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OtherSideOfSports was started to give minority journalists a voice in mainstream sports media. Our goal is to give unbiased and unique perspective on Sports in the DMV.

OtherSideOfSports was started to give minority journalists a voice in mainstream sports media. Our goal is to give unbiased and unique perspective on Sports in the DMV.


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OtherSideOfSports was started to give minority journalists a voice in mainstream sports media. Our goal is to give unbiased and unique perspective on Sports in the DMV.






Ep 276 Ron Rivera Big Cappin, Scott Turner Nepotism, Lebron Vs MJ Last Dance, Week 6

This episode we talk the Washington Football Team and Dwayne Haskins. We Look to get answers from this new regime. Special Guest Host Jeremy Johns leads the conversation in this intense episode.


Ep 275 Time To Bench Haskins, NFL Recap, Lebron On Getback, Covid 19 Big Cap

This episode we discuss benching Dwayne Haskins for Kyle Allen. We talk the NBA finals and all the NFL storylines around the league.


Ep 274 Titans Covid Outbreak, Lakers Vs Heat In Finals, Haskins Hardships, Week 4 NFL

This episode we discuss the future of Dwayne Haskins in DC. We breakdown the NBA finals match up between the Lakers and heat. Lamar vs Patrick. We also talk NFL week 4 and Covid outbreak with titans and vikings.


Ep 273 Injury Frenzy, NFL Week 3, Coaches That Should Be Fired, Dwayne's Development

This episode we discuss all the injuries ravaging the league. We look ahead to week 3 and all the NFL story lines. We talk NBA and the countdown to the end of the bubble.


Ep 272 Week 2 NFL Recap, Game 7 Nuggets Vs Clippers, Tom Brady, Adam Gase

This episode we recap week 1 of the NFL. Get into week 2 match ups. We look at the NBA playoff match and look towards the finals. All this and much more. Subscribe and share.


Ep 271 Special Guest Christian Sterling, NFL Week 1, NBA Playoff Talk And More

This episode we talk about the start of the NFL season in the middle of a pandemic. We also cover all the action happening in the NBA. Special guests joins the crew. Subscribe and follow @oss980


Ep 270 JT, Chadwick Boseman, Washington & Goodell, NBA Game 7, Week 1 NFL

What will Goodell and league do with Washington's investigation. How will The nuggets and rockets fair in game 7 against their opponents. Week 1 NFL spreads and games and much more.


Ep 269 Black Lives Matter Again, Ron's Fight With Cancer, NBA Playoffs

This episode we explore the Jacob Blake situation and talk team responses. We also talk NBA playoffs and much more.


Ep 268 NBA Playoffs 1st Rd, Jason Wright For Pres, Alex Smith Practicing, Hard Knocks Ep1

We welcome Jason Wright to DC, We talk NBA playoffs winners and losers and share our predictions. We talk all news surrounding Washington franchise and more.


Ep 267 Harris For President, NBA Regular Season Finale, Confederate SEC, Hard Knocks

This episode we talk politics and Kamala Harris as Biden's VP making history in this years presidential campaign. We also discuss the SEC and the potential to have college football despite Covid-19 . We watch the NBA regular seasons come to an end and we gear up for the playoffs.


Ep 266 NBA Is Fantastic, 8th Seed Wars. Jonathan Issac, NFL Foreshadow

This episode we return to our roots with a question of the day. We discuss the possibility of Alex Smith seeing the field. We talk the NBA and all its success and look forward to the impeding disaster of the NFL.


Ep 265 MLB In Deep Water, NBA Escape, NFL Player Opt Outs, Brands And The Community

This episode we discuss the ramifications of Covid19 inside of MLB baseball. We talk Adams to Seattle and NFL players opting out. We look at the other sports and the potential impact of Covid19 and much more.


Ep 264 Cancel Kanye, Washington Scandal, NBA Reboot, NFL Dirty Game

This episode we cancel Kanye. We discuss the Washington football scandal and much much more.


Ep 263 OSS Table Talk, Washington Football Team, Broken Bubble, Madden Ratings

This episode we discuss Jada and Will's situation. We talk ways to improve African Americans condition in this country. We also talk about player breaking the quarantine at the Disney bubble and much more.


Ep 262 Patrick MoMoney Mahomes, Washington's Name Change, Djacks Apology, Rona Bubble,

This episode we explore the Washinton football team and the likelihood of a name change. We discuss Desean Jackson comments and apology. We also speak on Mo Money Mahomes mega contract extension.


Ep 261 Akademics Vs Gibbs, ESPN 30 For 30 The Bubble, Cam To Pats

We discuss Gibbs vs Akademics beef. We look at the future 30 for 30 for the NBA as basketball is set to return in Florida. Share and subscribe to our show.


Ep 260 Bubba Wallace, Cancel Culture, Florida Bubble Bonanza, Dak Tag

This episode we discuss why the WNBA just disappeared. We talk racism in sports and look into cancel culture in society. Plus a whole lot more.


Ep 259 Feat Justin Jack of The Life Podcast, Dave Chappelle 846, Kyrie Irving, Covid Pt 2

This episode we are joined by special guest Justin Jack brother of NBA player Jarrett Jack and host of "The Life Podcast". He joins us and shares his thoughts on various topics including the NBA resuming in Orlando and his life growing up.


Ep 258 Cool Brees, Defunding Police, Mikey Williams To HBCU, NBA July 31st

This episode we tackle the idea of de funding police. We also discuss Top high school recruit Mikey Williams and the likelihood he chooses an HBCU for school. Lastly we look forward to the NBA returning and who will be the front runners.


Ep 257 George Floyd And The Black Experience

This episode we go in. An unfiltered conversation about the real reality of America.