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U40: OU football undergoing a change in operations

It's the whole crew locked in once again this week as we start of with the full gang, but first we get a little springy as Bob Przybylo is here to talk softball and hoops while Eddie updates us on OU's first weekend on the diamond. George joins the show and we're still talking hoops. Has the lack of support for OU hoops eroded some of the passion from the fanbase? A dinosaur arena doesn't really scream, "We care!" And are the Sooners closer to falling out of the NCAA Tournament field or staying in the field? A pretty serious state of the union discussion on OU hoops. Josh is here for all the recruiting talk and Carey is here to talk about his thoughts on what OU is doing to prepare for a new era of college football that has so many more administrative challenges than ever before with recruiting, the transfer portal, NIL, etc. How is OU navigating this new era and everything we know about how this is all being setup. The full rundown follows below: 0:00 - Welcome back to the U40! Spring sports underway 5:00 - Is it time to push the NCAA Tournament panic button? 17:00 - Softball/Baseball/More hoops talk 50:00 - Recruiting — Junior Days ahead/Spring visits 1:02:00 - Athletic departments are having to figure out what is going on in today’s college athletics Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


U40: The mess that is college athletics described

Football officially ended with the Superbowl but several Sooners ended up world champions. Now we turn our attention to spring football. As soon as anyone lets us talk to anyone like maybe Zac Alley or any newcomers. Hoops is coming off a soul crushing loss. The boys try and talk out their hoops issues a lot more peacefully and respectfully this time around. And stickball is here. Softball is already underway and Kelly Maxwell shines as expected. Eddie is excited about the start of Skip Johnson's season. And Josh is here to talk about the latest in recruiting as Houston is becoming a hotbed of activity for the Sooners this year. The full rundown follows below: 0:00 - Welcome back to the U40! 13:00 - Spring football is near 42:00 - Hoops 54:00 - Softball/Baseball 1:03:00 - Recruiting Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


U40: It's National Signing Day but it already happened

Carey, Josh, Eddie, George and Bob are all here and we're back in action this week. We talk about National Signing Day even though there was no big signing for OU in the second signing period. Should we just get rid of this second signing day? The guys talk about where things stand with the recruiting calendar as coaches have been on the road, junior days have happened and we've already moved on to 2005 commitments. How will all of this be affected by what is happening with the College Football Playoff and the SEC and Big Ten looking to do their own thing? Will the NCAA even be in charge much longer? We also talk about OU's latest commitment and offensive line recruiting in general. We talk with George about the Senior Bowl and the shuffling of the support staff at OU with Jay Nunez leaving for Alabama. Some heated hoops talk with the crew as Eddie, Bob and Carey chop it up about where this hoops season is headed. Softball is coming and we all have our thoughts on Toby Keith's passing as OU started to honor his memory last night at the BYU game. The full rundown follows below: 0:00 - Welcome back to the U40! 15:00 - It’s National Signing Day and nothing is happening 29:00 - Senior Bowl/East-West Shrine Bowl wrap-up 35:00 - Staff changes with Jay Nunez leaving for Alabama 40:35 - Hoops was fun vs. BYU/Honoring Toby Keith 58:00 - #Nattys4Patty SZN upon us Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


U40: Texas loss a kick in the teeth, OU making tons of new offers

It was a potentially huge night for OU basketball last night as the Sooners took on the Texas Longhorns in their own gym. But the Sooners didn't play with enough intensity and were beaten down until they were out. We talk about why it happened, what it all means and what does Porter Moser have to say about the loss in front of the best OU crowd of the year? We take a look at some of the recent offers that have been made by the Sooners. Josh highlighted 39 new offers this morning on SoonerScoop and we talk about some of them. What do coaches look for when they go visit players at their high schools? We talk about the QB transfer portal and how it might affect the future of quarterback recruiting in the high school ranks. And we celebrate Baker Mayfield's return to the NFL and wonder what his next stop might be. THE FULL RUNDOWN FOLLOWS BELOW: 0:00 - Welcome back to the U40! Hoops disappoints vs. Texas 18:00 - Coaches are out on the recruiting trail & offers are going out! 31:00 - Sooners Elite Junior Day this weekend 35:00 - The CFB World is crazy 55:00 - The NFL season ends for Baker and the Bucs Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


