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Join Lawrence Gunther for the latest outdoor lifestyle news, environmental issues, reviews of outdoor tech and tips on exploring the outdoors with a guide dog




Join Lawrence Gunther for the latest outdoor lifestyle news, environmental issues, reviews of outdoor tech and tips on exploring the outdoors with a guide dog




Episode 73: Dolphin Calls and Climbing the World’s 14 Tallest Mountain

In Episode 73 of Outdoors with Lawrence Gunther, Lilly has some amazing information about how dolphins communicate, updates on the dolphins stranded along Newfoundland’s coast, and the passing of Kiska the Killer Whale. Plus, we meet Jill Wheatley, a partially-sighted mountaineer looking to summit the world’s 14 tallest mountains, we have tips for staying safe on late-season ice, and a reflection on what goes along with keeping fish in aquariums. So pull up your favourite chair to the...


Episode 72: Feeling Awe and the Festival of Ocean Films

In this episode of Outdoors with Lawrence Gunther, Lilly has us rethinking the value of feeling awe. Next up are highlights from a Q&A session Lawrence participated in as a panellist at the Festival of Ocean Films, organized by the Georgia Strait Coalition in Vancouver, followed by the audio track of the short documentary Lawrence was featured in that screened at the festival.


Episode 71: Whale Sanctuaries and our Relationship with Animals

On Episode 71 of Outdoors with Lawrence Gunther, Lilly and Lawrence speak with Dr. Lauri Marino about her work to establish a whale sanctuary in Nova Scotia. Lawrence shares tips for sea kayaking blind and reflects on our complicated relationships with animals. Listen live Sundays at 3 p.m. Eastern over basic cable on AMI-audio, or stream episodes as a podcast. Please send us your comments at Feedback@AMI.ca and rank us on Apple Podcasts.


Episode 70: Alien Life, GPS Off-Grid Navigation and Who has Seen the Milky Way

In Episode 70 of Outdoors with Lawrence Gunther, Lilly gets us up to speed on human progress with detecting alien life. Lawrence speaks with Dave Brown about off-grid GPS navigation for the blind, and Lilly and Lawrence visit Montreal’s Planetarium where he asks the question, "Has anyone actually seen the Milky Way?" It’s an out-of-world experience you don’t want to miss!


Episode 69: Owls, Biodiversity Loss and Accessible Birding Apps

On this episode of Outdoors with Lawrence Gunther, Lilly’s Did You Know segment focuses on amazing things you probably never knew about owls! And then, the gang heads out to visit the Tropical Rain Forest ecosystem at Montreal’s Biodome. Lawrence demos the Mervin Merlin Bird app and speaks with Olivia Carvalho from Birds Canada about the efforts underway to protect birds and their habitat. Let’s all do what we can to make sure these descendants of dinosaurs are around for many more millions...


Episode 68: Nature Sounds and the Gulf of St. Lawrence

On this episode of Outdoors with Lawrence Gunther, the team explores new ground-breaking research about the sounds of nature. The Outdoor Adventure has the team back in Montreal for a tour of the Gulf of St. Lawrence Biodome exhibit. The tips and tech segment covers keeping your breakfast down when you take that whale-watching cruise on your bucket list. And Lawrence reflects on more news coming out of the COP15 biodiversity meetings that recently concluded in Montreal. Listen live Sundays...


Episode 67: Twelve Outdoor Gifts and the Laurentian Forest

On this episode of Outdoors with Lawrence Gunther, Lilly shares 12 gift suggestions for outdoor enthusiasts, the Outdoor Adventure has the gang back at the Montreal Biodome for a visit to the Laurentian Forest, and Lawrence reflects on Canada’s announcement at the COP15 biodiversity meeting in Montreal. Listen live Sundays at 3 p.m. Eastern on basic cable on AMI-audio or stream the show as a podcast. Send us your comments at Feedback@AMI.ca and rank us on Apple Podcasts!


Episode 66: Hibernating Bears and Montreal’s Biodome

Episode 66 starts with Ms. Lilly providing a black bear bed check. Then, Lawrence and Lilly are off to Montreal for the first of several visits to the Biodome. Lawrence has some tips for keeping your guide dog happy and their paws safe, and a few reflections on when ice is safe. That’s right, things are starting to freeze up outdoors.


Episode 65: Indigenous Gifts, Iron Man and Ice Camping

On Outdoors with Lawrence Gunther this week, we look at five Indigenous gift suggestions with Ms. Lilly. We also get an update on Ryan’s Iron Man results, Ryan shares tips on fitness apps and using his infinity pool as someone without sight and Lawrence offers some reflections on winter camping on ice.


