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Welcome to Play More! Let's discover your hobbies, your interests, and your sports!....all through the retail mindset. We'll highlight the Play It Again Sports concept through customer interviews, industry and professional spotlights and product and program tutorials. See what it means to have something physical to look forward to...and it's not just for the kids, either. We want to be inspired by the active adults still squeezing out every last bit of fun through physical activity....What are your sports? What are your hobbies? What is keeping you relevant, involved, and playing more?!


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Welcome to Play More! Let's discover your hobbies, your interests, and your sports!....all through the retail mindset. We'll highlight the Play It Again Sports concept through customer interviews, industry and professional spotlights and product and program tutorials. See what it means to have something physical to look forward to...and it's not just for the kids, either. We want to be inspired by the active adults still squeezing out every last bit of fun through physical activity....What are your sports? What are your hobbies? What is keeping you relevant, involved, and playing more?!




47: Garage Gym Life Media

If fitness is important to you, consider creating some way to pursue your goals at home. Passionate about this endeavor and the culture that goes with it, John Greaves III shares some insightful tips on how to have the best gym in town. His YouTube channel,, is a great place to start. On there, John highlights "Garage gyms" from around the world. He also provides information on building and maintaining your own home/garage gym. He shares tips on how to stay...


46: Old World Wisdom New Age Technologies

How many years do we have left?....AS MANY AS WE WANT. Certified Lifestyle Coach, Gary Daniels, swings by the Play More! podcast and shares some intriguing holistic approaches to consider as we fight the good fight. A lifelong elite athlete and student to Eastern philosophies, Gary has studied, practiced, and implemented many stategies to, at the very least, understand the princlples of how to excel. Of course, it goes way beyond that. Maybe just maybe, by implementing simple but forgotten...


45: There are places I remember

Yesterday and today....This week's guest, Scotty Nifong, and I share stories of our life long love affair with John Lennon and the Beatles. We get the speed wobbles discussing our first skateboards and try to get in shape for our next surf. Scotty considers it a beautiful curse really. He consistantly logs the time to stay in shape so he can Play More and do the things he likes to do. A boxer, martial artist, journalist and a career Prop Master for the movie studios, Scotty is truly...


44: Those days that you live for

There's just something about professional athletes. Before you even get to know them, you can tell they have some things figured out. They tend to be assured, fun loving and confident...yet humbled and up for new challenges. American Professional bicycler, Tina Pic, is no different. From the early Club Med days to successfully competing on the world's biggest stage most of her adult life, Tina still recognizes and addresses her weak points during the off season in hopes of maintaining and...


43: Coach's eye

Crosstraining and moxy wins most every time. Coach, teacher, and lifetime learner Robbie Robertson shares his insight and lessons learned while guiding young athletes towards their potential. Like a chess master moving his pieces, he reminds us that a seasoned coach will provide these young men and women the opportunity to find their passions, play to their competion, and trust in their efforts. It is really born out of a labor of love. To make things appear effortless, Robbie suggests that...


42: Finding balance

Play More! visitor Pam Staver-Ramey helps us take an inventory of our mindsets to remind us that tomorrow brings brand new opportunity! As a Lifestyle Coach, Pam's empathetic and inspirational approach allows her clients to find their own passions through a personal lifetime journey of learning. It's these simple lifestyle changes really that help regain health and reduce the risk of getting any chronic disease.....Are you ready to take that bite? This Play More! podcast is brought to you by...


41: Getting comfortable with imperfection

Why are we here and what is our purpose? Are we open to grow by moving away from the bondage of materialism and closer to liberation and awakening? Can we avoid the pitfalls of the Western model of success to live happier, healthier, and more well adjusted lives? How far will our random acts of kindness travel? Jeff Pergl stops by the booth and gives us some things to think about. Let's find our higher selves, learn to be okay in the moment, and prepare for our minds to be blown in this part...


40: Cold Balls Hot bats

Slowpitch Softball is bigger than ever and right out of the wrapper HOT! Terry "AARP" Johnson swings by the Play More! studios and brings us up to speed on the current state of affairs in the world of Slowpitch Softball. Terry's infectious enthusiasm rubs off as he shares his passion for competition, maintaining the integrity of the game, and cultivating the community minded spirit by being involved in something outside of the normal, workaday life. At 50 years old, Terry is still Playing...


39: The Valley of 1000 buttholes

Breaking into NIxon's compound. Getting shook down by Banditos south of the border. Dodging Federales! These wobegon rum soaked tales are just part of the fun had by some intrepid young surf travelers from back in the day. We got to Play More! in this episode while hanging out and wake surfing on beautiful Lake Martin in Alabama with the "Commissioner" Mark Gordon and just a hint of "Blowfish" aka Jeff Sutherland. Let's just be glad there is a statute of limitations as we climb out of the...


