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#74 - How to Win With a Broken Back - Brendan Saker

Two years ago, Brendan Saker dropped a barbell right into the middle of his back. Immediately losing all feeling in his legs it was pretty clear that his life was about to change. Brendan’s amazing story of coming out the other side of a serious spinal injury in a better place than beforehand is inspirational. How does someone achieve such after what could have been a turning point for the worst?


#73 - Facing Adversity Seminar

Get a look into a new seminar developed by Stu, presented to Nick's gym, Renegade. What do you do when you are faced with problems? Do you shudder and hide away in fear? Do you give up and try again later when the obstacle has faded? Are road blocks standing in your pathway to success every damn time?? Stu puts a spin on 'problems' and how problems can not only be overcome, but used as tools and fuel for success and opportunity.


#72 - Battle Of The Wolves - Live Event Broadcast

Welcome to Wolfe Den CrossFit, Mornington, hosting the ‘Battle of the Wolves’ Pairs Competition. A grassroots fitness event for the everyday CrossFitter. In a multi-guest episode, Stu meets an array faces at the event, sharing valuable snippets of their story in a shortened chat format. 00:40 - Jeremy Wolfe - Owner of CrossFit Wolfeden - From humble beginnings into a thriving hub, enjoy the story of the Wolfe 17:33 - Jon Park - Sports Physiotherapist - CrossFit through the eyes of a physio....


#71 - Gym Owner Depression - Vive Group Podcast & Raise the Bar Radio Collaboration

Stu catches up with Vive Group founder Tye Arnett for a collaboration episode. The Vive Group is a business coaching company with the main goal to help small gyms and CrossFit boxes thrive. By teaching gym owners how to implement systems, build a sustainable culture and run a kick arse facility. But running a gym can be a challenging battlefield. Finding members, keeping members, losing members, paying bills, delivering quality classes, being there for each and ever member as a shoulder to...


#70 - Finding Yourself - Suse Baker

Adopted shortly after birth, Suse has to lead a very interesting life. Growing up in a typical British life with her adopted parents, Suse had never realized how much of an impact being adopted had on her subconscious and her mental health. Suse’s journey of self-discovery, learning to develop her own self-belief and self-acceptance is an intriguing journey. One which has to lead her across the globe where she has called Bali home for the past 3 years.


#69 Breast Implant Illness Suse Baker & Courteney Cunningham

Breast Implant Illness is a hugely trending topic in the world of cosmetic surgery. But is it a real thing? Suse, a coach at CrossFit Wanderlust in Bali, and Court, Stu’s wife and long-time CrossFit participant and athlete, both share their stories and experiences living with breast implants, why they originally decided to get them, the pros, the cons, and then why they both decided to have them removed. Breast implant surgery, as well as all cosmetic surgeries, are becoming more common and...


#68 - How to Take Huge Life Changing Risks and Succeed - Will & Carrie Henke

When Will & Carrie met their lives were completely flipped on their heads. American born Will met Canadian Carrie while he was serving in the military, based in Germany. 5 months later they were married. 8 Years on they now live in Bali, run fitness retreats, flip homes to lease out in Bali, deliver online gym programming and life coaching and have an online skincare business. They have plenty going on, but the story of how they got there, how they make big decisions, how they overcome...


#67 - Finding Gratitude In The Hood - Truman Tararo

Truman is a highly loved and hugely respected coach at Stu’s gym, Valor: Fitness. Nutrition. Mind. Tru is a natural leader with a rare knack to foster positive community culture so effortlessly. But this career was not planned and never intended, Tru’s life could have taken him down a completely different path. Born and raised in the “Dirty South” of Auckland, New Zealand, we learn about how the lessons learned growing up in a tough neighborhood can be taken and turned into an abundance of...


#66 - Kristian Vidakovic - How to be a Rock Star and a Myotherapist in the same lifetime...

Kris is a member at Stu’s gym and the in-house Myotherapist. People are drawn to him for his incredible ability to fix their muscular problems with minimal effort, but they go back to him over and over because of the person he is. Plus he has an amazing ability to tell a story or 6. Despite being a European rock star in his late teens, Kris is incredibly grounded and goes above and beyond for just about anybody... why? Because he loves to. We chat about the world of Myotherapy and all...


