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#36 - The Missing Link In The Modern World, Level Up Your Mental Game

Today we get our Zen on and talk to Asher Packman. After more than 20 years working with the world’s leading brands as a communications senior executive, a series of significant life events led Asher to shift gears. Now a qualified mindset and leadership coach (Diploma of Leadership, Coaching and Mentoring), he is also a certified HeartMath and Wim Hof Method instructor. He has further qualifications in geobiology, epigenetics and the social psychology of sport. Employing breathwork,...


#35 - James Smith, Diren Kartal & Dave Driskell - Influencing, mythbusting & banter

James Smith is the founder of the James Smith Academy, an online health and fitness academy with the intent on giving you the tools you need for your fat loss/muscle gain/fitness success that will support the lifestyle you desire, without having to go on a drastic food group eliminating fad diet. James and Diren have boomed onto the social media scene with their blunt and brutally honest content, aiming to bust the myths of the fitness and diet industries. They use evidence based information...


#34 - Dave Driskell, Living Your Best Life

Dave is the owner and director of CrossFit Wanderlust, on one of the worlds most popular tourist islands, Bali in Indonesia. With a long history of working in an array of different industries, losing out in the housing market in California during the 2008 Global Financial Crisis and experiencing a near death illness at the age of 31, Dave set out to go against the typical ‘American Dream’ and seek real happiness through vagabonding. The pathway eventually lead him to Bali, where he inspires...


#33 - The Secrets The Fitness Industry Doesn't Want You To Know

Commencing in the fitness industry in 2005 Jarrod (Marto) has been involved in a range of positions and business opportunities due to his engaging, personable and fun approach. Ranging from running his own PT business with trainers working for him to operational roles in a head office environment in a well known national brand to the training and education of new business owners. Still involved in the industry today, but with a primary change to his career 2 years ago, Jarrod can provide...


#32 – Call It How You See It & Let People Know Who You Are, Sonia De Rose

Sonia is a passionate coach She calls it how she sees it and todays first question is as straight up as it gets Sonia introduced Stu to CrossFit and she has now been in this game for a very long time She is a self-confessed nerd and still continues to thrive on acquiring knowledge, currently undertaking her masters. We don’t muck around in this episode as we get straight into best practices for the general population vs the amateur and elite athlete. Is CrossFit really the best training...


#31 - The Number 1 Fitness Podcast In Australia

Today we flip the scrip on Lachy and Raph who are the creators and cohosts of the Mind Muscle Project Podcast. Over the last 4 years they have uncovered the truths of the fitness industry. They are a huge influence on Raise The Bar Radio and it was hard not to be a couple of fan boys throughout this weeks episode. Discover what it’s like to own 3 gyms and be on the journey to creating an international brand.


#30 - Why Weight Loss Challenges Are A Waste Of Money

In this episode Nick & Stu chat about the classic ‘9kg in 6 weeks!’ style weight loss and fitness challenges. Why do people get sucked into them? Why are they a terrible pathway for sustained weight loss success? What is the real incentive by gyms to run these? What are better methods that ACTUALLY work?


#29 - Amanda Allen, From Emergency Surgery To Fittest On Earth

Amanda launched herself into CrossFit as a 40-year-old former Triathlon, Cycling, and Canoeing Champion. She is a 5 times CF Games competitor, 3 x CrossFit Games Masters Champion (2013,2014,2018), taking 3rd in 2015; she competed at the 2011 CrossFit Games as an Individual female, finishing 19th at 41 years young. In June 2016 she ran 1000kms across Queensland’s north to raise awareness for Suicide and Mental Illness. At Christmas 2017 she had emergency surgery to remove 4kgs of tumors from...


#28 - Kate Save, The War On Obesity And Shark Tank Superstar

Kate Save is an accredited dietitian and exercise physiologist with a double degree in nutrition / dietetics and exercise science from Deakin University, as well as an Advanced Diploma in Diabetes Education and a Masters in Clinical Exercise Physiology. Her passion for continued learning extends to educating future health practitioners via her Lecturing and Course Development roles at Deakin University, Chisholm Tafe and FIA Fitnation. Kate lectures in the key subject areas of diabetes,...


