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Highlighting the most amazing race directors, athletes, and influencers in the trail and ultra running, mountain biking, and endurance sports community.

Highlighting the most amazing race directors, athletes, and influencers in the trail and ultra running, mountain biking, and endurance sports community.
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Highlighting the most amazing race directors, athletes, and influencers in the trail and ultra running, mountain biking, and endurance sports community.








Episode 51: Top 7 mistakes endurance athletes make, by Dina Griffin

Today we’re going to focus on the top mistakes that endurance athletes make. I love this topic because most of us that like endurance sports, like to talk about the next big nutrition fad, drink, etc, but don’t always research it as thoroughly as we should. I’ve been playing with a roughly adapted Keto diet for about 7 months now, and though I’ve had some successes, I’ve had some failures too. Listen in to learn from the board certified and registered sports dietician Dina Griffin!


Episode 50: Craig Macintyre, Building wheels, Oklahoma Gravel Grinder, and Ultra running

This episode was a lot of fun and ran a bit late as riding a bike is always a fun discussion, and choosing a good custom wheel set is something so many of us probably go into without the best knowledge. So if you're ready to learn about a new gravel bike race, new ultra run, cold weather gear for gravel biking, and how to choose components on a super high level for a custom wheelset, this is the...


Episode 49: Jake Jackson, Crushing Desert Solstice

Jake Jackson has sprung onto the ultra scene over the past 3 years and continued to excel at sheer speed and power. He's a cadence monster who runs fluid and fast at speeds that most of us strive for in a 10k, yet he'll do it for 157 miles. Listen in to learn about his most recent Desert Solstice run to a 2nd overall, 1st place male in the 24 hour and 3rd place male in the 100 mile.


Episode 48: Maah Daah Hey 100 and more with Nick Ybarra

The Maah Daah Hey 100 is in one of the most scenic places in the country that very few have been to, the Badlands of North Dakota. Starting in 2013 with the MDH 107 mile beast of a mountain bike ride, and today having a distance for everyone from the kids, beginner, to the endurance animal, this is a series for you to checkout!


Episode 47: Bobby Wintle, Land Run 100

The Land Run 100 is one of the most iconic gravel grinders in the country. If you've seen bikes and happy riders covered in reddish orange mud, it's probably from the Land Run 100. It's about to open registration for year 6 on 11/3, so it's still a newer event per say, but the recognition thanks to its famous red dirt and festival atmosphere is legendary. The course is comprised of 105 miles of punchy climbs and just under 7k of gain. Make sure you read up before tackling this one as...


Episode 46: John Lacroix (Sherpa John) of the Human Potential Running Series

Sherpa John is a Colorado local that doesn't mince words with his opinions on the sport of ultra and all things. He's a hoot to chat with and we appreciate his insights into the ultra world both here and abroad!


Episode 45: Debbie Potts

Today we’re chatting with Debbie Potts, the owner of the Fitness Forward Studio, a published author, has an awesome podcast, and is a Rockstar coach. She focuses on the "Wholestic" method for athletes to burn fat, optimize health, and improve performance to reduce stress in our life.


Episode 44: Peter Ripmaster, Running the Iditarod and Winning It.

Running 1000 miles, 135 miles, 100 miles, 50 states, 50 marathons, and just loving adventure. Ok I'm a fan. I'm not gonna lie, I had so much fun talking with Peter before, during, and after our recording. He lives life to appreciate the small things like a beautiful owl or tweety bird, but loves to go big on adventure to feel complete too. We dig into running/hiking the Iditarod on foot for 1000 miles over 26 days to not only complete, but to win it. Touch on depression, his public...


Episode 43: Simon Ward, The Triathlon Coach

Simon Ward has been coaching triathletes, mostly Ironman, for over 20 years now. His website, is one of the most premier triathlon training programs in the UK. Aside from his coaching experience, he's an incredible adventurer and loves to find the balance of train hard play hard.