U40: 2025 recruiting is all about the OL class

The gang is back and we're talking about the hot issues on the Crimson Corner lately: OU and NIL. Can it be better? And who is supposed to make it better? We usually try and avoid a lot of NIL talk but it's time for the fanbase to get back to the basics on how this all works. Alabama has some big names hitting the portal as well. But would the Sooners be players for more high profile portal transfers? We're also talking about the 2025 recruiting class that is going very, very well at this point. And speaking of the program's biggest issue right now, there are a ton of offensive lineman available in the class of 2025. Josh tells us how the Sooners are faring with the biggest names out there in 2025. Bob is here for some hoops talk as OU gets a very winnable game tonight in the LNC. And Zac Alley has been officially announced as OU's next DC. His salary will give a good indication of whether he really is seen as the new lead dog on defense. The full rundown follows below: 0:00 - Welcome back to the U40! Let’s talk it out 22:00 - Zac Alley hire made official 34:00 - Anything new in the transfer portal? 37:00 - Focusing on 2025 class 56:00 - Hoops talk; don’t push the panic button yet Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


U40: Frustrations over the portal and NIL growing

We start out the show with a big announcement of two new additions to the Scoop family. The crew is all here and we're trying to figure out OU's position and standing with NIL and the transfer portal. Is OU willing to pay what it takes to land big-time transfers? Is Brent Venables unwilling to deal with transfers who are seeking top dollar? It's a philosophical discussion about OU's philosophy on the transfer portal. Meanwhile, Lane Kiffin is on a boat landing everyone he wants. Can the Sooners close on any of these key offensive line targets in the portal? Sooner hoops is set to take on TCU and Kansas on the road as they try and remain a top 10 team. Bob Przybylo is here to breakdown what is ahead for Porter and the boys. Josh talks about the All-American performances from the 2024 class and his impressions after talking to everyone in Orlando and San Antonio. The full rundown follows below: 0:00 - Welcome back to the U40! We start with SoonerScoop announcement 7:00 - The Portal continues to be a weird confusing place 30:00 - HOOPS 42:00 - Josh wraps up the HS All-Star Game(s) 53:00 - More NIL talk 1:04:00 - How close is Oklahoma to winning a national title? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


U40: Transfer portal and recruiting class will be key in 2024

It's a four-man pod today with Carey, Eddie, Bob and George as Josh has the week off. We talk about the end of the season, assess what we saw from the offense and Jackson Arnold last week in San Antonio and talk about the additions that must happen for OU this offseason for OU to contend in the SEC next year. We also catch up with Bob Przybylo to talk the latest in OU men's hoops as the Sooners get ready for conference play. What are the biggest unknowns about this conference heading into some big battles to come? We also hit on the College Football Playoffs and what we saw this weekend. The full rundown follows below: 0:00 - Welcome back to the U40! Thunder are the best team in the NBA 8:00 - You can start listening here for FOOTBALL FOOTBALL FOOTBALL 25:00 - HOOPS opens conference play Saturday vs. Iowa State 42:51 - Wrapping up Alamo Bowl; Jackson Arnold’s first career start 1:00:00 - CFB Playoff Thoughts Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


U40: Alamo Bowl Preview show from San Antonio

Eddie, George and Carey met up after this morning's coaches press conferences to breakdown the matchup with Arizona and talk about everything they've learned this week while in San Antonio. Jackson Arnold's debut is the main headline, but the defense shows up to the Alamodome almost fully intact and ready to show what they can do against an explosive Arizona defense. Could Woodi Washington join Danny Stutsman and Billy Bowman and return to Oklahoma for another season? How do we feel about the offensive line heading into this one? And how do we feel about the newcomers we saw this week during practice? All that and more in this edition of the Unofficial 40. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


U40: The pod where we all kind of fall apart after signing day

As you can tell by Eddie's rundown, he basically boycotted the pod today. We also had some audio issues between the 42:00-43:00 mark but it was quickly fixed when George took over for Bob. We hit on national signing day and got into some of Josh's thoughts about the biggest early impact players in the class. Could Danny Okoye be a better player early than David Stone? We had a strange hoops conversation with some awkward fighting. Carey addressed the whole Dillon Gabriel controversy even though there wasn't one as we found out later in the day when we interviewed Dillon. George then came on the pod and told us he was burnt out on OU football this week and wanted to talk about other stuff. Josh and Carey talked whiskey. George went to a Birthday party and we're looking forward to a couple of days off before heading to San Antonio for the Alamo Bowl. Josh decided we didn't have enough Alamo knowledge and decided to give us some. We may have peaked this week. Merry Christmas everybody! The massive rundown follows below: 0:00 - Welcome back to the U40! Early National Signing Day has come and gone 15:00 - Sooners signed 27 on Wednesday 39:00 - Hoops Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


