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Running Rogue is a podcast produced by Rogue Running in Austin, TX. We are here to talk all things running and help you become a better runner! Check us out at

Running Rogue is a podcast produced by Rogue Running in Austin, TX. We are here to talk all things running and help you become a better runner! Check us out at
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Running Rogue is a podcast produced by Rogue Running in Austin, TX. We are here to talk all things running and help you become a better runner! Check us out at






Episode #109: A Chat with Kate Grace

In the intro, we break down the recently announced London and Boston Marathon fields, including perhaps the greatest field ever assembled for a women's marathon. Plus, Chris gives his way too early picks for the wins in both races. Then, at 17:45, episode #67 guest Colleen Quigley comes on to help break the ice with Kate Grace with fun questions about the #BowermanBabes. We get answers to pressing questions such as "which Bowerman Babe is the biggest Bachelor fan?" After that, we turn to...


Episode #108: Going Long with Zach Bitter

In this episode, we start with a quick intro to preview Kara Goucher's first marathon in 3 years in Houston and discuss the just-released Olympic Trials course in Atlanta. Then, we turn to an interview with Zach Bitter, US 100-mile Record Holder. He's an ultra-runner by specialty but we cover all topics with him from training periodization to using heart rate to mental training and diet. You will learn how to go long better from this discussion whether you are targeting a half marathon...


Episode #107: Staying Healthy in 2019

Guest hosting with me this week is episode #8 and #37 guest James Dodds. In this one, we riff on 8 tips for staying healthy as a runner in 2019 with a bonus #9 at the end when James introduces the too too rule. As our intro this week, we dig into James's fandom, and he names two of his favorites from the running archives, plus we get a little James philosophy to start things off. Consistency is king in our sport, so listen in and add some of these tips to your routine to keep moving this...


Episode #106: Becoming a Champion with Brogan Austin

In this episode, we start with Chris's top 3 running performances for the year for both the US and the world, getting input from our guest Brogan Austin. Who will get the top spot?!? Our guest, Brogan Austin won the US Marathon Championships in Sacramento at CIM for the breakthrough performance he's been waiting for since college. Listen in to learn about his up and down journey and how he made tweaks to his training under his coach Tom Schwartz to find this breakthrough.


Episode #105: Training for Trail, Part 2

In this episode, we continue our series on trail running with special guests Jason Brooks and Paul Terranova, both trail running badasses themselves. To ground our discussion, we discuss the top "failure points" in ultra-marathons and then help give you strategies to address them from blister management to GI distress. You have to be a problem solver on the trail, and it starts with getting educated on the major challenges. Within the discussion, Jason and Paul advise Chris on training...


Special Episode: Podcast Training Info, Season 3

We are excited to introduce details on Season 3 of our podcast training group which starts on December 31st. You have until January 18th to join us with 3 training tracks: - Speed development (5K/10K) - Spring half marathon - Spring marathon (including Boston) We encourage you to target races in April and May. Get more details and sign-up here:


Episode #104: Geeking Out with Ben Rosario from NAZ Elite

In this episode, Chris leads an interview with Ben Rosario, self-described running nerd and the head coach and director of NAZ Elite. Ben coaches top US marathoners Stephanie Bruce, Kellyn Taylor, Scott Fauble, Scott Smith and others. We start with his take on recent current events in running - the US Marathon Champs at CIM and the US Club XC Champs in Spokane, WA. Ben had athletes competing at both so he talks about their results and his take on the races at the front of each. Then, we...


Episode #103: Goal Smashing with Cate Barrett and Jessie Barnes

In this episode, we interview two Rogue athletes from Austin who run different paces but are on the same journey. They both ran personal records at CIM a few weeks ago, and we highlight them here to show that pace doesn't matter. It's the work that you do and the journey you are on that matters. Jessie Barnes (@thejessiest on instagram) entered this CIM cycle with a 4:57 marathon PR and went on to smash it by 30+ minutes on race day to run 4:27. Cate Barrett (@beingcate on instagram)...


Episode #102: The Anatomy of a Breakthrough with Ben Flanagan

Thanks to Reebok, we are excited to welcome NCAA-10K-champion and recently-turned-pro Ben Flanagan to the podcast. We start with an intro talking about him as a fan in the sport. Which athletes would he livestream to watch race? Who is he excited to compete against? As a track athlete, what does he think of a marathoner like Eliud Kipchoge? Then, we turn to Ben as a runner and particularly dig in on his breakthrough performance at NCAAs. As an underdog, where did he find the belief that he...


