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#58- Taking on responsibility. March Madness. Missouri state Rep wants to block porn. Stephan Hawking accomplishments and debate.

The fellas break down taking on responsibility, March Madness, a specific Missouri state representative wanting ban online porn and Stephen Hawking's death and his 10 contributions to science. Also Derek debates Brian and Jim if Mr. Hawking may have been an A.I.


#57- Best rap groups, tomfoolery and Favorite skit shows. Michael Porter Jr. Amazon. If you could have a accent. Cardinals Baseball. UFC talk.

The fellas open up with some old fashioned tomfoolery, going from one random topic to the next. Including favorite rapper, favorite rap groups, favorite skit show and financial advice. After that they get on track briefly with Michael Porter Jr.'s first full game played, Amazon opening up in Missouri, If you could have a accent what would it be, Cardinals signings and lack there of then wrap it up with commenting on the Brian Ortega vs Frankie Edger fight.


#56- Interview with the voice and PR Director of Shamrock FC, Jeremy Johnson. His new and current position with the company, Shamrock FC 303 and UFC 222 are all discussed right here.

Shamrock FC 303 at River City Casino on March 9th, tickets on sale now at ShamrockFC.com!! You can also find streaming information on the ShamrockFC.com website. I had a great time interviewing Jeremy on this podcast, he's very knowledgeable and one of the most recognizable faces in the St. Louis/Midwest MMA scene. We talk about his black belt Nick Sanders becoming the head Jiu-Jitsu instructor at Jeremy's gym (The Hit Squad), what fights the people should be looking out for on this card...


#55-Blues therapy session and motivational discussion to go with it. Random questions from Brian. USA women's hockey. Jeremy Rutherford's article.

The fellas open up the podcast with talks of dirty pictures on peoples cell phones because of the Eric Greiten's indictment Also a couple random questions that relate. The USA women's hockey team secures a Olympic gold medal. But why you really need to listen to this podcast is because of Tony, Derek and Jim's takes on the St. Louis Blues that are passionate and will leave you with the motivation to run though a wall. This is a must listen podcast!


#54- Passionate Cardinals spring training discussion. Picking up hitchhikers and passing out outside. Collusion in the MLB? Warren Sapp served court summons. Winter Olympic hot takes.

The fellas open up the podcast with an evergreen topic which consists of a random question posed by Brian. That being, have you or would you ever pick up a hitchhiker? The question somehow turns into sleeping outside, not sure how. After that they jump into a heated deep dive of the Cardinals off season and spring training debates. They also touch on Warren Sapp being served a court summons and the winter Olympic games.


#53- Super Bowl recap. Philadelphia excessive celebration. Would you rather questions. Deep Blues breakdown and Corsi stat explanation. UFC 221 Rockhold vs Romero.

On this edition of Ring The Bell Podcast the fellas jump strait into a Super Bowl recap of the game and the snacks which leads into the "celebrations" in Philadelphia after the championship win. After that we pivot off of sports into a couple random questions answered. Those questions being would you rather be 5'2'' or 7'0'' and also would you rather date a women 5'0'' or 6'0''? After the shenanigans we get back to sports and do a deep dive which fills a large portion of the podcast on...


#52- House breaking dogs. Breast milk questions. Blues hockey and trade rumors. Costco. Barbers and hair cuts in KC. Super Bowl 52 predictions and favorite snacks!

There's a full squad for podcast #52 before Super Bowl 52 with Jim, Tony, Derek and Brian. They start with a conversation about house breaking dogs which Derek has a story about because he has a 8-9 week old puppy which naturally leads into a breast milk discussion. After that they go deep on Blues hockey and trader rumors followed by talks of Costco, Barbers in KC, Super Bowl 52 breakdown and predictions and cap off the evening with probably the most important question, what are the best...


#51- Cardinals deep dive and hot takes. Dogs, TV shows and careers. Elon Musk sex party. XFL is back. NFL stadiums. The state of St. Louis. NBA trying to get a piece of sports betting.

For the 51st podcast we have the original crew together (Ryan, Brian and Derek). Ryan leads off with a scolding take on the parking situation on Brian's street which naturally leads into talks of dogs, TV shows and how a couple of the fellas careers are going. Then we do a deep dive on the cardinals and their off season moves. After that we dabble in the Elon Musk sex party, XFL returning in 2020, how the NFL uses stadiums as leverage, the state of St. Louis and the NBA trying to get a...


#50- Jim Hellmann with Arch City Sports. Joe Caratachea with Midwest Avengers. GTFO cat licking brush. Hawaii Pornhub stats during missile crises. UFC 220 breakdown. NFC & AFC Championship breakdown.

Jim Hellmann with Arch City Sports and Joseph Caratachea of Midwest Avengers join Brian in the studio tonight. Were missing Derek due to some technical difficulties. Brian opens up with a heated GTFOH but the fellas also touch on Hawaii pornhub stats during missile crises, UFC 220 and the NFC and AFC Championship. With much more in between.


#49- Podcast goals. Top NFL RBs and College Football Championship. T.V. show, Dark. Jon Gruden signing. Canoe or raft? Brian's float story. NFL playoffs and picks. Blues talk with Arch City Sports writer, Jim Hellmann.