U40: Trying to make sense of the Cayden Green situation

The full gang is here and we're trying to make sense of the situation with Cayden Green. He just snuck out of Headington Hall without telling a soul and left his teammates wondering what happened. Hell, he left everyone wondering what happened. We talk about yesterday's open practice portion as well as Jackson Arnold's first start against Arizona in the Alamo Bowl. And what is this offensive line looking like heading into the bowl game? How does it look next year? How is this going to get fixed? Bill Bedenbaugh has some work to do. National signing day is almost here and coaches are out on the visit trail. Josh has the latest from that side of the program. We also finally wrap up the return of Danny Stutsman and Billy Bowman who had their chances to talk to the media for the first time since announcing their decisions. We've even got a little hoops talk for you as the 11th ranked Sooners are getting ready to take on North Carolina next week. The full rundown follows below: 0:00 - Welcome back to the U40! There’s a lot going on 6:30 - What has happened with Cayden Green? 28:00 - Danny Sutsman/Billy Bowman speak with media on decisions to return 39:00 - Jackson Arnold is *officially* QB1 48:00 - Does OU have an OL problem? 53:00 - Purdue WR Deion Burks commits to Oklahoma 1:01:00 - OU coaches 1:11:00 - Hoops might win the Final Four by a million Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


U40: Who is OU targeting in the portal and SoonerHoop.com

The OU men's hoops team is 8-0 and Bob Przybylo is here to talk about what Porter Moser has cooking inside the Lloyd Noble Arena (maybe he will accidently burn it down). And we're mainly here for transfer portal talk as we talk over the main targets we're seeing early at tight end, defensive line and even offensive line. We also talk Dillon Gabriel and what led to his decision to play another year of college football and why it wasn't at OU. You can't ignore that OU is taking a risk here. We get into some high school recruiting as well as Josh says OU still has a real shot at a five-star defensive lineman. The changes at A&M continue to open up OU's chances to land some elite talent on the defensive side of the ball. Also some typical office shenanigans and Carey thought George looked nice yesterday and we've never been more uncomfortable talking about it. The full rundown follows below: 0:00 - Welcome back to the U40! Book your Final Four tickets now! 13:55 - Okay let’s talk Portal 30:00 - Let’s talk Oklahoma football 44:00 - OU needs from the Portal 1:12:00 - Sooners still in the mix for Dominick McKinley? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


U40: New offensive staff is set, transfer portal gets going soon

The full crew is back this week as Carey, Josh, Eddie, George and Bob all take part in the show. That's right! Bob Przybylo has made his triumphant return following his battle with the black plague. He drops in to get us ready to root for some hoops this season as the Sooners are finally in the AP Top 25 for the first time under Porter Moser. We also hit some more on the new coaching hires as they became official just after our podcast finished taping. The transfer portal is opening and the Sooners will have some definite targets to chase. Some decent names are already starting to enter. Where do the Sooners look first? We also talk about Jackson Arnold's reaction to the Seth Littrell/Joe Jon Finley hires. And is concern over Kevin Sperry? Josh takes us down the recruiting road and Grant Brix is probably best to be where he is. And guess what Josh? He did like the equipment truck! And George spends his time on the U40 taking shots at Eddie apparently. The full rundown follows below: 0:00 - Welcome back to the U40! Seth Littrell & Joe Jon Finley are Oklahoma’s new OCs … maybe you have heard? 8:43 - Oklahoma *should be* really, really good offensively in 2024 20:00 - Jackson Arnold is the face of OU football; run game will be better 27:00 - Talking some defense 37:00 - Portal Watch has commenced 49:20 - Hoops; Sooners are a top 25 team 1:02:00 - Recruiting Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


U40: DG should finish on Owen Field, but we're prepared for Jackson Arnold

The OGs are back at it again this week because it's a compressed week and Bob and George have to write, write and write some more. Carey, Josh and Eddie, the original U40 crew is back to fight a little bit. Carey is fighting with the Crimson Corner on the pod again. Josh is trying to play peacemaker and Eddie is just stirring the pot as usual. The guys also try and help Carey fill out his Maxwell and Nagurski ballots. And the biggest question of the week. Will it be Dillon Gabriel or Jackson Arnold throwing passes to Drake Stoops in his final regular season game as an Oklahoma Sooner. We also talk about national and Big 12 awards season and the transfer portal is opening soon. Marcus Hicks has already announced his intentions to enter. Who would be surprise entries into the portal? We throw around some ideas. And Josh is here with the latest in recruiting and particularly Grant Brix. Is Oklahoma finally getting off the Brix wagon? And what about the A&M situation? We also make sure to give you plenty of TCU talk since we got killed for not talking any BYU last week. Where do the Sooners have the edge this weekend? The rundown follows below: 0:00 - Welcome back to the U40! OG gang is back 12:00 - Carey is a national award voter 17:00 - Who starts on Friday: Dillon Gabriel or Jackson Arnold? 40:00 - Danny Stutsman was robbed by the Butkus committee 53:00 - Marcus Hicks entered the portal; who else? 1:05:00 - RECRUITING 1:25:00 - OU plays TCU this weekend Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


