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America's funniest NBA podcast, hosted by Los Angeles comedians Joey Devine and Sean Keane. They're terrible basketball players.

America's funniest NBA podcast, hosted by Los Angeles comedians Joey Devine and Sean Keane. They're terrible basketball players.
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America's funniest NBA podcast, hosted by Los Angeles comedians Joey Devine and Sean Keane. They're terrible basketball players.




Ep. 183 w/ Sean Highkin- "Daryl Morey Go On Roundball!"

The boys welcome back friend of the pod, hoops writer extraordinaire: King Sean Highkin to talk Dennis Smith, Kyrie Irving, and Michael Beasley. Plus Sean wrote another Luka Doncic song we forgot to intro! CLOSING MUSIC: "Don't Luka Back In Anger" - Sean Keane


Ep. 182 w/ Katie Heindl- "Does Uncle Dennis Exist?"

The boys are back to talk news for awhile, but then more importantly they welcome the absolutely delightful Katie Heindl to talk Raptors, Uncle Dennis, Jimmy Butler, and numbers. Also, Sean wrote another Luka Doncic song that is DEFINITELY going viral, and Joey does Lois Lane's monolgue from Superman: The Movie as Steve Ballmer. Follow Katie on Twitter @wtevs and subscribe to her delightful basketball newsletter here: Purchase Slamm'd Up: Season...


Ep. 181- The 81st Most Popular Sports Podcast In Senegal Is Back, Baby!

Sean & Joey found out they're the 81st most popular sports podcast in Senegal, so you know what that means? Victory lap time, baby!!!! Plus, News, Sean has New Year's Resolutions for every team, and Brook Lopez & Robin Lopez are back with a review of Mary Poppins Returns! Also, Sean wrote another Luka Doncic song! Buy Slamm'd Up: Season 1 here: Closing Music: "Break Doncic" by The Ghost Of Tom Petty


Ep. 180- Enter Yan Saunders

The boys talk Thibs, Parsons, D-Rose, and Turkey! Plus, a new episode of Slamm'd Up with Brett And Randy, where they go deep on some of the scintillating moves that happened this month! Also, Sean wrote another Luka Doncic song! Download Slamm'd Up Season 1 at Closing Music: Slovenian Doncic by Sean Keane


Ep. 179- A Roundball Doc Investigative Report... Mans Not Fans: The Rise & Fall & Rise Again (?) Of The Scoop NBA

In a Roundball Rock exclusive and a cheap bid for true crime podcast popularity, Sean & Joey reveal who was behind the NBA parody accounts and the #NBATwitter scandal @TheScoopNBA! Also Sean wrote another Luka Doncic parody. CLOSING MUSIC: Luka Dee - Sean Keane


Ep. 178.5- A Capmas Carol: The Slamm'd Up Christmas Special

On this very special mini episode of Slamm'd Up, Brett learns the meaning of Christmas when he's visited by three familiar faces. Also, we finally learn what happened to Jeremy. Buy Slamm'd Up: Season 1 at Special Thanks to Damon Agnos for the idea, and David Jordan for the artwork!


Ep. 178 w/ Caitlin Gill- "I Am Cranked For Christmas"

Joey and Sean welcome their favorite non basketball fan and hilarious comedian, Caitlin Gill, to try you how to talk to your family about this year's Christmas NBA games. Plus, news and a question about The Insane Clown Posse. Follow Caitlin on twitter @RobotCaitlin! Buy Slamm'd Up: Season 1 at! CLOSING MUSIC: Doncic The Halls by Sean Keane


Ep. 177- "I can't believe I'm saying this but if The Magic sign Austin Rivers they're making the playoffs."

Sean and Joey talk Dolan playing the guitar on the plane, a Lakers holiday party, Austin Rivers, and which Brooks is which. Closing Music: "Doncictown" by Sean Keane


Ep. 176- "Joe Harris Has A Haircut That Makes Him Look Guilty"

Sean and Joey talk reader mail (including a new segment), some news, The Nets hair (and Spencer Dinwiddie's extension), The Kings embezzler, Celtics nerdom and virginity, Robert Sarver gets ethered by an old lady, and Sean wrote another Luka Doncic song again. We need those viral wigs! CLOSING MUSIC: Luka- By Donnie Nelson


Ep. 175- And The Roundball Rock Sportist Of The Year Is...

