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AJ OUM Episode 39 - The Art of the Valid Opinion

Episode 39 is hot and ready! Today we break down the 3 major matches of WWE Money in the Bank, the awesomeness of NXT Takeover Chicago II, Big Cass being released, Father’s Day activities and Incredibles 2. It was time to bring the social media conversation to the show, so I discuss the anti WWE movement, why wrestling fans should get along and end this foolish war. I got attacked recently for some thoughts I had on people’s opinions, so I clarify things on here. It’s once again time for...


AJ OUM Episode 38 - Defamation Wars: Return of the Cyst

In a galaxy far far away, Episode 38! Defamation Wars comes to a conclusion as CM Punk & Colt Cabana defeat Lord Darth Amann and save podcasters everywhere! Punk survives the warth of Amann but gets his shit pushed in at UFC 225 in his hometown. We talk about the Real1 F.K.A Enzo Amore and he’s quest to find as many words that rhyme with the suffix -tion as humanly possible. WWE Money in the Bank is this sunday, we talk the card and who is the BEST MITB winner of all time! I give kudos to...


AJ OUM Episode 37 - Interview with Rock God Ronnie Burton

Special early time for Episode 37 but we just couldn’t wait to get it out there! Today, we sit down with “The Rock God” Ronnie Burton and talk about all of his exploits! We talk about is Curling/WCW Nitro Days, his long hours with Whiskey in the Jar, The Origins of the Toxic Waltz, 14 Hour drives to Iowa and his adventures with a man known only as: Crotch! In there also is his amazing live ring entrance, surviving Marek Brave, CURRENT WWE Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins and...


AJ OUM Episode 36 - Real Talk

Tardy but ready to party and tonight it’s all about *puts on sun glasses* keeping it real! Episode 36 provides some much-needed real talk! We are just coming off Memorial Day Weekend, so I share some stories with that. I get into some Deadpool 2, talk about Solo’s disappointing debut, the relationship Star Wars fans have with the current product, an update on WWE Money in the Bank and we divulge deeply into some of the things to look for when trying to enter the wrestling business. We keep...


AJ OUM Episode 35 - Canadian Crap Catastrophe

Holy crap sandwich, its Episode 35!! Finals week in The House of O could not keep me from sharing some funny stories with you guys. I observed some news this week involving WWE moving Smackdown to the Fox Network, a 30-year man who won’t leave home in a legendary way, a man who broke his leg fighting actual lava and a woman who took taking a shit in public places to the next level! I also spoke from the heart about the Sante Fe High School incident this past week. We laughed, we cried, and...


AJ OUM Episode 34 - When Thanos Balanced TV

I bequeath on to you: Episode 34! Roman Reigns and the heel turn everyone is clamoring for, Shinsuke vs AJ in an “All Punches To The Dick Are Legal Match,” a quick discussion on the ALL IN sell out news, apparently Thanos destroyed the television landscape as well as all those pesky avengers, all this and so much more discussed. Like so much more. I had too much fun doing this one so hopefully you guys enjoy it! Happy Belated Mother’s Day to all the BAMF moms out there! As always, any...


AJ OUM Episode 33 - Interview with Mike Law

Episode 33 is super special for me because I got to sit with a good friend of mine. In my mind, “The Colossal” Mike Law is one of the most underutilized performers in the northeast indy wrestling scene, so it was a ton of fun to sit down with him and talk life and wrestling. We talk about almost getting stabbed while watching Hogan wrestle in a cage, his earnest beginnings in the days even before the doghouse, his time with FWE (Family Wrestling Entertainment), his relationships in the...


AJ OUM EPisode 32 - America’s Dad No Longer

We come out swinging on this one folks! Episode 32 is in your face and we get into some real stuff. It’s Mrs. O’s birthday so I share some House of O Shenanigans, also coming off the heels of Comic Book Week *self-echo* we divulge into some real current events. The verdict is in and we get into detail about the Bill Cosby trial. Social media buzzed about the WWE’s trip to Saudi Arabia, so we discuss the role women played and will play down the line. Of course, I made the announcement a few...


AJ OUM Episode 31 - Comic Book Discussion

At the very start of this episode there is a disclaimer that you should listen to. It’s Episode 31 ya’ll! This has been comic book week here at Orsini’s Uncensored Mind and I had the privilege of sitting across from a very good, personal friend of mine: “The Authentic” Brandon Lewis. The man knows his comics and we had an amazing back and forth on it. We talk everything comic like storylines, characters, influences and the state of fandom. Marvel vs DC, who is the Godfather of the MCU, the...


AJ OUM Episode 30 - Fight Disclaimer

30 episodes young and it feel so good. Today we talk a little MMA as UFC has one announced postponed and another one that surprises everyone. We are inching closer and closer to a Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather rematch, this time in the octagon, we talk CM Punk returning and getting a more similar opponent to himself then I think even he realizes, the WWE Superstar Shake Up took place this week and it was definitely a positive time and we pay some last respects to one of the greats of...


