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Season 2 Episode 3 Edgar Diaz Sight Line Provisions

This week we talk with Edgar Diaz, founder of Sight Line Provisions. As an artist he traveled from one art show to another scratching by while running down a dream. Then he found fly fishing and the two worlds collided giving birth to what we know as Sight Line Provisions. His bracelets are worn by thousands of anglers and his brand continues to grow at a rapid pace.


Season 2 Episode 2 Ross White Returns

In our first season we spoke with Deli Fresh Design owner Ross White about his company and what drove him to start his business. “Behind every DFD bag is the idea that simple gear allows you to fish more. This notion grew from my passion for good design. Growing up hiking, camping and fishing in Connecticut and Colorado have contributed to this philosophy. As someone who makes fly fishing gear, I have a responsibility to help protect the environment. By using materials made from plastic...


Far From Home With Kayla Lockhart

Kayla was Born and raised in small farm town in Minnesota. She is the second oldest of 7 girls (yes that is right all girls!) With her dad having no sons he really honed in and jumped at the opportunity when Kayla showed the slightest bit of interest in the outdoors and they became fishing and hunting buddies quick. She spent her youth fishing and hunting all over Minnesota but it wasn’t until She was 24 that she found her love for Fly Fishing. This was also the time she finally ventured out...


Episode 63 Socializing With April Vokey

This week we talk with life-long angler April Vokey. Fishing as a toddler and saving money to buy lure in elementary school, her passion truly began at a young age. April’s writing has been featured in numerous industry leading publications, she’s had her own series on the World Fishing Network, and now she hosts her own podcast, Anchored with April Vokey. Never afraid to stay true to herself, April has carved her own space in the fly-fishing world as a well-respected and recognizable...


Episode 62 Custom Fly Rods By Chris Barclay

This week we talk with Chris Barclay from the C. Barclay Fly Rod Company. He's a designer and maker of fine small batch fiberglass fly rods and also builds rods on a custom basis upon client request on a wide variety of blanks and materials. Chris also owns a line of fiberglass rod blanks that he designed and made by a well respected and high quality blank manufacturer. He's also a fellow that's not intentional!


Episode 61 Whiskey, Willie and Davin Topel

This week on the Remote. No Pressure. Podcast we talk with the head distiller at Real Spirits Distilling Co. about his blog Whiskey River Chronicle, what makes a good whiskey and of course Willie Nelson! Davin Topel shares with us his inspirational story about how he turned his passions of fly fishing and whiskey into a full-time job. Hang on to your hats….this is a good one!


Episode 60 Paul Torrez Cancer Survivor and Fishing Guide

This week we talk with a fishing guide out of the Reel Fly fly shop in Canyon Lake, Texas. Paul has an unbelievable passion for fly fishing and that only grew after narrowly escaping death while fighting brain cancer. Paul shares stories about his background growing up in Los Angeles and his evolution from street fishing to fly fishing. An excellent episode!


Episode 59 Get Charged With Chef Eduardo Garcia

This week we chat with fly angler and chef Eduardo Garcia. Charged with 2400 volts of electricity, Eduardo lost his arm, ribs, muscle mass and nearly his life. However, it’s not what happened to him 3 miles in the backwoods of Montana that makes him interesting; it’s the way he responded to the disaster. It wasn’t too long after the accident that Eduardo taught himself how to fish, cook and experience life to it’s fullest. Founder of Montana Mex Food Brand, Eduardo attempts to balance his...


Episode 58 Ross Slayton Takes Up A Hobby

When I was 9 I received a fly tying kit for Christmas or my birthday and dabbled in the technique but never had it fully introduced to me. As I grew up I was rebellious and found drugs and alcohol as an escape. This led me to many years of hardship and chaos. But there was always fishing, my dad knew that if he fished with me I wouldn't do drugs or drink. In high school, my nickname was catfish because I used to go to keggers at the lake and would always bring my fishing gear That all...


Episode 57 Matt Smythe's Deliberate Life

Matt Smythe enlisted in the Army as a senior in high school at the medium-rare age of 17, serving for 8 years before heading home to grow his hair long on top and change majors 7 times in college. Back in the late 90s, as an undergrad, he was hired as the diener at Genesee Hospital in Rochester, NY. Over the course of a year he performed 56 autopsies and removed 11 brains from the skulls of their previous owners to be fixed in formalin and scrutinized by Pathologists. Matt also worked at an...


