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S1E15 - Scudamore Money Than Needed

The Real Football Cast has reached episode 15, yes 15 and this week its a very good one if I don't say so myself. After the great work trying to kick things in the bin, I'm rejoined by Karl and Matthew as we discuss some real football. Again the bulk of the talk is focusing on off pitch matters than opposed to the goings on in the Premier League, but there is still plenty of time for Matthew for bemoan Fulham's start to the season. Thanks for listening, I hope you enjoy it


S1E14 - A Rooney Testimonial

The Real Football Cast returns for its fourteenth outing of the season, and this week I am once again joined by J.S. as we dissect what has happened in the past seven days. A few more off pitch stories this week, so not quite the usual Premier League debate for the whole 60 minutes, but it is still a very good listen in my definitely biased opinion. Thanks for stopping by.


S1E13 - Results Are Not Important

The Real Football Cast is back for another slice of audio podcast action as we reach our 13th episode. Is it unlucky for some, well when you consider some of the sound quality this week then probably. Still the show must go on as the Three Amigos reunite, I'm joined by Karl and J.S. once more as we dissect all the action from the past week in what has been a difficult time for Football. Without question the Real Football Cast sends its condolences to Leicester and also bids good health to...


S1E12 - The Battle Of The Bridge

The Real Football Cast returns to its normal format this week as I am once again joined by J.S. The podcast's loss has been local journalism's gain as of late, so I must say that I am delighted to have him on board. As per usual the hot topics of the Premier League are discussed and we also focus on La Liga and what will happen in the fallout of El Clasico. And of course not forgetting our @Loserpool picks of the week


S1E11 - Kicked In The Bin

A change of format this week as we offer up some audio gold to get you through the international break. Episode 11 sees Karl return from wedding duties and a debut from Fulham fan Matthew Baldwin as they offer up the five things they hate most in Football and I decide whether they get kicked in the bin or not. I hope you like the tweak in format just to keep it fresh, if you don't then normal service is resumed next week. Thanks, Dan.


S1E10 - Jose's Off The Hook

The Real Football Cast returns for what I guess is a landmark 10th episode. Who would have thought we would have even made it this far. This week I have a full house of guests as I'm joined by three debutants. A big thanks to Dean, Paul and Scott as they help me dissect all the footballing fat from the past seven days. If you like what you hear don't forget to share and subscribe and also don't forget we are now available on itunes. And of course please remember to check out our sponsors at...


S1E9 - Mour Trouble For United

The Real Football Cast returns for another episode as once again I dissect all of the latest stories in Football. I'm running the channels solo this week, but please don't let that put you off as there is another 60 minutes of 'Red Hot Soccer Chat' bought to you in association with @Loserpool. Happy Listening. Thanks, Dan


S1E8 - Liverpool's Joy Of Six

The Real Football Cast returns this week in association with Loserpool and I'm pleased to announce that I'm not riding solo this week. It's been a while but J.S and Karl are back in the saddle as we hit the ground running to talk about all the goings on in the Premier League over the past seven days. While in addition to that we cover our Loserpool picks of the week - if you want to get involved with their live pool, visit


S1E7 - Back On The Road

The Real Football Cast resumes from its international break with just one man up front. A slightly different show as I review what happened over the course of the weekend. Both J.S and Karl are on scouting duties this week and will join up with me once again, next week. I hope you enjoy. Thanks, Dan.


S1E6 - Pellegrini's Burst Bubble

The Real Football Cast in association with Loserpool returns for its latest review of the hottest topics in Football. Joining me on this episode is J.S. who puts in a majestic shift upfront on his own. A big thanks to him and a big thanks to you if you take the time to listen.


S1E5 - Hungry Like The Wolves

The Real Football Cast is back for Episode number 5 of the season and it has some very exciting news. I'm not going to reveal all now, you will have to listen but let's just say it pays to be a loser. Joining me during this episode are Karl Gwilliam and Anthony Kendrick as we discuss all things football over the past seven days. While there is also the return of the hit segment "footballers names"


S1E4 - Jose's Bus Pass

The next episode of the Real Football Cast is upon us. I am once again joined by J.S and I hand out a debut cap to Anthony Kendrick. As per usual we dissect the footballing fat from the last weekend, while I also launch the new hit segment "footballers names" If you have any questions or comments for next week then you can leave them in the section below or you can get in touch with me on twitter - '@dantracey1983 Or you can email me at Happy Listening,....


S1E3 - Premier Passions

The Real Football Cast returns for another episode, thanks to anyone who listened last week. I hope you do once more, if you have any listeners questions for the show then feel free to tweet me @dantracey1983. If you like what you hear and you want to sponsor the show, you can get in touch with me at