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Sports Podcast all about Seattle Sports. Lots of discussion and banter about Seattle sports teams. Thanks for listening.

Sports Podcast all about Seattle Sports. Lots of discussion and banter about Seattle sports teams. Thanks for listening.
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Sports Podcast all about Seattle Sports. Lots of discussion and banter about Seattle sports teams. Thanks for listening.






Tiger won the Masters and Wilson got PAID!!

The Fair-Weather Friends Vague and Ricky guest host while Jared is on vacation but he found time to record a segment for pass it to the homies. Sorry we don't do all the research Jared does so this summary is shorter than normal.


Your 1st Place Seattle Mariners! RW contract coming soon?

Today we talk about the red hot Seattle Mariners 8-2 as of this recording. We talk about who has impressed so far and maybe who needs some work. Then we move to the Seahawks and discuss their plans for Russell Wilson and his deadline on contract negotiations. We also talk draft pick trade and what I think they will do come draft day. We pass a question to the homies . Which position player and pitcher not named Mike Trout would you want to start a MLB franchise with? Lastly, We talk Gonzaga...


Opening Day! Plus Go Gonzo for Gonzaga

This week we talk about opening day for the Mariners, the japan series against the A's and Ichiros Seattle legacy. Also we get into the Seahawks latest off season news and notes. Lastly, we talk about the Huskies end and the Gonzaga Bulldogs sweet 16 match up. Thanks for listening. Check out and contact @_RaincitySports Instagram- @Northernstatepodcasting Email: NorthernStatepodcasting@gmail.com Music by Yung Kartz- Outta Here Also Check out my friends Matt and Ricky on the Fair Weather...


Our Friend Cory Welton

We talk to our friend Cory Welton about his time in Afghanistan and his dream to open a Brewery among other things.


Almost time: Mariners opening day coming and Seahawks Free agency

Today, we talk about Mariners spring training almost over, the youth of the team and Felix. We then move to the big news with the Seahawks off season including free agency. Lastly, I discuss the NCAA tournament and UW and Gonzaga chances. I also pass it to the homie Matt from the Fairweather friends podcast to ask about the end of the LOB. Please join on our youtube live Monday evening for our NCAA bracket picks as well as sign up to challenge us and win some great local prizes....


Rain City Sports on delay

Today we talk M's spring training, more Seahawks off season including Frank Clark franchise tagged. We also get into UW Mens basketball and their chances in the NCAA tournament. They actually lost after the recording was done and got knocked back out of the top 25 but I think they are still in the tourney. I talk a little Gonzaga and also about the launch of Northern State Podcasting network. Check it out!


Rain City Sports Week 3

On this episode, I talk about Mariners opening up spring training, the Seahawks rumor mill, and the NBA All star game. I also pass it to Ricky, Matt and Ryan on the Fair weather Friends podcast to answer the question, Who belongs on the Mt. Rushmore of Seattle sports? . Lastly, I respond to what they say and give my answer. Oh and I discuss the shows name change going forward. Music by Yung Kartz- Outta Here Thanks for listening. Dont forget to subscribe, comment and let me know you...


Rain City Sports Podcast - RW - Fairweather friends - UW Mens Basketball

Today I talk about the Superbowl, Russell Wilson upcoming contract and the Mariners court case with Lorana Martin. I also welcome Matt and Ricky from the Fair Weather Friends Podcast on to talk sports including most overrated players of all time and other sports related topics. Lastly, I get into UW mens basketball and Gonzaga. Thanks for listening and please review, like, share and follow on twitter @SeaSportsToday. I appreciate your support. Also feedback is welcome even its just that I...


Rain City Sports Podcast

Welcome to the first episode. Just getting going so feedback is welcome! This episode I talk about Seahawks offseason, Mariners rebuild, Edgar into the HOF and the Superbowl and more. Thanks for listening. Follow on Twitter @SeaSportstoday