38: Scabs, Scars, and Pots o' Gold

Lucky for us, Scott Ward swings by the studio and shares some wisdom through his archetype story of being a 28 year multi-store retailer who successfully opened, operated, and then sold his business. He is a motivational public speaker and an author with a new business minded book coming out called Scabs, Scars, and Pots o' Gold, True-life Stories of a Successful Franchisee. Full of funny anecdotes and practical concepts which seamlessly tie back to the business and spirit of playing more!...


37: Cobra Kai

Want to learn to surf? There may be no better place on earth to try than Witch's Rock Surf Camp in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. It's easy to get to and affordable with warm water and even friendlier locals. More importanty, the staff at Witch's take pride in looking out for and out of the water....and it's all thanks to this week's guests, WRSC Founder Joe Walsh and C O O Patrick McNulty. who care enough to make sure you have a fun safe adventure. Highly recommended by tripadvisor,...


36: It's about necessity.

What would you do as a parent if you had your home and all of your possessions taken away? Just the clothes on your back, with no food, no money, and corrupt government officials. What would you really do? I don't know either. Well, sometimes Playing More! means giving back. This weeks guests, Aaron and Sharon Rice, are working hard along with their mission group to assist these displaced families and their children. Learn what's involved in getting these women from East Africa the simple...


35: Expedition National Parks!

It's all about the journey in this Season 2 opener. First responder, Michelle Berkes, shares her mission of visiting all 62 National Parks. She's about half way there. Her globetrotting reminds us to be bold as well as strong and use our heads alonside our hearts as we construct our life's mission. Some front end planning, for sure, but the real message is to make peace with ourselves in an effort to get our mindsets right. Check out Michell's blog or check her out on...


34: I'm pickin' up good vibrations

Drop the needle on this listening party and gain a little wisdom from our next guest, Mr. Jim Berry. Recently retired from 30 years of teaching and onto his next chapter, Jim reminds us to always have a mission and a reason to get up and go. So, bless our teachers for providing peace, normalcy, and care to our children. We even get comfortably numb discussing the most significant moments in music history. So, thank you Mr. Berry for your incredible enthusiasm but I'm still not convinced on...


33: Woman to Watch!

Grab your Lemonheads or Haribo gummies and settle in for this inspiring episode with International Federation of Bodybuilding Pro Miss Cheryl Greenfield. Cheryl is one fit female who, through her efforts, reminds us to listen to our bodies and want more from ourselves. We may not be winning the hardware or bringing the Blang like Cheryl but we can still WAKE UP and reach our goals by staying productive, not just busy. Thanks for listening....this broadcast is brought to you by Play It Again...


32: Fight AND Flight...Big Mountain Riding

Fall in love with that thing that first made you feel alive. Apply it to the rest of your life through a positive mental outlook and relish in the circle of good karma surrounding that mindset. Every now and then, we get to meet people that inspire. In this openly candid visit, Christopher Reece reminds us that complacency is a giant killer of our hopes and dreams. Through big mountain back country snowboarding, Christopher changed the way he looked at things so the things he looked at...


31: Sitting is the new smoking!....Chiropractic influences and the preservation of self.

Dr. Melissa Briscoe Lamarche stops by the Play More! headquarters and encourages us to tap into the essence of human communication and accept a little self responsibility....whoa! How about the simple act of touching influencing the central nervous system allowing the body to reap the rewards of better health through the regular approach of chiropractic care....huh? Did you know a 20 sec hug releases as many endorphins as an orgasm?....okay then. Definitely a lot to cover, but we get into a...


30: Weight loss....what's your why?

10/21/2019 inside job. Michelle Barrett stops by the Play More! studio and inspires us with her 140lb weight loss! Learn a bit about Weight Watchers(now WW) and the community of women their Wellness program continues to influence. Are you ready to be liberated? .Thanks for listening.....visit email This podcast is brought to you by Play It Again Sports in Kennesaw Georgia @piasportskennesaw Play More! Jay


26: Prodigy Disc Golf....I've got the golden ticket!

Just back from the 2019 Disc Golf World Championships....Professional disc golfer Will Schusterick, from PRODIGY DISC GOLF, takes the Play More! listeners backstage at their world-wide manufacturing and distribution facility in Dalton, Ga. Learn how Prodigy Disc Golf and their talented team of professionals took the disc golf market by storm with their first class products and their innovative marketing approach. **Mention this podcast and get 20% off brand new Prodigy Discs at Play It Again...


29: Yesterday Once More

Are you able to do fun things because you are healthy OR are you healthy because you do fun things? At 77 years young, Mr. Eric Lippman leads by example and does more fun things than most. Let's learn by his example and make some small adjustments in our diets and lifestyles to squeeze every bit of enjoyment out of this very short life. Eric Lippman likes to Play More! Visit us at Feel free and email the show at or the store at...