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Happy to be your go-to fishing buddy.

Happy to be your go-to fishing buddy.


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Happy to be your go-to fishing buddy.




Henry Winkler on Social Media

This week Jeff and Bill talk about Henry Winkler's bad bout with social media, clearance t-shirts, and more. 00:00 -Intro and Producer Cough’s return 02:30- Jeff impersonates Fred Sanford 03:30- Middle of May and Time Shares at Bass Pro 05:25- Bob White Shirt Clearance Sale 06:30- Sapiens 08:05 Bad Names and Bucks in rut 09:40 Athletic Brewing- (discount code beermoney20) 11:45 Menthol cigarettes and Jeff’s libertarian rant about sin tax 13:30 Djembe...


Blue Collar Fly Fishing Podcast Episode 4-April Vokey

This week Aaron Reed interviews April Vokey for his Blue Collar Fly Fishing Podcast 00:00 Welcome and Aaron introduces April Vokey 00:50 Check-out our awesome sponsor Duck Camp ( 1:19 Thanks to Real Ale and Real Spirits for their support ( 2:22 Thanks to Imbrifex Books and The Local Angler series at 03:05 Oops! Technical difficulties … we lose video. 03:09 April introduces herself to our listeners 04:12 The future of 04:45 We note...


Supreme's Fly Fishing Collab, the WWF, and the Personal Hygiene of Jeff's French Teacher

This week Jeff and Bill talk about Supreme’s collaboration with Fly Fishing, the WWF, and french teachers with poor hygiene. 00:00 Introduction and our theme song 01:10 The story behind Jeff’s hairy chest 02:10 Bill opines on smoking in the sunshine 02:58 Jeff and Bill share an Athletic Brewing beer- Cerveza Athletica and All out Extra Dark 06:46 Thank you to our sponsor 08:20 Conjuring up spirits, meditation, and djembe with 09:45...


Epic Fly Fishing Hatches, The Mandela Effect, and New Branding

This week Jeff and Bill talk about fly fishing's 5 most epic hatches and their new brand. 00:01 Jeff is not on and Bill makes a joke about mooning the bus driver 02:19 Jeff receives corporal punishment in public school 03:45 Bill get’s caught smoking by his dad 05:30 Crazy alcohol law in Texas 06:18 Bill works are the concrete plant 07:20 Back to the ghost of Frozen Patty 08:28 A shout out to discount code (beermoney20) 10:30 Spirit djembe lessons, meditation,...


Blue Collar Fly Fishing Podcast-John and Jen Pelicano

This week Aaron Reed talks with fly fishing newbies, John and Jen Pelicano about their journey into the sport. 00:00: Intro 00:10: Introducing John and Jen Pelicano 01:19: Shout out to sponsors: Duck Camp, Real Ale and Real Spirits, and Imbrifex Books’ The Local Angler Series 02:57: It’s National Beer Day! 04:00: How Jen and John got into fly fishing during the pandemic year. 05:00: John takes one for the team, goes shopping. 06:25: Jen’s father sets them up for success. 07:11: Is it...


Casting Forward with Steve Ramirez

This week on the Remote. No Pressure. Fly Fishing Podcast Jeff and Bill Talk with Hill Country author Steve Ramirez. 00:01 The Dumpster Fire 00:09 (beermoney20) 03:15 One stop shop for virtual wellness products 01:06 Eastern European Gypsies 07:07 The Source of the Good Humor and More Pressure? 08:50 In Other News- Man shares 'FBI tip' for getting someone to say yes to any question you ask. 11:00 Guest Intro- Steve Ramirez 13:22 Interview...


Expedition Vehicle Outfitters-Ken Farley

This week Jeff and Bill talk with Ken Farley from Expedition Vehicle Outfitters. Farley is a native Michigander transitioning his Family's business from the small-town auto repair shop, into a global off-road vehicle outfitter. 00:00 Intro 00:27 Athletic Brewing (discount code beermoney20) 02:15 Meditating with The Restoration Depot 03:59 The Blue Collar Fly Fishing Podcast...


Blue Collar Fly Fishing Podcast Episode 2 With Kirk Deeter

This week on the Blue Collar Fly Fishing Podcast, Aaron talks with the Vice President/Editor in Chief of Trout Unlimited, Kirk Deeter. 00:00 Show welcome and Kirk Deeter intro 00:49 Thank you to our sponsors 02:14 Kirk comes on. 03:33 Aaron and Kirk pour a Rye Grain Straight Malt Whiskey from Real Spirits. 04:08 How John Wayne drank his whiskey 06:40 How Kirk became King of All Fly Fishing Media. 09:45 Kirk cops to being a fly fishing heretic. We talk carp. 12:26 Is there a print...


50 Shades of Grayling with Charles Cantella

This week Jeff and Bill talk with author and angler, Charles Cantella about writing, inspiration, fly fishing, and shenanigans. 00:01​-01:20​ Jeff and Bill’s Intro. 01:20​- 03:26​ Thank you to Athletic Brewing’s Sponsorship (beermoney20 discount code) 03:27​- 06:43​ Jake the Snake, Diamond Dallas Page and Mind Fullness. 06:44​-07:00​ You never forget your first time… 07:01​- 07:53​ Aaron Reed’s upcoming episode/guests on the Blue Collar Fly Fishing...


