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QueensCast: Episode #94 — Now is the time to dig in and Rock-em — Sock-em!

We have a saying at QueensCast – why don't airplanes have rear view mirrors? Because their job is to take you forward! So we'll give a lil' hug to Portland and send that game on it's way as we gear up for a homecoming with the Houston Dash, a team, much like us is ready to rock! If you want a victory yell with all your might » When we say GO, you yell FIGHT » GO! FIGHT! GO! FIGHT! GO! FIGHT! and #LETSSCORE


QueensCast: Episode #93 — US Throw Haymakers and We Unleash the Pride on Portland

Say what you will, but the star-studded ladies brought their "A" game as Mallory Pugh-Pugh-Pugh! Lindsey Horan, Carli Lloyd, Alex "The Bulldozer" Morgan, Megan Rapinoe and the best of the USWNT shook up the can of whoop-whoop and let Mexico open it! Those matches need an oven mitten cause' somebody got burned. ... and in other news Pride go toe-to-toe in Portland, while Jay and Luis debate Spearmint, Peppermint, or Wintergreen - an episode so fresh it's tasty — #LETSSCORE


QueensCast: Episode #92 — Your Soccer Season is Currently Downloading …. Please Wait While International Updates Have Completed

Ladies and gentlemen, your host “JAY” is back in the pilot’s seat and has turned off the Fasten Seat Belt sign, and you may now move around the podcast. However we always recommend to keep your seat belt fastened while you’re seated. And with that said we’re up in the air with recap central — there’s Washington Spirit, USWNT and more! Then please check around website, or social channels for any comments you may have brought on board with you. Please use caution as heavy blog articles may...


QueensCast: Episode #91 — The Quick Draw With Utah has the Ladies Saddling Up

Frisky, chippy and punchy — it was a wild catfight with another pack of gunslingers in our own house. Now we posse up to Washington minus our Brazilians and Aussies, and that my friends will make for a nail biter no matter how you look at it! We peak around the league and see what's on tap for week two! #LETSSCORE


QueensCast: Episode #90 — It’s All Business — 2018 Season Opener Special

You’ve hit your wake-up alarm once. You’ve washed up, dressed up, and now you got your ‘big pants’ on. It’s time to kick the door of the soccer world open. No more what if-than-that’s; it’s time to dominate. It’s time to show the NWSL, and the soccer world what we’re made of. The Orlando Pride has compiled an elite group of scoring assassins and the mission is clear — #LETSSCORE


QueensCast: Episode #89 — Looking might fine — Your golden kickoff to the 2018 season has arrived

Preseason is OVER! Kickoff Week starts NOW! Luis on the League! And Orlando Pride Media Day — are you kidding me??? This show's packed full of so much goodness, just reading this has exceeded your recommended daily allowance of AWESOMENESS! This show is like cooking on LAVA — best watch what we're doing or you're gunna' bet burned! Something-something: #LETSSCORE


QueensCast: Episode #88 — We believe “… there’s a certain healing power to sports.” She Believes that too.

New audio, late night QueensCast giggles and a lot of inspiring soccer has crafted this episode. What’s more fun than cutting a show in the middle of the night? Getting the fancy-pants new blinky-machine to work! We need a Priest, and rocket scientist and Rick Rubin! All that said, we’re going into the future … kicking and screaming. With all that we got an amazing opportunity to embrace the world’s premiere soccer professionals at the beautiful game. It was a day that will long live in...


QueensCast: Episode #87 — We believe in She — and She … “Believes"

Our muscles cramp from lying in wait. The season in view; and so much is to be done. We long to line The Wall with our voice. As for now, we get a taste of the battles to come as the “She Believes Cup” kicks off 2018! — KICK THE BALL AS LOUD AS YOU CAN! #LETSSCORE


QueensCast: Episode #86 — Transitions, Trialists and the Tales of the Tars — The PreSeason Check-ups AWAIT!

And quick as Lady Morgan in a breakaway we’re off to a full sprint into preseason! Our gang at QueensCast has so many tricks in our sack we can hardly carry it! So grab your grab your mop Sailor, it’s time to swab the deck and get this armada ready to — KICK THE BALL AS LOUD AS YOU CAN! #LETSSCORE


QueensCast: Episode #85 — Countdown to PRESEASON has begun! Presidents, Pride and Prelims — In T-Minus 7 . 6 . 5 …

You can’t just flip a switch and hope to launch an NWSL season. Not when you’ve USSF President getting elected, Pride Players coming and sadly going. And with the USWNT announcing the She Believes Cup Preliminary Roster all we can do is — KICK THE BALL AS LOUD AS WE CAN! #LETSSCORE


QueensCast Episode 84: One Two. Poliana. Buckle my shoe! Sydney Leroux. Three four. Christine Nairn. Knock at the door! Five six. Carson Pickett. Picking up sticks! Seven eight. Haley Kopmeyer. Don’t be late! Steph Catley. Nine ten. Jasmyne Spencer.