Episode 42: Hawk 100, working to become a WS100 qualifier

I love the Hawk 100, actually all the distances, and would love to help spread the word about their awesome race. This one is in my home state and I’ve personally ran the trail marathon, 50 mile, and 100 mile at their event and had a blast doing so. The course is actually covered in trees for 90% of it, it’s a rolling style course with good hard pack dirt, and a bit of a rocky factor that isn’t loose, isn’t big, but I think just right. Today my quest and plea to you all, is to come and do...


Episode 41: Lifelong Endurance, The benefits of working with a coach and building a strong team

In this episode we dig into the benefits of working with a coach and building a team of professionals around you to help you perform your best in your sport! Think having a coach is just for the pros? Think again! Awesome chat with head coach of Lifelong Endurance Andrew Simmons and Doctor of Physical Therapy at Revo PT, Brian Briggs.


Episode 40: Jake Jackson, Setting ultra records, Keto diets, and basically being a beast!

Jake Jackson jumped into ultra running just a few years back, but has turned into an absolute animal! From doing amazing well at Javelina 100, winning Nanny Goat 100 and Coldwater Rumble, and soon to tackle Desert Solstice, this dude is here to throw down the gauntlet. Not to mention, he's gone Keto too and seen some impressive results. Listen in to learn more!


Episode 39: Avery Collins, Running big mountains, camper life, and cannabis life

Avery Collins is new to the sport of ultrarunning and absolutely crushing the ultra scene. He's shooting to be the first American to win Tour De Geants and already has an impressive race resume.


Episode 38: Frank Dumont, Ketogenic diet, altitude training, and more.

Frank Dumont is a medical doctor based in Estes Park, CO who runs the Estes Park Wellness Center. He takes a quite different approach to his practice which I great appreciate, so we’ll dig in to this today, as well as some fun topics.


Episode 37: Megan Finnesy, Race Director of the Dirty 30

The Dirty 30 is one of the most iconic 50k's in the country, and one of our hometown favorites here in Colorado. In this podcast we chat with Megan about where her event came from, why it's just awesome, and why you should come out to join the Dirty 30 party!


Episode 36: Jared Blank, The World Marathon Challenge

Today we’re welcoming Jared Blank to the podcast. Jared just finished up the World Marathon Challenge by running 7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 days. Let that sink in for a minute and just try to imagine the logistics and the toll this would take on your body and mind. We’re excited to hear about all the rigors of preparing for and taking on this challenge from Jared himself as well as how he turned his dyslexia into his...


Episode 35: Alison Tetrick - Winning the Dirty Kanza on her first try.

We’re stoked to have an absolute badass joining us. She’s got an impressive resume in the sport of cycling but also an incredible recovery story from a nasty crash in 2010 that left her with a broken pelvis and severe brain injury. Last year she took the win at the 2017 Dirty Kanza 200 to become the Queen of the Kanza and she set a new course record in the process. We’re happy to welcome our first guest of royalty to the podcast, Alison Tetrick!


Episode 34 - Jay Korff - Adventure filmmaker for the movie Endure

On the podcast today we have Jay Korff who produced the film “Endure” about Tom Mitchell’s experience at the Tahoe 200 and Tom’s goal of raising awareness and money for childhood cancer. Watching this film stirs an insane amount of emotion, so if you don’t like to cry in front of others, you might want to watch this one in private.


Episode 33: Ray Zahab

Today we’ve got an absolute beast joining us on the podcast. You may know Ray Zahab from the documentary film, “Running the Sahara” which captured a journey of 7,500 kilometers in 111 days but that’s only one of the many adventures that Ray has undertaken. We’re looking forward to digging in to some of his epic journeys as well as learning more about his Impossible to Possible foundation. Ray, welcome to the podcast.


Episode 32: TransRockies with Aaron McConnell

Today we’re digging into stage racing a bit. I’ve had many friends that have run TransRockies and just rave about the communal experience and fun vibe that it brings to the sport, but never experienced this myself. Aside from running, Transrockies puts on 6 other events, both run and ride, all with an epic destination and experience in mind. So today we’re delighted to have Aaron McConnell, the CEO of Transrockies, to discuss his events, what they bring to the community, and why everyone...