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Exploring The Culture of Fly Fishing

Exploring The Culture of Fly Fishing


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Exploring The Culture of Fly Fishing




The Classic Sporting Art of Bob White

This week we have acclaimed artist, Bob White on the show to discuss art, fly fishing, and his new book "The Classic Sporting Art of Bob White." Bob White is an artist and author whose work expresses a misspent youth. Instead of doing his homework, his nose was constantly in the outdoor books and sporting magazines of the day. Consequently, he has wandered between Alaska and Patagonia for over three decades as an itinerant fishing guide, looking for gainful employment. He now paints and...


Season 3 Finale

Season 3 Finale. This week Jeff and Bill talk about their upcoming summer and plans for the podcast this fall. A really fun episode. 00:00 Bill’s back to work and his pajamas 00:55 Going comando in Umbros 03:19 In Other News- Carol Baskin the news again 08:30 Bill and Jeff Go Kayak Fishing 09:00 Boat Launch People 11:40 This Week’s Episode Announcement 13:10 House Band has run away and broke up 15:00 Upcoming Live Events 17:00 Why Jeff doesn’t do tapas 19:30 Alice Cooper 22:23 In...


John Dietsch- A River Runs Through It Continued

This week on the Remote. No Pressure. Fly Fishing Podcast Jeff continues his interview with Director John Dietsch about his new book "Graced by Waters: Personal Essays on Fly Fishing and the Transformative Power of Nature." "John Dietsch was the fly fishing coordinator and stuntman for Brad Pitt on the timeless film A River Runs Through It—explores our connection to the outdoors through the prism of fly fishing and investigates its transformative and healing power in the face of...


John Dietsch-A River Runs Through It

This week Jeff talks with film director and author John Dietsch about his role on the film A River Runs Through It, and about his book Graced By Waters. 00:00 Jeff gets a haircut and eats at a restaurant 02:36 Bill catches his fist trout 03:01 Jeff introduces John Dietsch 03:22 Jeff tries out a 3 weight rod for little fish 05:04 Jeff flips a canoe and almost breaks up with his wife 06:15 In other news 08:10 Bill breaks the law 09:20 Intro to John Dietsch 11:20 Interview...


Mark Kurlansky-Salmon

This week on the Remote. No Pressure. fly fishing podcast, Jeff talks with Author Mark Kurlansky about his new book "Salmon." 00:00 Jeff and Bill talk about their YouTube Channel 01:45 Jeff and Bill talk bullying 03:10 Is RNP not serious enough? 04:55 In Other News 08:00 Interview begins with Mark Kurlansky 09:20 Fishery management and over fishing are not the main issue for salmon 11:00 Killing off the predators of salmon 12:10 Pebble Mine 14:35 The CEO of Tiffany & Co. 15:35...


Keith Scott Blues

This week on the Remote. No Pressure. fly fishing podcast, Keith Scott pays us a visit to discuss fly fishing and the blues. 00:00 Bill and Jeff talk about conspiracies. 04:13 Grand Rapids makes the news 08:10 Nectar Sunglasses 11:50 Discount Codes for Coffee (the good stuff) 12:45 In Other News 13:40 Raising Arizona- Nicholas Cage the next Joe Exotic? 14:00 A Ginger Mullet 14:40 Intro to this week’s guest 15:30 Jeff’s favorite sequel- Back to the Future 2 17:45 Interview begins...


Jeff Turns 40

This week on the Remote. No Pressure. fly fishing podcast Jeff talks about turning 40 and coping with life through fly fishing. He take a deep dive into the meaning of life and the meaning of this podcast. A great perspective on why this podcast exist.


A Positive Fly Fishing Roundtable Discussion During Quarantine

This week on the Remote. No Pressure. fly fishing podcast, Jeff talks with Brian Kozminski, Allen Crater and Jon Osborn about staying positive and staying out the funk that this season had thrust on so many of us. A very interesting and inspiring round table discussion. We will get through this! 00:00 Intro (check out Jeff's goofy looking hat) 12:30 Panel Discussion Begins 14:09 Brian talks about the positive things that have come out of quarantine 15:30 Allen talks about the positive...


Fly Fishing and Toons With Nate Karnes

This week on the Remote. No Pressure. Fly Fishing Podcast Jeff talks with artist and fly angler Nate Karnes. 00:00 Feedback on the Show from YouTube 01:55 YouTube Backdrop 02:35 In Other News - Pants on or Pants Off When Getting Your Mail 05:25 Jeff’s New Business Idea 08:10 Jeff Takes it Too Far…again 11:10 Jeff Get’s Tooned! 13:27 Interview Begins with Nate Karnes 14:00 “In the Club?” 15:09 The People Nate’s Been Tooning and a New Animated Series? 15:45 Who’s The...


Quarantined with Robert Tomes

This week on the Remote. No Pressure. Fly Fishing podcast, Jeff talks with snowbird, Chicagoan and Muskie expert Robert Tomes. 00:00 The Curse of Robert Tomes 05:20 New York Times Announces Another Episode of Tiger King 06:15 Joe Exotic’s EMT Jacket 07:20 Bill’s Grow Room 08:55 Jeff styles his hair like John Prine 10:50 Brad Boone Clear Jeff to Use a Certain Word 11:00 Sandhill Coffee REMOTE20 discount code 12:55 Bill’s Peak Time and His Black Market Booze 14:50 Robert Tomes...


