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Your ultimate sports network for the NWSL, Orlando Pride, women's collegiate, and coed youth soccer

Your ultimate sports network for the NWSL, Orlando Pride, women's collegiate, and coed youth soccer
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Your ultimate sports network for the NWSL, Orlando Pride, women's collegiate, and coed youth soccer






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QueensCast: Episode #127 - Bitter Sweet Goodbyes

Orlando Pride say goodbye to Brazilian defender Monica, while the NWSL parts ways with A&E Network. Preseason is around the corner and International Cups are overflowing. To get in the know, don’t miss this show. We’ll be telling you more, stay until the end when we yell - - - #LETSSCORE


QueensCast: Episode #126 - Ring Around the Roster

The NWSL preseason is a light at the end of the tunnel and we’re talking about the Orlando Pride players. Ring around the roster, Marc has relationships to foster. Ashlyn, Ali, we all want more - - - Tune in as we yell #LETSSCORE!


QueensCast: Episode #125 - Breaking Down the Man

Orlando Pride’s new Head Coach, Marc Skinner, made his way across the pond for his first look at his new set up with the NWSL team. During his short stay he sat down with local media, including our very own Jay and Luis. Take a listen as they break down the interview and get to know the new guy in town. How was the hiring process? What shape does he prefer? How will he navigate losing eleven players during the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup? All of these answered and MORE - - - now #LETSSCORE!


QueensCast: Episode #124 - New Year, Who Dis?

QueensCast is kicking off the new year by breaking down the 2019 NWSL College Draft and discussing Orlando Pride picks, announcements, plus Head Coach rumors. Don’t start the season behind the eight ball. Take a listen to learn more. By the end, you’ll join in to yell - - - #LETSSCORE


QueensCast Episode #123 - Out With a Bang

The new year is quickly approaching, but before we turn the page, Jay takes a look back at some of the moments that made 2018 so special for QueensCast. Don’t worry we’re coming back in 2019 to give you more! Now tune in and let’s score!


QueensCast: Episode #122 - Where is Everybody?

As the search continues for the Orlando Pride head coach, we look toward 2019 NWSL season. The US Women’s National Team announces a ten game tour prior to the FIFA Women’s World Cup that will take players away including, the 2018 USWNT Player of the Year, Alex Morgan. Take a listen as we dish on the details of what’s to come. #LETSSCORE


QueensCast: Episode #121 - Now Accepting Applications

More positions now open with Orlando Pride! Take a listen as Jay and Luis run down what we’re missing as the 2019 continues to inch closer. NWSL extends to 33 weeks next year and we talk about how international play will effect the season. It may be the offseason but are bringing you more, so take it all in and yell - - - #LETSSCORE


QueensCast Episode #120 - Knight of Recognition

This week we wrap up the UCF Knight’s season with an interview featuring Head Coach Tiffany Roberts Sahaydak, then talk about international achievements, the NWSL Players Association, and SO MUCH MORE! You know you’ve reached the end when you hear us yell - - - #LETSSCORE


QueensCast: Episode #119 - Globetrotting

We’re going on a trip! First stop, Australia where the Westfield W-League season has begun and Orlando Pride players are making a splash. Then onto Portugal and Scotland with the US Women’s National team for some European friendlies. Tune in to hear all the stops along our journey as we put our trays in the upright position and yell - - - #LETSSCORE


QueensCast Episode #118 - Ending Up Golden

The NWSL may be off, but the QueensCast crew isn’t taking a vacation! Catch up on what, and where, the Orlando Pride players are spending their time. Plus, CONCACAF Women’s Champions have been crowned and the USWNT have qualified for the 2019 Women’s World Cup! Hear about how they started the #TourDeFour journey as we yell - - - #LETSSCORE For all your #WomensSoccer, #WSOC #SoccerParents #YouthSoccer information: Subscribe, rate, and review - we hope you love us as much as we love...


