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Captain Nick Anderson, aka The Old Pilot, takes us on an aviation audio journey each week on the Airline Pilot Guy Aviation Podcast

Captain Nick Anderson, aka The Old Pilot, takes us on an aviation audio journey each week on the Airline Pilot Guy Aviation Podcast
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Captain Nick Anderson, aka The Old Pilot, takes us on an aviation audio journey each week on the Airline Pilot Guy Aviation Podcast




Bathtubs, Potatoes, Shoes and Flatirons

There are some sleek and elegant aircraft out there and some pretty ugly ones too! Despite gaining nicknames such as the Flying Bathtub and the Flying Potato, many of these amazing flying machines did a great job in furthering our understanding of spaceflight. This is the story of the Lifting Body aircraft. Images shown under creative commons licence with thanks to NASA and Bernhard Gröhl.


Christmas Outtakes 2018

Not every Plane Tale recording goes according to plan...oops!


Flown West

Aeronauts, ducks, aviatrices, anhedral, terminals, slips and skids all have their place in aviation but where do these strange terms come from... particularly that old phrase, "He's flown West."


Mare’s Tails and Wooly Fleece

Luke Howard, the man who changed castles into Cumulus and mares tails into Cirrus. No weather forecast would be complete without his system. Images under Creative Commons licence with thanks to Acabashi and PiccoloNamek.


Killing Myths

An attempt to distill the crash of Air France 447 down to the the simple causes and dispel some of the fanciful and unhelpful theories that surround this accident. Images under Creative Commons licence with thanks to Pawel Kierzkowski, Valter Campanato/ABr and Roberto Maltchik Repórter da TV Brasil.


Joe Gilmore – Revisited

My first Plane Tale when they weren't really a thing... the story of Joe Gilmore remastered, re-recorded and revisited. This was the vital British addition to the Apollo mission to put men on the Moon! Images under Creative Commons licence.


A Four Star Conversation

A conversation with Sir Richard Johns KCB KCVO CBE and retired Chief of the Air Force about his love of military history. Images by


Gone for a Burton

An explanation of some of the strange terms that we bandy about in aviation. Image under Creative Commons licence with thanks to Raff.


In Flanders Fields

The poppies were some of the first flowers to grow over the churned battlefields and freshly turned earth of war graves during the First World War and on 3 May 1915 they inspired the Canadian physician Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae after witnessing the death of his friend and fellow soldier the day before, to write the poem ‘In Flanders Fields’. Images under Creative Commons licence with thanks to King W. L, MarnixR and the Guelph Museums.

He Flies East, Flies North, Flies West, Flies Undone!

W E Johns wasn't just a brave World War 1 pilot who survived being shot down over enemy territory but after the war he became an author who inspired generations of young people to become pilots. Under the pen name of Captain W E Johns he wrote over a hundred adventure books featuring a fearless pilot and his trusty crew. This is the story of Biggles and his creator! Images under Creative Commons licence with thanks to those kind enough to supply them to Wikipedia and Wiki.


Here We Go, Hold ‘em Cowboy!

The tragic story of Southern Airways flight 242, a DC9 that lost both engines flying through severe weather and then performed a dead stick landing onto a road in New Hope with tragic consequences for both those onboard and those on the ground. Images used through Creative Commons licence with thanks to the NTSB, Crum357 and Clipperartic.


The Wave Scrapers

Its May 1942 and America has joined the Second World War, committing many of its combat resources to campaigns around the world. On the East coast of America, vital shipping are being sunk by German submarines. The losses had been so terrible that the figures were being withheld from the public and for a few humiliating weeks, all coastal vessels were ordered to stay in harbour until convoys could be organised. The stage was set for the creation of the Civil Air Patrol. Images displayed...


Tizard’s Trunk

In a desperate gamble to encourage the USA to come to Britain's aid during their most desperate of days of WW2, Churchill dispatched Sir Henry Tizard to America bearing a small metal box... Tizard's Trunk. Inside were some of the most closely guarded technological secrets that Britain had to offer. Images displayed under Creative Commons licence with thanks to Los Alamos National Laboratory, the Science Museum London and the MIT Museum.


The Fearless Flying Columba Livia Domestica

The life of a pigeon can be a little mundane unless you are drafted into the Royal Air Force and find yourself on bombing missions, accompanying submarine hunters or parachuting into enemy territory with spies! This is the story of the humble homing pigeon, drafted into service! Photographs displayed under Creative Commons licence, with thanks to UK Gov, the German Federal Archive and the Imperial War Museum.


Captain Al and the Spotty M, Part 2

The tragic days following the demise of Monarch Airlines are recounted in this, the second and final part of an interview with Captain Al Evans. Images under Creative Commons Licence with thanks to Capt Al Evans.


Captain Al and the Spotty M

On 5 June 1967, Monarch Airlines was established with a rather aged Bristol Britannia and I doubt that many people had any great hopes for its longevity but, when it was approaching its 50th year of operation, it fell foul of a poor economic situation and collapsed. A year has gone by since then and Captain Al Evens recalls the events leading up to the demise of this much loved airline in this, the first part of two interviews. Images under Creative Commons with thanks to Sebastian Ballard...


Uncle Geoff

Many of us have past generations in our family who flew during the Second World War but few of us have a wonderful diary describing the lives they lived during the conflict. Nick Kidd's Uncle was one of the secretive pilots who flew agents into France and supplied the Free French Resistance and this is the fascinating story of his Uncle Geoff. Images under Creative Commons Licence with thanks to UK Gov, the RAF and HMSO.


The Bong Bridge

He was the greatest fighter pilot that ever served with the United States armed forces. A quiet and unassuming man who, even when he had more kills than the fabled Eddie Rickenbacker, insisted on going back into combat. A remarkable pilot whose life was brought to a sadly early end. Images under Creative Commons Licence with thanks to US Gov, USAF and Mikejfm.


The Cargo Gods

To the primitive tribes of the Pacific Islands the sudden arrival of flying machines disgorging tons of wonderful cargo is beyond their understanding. Their attempts to make sense of what is occurring leads to the creation of a remarkable new religion. Images under Creative Commons licence with thanks to the authors.


Mayday, Mayday, Mayday, Cathay 780!

A gradual degradation of engine performance leads a Cathy Pacific crew into a dire situation, all due to Super Absorbent Polymer Spheres! This is the story of Cathy 780 and the excellent job that the crew did to get their crippled aircraft onto the ground. Images under Creative Commons licence with thanks to SA 4.0 and Aero Icarus.