The fellas are back in the studio for the first time in 2018 and they bring you a full squad with Derek, Brian, Ryan and Jim Hellmann with Arch City Sports. They guys discuss the first year of doing the podcast and what goals they hit but also what they would like to do in 2018. Not only do they discuss their goals but they also hit on the top running backs in the NFL, College Football Championship, the Netflix show Dark, Jon Gruden signing a 10-year contract as head coach with the...


#48- Favorite present ever received. Derek and Brian crying. Regular season game at home or live? Disagreement on the Doug Armstrong re-signing. UFC 219, do you lose respect if you tap? What's more unattractive, smoking or farting?

Derek is making his way back to STL for New Years/Eve. The guys talk about their favorite Christmas presents ever received and/or given. The guys answer the questions, would you rather watch a regular season sporting event live or at home on T.V.? Do you lose respect if you tap in an MMA fight? And What is more unattractive, smoking or farting? The fellas also disagree on the St. Louis Blues re-signing Doug Armstrong for another 4 years. Leave us a review on iTunes or email us some...


#47- Arch City Sports writer Jim Hellmann is back. James Brown tweet. Black Mirror. GTFO. Blues hockey deep dive.

Jim and Tony are in the studio and we start of with the CBS NFL commentator James Brown tweet of porn star Lana Rhoades, banter and Black Mirror talk. Also Kobe gets both jerseys retired, Stedman Bailey aiming for a return to the NFL in 2018 after being shot in the head in 2015-2016 season. Also a Blues hockey deep dive at 55 minutes in!


#45- LA fires. Net Neutrality act explained. Cardinals off season talk. Bet on Ballance.

On this podcast its just Derek and Brian but Derek's sound quality is much better than normal? The fellas touch on the L.A. fires, Cardinals off season and Stanton, Bet on Balance (our gambling segment), and a deep discussion on Net Neutrality and how it will affect you which turns into a great debate between Derek and Brian.


#44- Jim Hellmann, friend and writer of Arch City Sports. Random questions. Skanksgiving. Blues hockey talk. Giancarlo Stanton and Cardinals discussion.

Jim Hellmann, friend of Brian and writer for Arch City Sports joins the podcast with Ryan and Brian. We of course break the ice with him how we do all new guests, a series of awkward and unnecessary questions that make no sense to ask. After that its Blues, Cardinals and screwing off.


#43- Derek's back. STL Cardinals off season breakdown. Random questions. Favorite holidays. STL Blues dark horse. LaVar Ball removes son from school. Derek's time in KC.

Derek and Tony join the podcast, in studio. We go through a lot of topics this podcast but here is a brief rundown, St. Louis Cardinals off season breakdown, Random questions from Brian, what are our favorite holidays, St. Louis Blues dark horse(rookie or mediocre player that will over perform or have a really good season), LaVar Ball removing youngest son form school to train and we finish of with Derek describing his time in KC from home to work and everything in between.


#42- Air Pods. Ezekiel Elliott. Derek's new betting segment, Bet on Balance. Cardinals Update.

Derek and I lead off with talks of the Air Pods, which are the wireless earbuds that are a product of Apple. We also can't figure out for the life of us what is going on with the Ezekiel Elliott fiasco. There is a quick touch on UFC 217 and all the champion title exchanges. We preview Derek's new segment Bet on Balance. We get into sports wagering and what are in our opinion the best beginning practices of betting games or fights. Trevor Rosenthal gets released by the Cardinals and we...


#41- Mason Caratachea answers odd questions for his first time on Podcast. Halloween recap. Kyrie Irving doubles down on flat earth. Gun control conversation. UFC 217 deep breakdown.

Joe and Mason Caratachea are in studio for the 41st podcast. Brian opens the podcast with a series of off the wall questions for Mason, with it being his first time on the podcast. One of the questions being, morning shower or night shower? And would you use another mans towel? The fellas also recap their Halloween, Kyrie Irving doubling down that the earth is flat by saying all pictures of earth from space are fake…. Which naturally leads into a gun control discussion. We finish the...


#40- Midwest Avengers, Joe Caratachea breaking down the music recording process. Cerrone vs Till upset. UFC 119. We discuss the "$100 Privilege race" video. Charity discussion.

This podcast we have Joe Caratachea in studio, member of the band Midwest Avengers. Joe gives us a peek behind the curtain of the recording process for an album. Then we move on to Donald Cerrone vs Darren Till, the fight that should never have happened. After that we naturally transition to Lyoto Machida's return to the octagon against Derek Brunson at UFC Fight Night 119. We also talk some about Demien Maia's fight and his rise to Jiu-Jitsu prominence. We also touch on Chris Long...


#39- Social media growing pains for society. Celebrity deaths. Cam Newton sexist statement? St. Louis Blues season opening assessment, goal and win over/unders.

Here with another in studio show is Tony and Brian. Who cover ground for the next two hours, with the help of Derek Balance halfway through. Covering everything from Brian discussing his thoughts on social media growing pains for society to, the St. Louis Blues and their over under predictions. With a few celebrity deaths and a Cam Newton sexist comments thrown in there. Enjoy. Subscribe. Share.