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NHL grants Seattle expansion franchise for 2021

By a unanimous decision the NHL has granted the city of Seattle an expansion franchise that will begin in 2021. After a record-breaking ticket drive and support, it's clear that the NHL is happy with their decision to add a new team in Seattle. However, on this episode I dive deeper into why Seattle is perfect for the NHL and how this could just be another step in NHL expansion.


Three & Out: Week 13

On this week's three and out let's look at the top storylines for Week 13 in the NFL. Jay Gruden and the job he has done in Washington despite the many obstacles he has faced. Why the Raiders trades are just getting worse on their return and why the New York Jets may be keeping Sam Darnold out of the lineup. On Fourth down we look at the impact of Urban Meyer in college football. Remember to subscribe for all the latest content.


Why the New York Mets will regret Robinson Cano trade

The New York Mets have pulled off the first blockbuster trade of the MLB offseason by trading for Robinson Cano and Edwin Diaz. However, the Mets paid a big price including prized prospects for a 36-year-old second baseman with a massive contract. I break down why this trade could come back to haunt the Mets and why Brodie Van Wagenen's impact in this deal.


AAF Draft Reaction

The Alliance of American Football has had their first official draft and you may recognize a few quarterbacks that will enter the expansion league in 2019. I go over why these quarterbacks and the coaches selected could help this expansion league in year one. This is an episode you don't want to miss.


NFL Hot Seat Special Week 12 edition

The weather might be getting colder but the hot seat is getting red hot in the NFL. On this episode I give you my top five coaches on the NFL hot seat and discuss why they will likely be gone by the end of the season. Did your team's head coach make the cut? Check it out and make sure to follow and subscribe for all the latest content.


Three & Out: Top Stories from NFL Week 12

New segment we are doing every week in the NFL called Three & Out. We will break down the three biggest stories from the NFL weekend including a possible punt which is a sixty second final topic. On this episode we look at what is happening with both the Green Bay Packers and Jacksonville Jaguars. In Cleveland let's look at Baker Mayfield and his recent play and comments and how this could impact his career in the long-term. Finally, for Michigan fans let's just relax on Jim Harbaugh. Make...


The biggest takeaways from NFL's Thanksgiving games

Thanksgiving has come and gone and while you may be recovering from your food coma enjoy an extra helping of dessert with this week's episode. There were two big takeaways from the Thanksgiving games and I break them both down and why they resulted in the winners being very thankful moving forward. See why these teams were successful yesterday on what your team might have to do to turn it around moving forward.


When the New England Patriots almost moved to Connecticut in 1998

Twenty years ago on November 18, 1998 the Robert Kraft announced that the New England Patriots would be moving to Hartford Connecticut for the 2001 season. The Project based in downtown Hartford would be over a billion dollars with the centerpiece being a new state-of-the-art 61,000 seat stadium. Despite the generous offer, the Patriots would ultimately stat in Foxborough and the rest is history. What happened? On this episode I am creating a new segment where I look at team's moving and why...


NFL Draft Prospect Watch: Duke Quarterback Daniel Jones

This weekend in college football features the matchup of the Duke Blue Devils and Clemson Tigers. While most people who tune in will be focusing on Clemson's journey to the College Football Playoff, but they will also see likely one of the top quarterback prospects in Duke's Daniel Jones. Jones has been rising up draft boards and I currently have him as the second quarterback on my draft board. With a strong showing against Clemson, he could be in line to be the first quarterback off the...


NFL moves Chiefs & Rams game from Mexico City & Le'Veon Bell will sit out season

The NFL has moved the Monday Night game from Mexico City due to poor field conditions at Estadio Azteca. The game will now be played at the LA Coliseum for this first Monday Game game since 1985. I break down why the NFL made the decision to move the game from Mexico City and also dive into what Le'Veon Bell sitting out the remainder of the 2018 season could mean when he hits free agency in the offseason.


Todd Bowles is done in New York and what's next for the Jets

After the New York Jets were embarrassed by the Buffalo Bills at Metlife Stadium, it's clear that Todd Bowles will be gone at the end of the season. While he is still the head coach at the moment, let's look at why the Jets are a mess and what the front office needs to do for the 2019 season.


Le'Veon Bell continues holdout & Sam Darnold injured

On this episode we look at why Le'Veon Bell continuing his holdout is only hurting his stock moving forward and why he should report sooner then later. Then we get to the breaking news that Sam Darnold is injured and will miss his next start. What this means for the Jets and their head coach Todd Bowles.


Todd Bowles will lose his job if Darnold continues to regress

Todd Bowles was on the hot seat coming into this season and it's only gotten hotter as Sam Darnold has regressed in recent weeks. On top of that Bowles made some questionable decisions in Miami such as keeping center Spencer Long in the game despite multiple bad snaps and then calling out his defense after the game despite giving up only six points. Check out this episode as I explain what Bowles has to do to keep his job and what coaching candidate I think the Jets should target for their...


NFL Rookie Quarterbacks at midseason

Halfway through the NFL season one of the biggest headlines the entire season has been this year's class of rookie quarterbacks. On this episode, let's evaluate how each rookie quarterback has done and how their futures look with their respective franchises. Also, we look at one rookie quarterback that may have already himself a job before even stepping on the field.


Hue Jackson Fired & Hot Seat Mid Season Special

We are halfway through the season and the first coach has officially been fired with the Cleveland Browns announcing that they are parting ways with Hue Jackson after going 3-36-1 in forty games. Offensive coordinator Todd Haley has also been fired from the Browns so it's perfect timing for the second part of our Hot Seat series. Halfway through this season let's look at my top five NFL coaches on the hot seat as we enter the final half of the 2018 NFL Season.


Meet The Mess: Mets sign Van Wagenen to be new General Manager

The New York Mets have concluded their search for a General Manager hiring agent Brodie Van Wagenen. Van Wagenen has represented Mets players such as Todd Frazier, Yoenis Cespedes, & Jacob deGrom. However, this move has experts and players concerned about the Mets moving forward. I give my thoughts on this decision from the Wilpon's influence to the Van Wagenen's role in the Mets front office. You won't want to miss this one!


Amari Cooper Trade and limited quarterbacks

On this episode we look at the first domino to fall during the NFL trading deadline with the Oakland Raiders trading Amari Cooper to the Dallas Cowboys for a first round pick. Not only do I give my reaction on the trade and who I felt came out the winner, but I also discuss which team's are being limited by their quarterback and what the future holds for them.


Power Outage: NFL worried about Chargers future in L.A.

Multiple reports have come out the the NFL is worried about the long-term future of the Los Angeles Chargers. With the team struggling in attendance and selling PSL's the league appears to regret moving the Chargers out of San Diego. While the team has a twenty year lease in the new Los Angeles stadium, I break down what the NFL could do and why their is another destination outside of San Diego where the Chargers could eventually land.


Nick Bosa leaves OSU early and declares for NFL Draft

Nick Bosa has left Ohio State to prepare for the upcoming NFL Draft as he recovers from an abdomen injury. While many people have criticized this decision, listen to my opinion on Bosa's decision and why I think other top prospects may follow his lead in the future.


How living the past has hurt the future for the Raiders & Giants

Both the New York Giants and the Oakland Raiders have started off the 2018 NFL season by going 1-5. What do these teams have in common besides their record? They both are stuck in the past. On this episode we look in both Jon Gruden and Eli Manning and their impacts each franchise and what this means moving forward.