U40: OU still in the hunt for Big 12 title game

It's BYU week and the Sooners set out to see how many refs will be throwing flags this weekend. We're kidding. Maybe. We talk about the uneasiness surrounding Oklahoma and the Big 12 Conference. The Big 12 went ahead and changed their tiebreaker rules, even though they continue to say they are just clarifying what the rules already are. Where does that leave Oklahoma? What has to happen for the Sooners to end up in Arlington for the Big 12 Championship? Also, did the Big 12 plot for Eddie's elevator to fail just before Brent Venables' weekly press conference. We though we lost him for no minute. Could any OU assistants get caught up in the coaching carousel that has only just begun? Eddie had some thoughts on the Porter Moser 3-0 hoops team after catching them in action last night and Josh is here for your recruiting addictions. We pod! The full rundown follows below: 0:00 - Welcome back to the U40. We’re headed to Provo 11:20 - Eddie was stuck in an elevator at the stadium 16:30 - The Big 12 is an incompetent conference 44:00 - OU assistants being courted during silly szn 1:05:00 - OU hoops 1:11:00 - RECRUITING Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


U40: WVU week brings back the OG podcast. Carey, Josh and Eddie

West Virginia is ahead for the Sooners, but Josh and Carey weigh in on everything they've heard this week in regards to the state of OU's football program. It's also a throwback episode to the original Unofficial 40 crew that started it all over 9 years ago. So we start from the top. We go back and look at Bedlam and where this program is on offense and defense. No panic, no proclamations of impending doom. Just some level-headed discussion of what we're seeing. We also talk about how the coaching staff is handling things personally. George's steely response from Brent Venables during yesterday's presser and the public missteps that have happened recently with Venables and Lebby. We also dive back into Bedlam, what we saw and what it means moving forward. We also want to shower some praise on some of the good things we're seeing. Like Kip Lewis. And we ask the question, should he be starting? Big love to Drake Stoops as well. And we get the latest on recruiting with Josh who has a big visitor confirmed for this weekend. The rundown follows below: 0:00 - Welcome back to the U40. It’s a throwback episode 8:00 - Bedlam wasn’t fun. How bad was it? 34:00 - Kip Lewis looks to be a big deal. Needs to be on the field. 46:00 - We would die for Drake Stoops; the message board needs love 54:00 - Lincoln Riley is not well 58:00 - RECRUITING 1:03:00 - 2024 OT Grant Brix visiting this weekend Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


U40: Time for OU's defensive line to step up in Bedlam

Josh, Carey, Eddie, George and Bob are back for another full crew episode. We're putting Kansas in the rearview mirror and moving on to Oklahoma State. The college football playoff rankings have been released and it at least gives the Sooners a path back to relevance. But that won't mean anything if the Sooners defensive front doesn't get that chip back on their shoulder as they did against Texas. Oklahoma State's running game and Ollie Gordon will test the Sooners who may or may not have Danny Stutsman in the middle. And if they do have him, how effective can he be? Bob Przybylo is here with his first basketball update of the season as the Sooners tip off tonight with a scrimmage that is free to everyone. We talk about the new faces in the program and try to paint a picture of what this team is going to look like. Josh has the latest in recruiting and the latest on offensive lineman Grant Brix, who many believed was on the verge of committing to Nebraska after his trip. The full rundown follows below: 0:00 - Welcome back to the U40! Bedlam week is here 12:00 - Should OU DL have an advantage vs. OSU OL? 16:00 - Brent Venables place in the OU offense 24:00 - Is the defense getting a pass? What about Brent Venables game-management? 43:00 - OU No.9 in first CFP Rankings 53:00 - Hoops season is upon us 1:03:00 - RECRUITING 1:06:00 - 2025 Carl Albert LB Marcus James announcing Thursday Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