One Two. Poliana. Buckle my shoe! Sydney Leroux. Three four. Christine Nairn. Knock at the door! Five six. Carson Pickett. Picking up sticks! Seven eight. Haley Kopmeyer. Don’t be late! Steph Catley. Nine ten. Jasmyne Spencer. Let’s say it again! “Would you like to play a game?” — Whether it’s the chess match on field, the musical chairs of the draft or the tactical domination of RISK, QueensCast is ready to breakout all the pieces, order pizza and talk shop all night. So? Let’s Score!


QueensCast Episode 83 - Coming In for Landing - Picks, Trades, and Turbulence Ahead!

Jay is back from the 2018 NWSL College Draft in Philadelphia! She’s joined by Luis, from Backline Soccer, to follow up and answer all of those burning questions they teed up from the last show. Even with all the news and moves throughout the past two weeks, Jay’s seeing things with laser focus. We’re here to get you caught up on the trades and give you the run down on all things happening around the league. Please put your seats into the upright position and fasten your seatbelts, it’s...


QueensCast: Episode #82 — We know it’s windy in here because we feel a draft; a 2018 NWSL draft!

Luis from Backline Soccer joins Jay to rack and stack the current roster. They dive deep into players and positions to see what the Pride are missing and what moves might be made. BOOYAHSHAKAH! Dani Weatherholt! CHA-CHA-Chachacha! (Yeah, Justice threw that one in there) With so much talent ready to hit the main stage we’re looking to start up a chatter session about who, what, where and WHY! So, you know, get your big pants on kids — it’s time to kick the year into gear! #LETSSCORE


QueensCast: Episode #81 — Got the feeling, power steering, pistons popping, ain't no stopping now! 2018, here we come!

Jump back, what's that sound? Here she comes, full blast and top down? The CONCACAF Awards are in and we've got a lot to smile about :) What was your favorite part of 2017? The Orlando Pride's run at the CUP? UCF's women's soccer domination? Well we've had a great run at 2017 and now we are bringing down the lights and bidding it adieu! Hot shoe, burnin' down the avenue! Model citizen zero discipline! #LETSSCORE


QueensCast: Go Ahead Caller Episode #80 — you're on the Air!

Eighty shows — that's like a' big ole', hot topic having, award winning, Tanzania assisting, 442 Reading, USWNT building, fan-living, 2018 preppin', giant scoop full of cheesy macaroni and #LETSSCORE!


QueensCast: Episode 79 - Can You Hear, Can You Hear the Thunder, Orlando Pride is Making Down Under?

It’s Karaoke, QueensCast style! Jay and Justice are back to talk women’s soccer, from all over the globe. They debate some song lyrics, talk O-Town real estate, and break down the happenings with C-O-N-C-A-C-A-F, the A-F-C, and the U-S-W-N-T. Got it? Good! Now #LETSSCORE


QueensCast: Episode 78 - Around The World And Back To End — How We Say Adieu to 2017

Let's spin the globe and find the Pride — where are our Ladies of Orlando ending up in the off season? With so much to do in the off season, it's hard to believe that our players are already making an impact in other leagues! Join Jay and Justice as they explore what's important to know, in youth soccer; UCF soccer and lotta-lotta-league play as we move into the holidays. #LETSSCORE


QueensCast: Episode 77 - News & Views to Use As We Fly Headlong Into the Offseason

The women's soccer world never stops! That said, Queenscast prepares to cover all the offseason action as we step inside the machine and span the globe. We'll follow WOSO from the locker room to the pitch and monitor all the moves made by the NWSL, World leagues and collegiate player preps as the draft looms on the horizon. Brake up — throttle down – the clock starts NOW! #LETSSCORE


QueensCast Episode 76 - The Victorious Lady Knights lead us to Heavenly days for the future of Women’s Soccer in Central Florida

As we all struggle to survive the post Halloween candy-crash we wrap our arms and minds around our own backyard. The University of Central Florida ladies have battled and stormed their name(s) in the history books like you’re not going to believe! So let’s mount up, #ChargeOn and #LetSScore


QueensCast: Episode 75 - CAGEFIGHT ― USWNT VS. SOUTH KOREA! NWSL, W-LEAGUE, UCF, ABC & 123 More & More Acronyms Go-Do-Re-Mi!

We’re starting to feel like we need to create a decoder ring after the Orlando Pride season ends, as we have all our queens off and running to every part of the globe! We gots the ladies of the USWNT kicking balls and taking names. We gots the ladies of the NWSL coming and going, and we gots all the ladies in the house. Say heeeeey. Last, but not least, we got our Queen’s cavalry of UCF putting themselves right into the fight. Who stays? Who goes? And who’s got new eyeballs? #LETSSCORE


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