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Principled Uncertainty is an in-depth, fact-filled true crime podcast about murders, unsolved disappearances, crimes, serial killers, and mass murders related to and occurring in the south, hosted by mystery author T. Blake Braddy.

Principled Uncertainty is an in-depth, fact-filled true crime podcast about murders, unsolved disappearances, crimes, serial killers, and mass murders related to and occurring in the south, hosted by mystery author T. Blake Braddy.
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Principled Uncertainty is an in-depth, fact-filled true crime podcast about murders, unsolved disappearances, crimes, serial killers, and mass murders related to and occurring in the south, hosted by mystery author T. Blake Braddy.








Ep 267, I Am the Night, Part II (The Black Dahlia)

An interview with author of The Black Dahlia Avenger and son of Black Dahlia suspect, George Hodel, former LAPD detective Steve Hodel.


Ep 266, I Am The Night, Part I (The Black Dahlia)

Think you know the story behind TNT's 'I Am The Night?' Think you know everything about The Black Dahlia? Think again. A few years ago, I recorded an interview with Steve Hodel, son of George Hodel, shadowy figure in I Am the Night and potential Black Dahlia suspect. Based on the surge in popularity of that episode, I'm re-releasing BOTH episodes—over 3 hours—in celebration of the show and renewed interest in the case. Steve Hodel, a retired LAPD detective, shared his fascinating...


Ep 265, Paul Dennis Reid, Part 3 (Nashville)

This is the third and final installment of the life and crimes of Paul Dennis Reid (AKA The Fast Food Killer). Here are links to Part I and Part II of the trilogy. As mentioned before, the entirety of this true crime series is based on the book When Nashville Bled: The Untold True Stories of Serial Killer Paul Dennis Red, by Judith A. Yates. Paul Dennis Reid—or PDR, as he is often called in the podcast—ups the ante in his reign of terror in Nashville by kidnapping two women from a Baskin...


Ep 264, Paul Dennis Reid, Part 2 (Nashville)

As mentioned in the show, here are the links to join the newsletters for both my books and the podcast. I'm trying to make one of the best true crime podcasts of 2018, and I need your help. Be sure to rate and review on iTunes and join the Uncertain Nation: The T. Blake Braddy Newsletter.When Nashville Bled Paperback GiveawayLobo Loco: "All Night Long."When Nashville Bled, by Judith A. Yates If you would like to contact me or the podcast, feel free to at the following...


Ep 263, Paul Dennis Reid, Part 1

In this episode of the podcast, we will be covering the mass killer, Texas native, and wannabe country star Paul Dennis Reid. If you look up some famous serial killers from Tennessee, Paul Dennis Reid will 100% turn up on that list. I used research from the book When Nashville Bled by author Judith A. Yates to bring you the first in a three-part true crime series about the Tennessee serial killer. Paul Dennis Reid was convicted of the murders of seven fast food workers in the 1990s and is...


Ep 262, Bradford Bishop

PUPodcast, Episode 262: Bradford Bishop Mar. 2, 1976. 12:40 pm. About 5 mi. south of Columbia, NC, which lies in the far eastern stretches of the state, out near the coast. A NC forest ranger on Highway 94 named Wilma Swain observes smoke in the distance and calls in authorities to help locate and contain the fire. Thinking it to be no more than a disposal fire, Ranger Ron Brickhouse goes in search of it. Initially, he finds a pile of dirt, a shovel, and a red gas can, as if someone had...


Ep 261, The Update

I'm back! The hiatus for the Principled Uncertainty Podcast is OVER! Time to get back to work. There will be an episode in the coming days, so get ready for some true crime!


EP260, Michelle Carter, the Text Message Kevorkian

Hey, folks! I talked at length about the 'Boogie House' giveaway going on on my site right now, and I promised I would provide the link to it so you can get in on all the free giveaway action! The giveaway ends July 30, so enter today for a chance to win a SIGNED copy of the first Rolson McKane Book. Click here to enter... Now, on to the episode. From 2012-2014, Michelle Carter and Conrad Roy III texted each other thousands of times. They met, as it were, through absolute happenstance....


Ep 259, Charles Manson and the Assassination of President Gerald Ford

The Manson Family had one last horrific day in the spotlight in September 1975, with the attempted assassination of President Gerald Ford in Sacramento, CA. Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme walked up to President Ford at an event where he was scheduled to give a speech and pointed a Colt .45 at him. I won't reveal the ending of that story, but you probably can guess, since Ford died in 2006. (Spoiler!) Charles Manson spent most of his adult life preaching about a revolution, though his was mostly...


Ep 258, The NJ Shark Attacks of 1916 l The Principled Uncertainty Podcast

A grand majority of this true crime podcast episode comes from the Michael Capuzzo book, Close to Shore: The Terrifying Shark Attacks of 1916. It is a wonderful resource about not just these specific shark attacks but the overall history of shark attacks in American and elsewhere, as well. The more you read, the more you will realize that the events in New Jersey act as a precursor and an inspiration for Peter Benchleys novel, Jaws, and the subsequent Steven Spielberg movie by the same...