Episode #101: California International Marathon Race Strategy

In our intro we discuss the Manchester Road Race on Thanksgiving and give our picks for the US Marathon Championships in Sacramento this weekend. Then, starting at 35 minutes, we break down all things CIM from the course to pacing strategy. We will have 215 Rogues competing in Sacramento this weekend. Good luck to all who are racing!


Episode #100: Running, A Love Letter

For this episode, episode 100 (!), we do something a little bit different and simply offer up a verbal love letter to the sport, to you as audience members, to our podcast group, and to the Rogue community. Listen to our thank yous and shout-outs to those who inspire us to do what we do. Plus, we give a preview of what's coming for episode 101 and beyond! Thank you all for listening and inspiring us!


Episode #99: NYC Marathon Recap + Building a Maintenance Plan

In this episode, we start with our takeaways from an amazing race in New York. What do we think of Keitany's performance? Who had the breakthrough results? What does this mean for Shalane? And, does this make us more or less excited about men's marathoning in the US. Then, at 42 minutes in, we start discussing how to construct a transition or maintenance plan between event-specific cycles. What do you do with your mileage? How do you manage workouts? Should you jump into some "fun" races?...


Special Edition: 2018 NYC Marathon Preview Show

We break it all down including details on our live call on Sunday morning and where you can hear us talk about the action. Plus, we had media credentials this year and have insights from the press conferences from the American elites! Get ready for Sunday at 9 am EST.


Episode #98: NYC Marathon Race Planning

In the intro this week, we cover: - Galen Rupp's Achilles surgery and what it means for his future. - Kenenisa Bekele's DNF in Amsterdam - Big results from the Toronto Marathon including a new Canadian record Then at 39 minutes, we turn to our main topic to discuss how to optimize your race strategy at NYC. This episode is for NYC marathoners as well as though who are interested in the nuances of race planning.


Episode #97: The Maffetone Method

In this episode, we interview Mallory Brooks to discuss her experiment with building her aerobic foundation via the Maffetone Method, a heart-rate based protocol developed by famous chiropractor and triathlon coach Phil Maffetone. Plus, we discuss her approach to improving her fat adaptation via carbohydrate management as well. By way of intro, we discuss the 50th anniversary of Bob Beamon's 29-foot world record leap, Allie Kiefer's win at the Staten Island half, Donovan Brazier to the...


Episode #96: How to Assess Your Last Race, Good or Bad

For our intro this week, we talk about the results from the Chicago Marathon and the US Champs 10-Miler. Hear Chris eat some crow regarding Mo Farah and why he and Steve think that Molly Huddle getting beat at 10 miles might be good for her next marathon. Plus, we discuss Desiree Linden's new coach and what that means for her NYC Marathon prospects. Then, at 38:05, we turn to a discussion on how to digest the lessons from your last race whether you hit your goal or not. Win or lose, PR or...


Episode #95: Boston or Bust?

With this episode, we jump straight into talking about the new Boston qualifying standards and how you should think about training to achieve them. Boston is a worthy goal, and the stakes have now been raised, but you are ready to achieve that goal if you up your game. Get all the tips on that from Steve and Chris.


Special Episode: Chicago Marathon Preview

The Chicago Marathon goes off on Sunday at 8:30 am EST on NBC Sports. Listen in for our breakdown of the field with predictions. Can Rupp repeat in Chicago? Will he set the American Record? How will Gwen Jorgensen perform in her first marathon under Schumacher? We give you thoughts on all of these questions and more!


Episode #94: Training for the Trail

In this episode, we dive straight into our topic. Yep, no intro topics this week, just great content on training for trail running. Jason Brooks, one of the Rogue trail coaches, joins us this week on the podcast to talk about how to train for ultras on the trail. We cover: - The case for trail running. Why do it or try it? - Trail training principles. How do road training and trail training compare and contrast? - Trail training skills. What specific skills to you need to think about for...


Episode #93: Berlin Recap + Fall Racing Tips

In this episode, we break down all that is the Berlin Marathon including our takes on the amazing WR result from Kipchoge + a recap of the women's race and how its magnificence went under the radar. We then follow with a discussion of Sifan Hassan's debut half marathon and what it means for Chicago now that Jordan Hasay and Amy Hastings Cragg have dropped out of the race. Then, at 58 minutes in, we start a discussion on fall racing, giving our final tips to those who might be racing...