Fly Fishing the Sam with Rob McConnell

This week on the Remote. No Pressure. fly fishing podcast Jeff talk with Rob McConnell about his book Fly Fishing the Sam. 00:00 Jeff and Bill talk Tiger King and the Juice 03:20 How Much Does to cost to buy a baby tiger 03:50 The Tiger King talks 08:30 Jeff fears that he’s the next Joe Exotic 08:55 Jeff is looking for his Carol Baskin 11:50 Reality TV trends with the political climate. Downhill. 15:10 Interview begins with Rob McConnell- Fly Fishing the Sam 19:00 How Robert ended up...


The Corona Bat Fly With Steve Yewchuck

This week on the Remote. No Pressure. fly fishing podcast Jeff talks with Steve Yewchuck about fly tying, fly development and more. An excellent episode! 0:00 Intro- Live events 1:30 Jeff pours out a IPA on the curb in remembrance of Wylde Bill 2:20 Updates on what’s going on with Bill and Jeff at home 3:30 Jeff and Bill talk about Red Dawn (the original) 4:40 Bill and Jeff talk Hitler and the German migration to Argentina after WW2 6:00 Jeff offends the entire country of the...


Rock Treads With Forest Rogers

This week on the Remote. No Pressure. Fly Fishing Podcast Jeff talks with Forest Rogers of Rock Treads. Listen to how they've overcome adversity and failures to get their business off the ground. 0:00 - Bill and Jeff Intro 1:45 - House Band has been quarantined due to lack of toilet paper. All gigs cancelled. 2:55 - Warning Label on Baked Lays 3:45 - Events Order Your Tie Along Kit Here 8:45 - In Other News- Cat Fishing The Paranormal? 14:45- Interview Begins with Forest Rogers (Rock...


Corona Virus Update

With all of our live events cancelled in March, April and May, Jeff Bill and the RNP team talk about what's next for the podcast and share the excitement surrounding the March 31st live-streaming fly tying demo! We want you to tie along and we are offering fly tying materials for up to 5 "Butt Stuff" flies on our site We will still be offering giveaways, live music and more. This is first time in RNP history and it's going to be epic! Get your materials and let's...


Matt Peisert's "Butt Stuff"

This week on the Remote. No Pressure. Fly Fishing Podcast, Jeff talks with Connected Guide Service guide Matt Peisert about his fly “Butt Stuff.” 00:00 Intro and Live Events 4:45- Bill’s Trip to Costco 1:55 In Other News- Conspiracy “Is Corona The New WMD?” 5:35- RNP’s official Corona Team 7:30- Thank you for the reviews 8:50- Podcast Intro 10:05- Interview Begins 11:30- Why Smallies 13:20- Jeff’s debt to Grand Valley Fly Fishers 14:35- The Story Behind Matt’s “Butt-Stuff”...


3 Concepts to Fly Design-Matt Bennett

This week fly fishing podcast host Jeff Troutman talks with Texas based fly tying ninja, Matt Bennett. Here's the breakdown: 00:00-1:42: Welcome and proper pronoun usage. 1:42-7:34 : Live events Thursday March 26th-Holland, MI: Fly Tying Demo (Butt Stuff), Live Podcast, Music, Giveaways and more! Saturday April 18th- Orvis Grand Rapids, MI: Live Podcast, Music and Microbrew— Orvis, Thursday May 7-Mesquite Creek Outfitters, Georgetown, Texas Music for Aaron Reed’s book release August...


Building Fiberglass Rods with Chris Barclay

Season 3 Episode 23: OFFICIAL Show Notes….. 00:00-02:07 : Bill’s going to Texas and Tom Foolery 02:08-6:22 : Jeff gets kicked off a frozen pond 6:23-7:24 : New show notes description 7:25- 12:45 : In other news- Houston Teen Catches 7 ft Alligator Gar 12:46-12:47 : Chris Barclay’s Interview begins 12:47-16:01 : Why is everyone calling Chris Barclay Justin? 16:02-17:38 : Chris Barclay switches from headset to phone and talks about his “on hold” music. 17:39-18:51 :...


Panther Branch Bug With Brandon Bailes

This week on the Remote. No Pressure. Fly Fishing Podcast Jeff Troutman talks with fly tying guru Brandon Bailes. A really fun interview! 0:00- Bill and Jeff's Tom Foolery 8:37- House Band's Extremely Offensive Name 9:55- Jeff imitates Bill's Mom and Offends More People 10:25- Interview with Brandon Bailes 10:26- How Brandon met Aaron Reed, Chris Barclay, Brad Boone and Other RNP Crew. 16:50- Shout out to Bayou City Angler and Project Healing Waters 20:00- Shultz Outfitters' Dirty...


Musicians on the Fly-Dan Iead

This week on the Remote. No Pressure. Fly Fishing podcast Jeff Troutman talks with Brooklyn based musician Dan Iead. Dan has been featured on projects including Norah Jones' Daybreak Album and Tour, Austin City Limits and multiple tv spots. Dan found fly fishing like a lot of other guests, he found it in a time of a unique life transition. "It (fly fishing)was something that brought me close to another human." Dan's Instagram:


Fly Fishing Austin with Aaron Reed

This week fly fishing podcast host Jeff Troutman talks with Texas based author and angler, Aaron Reed. Aaron Reed is an award-winning outdoor writer and Army veteran. He currently splits his time between his native Texas Gulf coast, where he drives a tugboat, and his home near the banks of the San Gabriel River in Georgetown, Texas. He is a founding member of the Texas Streams Coalition and has worked for the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department. When he is not working, chances are you can find...