AJ OUM Episode 29 - The Aftermath

I’m a little under the weather but here we go with Episode 29. A lot has gone down in the wrestling world this week as we come off Wrestlemania weekend. So, let’s talk surprises, matches, entrances, who did what and what didn’t go as planned. The Superdome claims another streak, an artist summons his dark side, a movement returns, a Maharaja reclaims glory, an mma star transitions and a main event that was doomed from the start! I’m paying the price of a crazy weekend but man what a time...


AJ OUM Episode 28 - Wrestlemania Round Table

It’s a Happy Wrestlemania Day as we celebrate the 34 Annual WRESTLEMANIA!!!! We decided on the Roundtable formula again as Matty Ming & Ian Elimeliah return and we debut one of my best friends of all the times: “The Authentic” Brandon Lewis. We talk Wrestlemania, how the card has shaped up and what we expect. This one took a full bottle of Whiskey and 2/3 of a bottle of bourbon to complete but we got the job done. Have fun, listen up and then later today indulge on some Wrestlemania...


AJ OUM Episode 27 - Our Personal Journey to Wrestlemania

We are on the road to Wrestlemania with 4 days left and Episode 27 got me all in my feelings. This was one of the hardest episodes I’ve ever had to record because it took me to a very vulnerable place. This is me revealing myself and exposing more to people than I ever have before, but I think it’s a good thing. Today I share my greatest passion with my good friends, you, the Squad of O! Also, I shed some light and a very touchy subject. I discuss wrestling fans with disabilities and their...


AJ OUM Episode 26 - The Raucous in Secaucus

Episode 26 takes a weird turn but sometimes I can be a bit of weird guy. We travel down the road to Wrestlemania and I kind of, sort of get too descriptive. This one is pretty wrestling heavy as I give a quick geographical lesson on NYC, I give credit where credit is due and talk about The Young Bucks vs The Golden Lovers, my thoughts on Ultimate Deletion, Big Cass’s clearance, Mark Henry joins the HOF, Daniel Bryan returns and so much more! Get on board with this one guys, this is a weird...


AJ OUM Episode 25 - Interview with AJ Orsini

Welcome everyone to the 25 Episode of Orsini’s Uncensored Mind!!! It’s a full-on takeover as Mrs. O grabs the helm and acts as Guest Host! She interviews the man behind Orsini’s Uncensored Mind himself; Me! I get asked the tough questions! We discuss a range of topics such as an update on the Moolah situation, Avengers Trailer #2, was Brock Lesnar defeating the The Streak a shoot and much more. She’s asks the personal questions revealing more about myself and of course even AJ Orsini gets...


AJ OUM Episode 24 - Fabulous or Fraud

Episode 24 is gonna be the one people hate me for. Straight truth being told on this one so put on your big boy/girl pants and enjoy the ride. We talk quickly about my very injured leg, Jessica Jones Season 2, upcoming films Tomb Raider & Ready Player One! I touch on a number of wrestling subjects as well: The comparison between Reigns and Okada, Wrestling Theme vote contest, NXT is debuting a new championship, Rhodes & Young Bucks announce All In location and CM Punk possible at UFC 225!...


AJ OUM Episode 23 - TV Show Nirvana

Episode 23 I’m a little less stressed and more excited about some new topics for Orsini’s Uncensored Mind! Today we talk tv shows! This began as a mission to discuss a few and in the end, it turned into a legit top 10 list of my favorite shows of all time. This was crazy fun to put together and maybe some of your favorites are on this list as well. Feel free to chime in and give me your top 10. We also discuss The Symphony of Destruction, shoe horning as we get to Wrestlemania, the fall of...


AJ OUM Episode 22 - Stressed AF

Episode 22 is here and I’m in the dumps. Yes even the greatest host in the history of human kind can have his off days but he sucked it up to team up with Mrs. O to give Little O an amazing 3 Birthday Weekend! I tell some stories about the B-Day weekend. I finally got to see Black Panther and walked away with a different feeling then most. The Parkland shooting took place and now they want to give teachers guns. Seriously they said that! WWE Hall of Fame class of 2018 is shaping up, I...


AJ OUM Episode 21 - G.O.A.T Interview

Episode 21 and we is legal now!! A brand-new interview edition of Orsini’s Uncensored Mind and this one was a personal journey for me. I have grown up in the business, literally side by side with the members of the Greatest of All Time a.k.a The GO4T! We’ve been through it all so it brought me considerable pride to be able to tell their story through my own platform. I sat down with “The Absolute” Kris Kage & “Superstar” Whiplash also known as The Zoltan, the WXW C4 Elite Tag Team...


AJ OUM Episode 20 - Explicit Language

I’m sorry, this has never happened to me before but the episode has… come early? We enter our 20s with a bang as Episode 20 comes out swinging!! Fresh off a no kid weekend I let my feelings be known on a number of topics: The Mixed Match Challenge, Matt Hardy’s work schedule, The first ever Women’s Elimination Chamber, The Fatal 5 Way at Fast Lane, Braun Strowman, The current state of the NBA and my destruction of Lavar Ball. Opinions galore, I update everyone on my next interview session...