Sean & Joey make a couple of announcements then talk killer basketball cards, Jim Boylen, the moon landing, announce their "Sportist Of The Year," Sean has another Luka Doncic song, and more! CLOSING MUSIC: "The Way You Luka Doncic" by Sean Keane


Ep. 174- Daryl Morey Is Probably Reading This, and Frankie Muniz Owns An Olive Oil Store

Sean and Joey talk about Daryl Morey faving a tweet, musicians who dunk, answer a question about Dan In Real Life, play "Gods or Frauds?" and Sean wrote another Luka Doncic song. THIS will be the one that finally takes us viral, we swear.


Ep. 173- Big Polski On An Asphalt Paver In Hegwisch

Sean & Joey receive a mysterious call they're pretty sure isn't for them, make fun of Daryl Morey's musical again, talk about if Billy Corgan can dunk, and some Markelle Fultz stuff. Also Sean wrote another Luka Doncic song. Hopefully this is the one that takes us viral! Fingers Crossed! CLOSING MUSIC: "Against All Lottery Odds" By Vlade Divac


Ep. 172- "KD In Real Life"

Sean & Joey Answer YOUR questions, and also talk about American Idiot and Dan In Real Life for some reason. Yep these are the people that listen to our podcasts that we call out readers.... Closing Music: "Luka" by Sean Keane


Ep. 171- 3rd Annual Thanksgiving Special

Sean & Joey talk news for a bit, and then go through and say what they think each NBA team is thankful for. Then, Brook and Robin Lopez review the new Harry Potter movie, "Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindlewald." Pretty good ep, if you ask me! CLOSING MUSIC: "Thank You For Being A Friend" - Andrew Gold


Ep. 170- Daryl Morey Is The Halle Berry Sex Scene In Monster's Ball

It's the 1st annual "What Movie Sex Scene Is What NBA GM" Awards! Seriously, that's all we talk about this episode! Special thanks to listener David Jordan for the suggestion! It's our shortest episode ever! Closing Music: "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen, obviously, I mean it's the sexiest song of all time, right Zak Snyder?


Ep. 169- "Get Well, Carmelo!

Joey and Sean get in a fight, and now Joey is suspended for a game. Also, Carmelo is sick, Jack In The Box is the best place to be sad, neither of the boys are on speaking terms with Drew Hanlen, and Kobe has poisoned both of their minds. Closing Music: "B*tch" by Meredith Brooks


Ep. 168-Emergency Jimmy Butler Trade Episode Where We talk About Mike Muscala Rapping A Lot

Sean and Joey answer reader questions about the Jimmy Butler trade, talk about JJ Redick's secret family again, get bummed out for Wolves fans, and do a very dumb bit with sound effects. ALSO, Brett and Randy return for another episode of the podcast within a podcast, Slamm'd Up with Brett Slamson and Randy LeDoux. It's definitely the longest emergency podcast anyone did this weekend, if that means anything to you.


Ep. 167- Bob Cousy Read A Ta-Nehisi Coates Book

Sean and Joey discuss Parker Posey, Angry Kyrie, the imploding Cavs, Magic Johnson yelling, and hall of fame apologies. Closing Music: The 1987 LA Lakers- "Just Say No!"


Ep. 166 "#WojBombs For My Real Friends, #ShamsBombs For My Sham Friends"

Sean & Joey sit down to discuss coach firings, Halloween Costumes, and UGH, Derrick Rose, but mainly end up talking about which NBA reporters are which X-Men for some reason.


Ep. 165- Brook Lopez Definitely Has A Jack Skellington Hoodie

Joey & Sean talk Rick Pitino, Ty Lue, Brook Lopez's Halloween plans, and in case you missed it, Brent & Randy were on the Super Hoopers podcast! subscribe to the Super Hoopers: Also if you can help, our friend and hilarious comic, Mikey Walz has cancer and needs a new leg: CLOSING MUSIC: "Rick Pitino's Rant" by The Boston Basketball Band