#65 - 30 Lessons at 30

Stu has just turned 30, this week he discusses 30 life lessons he has discovered over his 30 years on this planet. Stu’s ‘30 at 30’ blog and email subscription http://eepurl.com/gv0OGn


#64 - Kate Gordon

Kate Gordon is one lovely human. From being heavily involved at a highly professional standard in so many areas of the CrossFit and general health and fitness world... CF seminar staff, coach, nutritionist, CF Games Athlete... and having lived in many parts of the world, it is no doubt that Kate’s incredibly confident and welcoming nature has played a huge part in her success. An episode choc is full of interesting conversation. You’ll be left screaming for a follow-up chat!


#63 - Lester Ho - The Geek Of Weightlifting

Lester Ho is the owner of TG Strength, a gym with the goal to educate and inspire the science and the beauty of Weightlifting to all walks of life. Lester’s passion for Olympic Lifting is so strong, but not as strong as his passion for helping people and having a positive impact on others lives. In this episode, Lester shares his passion for weightlifting, the sport, how weightlifting came to him, his coaching philosophies, and his unique “Lester-isms”. An episode with so many little lessons...


#62 - ‘Never Giving Up’, a Professional Baseballers Story - Travis Blackley

Travis Blackley is a Melbourne born international professional baseball player. Dubbed ‘The Jersey Collecter’, Travis has played for numerous Major and Minor League teams across the USA, as well as globetrotting the best leagues in Mexico, Korea, Japan, and Australia. Experiencing endless ups and downs across this amazing 17-year career, Travis epitomizes what it means to never give up on a dream, stay determined and to stick to a plan even with complete uncertainty of the outcome and what...


#61 - Krysten Pierre - Taekwondo, Real Nutrition & ‘Earning it’

Krysten Pierre is a busy mum! Between her day job, her growing careers in nutrition and fitness coaching, being a mum as well as a new mum on the way, she still manages to make time to exercise, eat well, care for others and kick back and enjoy all the little things in life. We talk about Krysten’s competitive Taekwondo background, she shares her most important methods for improving your nutrition and we learn how she can manage to fit so much into her life while always keeping a skip in her...


#60 Talent, Hardwork And Being Signed To The Major League At 16

Rikki Johnston was born with a lot of skill and talent but it’s how hard he has worked to maximize his potential that makes him unique. For a man who has played baseball at the highest national level and played in America from the age of 16, he has remained incredibly humble. After retiring from baseball he quickly filled that competitive hole with local football. He has truly made an impact during his playing career and he now continues to do so as a coach. We talk about his journey but...


#59 - Hard Cuddles - James Harding

For a big period of James ‘Hammer’ Harding’s life, he was a hard man. Hard jobs, lived amongst some of Melbourne’s hardest people, put on a hard exterior and had to deal with some pretty hard stuff. James dove into Melbourne’s underworld head first in various roles. He used his tough exterior to become a feared debt collector and drug dealer. But over time drug addiction took over and set him on a dark path. Today he’s a changed man. James has overcome his demons and now uses his powers to...


#58 - Women’s hormones are not funny. Period!

This week Nick and Stu are talking to Lauren Curtain about all things women’s health and the practice of Chinese Medicine. We chat about EVERYTHING and discover how acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine is helping change people’s lives. We learn an incredible amount about cycles, hormones, contraception and even discover how women are attracted to different men when they are on the pill. This episode is not just for ladies. If there is a woman in your life you owe it to her to listen in.


#57 - The Ultra Running Man

Johnny Horrocks is an incredible character. This show bounces all around the place just like Johnny’s personality. He is pure passion and chases down any idea that comes to him. Johnny’s story is one of rebirth and reset. How to dust your self off and continue to move forward, both physically and spiritually. We go from Manchester dance music in the ’80s to Ultra Marathon running in the trails of Victoria. This episode was full of so many surprises. He is full of quirkiness and truly knows...


#56 - How To Be A Woman In Your Prime

Can you make it as a woman in the fitness industry and still be your authentic self? Can you gain enough traction on Instagram to build a personal brand without selling your soul? Clare Green knows a few things about fitness and her passion for helping others is incredibly inspiring. Her journey and her beliefs are refreshing and she shares her hacks towards a healthier more fulfilling life. Listen in for some practical tips on how to make it as a trainer and how to level up your overall...


#55 - Stuart Cunningham - Fears and Values

Stu challenges himself this week, by taking the podcast solo for the very first time. Stu discusses his views on fear and values and how they can positively or negatively influence your goals and pathways in life. Enjoy a change to our regular format and let Stu get you thinking about what it is you really want to achieve in life, and how to ensure you don’t let distractions or fears misguide you.