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Matt Forde and Matt Dyson bring you all the action from Saturday afternoon's football. If by action you mean mucking about, making fun of footballers and generally not knowing what's going on, then this is the show for you.


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Matt Forde and Matt Dyson bring you all the action from Saturday afternoon's football. If by action you mean mucking about, making fun of footballers and generally not knowing what's going on, then this is the show for you.




RNR Football - Sir Keir Stoma

Matt Forde and Matt Dyson dedicate the entire podcast to naming Matt Forde's stoma. Featuring special guest, Alex Brooker


RNR Football - DIY Edition

Fordey & Dyso get your best DIY disasters on the show... including someone who called in with a very gruesome story! Noel Gallagher also communicated with the boys through the Seance of the Living.


RNR Football - Project Six Pack

Matt Forde is joined by Chris Scull who outlays his plans to grow a six pack.


RNR Football - The Return of Matt Forde!

He's alive and he's back! Fresh from beating cancer, Matt Forde returns alongside Matt Dyson.


RNR Football - That is a Disgrace

Jay & Dyson talk about a world in which Brian Blessed, Kathy Burke and Gordon Ramsay are football pundits.


RNR Football - Get Akinfenwa in a Leotard

Richie Firth and Matt Dyson launch a fierce debate regarding the M69 Derby and turn their attentions to the return of Gladiators!


RNR Football - Taking the Biscuit

Richie Firth and Matt Dyson launch the first show of 2024 with a biscuit filled show of puns, as the magic (or romance?) of the FA Cup 3rd round blossoms.


RNR Football - FA up your Household

Emil Franchi & Matt Dyson celebrated the FA Vase today by asking you what you'd 'FA' around your household. Dan took on our Virgin Bet comp to see if he could win £1000 cash. AND Emil took on another celebrity impression... this time giving us his best Eddie Howe


RNR Football - The Great Mystery of Dewsbury Hall

Richie & Dyso rave about English football player Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall and asked you to get in touch with what you think a 'Dewsbury Hall' could be. Caller Josh had the chance to win £1000 on our Virign Bet comp, and the guys asked you what you'd eat out on a football pitch in this blistering cold!


RNR Football - Trevor Steven chats to Andy Bush

Everton and Rangers legend Trevor Steven sits down with Andy Bush, to discuss the controversial points deduction for Everton and Trevor's mental health campaign work.


RNR Football - Chris Kamara chats to Richie Firth

It's the international break and Richie Firth sits down with broadcasting and football legend Chris Kamara to discuss his brand new book.


RNR Football - Vampire? Emo? Rocker? I'd Still Love You

Jay Lawrence and Matt Dyson reveal the unusual way in which their Absolute Radio boss rates their performance. And Producer Liam's old Facebook status' cause a stir in the studio.


RNR Football - What You Smiling About?

Jay Lawrence and Matt Dyson attempt to open a hypothetical theme park, in honour of certain footballers.


RNR Football - Paul Cook's Wonderwall (With Jill Scott)

Emil Franchi and Matt Dyson build a Rolling Stones XI and uncover that stand in host Emil, can also do some impressions. Featuring special guest, Jill Scott.


RNR Football - Sweaty Betty & The Cheesy Dips

Matt Forde and Matt Dyson discuss the sweatiest people they know and discover a new band to follow. Plus Matt Forde announcing that he'll be taking some time away from the podcast for health reasons.


RNR Football - The Football Ryder Cup

Richie Firth steps in alongside Matt Dyson and pitches a radical idea of having a football version of golf's Ryder Cup. Naturally, the duo then spent the whole podcast building their USA side. Meanwhile, the Gloryhunters side Macclesfield face Warrington Rylands in the FA Cup.


RNR Football - Lucky Number 6

Matt Forde & Matt Dyson join forces once again to take on the beautiful game and other ridiculous topics. Such as, after Fordey's 6 pies this week, they're asking what have you had 6 of this week? Plus, what are the weirdest things you've seen on holiday?


RNR Football - Anti Stalking Konch's Kafe

Jay Lawrence steps in for Matt Forde alongside Matt Dyson as the duo discover the term ''anti stalking'' and what it entails. They also enjoy a deep dive into the post footballing career of Paul Konchesky and reveal Harry Maguire's REAL NAME.


Middle Class RnR Football

In today's very special 'Middle Class' edition of RnR Football, Fordey is joined by Chris Skull with a surprise guest appearance from the brilliant Sean Walsh. The weather was really getting to the boys today and all they could think about was all the fancy stuff that could be cooked on a BBQ out in this heat. We got in all of your 'middle class' BBQ favourites and boy was it mouth watering...


RNR Football - Pour Some Gravy on Me

Matt Forde and Matt Dyson delve into some intense pie chat, while Donald Trump returns in the Seance of the Living.