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Podcast of a conversation by two guys who have a passion for tabletop games and happen to have mics. (Family friendly)

Podcast of a conversation by two guys who have a passion for tabletop games and happen to have mics. (Family friendly)


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Podcast of a conversation by two guys who have a passion for tabletop games and happen to have mics. (Family friendly)






RDTN Episode 208: Nevada City, Yedo Deluxe, Crypt Hunters, Tournament at Avalon, Mercado de Lisboa, Meeple Towers

00:30 Intro10:30 Patchwork Americana14:00 7 Wonders Revamp19:00 Darkfield Radio23:48 Meeple Towers29:00 Tournament at Avalon35:39 Switch Discussion42:05 Portal Games44:58 Nevada City1:00:30 Miniature Market1:01:45 Crypt Hunters1:17:15 Mercado de Lisboa1:27:10 Yedo Deluxe1:38:00 Outro1:42:30 […]


RDTN Episode 207: Alma Mater, Small World of Warcraft, Detective Season One, Mariposas, Rome & Roll, Truffle Shuffle, Blinks

00:00 Intro06:45 We are accountable14:30 Blinks Electronic Game19:35 Crokinole Discussion25:32 Detective Season One30:52 Rome & Roll40:46 Miniature Market42:22 Small World of Warcraft57:46 The Broken Token59:00 Alma Mater1:15:50 I Fall to […]


RDTN Episode 206: Tekhenu, Pop-Tarts,Marvel Villainous, Yacht Rock,Last Defense, King & Assassins, Top 5 Card Games, Interview with David Thompson

00:00 Intro11:36 King & Assassins18:00 Marvel Villainous25:35 Tekhenu35:04 Portal Games36:11 David Thompson – Sniper Elite1:00:33 Rank’em1:16:22 Yacht Rock1:26:37 Pop-Tarts Game1:38:38 Last Defense1:51:50 Miniature Market1:52:48 Top Five Collectible Card Games2:22:43 Vampire […]


RDTN Episode 205 – Glenn Drover, Lizard Wizard, Super Pinball, Vampire the Masquerade

00:00 Intro03:35 Marty tests for COVID-1912:00 Pandemic Legacy 012:35 Unmatched: Buffy13:35 New Version of 7 Wonders17:45 5er Finden20:50 10% Off HABA Games22:03 Super Skill Pinball 4-Cade 28:35 Miniature Market29:30 Glenn […]


RDTN Episode 204: Warhammer 40k 9th Edition, WarCry Campaigns, Age of Sigmar RPG

00:00 Intro02:32 Warhammer 40k 9th Edition31:25 Other 40k Media Content37:00 The Broken Token37:45 WarCry42:05 WarCry Campaigns55:00 Age of Sigmar Soulbound RPG59:30 Character Creation1:06:15 Skill Checks1:15:35 Combat1:34:00 Soulfire1:40:10 Final Thoughts1:46:40 Miniature […]


RDTN Episode 203: Scooby Doo Betrayal at Mystery Mansion, Succulent, HABA Games, Top 5 Portal Games

00:35 Intro02:50 Online Surveys03:48 Imperial Settlers: Roll & Write App05:30 Legacy Game Maybe06:18 Back to D&D and Metallic Dice Games09:45 Update Ascension Tactics12:12 AEG Dead Reckoning17:49 Hamilton – RDTN Review27:25 […]


RDTN Episode 202: Justin Gary, Ascension Tactics, Cosmic Encounter Duels, Rise of the Empire

00:00 Intro01:56 Expiration is a suggestion05:12 Switch Talk09:06 Ravensburger – Jungle Cruise13:35 Stick’em22:32 D&D Online25:28 Metallic Dice Games – RDTN 10% Off Code32:45 Justin Gary – Ascension Tactics55:00 Ascension Tactics […]


RDTN Episode 201: Isaac Childres Interview, Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion

00:00 Intro02:36 Background of Gaming06:00 Video Games with Isaac08:40 Then the Board Games13:09 What sparked the interest15:28 Back to Video Games18:00 The Gloomhaven spark27:19 Time to get educated28:41 Gloomhaven: Jaws […]


RDTN Episode 200: Co-host Auditions, Ride the Rails, Gulf, Mobile & Ohio, Undaunted: North Africa, Wingspan

00:34 Intro07:15 Food and Movies10:18 Wingspan15:08 And maybe we will not be gaming16:57 A new Grumpy thing20:17 Auditions for Co-host50:21 Portal Games51:31 […]


RDTN Episode 199: Arkham Horror Dead of Night, City Builder, TTR Japan, Crossed Words, The Alpha

Time Segment 1:33 Intro 4:43 The Daughter’s Boyfriend Visit 13:50 Lorenzo Victory Snatched 17:55 CMON Virtual Con – Guilds of Cadwallon 21:43 Time to Organize 25:55 Crossed Words 30:13 More […]


RDTN Episode 198: Nova Luna, King’s Dilemma, Undaunted: Normandy, Feed the Kraken

Time Segment 01:07 Intro 05:07 Marty’s Studio continues to Morph 07:27 Flashback – Pokemon 09:58 Everdell Crochet 13:13 TV during 2020 17:15 TV shows we both enjoy 20:43 The King’s […]


RDTN Episode 197: Coldest Night, Musical Chairs, Sagrada iOS, Player Count

00:34 Intro03:40 BGG Polls04:57 Marty’s New Studio07:42 Marty helps Chaz again11:29 Capstone gets Terra Mystica & Gaia Project13:37 Bandannas vs Handkerchiefs15:57 Sagrada iOS app22:15 Undaunted: Normandy Online27:00 An Eldritch Dream […]


RDTN Episode 196: Santa Monica, The Search for Planet X, Ripple Rush, Top Grumpy Games

Time Segment01:00 Intro01:48 Pair of Dice Special Video07:00 Video Game Guild Wars 211:10 Contest #1 – Guild Wars 2 Keys15:35 Ripple Rush18:50 Jackbox Games20:52 RPG Online Night24:50 BGG Golden Geek […]


RDTN: Episode 195 – Wonder Woman, Half Truth, Pathfinder Supplement, Scurry Report Deep Dive

00:44 Intro08:11 Playing Games Online11:20 Take Time for yourself13:30 Playing Games Online again21:15 Wonder Woman Challenge of the Amazons 48:40 The Broken Token29:55 Half Truth39:10 Scurry Report – Convention Thoughts54:10 SR: […]


RDTN: Episode 194 – Great Western Trail Vs Maracaibo, Ettin, Europe Divided, War of the Ring

Time Segment00:37 Intro20:04 War of the Ring30:09 Europe Divided34:15 Nintendo Switch Bubble Bobble42:14 Unlocking Insanity45:56 Empires of the North Roman Expansion48:49 Ettin51:50 […]


RDTN Episode 193: 5th Annual Squirrelly Awards

Time Segment 00:00 Introduction 07:10 Let’s Get This Party Started 09:58 It’s In The Cards 12:42 Need A #2 Pencil 16:55 You Gonna Paint Those? 18:54 No Quarter Required 19:49 […]


RDTN Episode 192: Atlantis Rising, Stellar, The Shining, Brainwaves, Stampede

Time Segment 00:37 Introduction 01:36 Peter Gabriel vs Phil Collins 06:04 Logical Song 11:00 Talking Toys 15:23 Now we are onto TV Shows 18:23 Time for the Games 19:49 Stampede […]


RDTN Episode 191: Egizia, Age of Steam, Lawyer Up

Time Segment00:29 Intro02:14 Home Updated03:00 Tantrum Con08:01 Sorcerer City again09:27 Superbowl Commercials15:28 Marty likes On Mars20:15 Tantrum Con Again24:20 Phase 1028:08 Gen Con High Hopes29:56 Instapot32:55 Lawyer Up Prototype40:12 […]


RDTN Episode 190: Sorcerer City, Masters of Renaissance Lorenzo il Magnifico: The Card Game, Fox in the Forest Duet

Time Segment1:22 Intro3:37 Mountain Dew Zero6:57 Revisit of Azul9:47 Holding Back in a Game10:58 Miniature Market Changes13:23 Top 10 Selling Board Games in December15:08 Marvel LCG – Which Expansion17:37 Miniature […]


RDTN Episode 189:Return to The Dark Tower, Irish Gauge, Little Devils, Letter Press, Town Builder: Coevorden

ime Segment 01:02 Intro 05:38 Irish Gauge09:18 Little Devils11:25 Letterpress15:32 Town Builder: Coevorden20:47 Moisturize22:43 CBD23:51 The Broken Token24:40 Restoration Games26:23 Cooking with Rob 29:12 We are getting older32:00 Return to […]