenges of being a two-way player, the competitive balance in baseball, and the recent rule changes in Major League Baseball. They also explore the impact of the widened runner's lane and how it may change the game. Takeaways


#58 - Juan Soto Traded / How to Construct a Roster

In this episode, Hobbs and Hoppy discuss the San Diego Padres' 2023 season and offseason roster changes. They analyze the team's offense, pitching staff, and outfield situation. They also debate the role of managers and the possibility of an AI manager. The conversation covers potential options for first base, third base and outfield, as well as the need for more pitching. Overall, they express optimism for the Padres' future and the potential to build a winning team. The conversation covers potential trades and contracts, assessing players' performances, remaining moves for the Padres, the potential impact of Shohei Ohtani's signing, trade speculations, a rumored trade involving Toronto and San Diego, financial considerations for signing Shohei Ohtani, concerns about Shohei Ohtani's injury, and anticipation for future moves by AJ Preller. Takeaways


#57 - Perfect .500

Hoppy and Hobbs discuss the Padres roster and the first 2 games of the MLB the season.


#56 - Padres, Padres, Padres - Predicting the Opening Day Roster

Hoppy and Hobbs discuss who will be the odd man out in the Padres rotation, the catching situation, who will play left field and who has to be cut to get the roster down to 28 for opening day.


#55 - MLB is Back! New CBA, Rumors and Padres Talk

Hoppy and Hobbs discuss the major points and potential rule changes in the new MLB collective bargaining agreement. On top of that, they talk Padres baseball and the latest transaction news and rumors across Major League Baseball.


54 - Padres Make a Trade, MLB Free Agency, Yellowstone

Hoppy and Hobbs discuss the Padres trade of Adam Frazier for prospects, Mets free agent signings, Red Sox, Rays, Orioles, Tigers, and the greatest show on TV - Yellowstone!


#53 - We're back! Talkin' Padres and free agency!

Hoppy and Hobbs discuss the Padres late season collapse, new manager Bob Melvin, Padres 40 man roster, Hoppy's 3 way trade and how he would be as a GM.


#52 - FIGHT! Manny Machado vs. Fernando Tatis Jr.

Hoppy and Hobbs discuss the Padres pitching injuries, Manny vs Tatis, Adam Frazier, Brewers, MLB standings, and the San Diego State Aztecs football prrogam.


#51 - Urias hits Cronenworth on purpose? Is this the end for the Padres?

Hoppy and Hobbs discuss Urias hitting Cronenworth (broken finger), Dodgers setting up their rotation to beat the Padres, MLB standings, Blake Snell's dominance, playoff changes, and to early 2022 MLB Hall of Fame voting.


#50 - Padres need a rainout!

Hoppy and Hobbs discuss the Padres chances at making the playoffs, Blake Snell's almost no-hitter, Manny Machado, Jake Arrieta, lineup vs the Astros, Austin Adams, Giants, Dodgers, MLB standings, and who will be the first player to play all 10.


#49 - Padres stuff... and our next episode is #50!

Hoppy and Hobbs discuss the latest Padres news, baseball at Fenway Park in Boston, WWE, tackified baseballs and much, much, more!


#48 - Is Fernando Tatis Jr. an outfielder?

Hoppy and Hobbs discuss Fernando Tatis Jr. as an outfielder, the fire everyone movement, Padres change of play, Field of Dreams game, and the latest standings.


#47 - MLB Trade Deadline Extravaganza, Fernando Tatis Jr.

Hoppy and Hobbs discuss all of the deals at the MLB trade deadline and the latest Fernando Tatis Jr. injury.


#46 - Cleveland Guardians, Fernando Tatis Jr., Trade Rumors

Hoppy and Hobbs discuss the Cleveland Indians name change (Guardians), Fernando Tatis Jr's records, and MLB trade rumors.


#45 - Should the Padres trade Jake Cronenworth?

Hoppy and Hobbs discuss whether the Padres should trade Jake Cronenworth, MLB All Star game, Joc Pederson to the Braves, MLB draft, and coaches/teams claiming players online.


#44 - Slam Diego Padres, home run derby, how good is your favorite team

Hoppy and Hobbs discuss Slam Diego - Daniel Camarena, Fernando Tatis Jr. breaking records, CJ Abrams, Mackenzie Gore, Padres All Stars and starting pitchers, the MLB draft, Home Run Derby, and the MLB standings.


#43 - Blake Snell becomes Snellzilla, Padres Notes, The All Star Game, Pitchers & Foreign Substances

Hoppy and Hobbs discuss Blake Snell's best game, the Pham / Kim, Collison, the James Shields / Fernardo Tatis Jr. trade, Padres, 6 man rotation, MLB crackdown on foreign substances, the MLB All Star game, and the potential for a mid-season tournament.


#42 - San Diego Padres, The Javy Baez Play, Shohei Ohtani, and much more!

Hoppy and Hobbs discuss the Javy Baez play, Noah Syndergaard, Shohei Ohtani, Cody Bellinger, and the San Diego Padres (6 man rotation, Tatis Jr. defense, theoretical trades and Jake Cronenworth).


#41 - Talkin' Baseball: Padres, No-Hitters, & 3-0 Swinging

Hoppy and Hobbs discuss the Padres Covid-19 IL winning streak, unwritten rules, missing signs, no-hitters, Fernando Tatis Jr, MLB standings, and Joe Kelly throwing beer!


#40 - We're Back! Bunting. Padres, and...

Hoppy and Hobbs discuss bunting in MLB, Padres season thus far (Covid 19 IL), A's relocation, Albert Pujols, and Hoppy tells a story.