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U40: NIL continues to evolve, stick and ball is coming

Coaches are getting some well-deserved time off this week so we talk about some of the latest goings on in the NIL space and catch up with how things are going in the space. Everyone can finally stop sending Jeff Lebby to Alabama as they have hired their new offensive coordinator. Hoops is not going well since the win over Alabama. In fact, it's hit rock bottom. Is Moser on the move? We talk about the rumors of Notre Dame being a possible destination if Moser wants out of OU. Bob is covering...


U40: Taylor Heim's signing shows the Sooners are back on track to recruit OK

It's freaking cold, campus is shut down but OU is taking on OSU in Bedlam hoops tonight inside the Lloyd Noble Center. We finally have a Big 12 schedule release and we have plenty of thoughts on why it took so long and how the conference worked things out. It's also signing day and even though the Sooners don't have a lot of action today, Josh is here to breakdown how last weekend's big junior days event came off for Brent Venables and the boys. We do breakdown OU's lone signee today in...


U40: Why Lebby/Bama makes no sense and OU not done in 2023

Carey, Josh and Eddie were all aboard for this week's edition of the Unofficial 40 podcast. Porter Moser's basketball team appears to be falling into disrepair. And we're tired of the excuses and the lack of action. It's time to do something about Lloyd Noble Center. It's time to stop ignoring what everyone sees. Junior Days have started and Josh has a full update on what's going down. A major recruiting name has predicted David Stone to Michigan State. Josh gives fans reasons not to worry...


U40: OU flips a Stanford man, 2023 signees arrive

Carey, Eddie, and Bob are all back in studio for a strong version of the Unofficial 40 podcast. How did the Sooners turn Walter Rouse last weekend and make him a home in Norman? Josh weighs in with his thoughts. Are wide receivers the riskiest position in the portal? And will the Sooners take another one before this is all over. We also get into the early news of 2024 as former Allen QB Michael Hawkins was in town last weekend. Is it down to Oklahoma and one other school? Coaches have been...


U40: OU's roster is being remade through the portal

Eddie continues to go through difficult times as his car blew up this morning. But we all somehow made it for a get together as Eddie hunkered down at his parents' house and the gang found a way to make it happen. It's a much needed podcast because everyone is trying to stay up to date on what is happening in the portal. We break down all the new additions to the OU roster, the losses, and the coaching changes as breaking news was flying during the pod recording. We also take a look ahead at...


U40: Recapping Under Armour and All-American practices

The gang is all here to talk to Josh, who has done the majority of traveling the last week going from Orlando to San Antonio covering all-star game practices and workouts. Josh talks about his impressions of the OU signees in Orlando at the Under Armour All-American game as the Sooners had a lot of talent in Florida. He also headed down to San Antonio yesterday. All-in-all, OU had 11 members of their signing class participate in all-star activities and 12 total were selected. We also take...


U40: Scoop is in Orlando, no thanks to Southwest Airlines

Eddie and Bob made it to Orlando but got stuck in Atlanta as Southwest Airlines went into full meltdown mode. After a rental car got them to Orlando, they've been attending all the practices and press conferences and have their report from hell. Josh is getting ready to follow them as they leave to cover the Under Armour All-American game. We breakdown OU's chances against Florida State and also the players OU has signed playing in the Under Armour game. Some newcomers joined the team in...


U40: Sooners finish 2023 class with a five-star flip

Oklahoma landed 5-star defensive back Peyton Bowen today and the gang is all here to breakdown how it happened and what to expect from the Class of 2023. The Sooners moved up to No. 7 in the Rivals national team recruiting rankings after Bowen signed. They also got a big transfer portal addition in Texas Tech safety Reggie Pearson. Are the Sooners done? Maybe. Maybe not. But one thing this coaching staff has shown is that they will fight to the end to get anyone still out there that can help...


U40: Early Signing Day Preview

Carey, Josh and Eddie stopped by to record a "quick" preview of what to expect for this year's signing day. We also got to check out an OU football practice as well as talk to the players after it was over. What's the latest with Dillon Gabriel and Marvin Mims and why haven't they made any announcements about their futures? What did things look like at practice after some players have opted out of the bowl game? And Josh is here to breakdown everything that is still up in the air in...


U40: Sooners keep adding players, but some needs remain

Even though we haven't talked to a football player since the end of the regular season, there's not been a time when this much is happening between the end of the season and a bowl game. The Sooners are picking up commitments from the portal and the recruiting trail. And they're looking to close strong heading to the early National Signing Day. Could there even be a Bedlam transfer in the works? We also talk about the receiver position where the Sooners seem to moving on from player after...