QueensCast: Episode #117 - Brace for Impact

NWSL closing up shop, but Orlando Pride players aren’t going to stop. Heading to National Team spots and W-League slots. USWNT, at CONCACAF Women’s Championship, taking shots. Tune in to learn more - - - now #LETSSCORE


QueensCast: Episode #116 - Coming Out on the Other Side

The NWSL season is coming to a close with Championship Finals in sight. Orlando Pride is making changes and Tom didn’t win that fight. We talk about USWNT CONCACAF Championship roster selections and NWSL Best XI. Take a seat because we’re dishing up more - - - #LETSSCORE


QueensCast: Episode #115 - Grinding to a Halt

Orlando Pride end their 2018 NWSL campaign with a heartbreaking loss to Sky Blue FC. Playoffs are upon us, but so is Hurricane Florence. Jay and Luis discuss how the league handled the impending storm. Central Florida Women’s Collegiate Soccer is in full swing and the Queen’s Calvary is back with a new counterpart, the Queen’s Navy. Take a listen to learn more while we sit back and yell - - - #LETSSCORE


QueensCast: Episode #114 - Marta Queen of the Game

Orlando Pride are prepping for their last game of the season and Marta is making headlines, for good reason. NWSL attendance numbers are under review and we’ve got UCF Women’s Soccer updates for you. This is an episode that won’t be a bore, as we break it down and yell - - - #LETSSCORE


QueensCast: Episode #113 - From Finesse to Foul

As the door closes on Orlando Pride’s chance for a post season, Jay and Luis discuss both sides of the coin to figure out what went wrong. The last home match of the season, with a loss to Chicago Red Stars, that seems to sum up the team’s performance or lack there of. However, the post match comments from players are eye opening and shed possibly another perspective on the frustrations from the pitch. Want to know more? Tune in as we yell - - - #LETSSCORE For all your #WomensSoccer,...


QueensCast Episode #112 - Slipping and Sliding

Orlando Pride drop down below the playoff line and now have a must win situation this weekend at home against Chicago Red Stars to keep the dream alive. We discuss NWSL, USWNT, and UCF happenings too. Tune in on your favorite podcast player to hear more, now everyone #LETSSCORE!!!


QueensCast: Episode #111 - Hanging On

Orlando Pride are barely hanging onto their potential NWSL playoff spot. Jay and Luis are talking about the problems that continue to plague the ladies after another disappointing performance at home, this time against Portland Thorns FC. Looking ahead with one on the road in NC Courage seems dark and the Chicago Red Stars are closing in. The Queen’s Calvary are galloping in to report on the recent UCF exhibitions and we talk upcoming festivities with Orlando City Youth. Tune in to hear even...


QueensCast: Episode #110 - Everything and the Kitchen Sink

Jay and Luis are talking about the Orlando Pride “Playoff Push” and how that draw to Sky Blue took away some of the point kush. Portland Thorns are now on their way and their going to bring some really good play. UCF Women’s Soccer is back on the field and those ladies are looking mighty skilled. Taken a listen to find out more. We’re here for you, so #LETSSCORE!


QueensCast: Episode #109 - Blue Skies Ahead

International break is all through. USWNT won Tournament of Nations and NC Courage won the ICC too. NWSL is ready to get back in action. Orlando Pride have Sky Blue at home and they need to get traction. The playoff push is a close race. But our ladies can pull through if they stay on a good pace. If you want to know more, then we want to hear you say #LETSSCORE!


QueensCast: Episode #108 - Talking a ToN of International

Orlando Pride fouled up (literally) the match against Seattle Reign, looks like the draw streak will remain. NWSL takes a little time off, while USWNT shows everyone who’s boss. Jay and Luis are serving up an international buffet! Want more? Just give us a yell - - - #LetsScore! For all your #WomensSoccer, #WSOC #SoccerParents #YouthSoccer information: Subscribe, rate, and review - we hope you love us as much as we love you! Follow QueensCast on… Twitter:...