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Podcast of a conversation by two guys who have a passion for tabletop games and happen to have mics. (Family friendly)

Podcast of a conversation by two guys who have a passion for tabletop games and happen to have mics. (Family friendly)


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Podcast of a conversation by two guys who have a passion for tabletop games and happen to have mics. (Family friendly)






RDTN Episode 223: Carpe Diem, Royal Visit, Cloudage, Sagani, Block and Key

00:00 Intro03:45 Cloudage22:56 Valentine’s26:00 Venus Flytrap28:50 Window AC Removal29:50 Stay in your lane, Bojangles31:46 Coke vs Pepsi33:25 Kickstarter: Block and Key42:28 The One Ring45:06 Marvel and Arkham LCG Expansions50:36 Portal […]


RDTN Episode 222: Meeple Land, Umbra Via, Fleet: The Dice Game, Flying Squirrels

00:28 Intro09:20 No Luck at All13:55 It’s your Birthday19:02 Fleet: The Dice Game21:15 Three Sisters Roll & Write22:56 Long Shot – The Dice Game24:20 Lasting Tails27:32 Game Sales of 202030:07 […]


RDTN Episode 221: At the Table with Sara Erickson, Renegade Game’s VP of Sales and Marketing

00:00 Renegade Games02:20 Intro04:00 TV Shows07:35 Little Back Story15:10 After College – This is so cool20:16 Process is needed22:52 And how did Board Games enter the equation28:35 The Career in […]


RDTN Episode 220: Hallertau, Seeders from Sereis: Exodus, Renature, Aliens, Redcap Ruckus

00:00 Intro11:06 Major Melon Taste Test14:01 Squirrel Time14:54 Bloodborne has arrived and other Kickstarters22:09 Miniature Market23:36 Redcap Ruckus29:42 Seeders from Sereis: Episode 1 – Exodus46:57 Portal Games49:03 Renature58:33 Hallertau1:13:01 Aliens: […]


RDTN Episode 219: Cubitos, Survey Results, Disney Color Brain, How to Learn a Game

00:00 Intro01:09 Strike – Gladiators continue their Dominance09:16 Home Repair20:30 Holiday Gaming – Ticket To Ride21:30 New Carcassonne23:08 Wingspan Switch App29:05 Qwixx – Mixed Color Board31:55 Fluttering Souls34:20 Disney Color […]


RDTN Episode 218: Gates of Mara, The King is Dead, Rococo Deluxe, Whistle Mountain, Anniversary Survey

1:29 Intro7:37 Survey Information15:19 Birthday Games18:09 Our Wives put up with this23:40 Miniature Market24:56 Gates of Mara37:50 The King is Dead49:10 Portal Games50:31 Rococo1:01:36 Whistle Mountain1:08:59 Evolution on Switch Code:RDTNEVO1:11:42 […]


RDTN: Episode 217 Cthulhu Wars: Duel

We have a special episode releasing today in order to tell you about an unannounced Petersen Games. Many of you are probably aware of their successful kickstarter from 2013 called […]


RDTN Episode 216: Beyond The Sun, Red Cathedral, New York Zoo, Blood Bowl, Little Red vs Beowulf

00:00 Intro02:55 Mountain Dew Merry Mashup Taste Test 06:42 Reprimanded by a Mall Cop12:45 Arkham Horror Live Play on Twitch13:45 Blood Bowl Second Season First Impressions24:30 Tony teaches Lord of […]


RDTN Episode 215: Dune Imperium, Shores of Tripoli, Lord of the Rings Anniversary Edition, Blue Skies

00:00 Intro08:32 Blue Skies19:45 Join Marty on Twitch26:18 Marvel Champions Ant Man30:25 Crafting Time32:33 1 or 2 or 3 Tokens36:55 Miniature Market38:35 Dune Imperium1:08:19 Portal Games1:10:25 Lord of the Rings […]


RDTN Episode 214: At the Table with Kim-Joy

00:00 Introduction03:00 Kim-Joy sits at the table06:30 Applying to Great British Baking Show14:04 Christmas With Kim-Joy cookbook25:15 Kim-Joy and gaming31:15 Kim-Joy designs her first board game35:30 Moon Pies and Wagon […]


RDTN Episode 213: Lost Ruins of Arnak, Tawantinsuyu,Tekhenu, Deep State, World of Tanks

00:00 Intro04:25 Listicuffs Appearance10:09 Sean Connery13:34 World of Tanks from Gail Force Nine21:40 Warcry Skaven Army22:50 Secret Squirrel26:08 Deep State33:52 Ice Cream Social no more36:07 Portal Games38:10 Lost Ruins of […]


RDTN Episode 212: Guild Master, Raiders of Scythia, Seastead, AH – Under Dark Waves, My City, Overlight Puzzle

00:00 Intro01:24 Ewin Racing Chair – RDTN Promo Code07:10 BGG Affiliate Link & Metallic Dice Games (RDTN Code)09:30 The Curse of Strahd: Revamped11:06 The Re-Release of Strike12:33 Renegade Games Pub […]


RDTN Episode 211: At the Table with Lindsay and Rob Daviau

00:00 Restoration Games – Unmatched: Buffy the Vampire Slayer08:30 Lindsay – Production Super Hero16:30 Graphic artist vs Illustrator24:30 Little Lindsay35:40 Pandemic Legacy: Season 051:00 Daviau Down Time59:10 Rank ‘Em We […]


RDTN Episode 210: Honey Buzz, Cartographers Heroes, MTV Party Game, The Few & Cursed, Betrayal at House on the Hill

00:35 Intro03:20 MTV: The Throwback Music Party Game13:14 Betrayal at House on the Hill19:40 Home Repair Sucks23:56 The Few & Cursed32:40 Cartographers Heroes35:54 Portal Games37:00 What is in the Bag50:57 […]


RDTN Episode 209: Tammany Hall, EOTN-Barbarians, Warp’s Edge, Ohanami, Yukon Airways, Silver Dagger, Tellstones, Yukon Airways, Rise of Red Skull

00:00 Intro19:00 Tellstones29:00 Silver Dagger36:00 Yukon Airways41:22 Marvel Champions: Rise of Red Skull44:51 Ohanami50:00 The Broken Token51:44 Empires of the North: Barbarians57:35 Toy Hall of Fame Nominees1:10:45 Portal Games1:12:04 Tammany […]


RDTN Episode 208: Nevada City, Yedo Deluxe, Crypt Hunters, Tournament at Avalon, Mercado de Lisboa, Meeple Towers

00:30 Intro10:30 Patchwork Americana14:00 7 Wonders Revamp19:00 Darkfield Radio23:48 Meeple Towers29:00 Tournament at Avalon35:39 Switch Discussion42:05 Portal Games44:58 Nevada City1:00:30 Miniature Market1:01:45 Crypt Hunters1:17:15 Mercado de Lisboa1:27:10 Yedo Deluxe1:38:00 Outro1:42:30 […]


RDTN Episode 207: Alma Mater, Small World of Warcraft, Detective Season One, Mariposas, Rome & Roll, Truffle Shuffle, Blinks

00:00 Intro06:45 We are accountable14:30 Blinks Electronic Game19:35 Crokinole Discussion25:32 Detective Season One30:52 Rome & Roll40:46 Miniature Market42:22 Small World of Warcraft57:46 The Broken Token59:00 Alma Mater1:15:50 I Fall to […]


RDTN Episode 206: Tekhenu, Pop-Tarts,Marvel Villainous, Yacht Rock,Last Defense, King & Assassins, Top 5 Card Games, Interview with David Thompson

00:00 Intro11:36 King & Assassins18:00 Marvel Villainous25:35 Tekhenu35:04 Portal Games36:11 David Thompson – Sniper Elite1:00:33 Rank’em1:16:22 Yacht Rock1:26:37 Pop-Tarts Game1:38:38 Last Defense1:51:50 Miniature Market1:52:48 Top Five Collectible Card Games2:22:43 Vampire […]


RDTN Episode 205 – Glenn Drover, Lizard Wizard, Super Pinball, Vampire the Masquerade

00:00 Intro03:35 Marty tests for COVID-1912:00 Pandemic Legacy 012:35 Unmatched: Buffy13:35 New Version of 7 Wonders17:45 5er Finden20:50 10% Off HABA Games22:03 Super Skill Pinball 4-Cade 28:35 Miniature Market29:30 Glenn […]


RDTN Episode 204: Warhammer 40k 9th Edition, WarCry Campaigns, Age of Sigmar RPG

00:00 Intro02:32 Warhammer 40k 9th Edition31:25 Other 40k Media Content37:00 The Broken Token37:45 WarCry42:05 WarCry Campaigns55:00 Age of Sigmar Soulbound RPG59:30 Character Creation1:06:15 Skill Checks1:15:35 Combat1:34:00 Soulfire1:40:10 Final Thoughts1:46:40 Miniature […]