Episode 56 Heather Hodson The Critical Fly Angler

Heather Hodson works hard to play even harder. If she's not saving lives as a Critical Care RN, you’ll find her traveling the country in search of new water to fish, hosting outings for women throughout the west, and teaching fly fishing classes. Heather founded United Women on the Fly in hopes of building a community, sharing knowledge and giving back to various fishing and conservation groups. Heather currently holds the position of Western US Women's/Diversity Ambassador for Trout...


Episode 55 Bill Loses 100 Pounds and Talks Sasquatch

There I was. 340 lbs. The thought of loosing weight would make me sweat. Heck, breathing would make me sweat. To be fair, I was down 20 lbs from my heaviest 7 years prior. Due to experimenting with a diet pill that would make you crap yourself if you weren’t careful. It was supposed to help you train yourself from eating greasy, fatty foods, but I didn’t use it that way. I just learned to never trust a fart. I needed to find another way to do this. I needed to find a new way of life. This...


Episode 54 Finding Your Strong With Sara Camiscioni

Sara Camiscioni is the founder and coach at Find Your Strong with Sara, a strength and nutrition coaching biz designed to empower folks with the tools they need to live their strongest life. Sara's also the Director of the Women's Fly Fishing Program at Arbor Anglers in Golden, Colorado. With a knack for bringing together strong fishy women, Sara shares the journey that brought her to the water in hopes that it'll empower and inspire other women to go after the things they want.


Episode 53 Kyle Wilkinson Is Running Down A Dream

Join us this week as we talk with Kyle Wilkinson. We wanted to highlight a first year river guide, learn what he had to do to become a guide, how he's feeling going into the game and what he's hoping to learn. We're going to follow up with him later in the season to see how things are going. Excellent interview! "My name is Kyle Wilkinson. I’m a sleep-deprived full-time college student, obsessed part-time fly fishing guide, and a podcast/blogging junkie. If I’m not in school or on the...


Episode 52 Joe Kain On The Process

Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. Educated at Hillsdale College in Michigan. Joe has a passion for fishing, traveling, hunting, taking pictures and exploring. He began fishing at 3 years old and saltwater fly fishing for stripers with his dad and his friends on Cape Cod when he was 6. It wasn't until he went to college in Michigan that Joe was introduced to trout fishing. Since college he has spent his time and energy traveling as many places as he can to fish for new species. In...


Episode 51 Jako Lucas On Film

Jako, is not only a filmmaker and photographer but he has been guiding professionally since 2006. Born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, he completed his B.Com in Marketing from the University of Johannesburg. During his formative years he spent many weekends cultivating his skills, which led to his decision to pursue fishing as a professional career. His move to London, UK, saw him start his fishing career at the prestigious Farlows of Pall Mall, where he continued fishing many of...


Episode 50 Our Episode 50 Celebration!

I’ve been building up this episode over the past few episodes of our podcast and I’m excited to be able to share this news with you! Remote. No Pressure. started behind a small card table on a very outdated Mac computer with zero listeners and zero industry contacts. We didn’t know anyone who could sponsor, underwrite our venture or even encourage us in moving forward. However, we didn’t need the encouragement, because we truly believe whole heartedly that this is what we’re called to do...


Episode 49 Jess Westbrook And The Mayfly Project

In 2014, Jess and wife Lauren’s son, Kase, was born. Soon after, Jess started experiencing intense anxiety attacks, which he had never had before. In a six-month period, he lost 30 lbs., was missing work frequently, and distancing himself from loved ones. "A friend that I admired kept getting me out on the river and I found that when I was on the river I forgot about everything but fishing,” explained Jess. All his worries and anxious thoughts seemed to disappear as soon as he stepped into...


Epsiode 48 David Watterworth Talks America's Favorite Flies

Long time trout bum talks to us about how he got into the lifestyle, how fly fishing has changed his life and his good friend Left Kreh. He also discusses the new book “America’s Favorite Flies.” It’s more of a work of art than just another book. Here is an excerpt from the book on David. “In the spring of 1969 I met my fishing mentor and best friend, Steve Thomas. Steve introduced me to the great outdoors, with huge emphasis on fishing and bird hunting. This was something that this “City...


Episode 47 Katie Cahn Survivor

Katie grew up in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains alongside the Chattooga River (Where Deliverance was filmed and dueling banjos can actually be heard from time to time). After years of working odd jobs and traveling the world, Katie decided to earn her bachelor’s degree at the age of 30. It was while attending Western Carolina University in North Carolina that she discovered the discipline of flyfishing. When not searching for trout or helping others search for trout, she is a...