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The official home for audio programming from Pride of Detroit, SB Nation's community for fans of the Detroit Lions.

The official home for audio programming from Pride of Detroit, SB Nation's community for fans of the Detroit Lions.
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The official home for audio programming from Pride of Detroit, SB Nation's community for fans of the Detroit Lions.




LISTCASTing the top needs for the Detroit Lions, Championship weekend reactions!

LISTCAST is back for 2019. Ryan, Jeremy and Chris take stabs at a timely one as the Lions gear up for free agency and the draft, with each giving their opinions on the biggest needs for the Lions right now. The roster needs help, but what's the most important parts? Also, reactions from the wild conference championship weekend, with plenty to talk about regarding refereeing and overtime rules. In the mailbag, talking Greedy Williams and why some fans might honestly underestimate first...


EMERGENCY CAST - Let's talk about Bevell!

Jerry Mallory joins Jeremy and Chris for a special PODcast edition. The Lions have hired former Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell as their own OC for 2019. The trio explore his background, his areas of expertise, key players he's worked with in the past and more. Then, there's good speculation and forecasting for what a Bevell offense in Detroit will look like - and if that's the right way to go for the NFL in 2019.


Bob Quinn Q&A reactions, Michigan draft prospects with Sam Dodge

Sam Dodge from Maize n Brew helps us dive into the NFL draft with the leaders and the best from University of Michigan. Chris checks in on all things Michigan football in order to help PODcast dive into the draft. Meanwhile, Ryan, Chris and Jermey react to general manager Bob Quinn's presser, his intention to stand behind Matthew Stafford as the quarterback of the Detroit Lions and the continued hunt for a new offensive coordinator. In the mailbag, a discussion about cussing, It's Always...


BONUS PODcast - OC Jim Bob Cooter leaves town

The train comes to a stop and Jim Bob Cooter gets off the Lions Express. The Lions decided to "mutually part" with the QB coach-turned-offensive coordinator and look to the future. Jeremy, Chris and Hamza break down how things went wrong during the JBC-era, why philosophical differences in offense may have played a part, and run down a shortlist of names for potential coordinator hires the Lions could make.


For Auld Lion Sang - End of the year moods & resolutions for Detroit

2018 is over, and so is the Detroit Lions season. The PODcast crew welcomes in Levi Blue to help talk about the final game of the year against the Packers in Green Bay. The Lions come out with a soaring win, but how much can we take out of it given which players might not be back? Legit time to talk about Zach Zenner, and was that Glover Quin's last game? The guys give New Year's resolutions for themselves, POD and the Detroit Lions, and mailbag tackles philosophical meanderings - not...


First Byte with Tex Western explores life and meaning for Lions and Packers

Why are we here? Just to suffer? Tex Western of Acme Packing Company shares some of the other team's woes as the Packers and Lions prepare to play a rare game where both are completely eliminated from the playoffs. It's meaningless then! But get up to date on the Packers, what went wrong this year entirely for the NFC North rival, what life after Mike McCarthy means...and could former Lions coach Jim Caldwell lead the Pack? Oh no.


Merry PODcast! Lions-Vikings reactions and Festivus mailbag

Anger runs deep as Festivus comes late to air grievances. The PODcast crew remains frustrated with the Lions offense and it shows here as Jeremy unloads. Christmas wishes and Festivus grievances abound as Chris gets both the resentment and desires out of Jeremy and Ryan. In the holiday mailbag, plenty more Lions subjects, free agents, and favorite PODcast moments from 2018.


First Byte examines John DeFilippo, previews Vikings-Lions

Eric Thompson of Daily Norseman joins the show to talk about recently released offensive coordinator John DeFilippo. He's a hot name on the offensive coaching market, but why was he fired after less than one season with the Vikings? Could he still prove useful down the road for the Lions if they move on from Jim Bob Cooter? While the Lions are out of contention, the crew also points out for things to watch for in Sunday's battle.


Reactions from Bills-Lions as Detroit offensive woes continue

The Lions playoff hopes finally, for real this time, ends with a poor offensive performance in Buffalo. Hamza Baccouche joins Chris for a short-staffed holiday PODcast. Hamza explains how the Lions were reliant on a contain scheme against Josh Allen, and shows how it failed for them. The two explore how the offense failed to really get much going, what the future of the offense could look like going forward, and also address mounting pressure on kicker Matt Prater. Mailbag tackles more Lions...


PLAYOFFS?! The Lions uh...could make them? What?