Ep257, Richard Nixon's Saturday Night Massacre l The Principled Uncertainty Podcast

This week's episode features a massacre, though not necessarily the kind you would expect from this particular show. It relates indirectly to the presidency of one Donald Trump, but that's about as political as I would like for it to be. President Richard Nixon managed to avoid impeachment by resigning just before the articles of impeachment made their way through the House of Representatives into the U.S. Senate. The basic story is this: President Nixon wanted to prevent some damning...


Ep256, Jeffrey Epstein l The Principled Uncertainty Podcast

The curious, lurid, shocking case of billionaire sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein is not the normal brand of true crime normally covered in the Principled Uncertainty Podcast, but it is both true and full of crime. Jeffrey Epstein's net worth allowed him the kind of life one could only hope and dream for. He owned his own private island and private jet. He rubbed elbows with the likes of Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Kevin Spacey, and Prince Andrew. It also afforded him the ability to prey on...


Ep255, The Onstage Murder of Dimebag Darrell l The Principled Uncertanty Podcast

Few guitarists can hold a joint to Dimebag Darrell, Pantera's insanely talented axe man from Pantego, Texas. He was a singularly talented human being, and if you've heard of Pantera, you've no doubt considered giving up a normal life's pursuits in order to be more like one Darrell Abbott. I spent my teenage years emulating Dimebag Darrell, but I never got beyond chugging along to the riffs from 'Far Beyond Driven.' I was a bit of a metal-head, and along with Metallica's James Hetfield and...


Ep254, The Kurt Cobain Murder Conspiracy l The Principled Uncertainty Podcast

On April 8, 1994, an electrician looking to install a security system at Kurt Cobain's Seattle, WA residence saw what he thought was a mannequin through a greenhouse window. Upon further inspection, he came to regard the figure as a human being, and a few minutes later, unknowingly made one of the most profoundly disturbing discoveries in rock-n-roll history. Kurt Cobain, the heralded lead singer and creative force behind Nirvana, was dead. He was found in his greenhouse with a shotgun...


Ep 253, The Long Island Serial Killer, with Author Bob Kolker l The Principled Uncertainty Podcast

For this week's podcast, journalist and author Bob Kolker joins me to discuss his investigation into the Long Island Serial Killer case. He is the author of Lost Girls: An Unsolved American Mystery. Here is a brief description of the influential and superbly-written true crime work: Award-winning investigative reporter Robert Kolker delivers a humanizing account of the true-life search for a serial killer still at large on Long Island, and presents the first detailed look at the shadow...


Ep 252, A Brief History of Krampus, The Christmas Devil l The Principled Uncertainty Podcast

[ORIGINS OF XMAS] December 25 is coming up, and everybody is getting geared up for their Baby Jesus celebration. However, Christmas is not the only wintry celebration to come in the month of December. Due to the winter solstice, December has always been host to a number of pagan festivals, and some believe the date of Christmas was chosen to offset the many, many pagan rituals of the time period, including Saturnalia and Natalis Invicti. Similarly, if you’ve ever heard of the Yuletide,...


Ep 251, The Covina Christmas Massacre of 2008

December 24, 2008. All over the nation, parents are dressing up as Santa Claus, donning the red suit to amaze their children with the prospect of a wonderful Christmas morning. When I was a kid, family members would call and pretend to be Saint Nick to get me excited for the next day. Still happens, I suppose, all across the country, and even the Federal Aviation Administration even gets in on the action, posting a Santa Watch every year for captive youngsters. The same thing happens in a...


Ep 250, 5 Tips Learned from 5 Years of Podcasting l The Principled Uncertainty Podcast

In honor of hitting a quarter-thousand episodes, I decided to reflect upon the lessons I had learned about podcasting and provide the audience with a how-to guide for some easily-avoided pitfalls and problems associated with hosting a successful podcast. I was lucky enough to score Jeremy of Lopez Radio for this, especially since he worked in terrestrial radio for several years before starting his own podcast. Below, we came up with a list of tips for how to jumpstart your success in...


Ep249, Titan Fall: The Death of Steve McNair l The Principled Uncertainty Podcast

Saturday, July 4, 2009. A relatively quiet Independence Day for the US. The Statue of Liberty crown reopened after being closed for 8 years due to the attacks on the World Trade Center. North Korea tested ballistic missiles of their own to rattle the saber of their military at the United States, but nothing extraordinary. Seemed like it would be just another quiet celebration of America's Independence. At 1:35 p.m., a man named Robert Gaddy called 911 and reported finding two bodies in a...


Ep 248, The Killing Season w/ Rachel Mills and Josh Zeman

'The Killing Season' on A&E is one of the most engrossing true crime documentary series I have ever watched, and I was lucky enough to interview the series creators, Rachel Mills and Josh Zeman. We discussed their experiences investigating the Long Island Serial Killer, the Daytona Beach Serial Killer, and the Chillicothe, Ohio murders. In making 'The Killing Season,' Josh Zeman and Rachel Mills encountered The Outlaws motorcycle gang, pimps, sex workers, and vigilante websleuths seeking...