U40: Tracking OU's moves in the portal and in recruiting

The gang is back and we know OU's bowl destination. But there is so much going on with the portal that we have to start there. Who are the Sooners really serious about? And what areas do the Sooners need to hit the hardest. As more names enter the portal, it becomes harder and harder to track where OU's interest really lies. Also, it's still recruiting season so it's wild out there. Carey, Josh, Eddie and Bob run through all the potential chaos and potential additions. We talk a little bowl...


U40: Transfer portal: we're speculating, not reporting

The entire crew is back to talk about the start of portal season. And FAIR WARNING we are not reporting anything about players getting ready to portal who haven't. We're just speculating about players who might be possibilities to look elsewhere after this 6-6 season. We know Jordan Mukes and Theo Wease are entering the portal. And we know Eric Gray has been invited to the Senior Bowl. But what do we think about the chances of Dillon Gabriel leaving? Marvin Mims? Could C.J. Coldon return....


U40: Bedlam win, big recruiting and a final game to win

A little bit of an early Thanksgiving weekend Unofficial 40 as the gang is all here before the holiday hits. We continue to be befuddled by the clock management in Bedlam. The coaches have now had their say in what happened and we still aren't completely clear what happened. The defense is playing well but heading to Lubbock will be a true challenge. Can they keep consistency and play well on the road? We talk about the really big recruiting weekend and what is ahead with OU and some of the...


U40: How is recruiting holding up at 5-5

The Unofficial 40 is a man down as Eddie is hanging on to life after standing in the freezing rain last weekend in Morgantown. Carey, Josh and Bob carry the day as we break into some recruiting as Bedlam will be a big recruiting weekend. Brent Venables is sending messages to recruits in press conferences and it seems like some of the biggest names committed are staying solid with the Sooners. We also talk about the repercussions of OU making or not making a bowl game, the newest collective...


U40: West Virginia and the future of the OU defensive roster

Brent Venables was peppered this week with big picture questions concerning the program moving forward. The gang sits down and reflects on what we've seen from this team defensively, where it's going wrong and how it gets fixed. Is this about playing younger players, going hard in the transfer portal, or can it only be fixed in recruiting. The guys have a deep discussion about the future of the OU defense and how Venables and staff needs to build it quickly. We also take a look at the Big...


U40: Fans are getting used to winning as Baylor comes to town

Josh and Bob recap their thoughts on the Iowa State win and we take a look ahead at Baylor this weekend. Brent Venables had some interesting things to say this week during his press conference and Dillon Gabriel and Marvin Mims are working to get back on the same page on offense. The defense gives us some belief that Venables is starting to reach these players who have just cratered as seasons have progressed over the years. The offensive line will also face a challenge in Baylor while the...


U40: Football heads to Iowa State and some breaking recruiting news

Game weeks are back as the Sooners get ready to hit the road for Ames, Iowa, to take on the Iowa State Cyclones! The whole gang is here and ready to hit the road to cover some more football. In this episode we breakdown the health and availability of the roster heading into Saturday's matchup. Billy Bowman coming back? Is Marcus Major going to play anytime soon? We talk about all of our media availability this week and what we've learned while also kind of taking a look back at who has stood...


U40: Bye weeks mean recruiting, recruiting, recruiting

It's a bye week for the Sooners. A much needed bye week for everyone. We look back at the Kansas game with Josh and Bob present this time. And there's plenty of praise for a defense that gave up 42 points. We're actually excited to see this team get back on the field against Iowa State. We breakdown some of the comments by Big 12 commissioner Brett Yormark about OU and Texas' move to the SEC and future Big 12 schedules. But really this episode is all about recruiting during a by week, the...


U40: Don't lose to Kansas. DON'T LOSE TO KANSAS!

Brent Venables took to the podium yesterday. Brent Venables has done his weekly coaches show as well. We took a lot out of both those appearances and dissected the state of the OU football program once again. WE DO THIS EVERY WEEK NOW IT SEEMS! The locker room is on the line this week against Kansas. Another disaster performance will probably lose this locker room. Meanwhile, Venables is going into overdrive trying to save this team and get them to dig their way out. Can the return of Dillon...


U40: It's OU/Texas and we're trying to find a path to victory

Saturday was bad. Sunday was bad. Monday was, well, it was Monday. But here we are on Wednesday. Has the doom and gloom lifted? Maybe a little bit. We're laying down our blueprint for an Oklahoma win against Texas in the Red River Rivalry. Does that mean we're fully back? No. It doesn't mean that. What has to happen for the Sooners if Dillon Gabriel doesn't play? How can the defense possibly rebound from that performance against TCU? What do the last two weeks mean for recruiting? Any panic...