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Sports podcast from the Pocono Record where we speak candidly with local athletes, coaches and others with a stake in high school sports in the Poconos.

Sports podcast from the Pocono Record where we speak candidly with local athletes, coaches and others with a stake in high school sports in the Poconos.


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Sports podcast from the Pocono Record where we speak candidly with local athletes, coaches and others with a stake in high school sports in the Poconos.




Super Bowl Picks! - Ep. 68

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it's finally here! The boys make their last picks of the season to determine once and for all who is worthy of the crown. Personally I think these thoroughbreds are all deserving of the crown...but that would be a triple crown, and that's clearly the wrong sport and the wrong metaphor.


Week 21 Football Picks - Ep. 67

This week on Pocono Record's Wild Kingdom, Mike talks about the stalking patterns of the rare Twitter hyena, Shawn delivers some unimpeachable logic and Zach explores the odd behavior of a threatened Gase.


Week 21 Football Picks - Ep. 66

In a very special episode of the Pride of the Poconos Podcast we discuss, physics, math, boxing, meteorology, trivia, thinly veiled threats, whisky, decimals and catcher's mitts... and we also discuss football picks.


Week 20 Football Picks - Ep. 65

We are barreling towards the end of the season and the boys are in rare form as they start picking prop bets to fill out the cards. I won't say who, but two of them have no faith in 'Saint Nick.' You'll have to listen to find out who they are though.


ESN boys basketball coach Adam Holtzer - Ep. 64

East Stroudsburg North boys basketball coach Adam Holtzer joins Zach to talk about his upcoming game with his life-long rival and brother Kris Holtzer, head coach of Delaware Valley's boys basketball team, to be played at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn, NY.


Week 17 Football Picks - Ep. 63

Zach, Mike and Shawn spar over their picks as Zach remains in the lead after a particularly troublesome week.


Week 16 Football Picks - Ep. 62

Mike, Zach, and Shawn convene to make their predictions for the coming week in football. This time we find Zach squarely in the lead... [wait, is this right? Are you sure? I really don't want to have to print a correction... Oooookayyy...] With Zach inexplicably in the lead it really goes to show that it is truly anybody's game, and this week, that game is baseball as Mike makes one of his epic cross-sports analogies. Also, in an effort to retake his dynasty, Shawn has been flipping through...


Stroudsburg's Matt Gallagher with special guest Jon DeJesus - Ep. 61

Stroudsburg's new head boys basketball coach Matt Gallagher sits down with Zach and special guest Jon DeJesus, former head boys basketball coach at East Strousburg North and current assistant coach at Blair Academy for a talk about the nuts and bolts of high school basketball and the history that the coaches share in Monroe county.


Week 15 Football Picks - Ep. 60

The boys are glad that that insipid lens slinger isn't actually part of the contest after he bested them all last week, but they continue unbowed and undeterred. This week Mike continues his tradition of mixing sporting metaphors by comparing Alabama to Tiger Woods, Shawn licks his wounds and starts picking his line to regain the lead, and Zach sticks to his guns in spite of overwhelming evidence that (at least) one of his picks is ill-advised.


Week 14 Football Picks - Ep. 58

Oh how the mighty have fallen. Shawn takes a sharp drop in the rankings as Mike takes the Lead and Zach sneaks into second place. Will this be a temporary setback or is Shawn's dynasty in peril?


Week 13 Football Picks - Ep. 58

Holy Cow! Mike has caught up to Shawn "The King" Suchy and now they are tied for the lead! But this week, Mike's own better judgement has caught up to him and he has to pick against his own team to maintain his momentum. Zach has no such judgement, and predictably makes a homer pick, but could this strategy make this a true three-way battle for the lead? (shakes Magic 8 Ball) ..."signs point to no."


Week 12 Football Picks - Episode 57

Mike takes a bye week and leaves Shawn and Zach alone on the mics. If Mike was here though he would likely compare them to a pair of playful mice. But don't worry, he did phone his picks in. And since he has whittled down Shawn's lead substantially we're all paying close attention to make sure those picks don't somehow disappear. Also, with one of our local high school teams moving forward in the playoffs the boys (Keith included) can honestly say that they are all rooting for the "Purple...


Week 11 Football Picks - Ep. 56

This week as has become customary, Mike compares special teams to billiards, Shawn makes a strategic pick to try and extend his lead over Mike, and Zach holds out hope that his picks will pan out... but knows in his heart that they won't.


Week 10 Football Picks - Ep. 55

This week Shawn tries to finagle Zach and Mike into committing to a very embarrassing wager when Washington faces the Giants. Then, continuing with his previous transportation theme, Mike compares a defense to a double-decker bus. And Zach begins his weekly struggle to come up with unique euphemisms to describe his position in the rankings.


Week 9 Football Picks - Ep. 54

It's time once again for Zach, Shawn and Mike to cast their eyes to the future and see if they can forecast the coming week in football. This week Mike compares a quarterback with a new car, Shawn gets to partake in a modicum of cheerful gloating and Zach calls shenanigans on some suspicious luck from the uninformed photographer.


PV Soccer Derek Strohl & Alex Wunder - Ep. 53

Pleasant Valley girls soccer coach Derek Strohl and boys soccer coach Alex Wunder join Zach to recap their seasons and preview their team’s chances in the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference playoffs, which begin Tuesday, Oct. 16.


Week 8 Football picks - Ep. 52

Mike, Zach, and Shawn learn a valuable lesson about friendship, team pride, and that Washington vs. Oregon State is the game of the week, at least according to Shawn.


Week 7 Football Picks - Ep. 51

The brief supremacy of one photographer's uninformed picks is shattered thanks to Zach's mathematical acumen. The gang also determine whether Stroudsburg or Northampton will win and roll to the EPC North division title while hashing out what teams can keep their momentum rolling as the postseason nears.


Week 6 Football Picks - Ep. 50

Wow! It's Episode 50! That's halfway to 100! Not that Zach would know, given his aptitude in math... Anyway, this week the boys decide that, "The Saints are pretty okay" (dibs on the t-shirt rights for that), Shawn tries to goad Zach into picking his own team to win, and Mike turns the screws on Shawn's Green Bay pride.


Week 5 Football Picks - Ep. 49

Shawn, Mike and Shawn consider the cursed nature of the Washington Redskin's FedEx Field, decide whether Aaron Rogers should take a short vacation, and make some tough choices in this edition of our football picks.