U40: Sooners can build toward CFP run at KU

We're back to work covering another game on the road and we wouldn't have it any other way. The entire crew gets together for this family dinner of podcasting goodness. And we're doing it with half the building recovering from a flood. Josh trolled USC earlier this week on the YouTube recruiting roundup show and we do weigh in on the public mess that is happening in Lala land. We also talk about the sign stealing scandal at Michigan. Do we expect the NCAA to do anything about it? But we're really here to talk OU football and we look ahead to the matchup in Lawrence, Kansas, this weekend. What is going on at the running back position after the suspension of Tawee Walker? Will it be Gavin Sawchuk or could another name appear that we haven't been talking about lately? Josh breaks down what he has seen after film breakdown on the offensive line. Is Savion Byrd ready to finally step up on the right side of the line without Mettauer? We also get into a bit of recruiting with the visit of Reggie Powers last weekend. Also, has Nebraska reached desperation levels with Grant Brix? All that and more in this week's episode of the Unofficial 40. The rundown follows below: 0:00 - Welcome back to the U40! The office flooded. Please pray for us. 9:15 - The world of CFB is wildin’ 31:00 - OU is headed to Lawrence, Kansas 49:00 - RB situation 1:00:00 - Offensive line talk 1:08:00 - Quick hitters on Grant Brix/Reggie Powers Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


U40: Back to business for OU football. Time for UCF.

The bye week is behind us and it's time for Oklahoma to get back to the business of football. And lately business is booming. As Dillon Gabriel's former school, UCF, comes to town, the offense has some holes to fill with Andrel Anthony out for the season and McKade Mattauer out for at least a couple more weeks. We also talk about the defense who will be tested by UCF's offense. Is Brent Venables ready to hit the portal again this offseason with so many big-time programs having down years? We'll talk about that as well as your weekly dose of recruiting with Josh McCuistion. We also talk about some of our favorite interviews of the week like Jacob Lacey and Caleb Shaffer. The full rundown follows below: 0:00 - Welcome back to the U40! 20:42 - Let the good times roll in Norman, Los Angeles and College Station 35:00 - Jacob Lacey’s story is unbelievable 49:00 - Defensive turnaround; In a word: unbelievable 1:01:00 - AP All-American Team 1:08:00 - RECRUITING; 2024 Michael Boganowski announcement on Thursday 1:13:00 - Bill Bedenbaugh’s 2024 o-line coming together Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


U40: Taking stock as the bye week is here

It's the only time during the week that the entire staff gets together for one show. It's the Unofficial 40 where we all get together on this bye week to discuss how things are going for the Sooners. Some more thoughts on how the Sooners move forward without Andrel Anthony and who best fills his role. We talk about the elevation of Danny Stutsman after the video that came out last night from OU. We also take some time to recognize Todd Bates for the job he has done with the defensive line this season. And of course, Josh takes us into the recruiting realm as some big commitments are on the horizon. And what did the win over Texas do for recruiting? The full rundown follows below: 0:00 - Welcome back to the Unofficial40. It’s a bye week … and uhhhhh OU is in a national title race 2:20 - DRAMA at the Scoop offices 6:50 - Andrel Anthony lost for the season 14:00 - Danny Stutsman is the face of the Oklahoma program 21:00 - Todd Bates. Take a bow. 28:00 - Does OU have a Jim Thorpe type winner in the secondary currently? 43:00 - RECRUITING - OL Daniel Akinkunmi announcing decision on Thursday 50:26 - How does the OU-Texas outcome play a role in recruiting? 1:02:00 - Taking a lap around the Big 12 Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


U40: It's OU-TX. Let's pod mother fathers.

It is the biggest week in OU football since... well, since a while. It's a chance for the Sooners to do something really special. But it won't be easy. Josh, Carey, Eddie, Bob and George all weigh in on this weekend's matchup. Will it be the last time these two teams meet this year? How will Dillon Gabriel respond in his biggest game as a Sooner? Will the offensive line hold up? Will the defensive line win enough battles? We break it all down and then some in this edition of the Unofficial 40. What we do know is this is going to be really fun. Josh also recaps his recent recruiting trip to California and OU's newest commitment from 2026. We pod! The full breakdown follows below: 0:00 - Welcome back to the U40! It’s OU-Texas week! 22:32 - OL/DL concerns vs. Texas 42:00 - George Stoia joins the program 1:00:00 - Dasan McCullough’s role on Saturday 1:04:00 - Carey thinks Billy Bowman is built for OU-Texas 1:11:00 - OU run game concerns 1:15:00 - RECRUITING Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices