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EP63 Signs Youth Sports Has Taken Over Your Life & 7 Myths Of Dating Men

Today's episode tackles Signs that youth sports have taken over your life and Seven Myths of dating men. In the 1st half of the show, youth parents are shown the signs that their child's youth activity has taken, or is taking, over your life. It's important to be aware of these before it starts to ruin relationships outside of sports. In the second half, we discuss the 7 myths of dating men that women should be made aware of. Many women think that men are a particular way, in general. And...


EP62 5 Books Coaches Need & Myths of Dating Women

Today's episode tackles the 5 Books Every Coach should read today. In the 2nd half, we tackle the myths of dating women. 1st Half - 5 Books Coaches Should Read Now SPONSOR - Fix It Protect it dot com * Politics of Coaching, Carl Pierson * Relentless, Tim Grover * The Talent Code, Daniel Coyle * You Win In The Locker Room First, Jon Gordon, Mike Smith * Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey 2nd Half - 6 Myths of Dating Women 1. First Move 2. Conversations 3. Emotion 4. Macho...


EP61 5 Tips To Maintain Coaching Harmony & How To Bring Up A Pre-Nup

On Today's show, we tackle the 5 ways you maintain proper discord and harmony between coaches. On the 2nd half, we get into 5 effective ways to bring up a prenuptial agreement. They are not only for wealthy people. 1st half - Maintain Harmony on Your Coaching Staff SPONSOR = Fix It Protect It dot com * Layout Expectations * Drop Egoes * Don't Step on Toes * Delegate Responsibilities * Regular Meeting 2nd Half - How To Bring Up a Prenup SPONSOR - Great Travel Life dot com * Early Conversation...


EP60 Weight Limits In Football and How To Experience Your Sexual Fantasy

In today's episode, we tackle the pros and cons of having weight restrictions in youth football and on the 2nd half of the show, we tackle sexual fantasies. Do you experience your fantasy or reluctant to bring it up because it may be too risque. 1st Half SPONSOR - Fix It Protect It dot com Pros and Cons of Weighted Football Pros and Cons of Unlimited Weight Football 2nd Half How To Communicate Your Sexual Fantasy SPONSOR - Great Travel Life dot com No Shame Zone The Prerequisite Go Deeper...


EP59 Sports Politics in Youth Sports & Relationship Boundaries

Today's show tackles politics in youth sports and having boundaries in your relationships. In the first half of the show, we go into different ways where politics enters into the game of youth sports. In the second half of the show, we break down relationship boundaries. Do you have boundaries that can't be crossed? 1st Half - Various things that play into politics SPONSOR - Fix it, Protect it dot com * Talent * Mental Toughness * Character 2nd Half - Having Boundaries in your relationships...


EP58 – Bullying In Youth Sports & When Sex Is A Chore

Today's episode tackles bullying in youth sports. Signs that your child is being bullied AND signs that your child IS a bully. In the 2nd half of the show, we tackle when sex becomes a chore and, more importantly, what to do about it. 1st Half - Bullying In Youth Sports SPONSOR - Fix It Protect It * Subtle Signs Of Bullying - taking equipment - calling names - taunting - ill-intended trash talk 2nd Half - When Sex Becomes A Chore SPONSOR - Great Travel Life * Find time for yourself * Be...


Ep 57 Major Reasons Coaches Quit & 5 Myths Of Christian Dating

Today's episode tackles the reasons coaches quit followed by the myths in Christian dating Are you a youth coach on the brink of saying, "screw this", then click play and check out the latest on the reasons coaches quit. On the 2nd half of the show, are you a Christian? Looking for your spiritual soulmate? Check out the myths of Christian dating. You may find yourself making these mistakes and what you should do about it. 1st Half - Why Coaches Quit SPONSOR: Fix it, Protect It * Burn-out *...


EP56 7 Tips On Being A Great Youth Coach & 8 Challenges Of New Marriages & How To Avoid Them

Today's episode of Routes and Relationships tackles the topic of being a great youth coach and the challenges of new marriages and how to avoid them. The 1st half we break down 7 characteristics of being a great youth football coach. On the 2nd half of the show, we tackle the eight challenges of new marriages and what you can do to avoid the pitfalls. 1ST Half * Instructional Development * Delegation * Respect to Officials * KISS * Positive Reinforcement * Communicate Expectations * Know...


EP55 Signs Your Team Is Toxic & Detriments of Being Single Too Long

1st Half * Coaching guarantees * Coach wants to sign a contract not to play any other sport * The team has a "sugar daddy" * Coaches want contracts with parents 2nd Half * Sabotage * Flirt Freely * Selfishness * Responsibility


EP54 Hyponatremia In Sports & 6 Signs You Are In A Relationship, Not Dating

Today's episode tackles the importance of hydration in youth sports and the consequences of not properly hydrating youth athletes. In the 2nd half of the show, we discuss the signs that you are in a real relationship and no longer dating. A lot of men mask their desire to have options with the actions that they give a special lady. Even some ladies go through the motions but pretend the motions are not what they seem.


EP53 How To Build A Great Youth Football Defense & Why Infidelity Is Good

In today's episode, we tackle the greatest youth football defenses for your young athletes' teams. In the 2nd half, we talk about why infidelity is a GOOD thing. Find out why. 1st Half 3 - 3 Stack 4-4 Base 5-3 Front 4-3 Base 3-4 Front 2nd Half What is Infidelity Why is it good? What we really mean.


EP52 Top 6 Youth Football Offenses & The Right Time To Have Sex

Today's episode tackles the top 6 offense in youth football and when is the right time to have sex in new relationships. 1st Half * Lead Play * Dive Play * Toss/Edge Play * Counter/Trap Play * Play Action Play * Creative Pass Play 2nd Half * The Platinum Rule of Having Sex in new relationships * Waiting, Control * The 15 minute grace period * Find out if someone wants a relationship or not, right away * JOKE OF THE DAY


EP 50 How To Obtain Youth Sponsorships & 5 Signs Your Relationship Is Going Wrong

Today's episode tackles different ways to obtain youth sponsorships and signs that your relationship is going wrong. 1st Half How To Obtain Sponsorships * Obtaining money and sponsorships for your youth LEAGUE * Different companies that offer different sponsorships * Donations vs Sponsorships vs Grants * Nike, Dicks, Modells, Liberty Mutual, Finish Line, Enterprise, etc * League side, * National Alliance for Youth Sports 2nd Half Signs Your Relationship is Going Wrong *...


EP 49 Alternative Sports For Football Athletes & Dating After Divorce

Today's episode tackles some alternative sports and hobbies that help youth football athletes. In the 2nd half of the show, we tackle some tips to help you get back on the dating scene after a major break up or divorce. 1ST Half SPONSOR Fix It, Protect It * Track & Field * Yoga * Archery * Soccer * Ballet 2nd Half SPONSOR Great Travel Life * Optimism * Emotional Availability * Relationship Curse * Hobby Whore * Type Schmype * Open Your Dating Pool * Pace Car * Trust the Process


EP 48 Concussions In Youth Sports & When The Novelty Wears Off

Today's episode tackles the rate of concussions in youth sports - myths and beliefs. Followed by the 2nd half where we discuss and advise on what to do when the novelty wears off in your relationships. 1st Half SPONSOR: Fix It, Protect it * The sources you read are important * The number one sport in concussions and the reason why * The 2nd highest related sports will shock you * What causes a concussion really * The list of most sports concussion-related incidents by sport 2nd Half SPONSOR:...


EP 47 Youth Football Equipment Needs & 6 Non-Negotiable Needs of Women

Today's episode tackles the youth football equipment to avoid and what you should get your youth athletes. In the second half of the show, in a follow-up, to our previous show, the non-negotiable needs of men, we discuss the non-negotiable needs of women. 1st Half SPONSOR: Fix it, Protect it * The helmets to get your youth athlete * The helmets to avoid getting your youth athletes * The importance of jaw pads * Different shoulders pads to learn about * Which shoulder pad is right for your...


EP 46 Terrell Owens Hall of Fame Enshrinement & Men’s NON Negotiable Needs

Todays Episode 46 tackles Terrell Owens and his decision to skip the NFL Hall of Fame Enshrinement ceremonies. In the 2nd half of the show, we discuss a man's non-negotiable needs of love in a relationship. 1st Half Terrell Owens decision not to go to HOF What other Hall of Fame players are saying What the NFL plans to do Our opinions on T.O and the NFL response 2nd Half Men have non-negotiable needs that need to be met to have him full-filled in a relationship. Trust(ed) Acceptance...


EP 45 Dangerous Mentality of Youth Athletes & Signs Your Relationship is Getting Serious

Today's episode tackles the dangerous mentality developing in today's youth athletes and the signs that you are in a serious relationship. 1st Half Whether you are a coach, athlete or sibling of an athlete, the mindset developing in today's athlete can be a good and bad. We discuss what parents and coaches are doing to develop an athlete that we may or may not want. 2nd Half Many times we date to date and end up in relationships that we may not have intended to be in. Or the timing was not...


EP 44 NFL Arrest Log & Mistakes Women Make In Arguments

Today's episode tackles the ongoing arrests of NFL stars. A piggyback from the last episode where players were getting suspended based on false accusations, we dive into the arrests of current NFL players. In the 2nd Half we follow up on the Mistakes made when arguing. This time we focus on women's mistakes. 1st Half Brandon Browner, arrested for attempted murder of his ex-girlfriend? Oh my. We look into what could have REALLY happened. Also, Marquez White, a less criminal story, had a...


EP 43 Women Lying On Athletes & Mistakes Men Make In Arguments

Todays episode tackles the women who feel the need to ruin a professional athletes career with scandalous lies. What happens after the woman admits she lied to ruin the career of an athlete? What happened to the athlete? Find out what one athlete did when he was lied on. In the 2nd half of the show we tackle the mistakes men make in arguing with their spouse. When feelings get heated what do you do? How do you handle it? Find out 7 mistakes men make 1st Half David Irving Gearon Connoly...