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A Sport and Exercise Medicine Podcast for Canadian Student Athletes






Is Vaccine Hesitancy a Public Health Concern?

Welcome to the final episode in season 2! There was a little break but this is the finale for this season! We had a great discussion with Zoha Anjum a doctor of dentistry student at the University of Toronto. Zoha brings an interesting point of view to the discussion as a student during the pandemic but also with her diverse background with a Master of Public Health degree from McMaster University and a graduate diploma in Water Without Borders from United Nations University, Institute of Water, Environment & Health. Check out the resources mentioned in the episode: Also check out your schools wellness centre! Follow Zoha on Instagram: @zodentistry Follow @publichealthconnects on Instagram Follow us on instagram @peeptheprocesspodcast Thanks for listening!


Having a bad day?

This episode we talk about depression and how it affects a student athlete. Is it just a bad day or it could it be something more? Dr. Carla Edwards joins us to share some really good information as both an MD and sport psychiatrist who recently just returned from the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games! The articles and resources mentioned in the podcast are all listed below, check them out!,4QFJD-6O


Did Sports Change Forever?

This week's guest Nick Grubic, joined us in discussing student athlete's mental health during the pandemic. Nick was a triathlete while earning his MSc Epidemiology and a varsity rower while he earned his BScH from Queen's University. We had an excellent discussion and Nick provided great resources to utilize which are linked below: Student mental health in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic: A call for further research and immediate solutions - Nicholas Grubic, Shaylea Badovinac, Amer M Johri, 2020 ( Competing against COVID-19: have we forgotten about student-athletes’ mental health? | British Journal of Sports Medicine (


Feeling Socially Anxious?

Welcome to season 2 of Peep the Process! We are so excited to be back for a short season. This season your co-hosts Emma and Laura have a goal to discuss many aspects of mental health and how to manage your mental health and wellbeing as the country starts to reopen. Many of us have social anxiety about going out in public and we want you to know that is perfectly normal to feel that way. For our first episode back our guest, Alicia Sheng, offers both the student athlete perspective as well as a little bit of the medical perspective. Alicia is captain of the ultimate frisbee team at the University of Ottawa and just finished her third year of medical school. Alicia has had to navigate the pandemic both as a leader for her team and also as a medical learner entering hospitals during her clinical rotations. We talk a lot about social anxiety as the country starts to lift restrictions and how having this anxiety is normal! is a great resource mentioned that you can utilize!


Knacks for Knees

In our final episode we are joined by Marc Rizzardo who is a registered international sport physical therapist located in Burnaby, British Columbia. He has worked with Olympic athletes and was the Chief Therapist with the Canadian Medical Teams at the 2012 London Olympics, 2010 Vancouver Olympics and the 2007 Rio de Janeiro Pan Am Games. Marc is also the head coach for the Langara College men's soccer team, and he is an inductee to the Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame! This week's topic covers ACL injuries and Marc shares information on the rehab process. It was great to get his perspective from a coaching point of view and his physiotherapist point of view as well. Also check out these links:


Bad Backs Begone

This episode we are joined by Dr. Melissa Corso, a sports specialist chiropractor. She is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach. Melissa shares her experiences playing varsity soccer at the University of Guelph, talks about dealing with back pain, and offers some great advice.


Balancing Books and Bikes

This episode we are joined by Dr. Roz Lougheed Simpson who is a sport and exercise medicine physician still training and competing as an athlete! Despite most student athletes packing it in after they finish school, Roz has been able to maintain her athlete status as she's made the transition from going from a student to a doctor. Roz touches on wrist injuries, what it's like to work at a University sport medicine clinic, and what it's like to still compete in mountain biking races.


Decide Your Destiny

This week we were fortunate to be joined by four guests! We had 3 Paralympic athletes and our guest expert medical professional. Meet the athletes: Erica Gavel is an athlete and PhD candidate from Saskatchewan and defended her thesis while training for the 2020 Paralympic games. Gavel led her team to gold in wheelchair basketball at the Parapan American Games in 2019 in Peru. She graduated with her master’s thesis from the University of Toronto in 2019 and was awarded the “Own the Podium Young Investigator Award”. Currently she continues to work toward her PhD in environmental physiology and performance at the Ontario Tech University with a focus on athletic performance in heat but with a focus on Paralympians. Read more about Erica here: Nathan Reich is a 25-year-old gold medal winning Paralympian hailing from Victoria, British Columbia. His career highlights include winning the gold medal in men’s T38 1500 M at both the 2019 IPC World Championships and the Parapan American games in meet record time and he was named Athletics Canada’s Ambulatory Athlete for 2018. He has a long family line of athletes, his father competing in the 1996 Olympics for javelin for the USA, his mother was a pole vaulter for Canada and his grandfather played in the NHL for many teams, including the Toronto Maple Leafs. Read more about Nate here: Greg Stewart is an athlete and motivational speaker from Kamloops, British Columbia. He is a thrower in shot-put but also played volleyball and basketball. His personal motto is “trust in the process”. Stewart won a silver medal at the Parapan American Games in 2019 and also the silver medal at the 2019 Para world championship in Dubai, in Shot Put. Stewart was named CSI Pacific Athlete of the Month for January 2020. He was part of the Canadian national sitting volleyball team that won bronze at the Parapan American Games in 2007 and 2011. He also won three world titles with the Canadian national Para standing volleyball team, and played basketball for Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, BC. Read more about Greg here: Meet the guest expert: Dr. Steven Macaluso is an associate professor with the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry at Western University in the Department of PM&R and a consultant physiatrist on the Stroke and MSK Rehabilitation units. Through his partnership with the Fowler Kennedy Sports Medicine Clinic, he sees athletes of all skill levels, including those with disabilities participating in parasport. We hope you enjoy listening to our round table discussion. Each individual had so much to offer! Also check out: Top of Her Game episode with Chantal Pettitclerc:


Barbells and Baseball

This episode we had the pleasure of talking to the Director of Performance Integration with the Los Angeles Angels, Ryan Crotin! Ryan is also a certified strength and conditioning specialist, a registered strength and conditioning coach, and has his Interdisciplinary PhD in Biomechanics and Exercise Physiology. He offers some really useful information to student athletes, especially baseball players. We discuss injury prevention focusing upon throwing muscles and function, the importance of isometrics for tendon health, workload management, and recovery methods including rhythmic exercise and devices. Some links to checkout: USA Baseball American Sports Medicine Institute


Olympic Optimism

This week's episode features a very special guest! Dr. Jane Thornton had the ultimate student athlete experience and has some great advice for student athletes. Jane was the gold medalist in the 2006 World Rowing Championships after an undefeated season alongside partner Darcy Marquardt. Jane also competed at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing finishing fourth in the women's eights. Jane is now a sport medicine doctor and has started many initiatives for physical activity. Check out #MakeYourDayHarder and @MyActivIngredient on Twitter. This account shares movement hacks, successes and failures


Showcasing Shoulders

This week's topic is all about shoulders. Dr. Janice Harvey worked for many years with McMaster University's student athletes on a daily basis. Janice has abundant national and international sport experience. She is currently the Medical Lead of the World Curling Federation and for the past 23 years she has served as the Canadian Delegate to FISU, the World University Sport Federation.


Facing Fatigue

Trying to juggle a student athlete's schedule can be hectic at times, which if not done correctly, can lead to some serious consequences. Our guest this week Brent Smith, who was the head athletic therapist for the Toronto Maple Leafs for 16 years, offers some great advice for athletes and their parents to help make everyones lives run a little smoother. In addition to the appropriate training student athletes are doing, proper sleep, nutrition, and hydration will help minimize the risk of fatigue. Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport: The Global Drug Reference Online:


Discover Depression

In this week's episode we continue our talk about mental health and dive into learning about depression. Our guest expert this week, Dr. Cara Brown, gives us some really rich information and shares some tips and resources on how to help deal with our emotions. Here are some of the resources mentioned: APPS: Mindshift app Insight timer app Smiling mind app


Anxiety Awareness

This week's episode is all about mental health, specifically anxiety. Dr. Cathy Campbell joins us and shares some of her interesting stories from her experiences with the Olympics, FIFA World Cups, and even with her niece who happens to be 5-time Olympic gold medalist swimmer, Missy Franklin. Dr. Cathy Campbell served as the team physician for the Canadian Women's Soccer Team for 12 years. This team won the bronze medal at the London 2012 Olympics with a very inspiring performance. Dr. Campbell is the President Elect of the Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine. Here is a link for the Inverted-U diagram discussed in the episode:


Concussion Concerns

Welcome to the second episode of Peep the Process! This week we discuss concussions with our guest expert Steve Kopas. Steve is the head athletic therapist at Seneca College and offers some great insights and information. Below are the resources and links we mention in the podcast: School First- Become a Concussion Champion 6-step Return to Play


The Pandemic Pause

Welcome to the first episode of Peep the Process! In this episode we talk about the process of making this podcast and of return to play after COVID-19. We are joined by an inspiring guest, GJaudy John-Wallace, an NCAA track athlete and dean's list student currently attending George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. During the episode we mention a list of resources which are provided below: WEBSITES Athlete Self Care- a self-care worksheet developed by Game Plan and the Canadian Centre for Mental Health in sport to help with positive coping strategies and self-care needs Adapt Worksheet- an additional worksheet on how to adapt to training in a new way. Gives suggestions of ways to change physical, technical and tactical, as well as mental and emotional training. Anxiety Canada - self-help information and this website offers the Mindshift CBT app. THIS SITE IS FREE! CCHMS – the Canadian Centre for Mental Health and Sport offer mental health services as well as a Canadian sport helpline, and many other resources. CSI Ontario-This next link is from the Sport Medicine Advisory Committee directed to and intended for elite or professional athletes. It is updated every Wednesday with news about COVID-19 as well as how, as an athlete, to deal in various aspects of your life. CASEM - The Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine (CASEM) has provided an extensive list of helpful resources on ways to cope and adapt to life during this trying time. APPS Calm App - Now offering free meditations. Nike Training App- fitness app that leads workouts and yoga sessions Strava- fitness app that allows you to track your walk, run, hike, ride, canoe, swim, and more! Healthy Minds App - Training your mind is the key to your emotional well-being, also free