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2 incredibly average middle class guys talk about the joys of loving an incredibly expensive hobby! We talk industry news, Other Pinball Podcast news, and of course Pinball machines themselves! Listen now!


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2 incredibly average middle class guys talk about the joys of loving an incredibly expensive hobby! We talk industry news, Other Pinball Podcast news, and of course Pinball machines themselves! Listen now!




PNP Ep. 531- Jack Danger Says GOODBYE To Deadflip and HELLO to Orby!

After months of trying to get Jack Danger to join Pinball Nerds Podcast our own Pintern Emily Anderson came to the rescue and was able to FINALLY get JD to come on!


PNP Ep. 530- 100% AI Written Show+ Will AI Lower BOM?

Artifical Intelliganve is here to saty but how, when, and where will we see this new tech creep into the pinball space? The 1st part of this show was 100% written by AI! Although Orby enjoyed just reading the AI written show he still takes time to throw in his 2 cents afterwards!


PNP Ep.529-Don's Pinball Podcast On Tunring His Foo Prem into An LE+ AI Affect our hobby+ Podcaster CHALLENGED!

Orby chats with Don about how he got into the hobby, why he started podcasting, sk8boarding, disc golf, tourney pinball (briefly!!!), and will artificial intelligence change how pinball is manufactured?


PNP Ep. 528-Harry Potter+ Pinclash Micgate+ 2.0 HYPE+ I AM BUYING A FREAKIN PIN!

Sorry for the lonest title ever, I'll follow it up with a short description!-Orby xoxo


Pinball Junk Drawer Episode 21

This week Foghorn Leghorn and Craft Brew Sally talk about all the new offerings from the pinball companies and our first reflections (about a month too late). enjoy!


Tribe Multiball with Rachel and NO Tim, Episode 38: Dan the Man

Rachel travels to Arizona to hang out with Dan the Man and his awesome wife, Rachel! Yes, another Rachel!!!!


PNP Ep. 527- Emily Anderson

Orby get's to finally chat with Emily about all things pinball!


Pinball Junk Drawer Episode 20

Foghorn Leghorn and Craft brew Sally discuss the fact that GODZILLA HAS LANDED!


PNP Ep. 526- Cary Hardy Hotseat + Bruce vs Kaneda + Franchi Feedback

Orby does his 1st solo show in ages to chime in on his thoughts on the most recent pinball drama!


Poor Mans Pinball Podcast Episode 138! Dad Jokes! And a New Tribe Member!

We got drunk.... and kept recording after episode 137. So enjoy!


Pinball Life Lessons, Episode 12: Sometimes the Bar Eats You

Tim Lee and Eric Pearson discuss the following topics in this episode: -Eric's new Big Lebowski Grand Torino Super LE machine! -PinBrew -Past Times Arcade -New game review -Ben Affleck, a good Batman????


Pinball Junk Drawer Episode 19

Foghorn Leghorn and Craft Brew Sally discuss the IFPA Women's Wisconsin State Pinball Championship. Foghorn gives a review of sorts about the "Pinball Wizards" book written by Adam Reuben. After all that excitement they talk about the unofficial Poorman's Video Call hosted by Glenn W. Finally Craft Brew Sally amends her Top Five Craft Brews OF ALL TIME!!!


PNP Ep. 525- Christopher Franchi's Last Interview

A heartfelt coversation with world renowned pinball artist extraordinaire Chris Franchi! In what very well may be the final interview with Chris as he explains why he is choosing to live a more private pinball life.


Poor Mans Pinball Podcast Episode 137! Drew and Ian talk best in Show/Shows!

Poor Mans Pinball Podcast Episode 137! Drew and Ian talk best in Show/Shows! Sit back relax, if you want to know Ian and Drews thoughts on all of the new pinball games they played at TPF and MGC here you go. If you don't then skip to 138.... lol


Pinball Junk Drawer Episode 18

Foghorn Leghorn and Craft Brew Sally talk about the Stern forum thread, pinball toppers and Bevis and Butthead.


PNP Ep. 524- Glenn "The Pintern" Waechter on TWIPYS+ TPF Tourney+ Pintern Missions Completed?

Glenn the Sk8boarder didn't just write the theme song, he's also on the show meow! Glenn chats TPF, playing new pins at the show, and elevator story to top them all!


PNP Ep. 523- Chris of Kanedas Pinball Podcast Chats TPF, TWIPYS, EXCLUSIVE Scoop + MORE

Orbit-Al Albert FINALLY has Kaneda on the pod after two long years! Chris and Orby grade EVERY new pin, except Spinal Tap as we may have forgotten that one! We cover some rad topics including TPF, pricing, mechs and MORE!


The Ray Rae Show, Episode 6: 2023 NACS & WWC

Catch-up with Raymond about his recent pinball travels and his win at the North American Championship Series. Rachel chats about her experience at her first Womens World Championship!


PNP Ep. 522-DTF With GTF+ TPF Pintern HIRED+ Jack Danger Interview!

With the 1st gameply video of Galatic Tank Force by Dennis Nordman made by American Pinball released FINALLY Orby gives his HONEST opinion on weather he would be DFY with GFT! TPF bound pinball nerds will be excited to here the NEWEST pinterns missions as well as a mission for EACH and EVERY one of you! Jack Danger interview?


PNP Ep. 521- Rachel Ristow Chats Womens Pinball + 1st "Gimp"pressions of Pulp Fiction

Orby chats with Rach about all thing womens pinball, about her other rad pinball podcasts, and we give our 1st tmpressions of the newest pin Pulp Fiction by Mark Ritchie!