#27 - Matt Swift, CrossFit OG

Matt Swift is an Australian CrossFit Icon. He is a multiple CrossFit Games Masters competitor and champion. His affiliate CrossFit Brisbane was one of the first in Australia and he has been on the frontline of CrossFit’s evolution. Matt is a big part of the seminar team and created the CrossFit Masters education material which is very close to his heart. Matt’s shares an incredible amount of knowledge and wisdom in this episode.


#26 - Shannon Macgregor, From Social Anxiety to Community Leader

Shannon is the new Head Coach of CrossFit Cranbourne. For Stu to hand over such an integral role in his business is a big deal, it couldn’t go to just anybody. He needed someone that cares about his gym almost as much as he does. Shannon is that person. Shannon’s journey to become head coach hasn’t been an easy one. Bullied through school, she has battled ongoing self-esteem issues and still works through those today. But Shannon’s passion, care, natural leadership and outstanding ability to...


#25 - Local Town Hero, Adam Hunter

Adam has been a part of local football for the majority of his life. He has had some big highs but also some massive lows. He lost his brother and almost lost his own battle with multiple cancers. How has he stayed positive for his family and how has the support of his local town and club helped him? Tune in to discover that no matter how awful things can be, a positive mindset might just be the thing that could get you through.


So Hot Right Now - Episode #1 CrossFit Games Changes... time to FREAK OUT!

Welcome to episode 1 of our So Hot Right Now series. Bonus episodes about relevant breaking topics that we must talk about right away! Greg Glassman has announced some huge changes to the CrossFit Games format... although there aren’t too many confirmed details, the competitive CrossFit world has gone into FREAK OUT mode. What has he done? Why is he doing this? Will I ever make it to regionals? Are all of my hopes and dreams crushed? Here are our thoughts


Leveraging Your Business To The Next Level With A Virtual Assistant

In this bonus episode Nathan Quinn drops in to flip the script on Nick and pick his brain on virtual assistants. Nick freely gives away his secrets on how he leverages the global economy and maximises productivity in his business. We travel outside the box as Nathan and Nick explore concepts on what makes a good business run and how to get the best out of people within those businesses. This episode is a step by step guide on how to outsource your life and get back 20 hours back every week.


#24 - Grant Rodgers of Jetty Road Brewery

Grant Rodgers is the co-director of Jetty Road Brewery, a craft brewery on the Mornington Peninsula that is absolutely thriving in less than a year of opening its doors. The process to actually opening the doors in Dromana has been an epically long and arduous journey. Coming in late into the Great Australian micro-brew boom competition is also high. How has Grant, his mate since birth Blake and the Jetty Road crew made JRB stand out as a leader in quality beer, food and made themselves a...


#23 - David Parkin, A Leader Across Generations

David Parkin’s contribution to AFL football speaks for itself. David is a leader! He is humble, empathetic, strong willed and incredibly wise. We discover so much about David and he has so much to give during this interview. The discussion about his achievements are incredible but what made this episode truly special is David’s willingness to share the changes he has made during his career and life.


#22 - Does Your Gym Have A Comp Squad?

Comp groups in the box Nick and Stu go in deep to discuss the trials and tribulations of running comp squads in the gym. What are the challenges, what are the mistakes affiliate owners make, what mistakes have Nick and Stu made, and what are the best methods to co-run everyday CrossFit and Comp Squads without blowing up the gym. Gear up for some strong opinions and some brutal thruths.


#21 - Ash Marton, Leading A Team And Innovating Industry

Ash is a powerhouse of energy and positivity with a passion for life, health and fitness. Launching Ash Marton Realty with his business partner Lilly in early 2012 at the age of 22, Ash has been captivated by a desire to innovate the real estate world. Recognized by industry leaders as one of Australia’s most dynamic and forward thinking agents, Ash has featured as an industry expert on numerous TV programs including Sky News and Selling Houses Australia. With a passion for building strong...


#20 - The Journey From Addict To Ninja Warrior

Tamara is an ex - elite gymnast, tattoo artist competitive horse rider, cross fitter and most recently a Ninja Warrior. Most of Tamara’s achievements have risen from some very dark times as she continues her recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Her story is one of inspiration and will give you belief that we all have the ability to turn our lives in any direction we want.


#19 - Why we are failing the goals we set

Nick and Stu sit down together in this episode to nut out what is wrong with traditional goal setting and what we can do to see more success. We discuss Ben Bergeron’s W.H.O.O.P.I.E system and Stu details what the down right essentials are to nailing your goal once and for all and some of the honest truths you need to accept if you are to see success.