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Amari Cooper Trade and limited quarterbacks

On this episode we look at the first domino to fall during the NFL trading deadline with the Oakland Raiders trading Amari Cooper to the Dallas Cowboys for a first round pick. Not only do I give my reaction on the trade and who I felt came out the winner, but I also discuss which team's are being limited by their quarterback and what the future holds for them.


Power Outage: NFL worried about Chargers future in L.A.

Multiple reports have come out the the NFL is worried about the long-term future of the Los Angeles Chargers. With the team struggling in attendance and selling PSL's the league appears to regret moving the Chargers out of San Diego. While the team has a twenty year lease in the new Los Angeles stadium, I break down what the NFL could do and why their is another destination outside of San Diego where the Chargers could eventually land.


Nick Bosa leaves OSU early and declares for NFL Draft

Nick Bosa has left Ohio State to prepare for the upcoming NFL Draft as he recovers from an abdomen injury. While many people have criticized this decision, listen to my opinion on Bosa's decision and why I think other top prospects may follow his lead in the future.


How living the past has hurt the future for the Raiders & Giants

Both the New York Giants and the Oakland Raiders have started off the 2018 NFL season by going 1-5. What do these teams have in common besides their record? They both are stuck in the past. On this episode we look in both Jon Gruden and Eli Manning and their impacts each franchise and what this means moving forward.


One Giant Mess: What New York must do with Eli Manning & reacting to Odell Beckham Jr.

After falling to 1-5 it's clear that the 2018 New York Giants season is over. On this episode I analyze the Odell Beckham Jr. both leaving early in the second half and bashing his head against the sideline fan. Also, a breakdown on how Eli Manning is done and what the Giants need to do moving forward.


Supporting Odell Beckham Jr. comments on Eli Manning & the New York Giants

It's been a rocky start for the New York Giants and many were quick to call out Odell Beckham's latest comments about the offense and Eli Manning. However, I support Beckham for being honest and discuss why the Giants shouldn't have been surprised by his latest comments.


NHL Expansion moves forward in Seattle and could get even bigger

Seattle becoming the home of the NHL's 32nd franchise took another big step forward with the league putting the vote up to the board of governors in December. The board has never turned down an expansion bid and it's almost certain that Seattle will have the NHL in 2020. On this episode we not only talk about why this is big for Seattle, but is huge for the NHL's expansion plan and why this could be just the beginning of new NHL franchises.


NFL Hot Seat Special

At the quarter mark of the 2018 season, let's dive into what will be a quarterly segment call the "Hot Seat Special". At each quarter mark of the season I'll give you my top five coaches on the seat. This is based not only on this season, but their previous track record. If you see a coach that you think should be on this list or that you think should not be on the hot seat comment or send us an email at:


The real winner of L.A. Rams success

After improving to 4-0 to start the 2018 season many people may thing the Los Angeles Rams were the big winner from their Thursday night matchup with the Minnesota Vikings. However, there was a bigger winner from this game and I talk about who this is and the significance on this episode.


Patriots slow start & NFL's roughing the passer problem

On this episode let's talk about why people need to R-E-L-A-X on the Patriots 1-2 start and why history has shown it's not a concern. Then, we dive into my unique perspective on the roughing the passer problem in the NFL and why it actually is a good problem to have. As a ref I give insight on what the NFL officials are doing and how they will address this call moving forward.


Jets & Browns Thursday Night Recap

After a great Thursday Night Football game between the New York Jets and Cleveland Browns it's time to look at the aftermath. What did the win mean for the Browns and rookie Baker Mayfield? What happened to the Jets who couldn't capitalize on a 14-0 lead? All this and more on this episode of the podcasting including why fans shouldn't be crushing Sam Darnold after last night and why he still has a bright future with the Jets.


Gruden & Patricia already looking like regrettable hires

It's only been one week but two of the NFL's newest head coaches already look like regrettable hires for their respective organizations. On this podcast let's break down why the Matt Patricia hiring by the Detroit Lions didn't make sense and why history has shown he would struggle. Then we get to Jon Gruden and how a recent interview has only hurt his standing in the locker room and why the return of Chuck could be a long nightmare for the Raiders.


AFC West Preview

Our final division preview is the AFC West. See who I have as the dark horse Super Bowl Contender and what impact the Khalil Mack trade will have on the Raiders. Miss your team? Remember to like and subscribe for all the latest content.


AFC South Preview

On the latest podcast we continue our series previewing the AFC South. With Andrew Luck and Deshaun Watson returning from injuries the division is up for grabs. Listen to see where I have all the AFC South teams finishing this upcoming. Miss your team? Remember to subscribe for all the latest content.


AFC North Preview

The next preview will be the AFC North. Do the Steelers have the pieces to make a run at the Lombardi Trophy? Will the Ravens rebound and will Joe Flacco find his form? Can the Browns and Bengals turn it around? All this on the latest podcast. Miss your team or don't wan't to miss an episode? Make sure to follow and subscribe to the podcast.


AFC East Preview

On this episode let's break down the AFC East for the 2018 season. It's been Tom Brady's division for years but let's look to see if any AFC East team can compete with the Patriots this season. Also, we break down both rookie signal callers in the division and how that will impact their respective franchises.


NFC South Preview

Our final NFC Division preview highlights the NFC South. Here are my predictions for where all the NFC South teams will finish this season based on team talent and their respective schedules. If you missed one of my NFC Previews or want to catch the AFC previews make sure to follow and subscribe for all the latest content.


NFC West Preview

Last year the Los Angeles Rams surprised the football world and have gone all in for 2018 with a busy offseason bringing in marquee players. However, will this be enough to win the NFC West? Will the 49ers pick up where they left off with their new franchises quarterback and push the Rams? When will Rosen get the ball in Arizona and will history repeat itself in Seattle? All of this on the podcast remember to like and subscribe for all the latest content.


NFC North Division Preview

Can Aaron Rodgers and the Packers beat out the Vikings in 2018? On this latest episode of the podcast I break down the NFC North heading into the season and make my predictions on where each team will finish. This is the second episode of the Rich Sports Talk NFL season preview series.


NFC EAST Division Preview

As the 2018 NFL season approaches Rich Sports Talk will be going division by division and make our predictions as to how each division will finish. For the first episode we focus on the NFC East and see if the defending Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles can be dethroned by anyone in the division. For this preview, the main focus will be on the team's schedule impacts each team this season.