Impossible scenarios are starting to come to place after the Lions defeat the Arizona Cardinals. Jeremy and Chris bring on Mansur Shaheen and Mike Payton to discuss the aftermath of the game in Glendale. The playoff scenario is alive, but it would be insane if it happened. They break down all the ways it could, what it would mean and if the Lions would even stand a chance - and if they'd rather see Chicago or Dallas. In the mailbag, a lot of questions about Zach Zenner and fast food desserts.


Coaching baffles in Rams-Lions, McCarthy leaves Green Bay

The Rams game ended up being a little close for a while for the Detroit Lions, but was it a sign for optimism at all? Why are the Lions running so many run plays late in a game while down multiple scores? Extra dissection from the latest Lions loss. Also, divisional rival Green Bay Packers have lost their head coach, and it may be the end of an era there coming soon? Schadenfreude time? In the mailbag, the guys play a few games about the Lions thanks to readers.


Previewing Lions-Rams on First Byte! With Turf Show Times

Joseph McAtee of Turf Show Times, the LA Rams SB Nation blog, joins the podcast to talk about the blue and yellow boys of Southern California, the new darlings of the NFL and one of the league's best teams. Oh yeah, Sunday's gonna hurt! Get the low-down on Todd Gurley, Jared Goff and more, and Jeremy and Ryan see if the Lions have any chance to match up against these monsters.


How Matthew Stafford dropped the turkey on Thanksgiving

A messy cleanup after the Detroit Lions Thanksgiving loss to the Chicago Bears. This was a team effort of failure, and there's a few bright spots the guys touch on, but it's hard to ignore two interceptions by Matthew Stafford to seal the game. In-depth talk about the quarterback, the realities of where he is and where he goes from here with the Lions (and why you won't see him traded any time soon). With five games remaining on the schedule, With five games remaining, what do the Lions do...


Tanking is a ponzi scheme. Lions-Panthers recap, Audible Dong Pt. 2

The Lions won? The Lions won! PODcast gets on up to discuss a victory and the magic of the two young stars in Kerryon Johnson and Kenny Golladay, and Jeremy talks about what to look for in the future of this run defense. The season still feels lost, but there's plenty to pick apart looking to the future. But is the win meaningless? Some may feel so, but it would be a mistake to think about tanking as a viable option. Chris breaks down all the reasons why tanking is a lie. A quick look ahead...


First Byte has a cat fight preview - Lions vs. Panthers

Brian Beversluis from Cat Scratch Reader has joined the fight! The Carolina Panthers are coming to face the Detroit Lions and First Byte has all the nitty-gritty you'll need to be informed and ready for the Sunday showdown. While the New Orleans Saints have been the darlings of the NFC South, the Panthers have been sticking around and trying to keep things tight in the divisional race. Is Cam Newton back again? What are all the new offensive weapons like, and is this defense still as...


Lions-Bears reactions: Audible Dong

If that wasn't the nail, I don't know what kind of coffin this is. The Lions look abysmal for a third game, and the PODcast crew has to start big picture this time - where does the organization even go after a loss like this? Some names do stand out, and the guys tell you who survived this game. Chris has a quick Rage Corner against fandom policing, and the trio give hints to Lions fans just looking to figure out how to keep enjoying the rest of the season. In the mailbag, conversations...


Robert Zeglinski helps First Byte preview Bears-Lions

The Pride Of Detroit's ancient nemesis returns. Robert Zeglinski of Windy City Gridiron and the Blitz Network tries to get straight into the heads of Jeremy and Chris, and he even has words for the absent Ryan. Rob helps the crew break down what has made the Chicago Bears the most surprising team in the NFC this season - especially when it comes to their new head coach Matt Nagy. Jeremy attempts to find the one weakness in the Bears squad where the Lions can attack.


Where do the Lions go after the brutal loss to the Vikings?

The PODcast boys return, letting the loss to the Vikings simmer - but find plenty of apathy after the week that was with the Detroit Lions. Has this team truly given up on the 2018 season? Did the loss take them out of contention entirely? How did the Vikings get 10 sacks on Matthew Stafford, and how much blame does he shoulder for this game? Chris returns to host and has his own small rant about the coaching staff, while the trio also discuss when Jim Bob Cooter's time will be up. In the...


How can the Lions defeat the Minnesota Vikings? Preview podcast

Chris is back with First Byte, but the guys have misplaced their Vikings guest. Issues caused some cancellations. Instead, Jeremy leads the charge in understanding the Vikings squad and how they're so different from their 2017 selves. The second segment doubles back and focuses squarely on the post-Golden Tate Lions and what they can do to win on Sunday, and how well they stack up against Minnesota. Get ready for Sunday with First Byte!