Episode 64: Emperor Penguins, Migrating Birds and the Right Glove

This episode of Outdoors with Lawrence Gunther starts with Ms. Lilly checking up on Emperor Penguins followed by Lawrence and Dave Brown discussing hazards facing migrating birds. Lawrence has tips for selecting the right glove for the job and some advice for getting ready for winter. Of course, guide dog Lewis gets his winter needs met as well. And last, Lawrence reflects on our essential role as storytellers if we are to avoid a climate change disaster.


Episode 63: Door Number One and Grace the Snapping Turtle

This week on Outdoors with Lawrence Gunther, we go behind Door Number One, learn who Grace is, get tips for extracting fishing hooks and hear about not one, but two, calls-to-action. A jam-packed 26 minutes of informative and entertaining content, as always.


Episode 62: Cold Water Swimming and the Hunter’s Moon

This week on Outdoors with Lawrence Gunther, the entire family goes camping under the Hunter’s Moon, eldest daughter Alexandra schools the rest of the clan on cold water swimming and Lawrence has tips to share on camping blind and reflects on what it means to camp.


Episode 61: Avoiding Cow Patties and the International Plowing Match

This time on Outdoors with Lawrence Gunther, Lilly and Lawrence visit the International Plowing Match. Also, Ms. Lilly has an update on recycling, Lawrence offers tips when working with farm animals and reflects on the future of farming. Whether you prefer cowboy boots or clod kickers, come join us on the virtual hay wagon.


Episode 60: Outdoorist Oaths Antique Boats and Boating Blind

On Episode 60 of Outdoors with Lawrence Gunther, Ms. Lilly has some exciting news to share about a new oath geared toward making the outdoors more inclusive. Next, Lilly, Lawrence and Lewis visit the largest antique boat museum in North America. Lawrence has a tip on using auto-pilot technology to operate your fishing boat blind and reflects on the responsibilities that go along with getting your pleasure boat operator certificate as someone without sight.


Episode 59: Family Fishing and Fairy Circles

This time on AMI-audio’s Outdoors with Lawrence Gunther, Ms. Lilly reveals the mystery surrounding fairy rings, and we explore what’s involved with teaching kids to fish with special guests Mariko Izumi and Kevin Estrada. Lawrence breaks down different fishing reel options and which are best-suited to those new to fishing, and reflects on the power of mainstream and social media to cancel traditional activities like fishing and hunting.


Episode 58: Accessible Wilderness Lodges and Bruce Cook

On this episode of AMI-audio’s Outdoors with Lawrence Gunther, we start with Ms. Lilly filling us in on five must-know nautical myths that we should all be following aboard boats. Lawrence speaks with Bruce Cook from the AMI-tv show By Hook or by Cook about his recent renovation of a 100-year-old log resort to make it accessible. Lawrence offers a few tips of his own on what he thinks makes for a perfect wilderness cabin and reflects on the pros and cons of owning your own cabin versus a...


Episode 57: Snake Island and Lake Ontario Salmon Fishing

On the AMI Audio show Outdoors with Lawrence Gunther, Ms Lilly introduces us to an island of snakes, and we spend a day aboard a salmon fishing charter on Lake Ontario fishing for King salmon. Lawrence shares his fool-proof strategy for preventing sea-sickness and reflects on the bounty of the Great Lakes.


Episode 56: Frogs and more blind Triathlon Training Tips

On this episode of Outdoors with Lawrence Gunther we learn that Ms. Lilly has been captured by frogs – her heart that is. You won’t want to miss our second of a two-part series featuring a Canadian blind iron man competitor. Lawrence has some important news to share about an up-coming visit to Ontario’s Prince Edward County and the famous Sand Banks provincial Park, and will be reflecting on how to mitigate any negative social repercussions due to this latest wave of Covid 19.


Episode 55: Woolly mammoths and a Blind Iron Man

What do woolly mammoths and iron man competitors have in common, neither seems to fade over time. Ms Lilly is going to tell us about a recently discovered preserved woolly mammoth found in the Yukon, and our Bucket List focus is on the August 28 2022 Iron Man competition in Ontario and one serious blind competitor. Lawrence has a few tips to share about triathlon training blind, and a reflection on the best way to cross a finish line.


Episode 54: Outdoor Guide Dog Advocacy

On this episode of AMI Audio’s show Outdoors with Lawrence Gunther, the focus is outdoor adventuring with your guide dog. But first Ms. Lilly is going to recap the family’s day on the Ottawa River fishing and boating on Fathers Day. Larissa Proctor, Manager of Guide Dog Advocacy for the CNIB, is going to tell us about the recent Guide Dog Advocacy Camp held at CNIB Lake Joe. Lawrence has some tips for taking your guide dog on watercraft. He also has some reflections to share on adventuring...