Aaron Reed Joins the RNP Network

Starting Wednesday, April 7, check this space or your favorite podcast platform for Aaron Reed’s Blue Collar Fly Fishing Podcast. Every other week, Aaron will bring you in-depth conversations with industry luminaries and local anglers. Tune in for a conversation with Trout Unlimited VP and Angling Trade magazine editor Kirk Deeter about books, the pandemic year, and the importance of humility and grace. Coming up: Alvin and Lenée Dedeaux of All Water Guides on how they navigated the pandemic...


The Dark Side of Influencers on Public Lands

This week Jeff and Bill talk about their first cars and Hatch Magazine's Recent Article about the dark side of social media influencers and how they could take a toll on public lands. 00:00​-03:00​Jeff goes off again about the perils and misery of ice fishing 03:00​-03:50​ Jeff tying flies and plugging his band's new release at 03:50​-04:50​ Jeff and Bill's guide to Disney movies 04:51​- 06:38​ Rush Limbaugh gets deceived by Satan 06:39​-12:38​ The Nissan Stanzas and...


Season 4 Episode 22 Schwarzenegger flicks, The Sodfather, and Joe Demalderis

This week Jeff and Bill take it back to Season 1 Episode 1 to talk with Joe Demalderis, a guide on the Upper Delaware River. 00:01-01:00 Jeff and Bill Finally Get It 01:00-03:17 Congrats to Phil and '80s and '90s Flicks 03:17-04:00 YouTube Stuff & Merch 04:00-05:50 Jeff's Fitness Journey 05:51-12:20 Beer Talk 12:25-12:50 Opioids 12:51-16:45 In Other News "‘Sod Father,’ 91-year-old groundskeeper has prepared every Super Bowl field" 16:46-18:30 Intro to Interview 18:31-51:56...


Jeff and Wylde Bill Talk Winter Fishing, Small Wicks, and More...

This week Jeff and Bill chat about life and fishing in the winter. 00:00-1:30 Jeff's weight loss. 01:30-05:02 Bill pays by the hour for a hot tub on Valentine's day at an "upscale" joint. 05:03-07:19 Beverages 07:19-08:10 Mansplaining pregnancy 08:10-09:13 Gorilla Glue and the Mental State of Society 09:14-10:39 Small Wicks and Bill's Nips 10:40-14:14 In Other News: Oklahoma lawmaker proposes a bill that calls for the creation of a Bigfoot hunting season 14:15-16:00 Murder for hire?...


Asian Carp, Great Lakes, and Drew YoungeDyke

This week Jeff and Bill talk to the Director of Conservation Partnerships for the National Wildlife Federation Great Lakes Regional Center, Drew YoungDyke. Recently they released their top priorities for Congress in the Great Lakes Region. We also talk about their recent YouTube video "Against the Current." 00:00​ Jeff talks about their sponsor​ (use discount code beermoney20) 03:20​ RNP Swag 04:08​ Bill's Nips 05:10​ In Other...


Grand Valley Fly Fishers- Gary Lindquist

This week Jeff and Bill talk about their sponsor Athletic Brewing (discount code beermoney20), discuss the album from the Parachute Adams Band, and upcoming live events. 5:25 In Other News: Octopuses Punch Fish, Sometimes For No Apparent Reason 8:02 The Walking Teddie Bear Episode at half speed 9:00 Upcoming Live Events 10:12 Interview begins with local rod builder Gary Lindquist 33:50 Outro and Bill’s final thoughts 34:55 Sneak Peek at the Upcoming Album “Oleander Street” Listen to...


Top Ten Michigan Flies-Jeff and Bill

This week Jeff and Bill talk about their new sponsor Athletic Brewing and they try their award-winning IPA at 7:30 in the morning. In other news, the GameStop debacle. No interview, but Jeff and Bill talk about the essential flies for a Michigan fly box. (discount code beermoney20) In Other News: Hedge-Fund Titans Lose Billions to Reddit Traders Running Amok Pro Tips: Chuck Hawkins’s Top 10 Michigan Flies:


Giveaways and the Jordan River-Brian Kozminski

This week Jeff wears his hat backwards like a punk kid and talks elementary school, and UFO's with Bill. Koz talks with Jeff about the proposed changes for the Jordan River (Interview starts at 10:40). Good or bad (link to petition below)? Also, check out Koz's awesome giveaway on his Facebook page. petition Give Away Link Koz's YouTube Prints.Fish Remote. No Pressure. In Other News


Top 25 Trout Towns in America-Jeff and Bill

This week Jeff and Bill talk about the top 25 trout fishing town in the United States and wild Ostriches. In Other News:


Muskegon River Chronicles-Matt Zudweg

This week Jeff and Bill talk stuffed walking pandas, new merch, and phallic landmarks. Jeff interviews Muskegon River fishing guide and fly tier Matt Zudweg. Matt discusses productive flies for steelhead, trout, and smallmouth bass on Michigan's Muskegon River. In Other News: Grünten statue: Mystery over a missing phallic landmark. Contact Matt


Top 5 Episodes of 2020 with Jeff and Wylde Bill

This week Jeff and Bill discuss the best and worst of 2020. Will we have live events in 2021? Top 5 Podcast Episodes of 2020: 1. Season 3 Finale 2. The Bum Diaries 3. Call of the Wylde Bill & Jeff 4. Building Fiberglass Fly Rods with Chris Barclay 5. Traveling To Cuba With Jon Covich In other news: Mysterious NYC squirrel attacks rise in Queens neighborhood: Report-