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This is a podcast. It's a fantasy football podcast, but it's not your typical fantasy football podcast. This is macro-level fantasy discussion based on a micro-level wrapped in the greatest fantasy football league in the universe.

This is a podcast. It's a fantasy football podcast, but it's not your typical fantasy football podcast. This is macro-level fantasy discussion based on a micro-level wrapped in the greatest fantasy football league in the universe.
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This is a podcast. It's a fantasy football podcast, but it's not your typical fantasy football podcast. This is macro-level fantasy discussion based on a micro-level wrapped in the greatest fantasy football league in the universe.








S02E02 - Draft Day, Keeper Talk, and Slack Explosions

Once again, we’re back to bless your eardrums with a bit of hot fire just in time for your fantasy football drafts! Oh, you have already had your draft? Well, face it, you’re in a bad league. On this episode, Ten Foot and Proper Football join Buddy Danger to discuss the latest in NFL news from Kenny Stills and Laremy Tunsel getting out of Miami to the MG3 holdout talk. Apparently, that’s what we call him now. The meat of the show is a draft preview for the SLFFL with a side of keepers. We...


S02E01 - Offseason Timeline and NFC East Review

We’re back! I’m sure you have all been refreshing this feed for months just waiting for some new content to shove in your ears and it’s finally here! Enjoy. You’re welcome. This season, we’re going to be trying some new things. First change, just two hosts. This episode is Buddy Danger and Proper Football. The second change, a weekly “headlines” segment with music courtesy of the illustrious High Decibels. We have missed a TON of time since the Super Bowl, so this episode is your perfect...


S01E22 - Super Bowl Extravaganza Special

We were just too excited about the big game to not do a show this week. I realize this is late in the week, but this is intended to replace whatever garbage they feed you on CBS this afternoon. In this episode, I have Proper Football as usual, but I actually have an in-studio guest too! High Decibels has traveled down to Orlando for work and decided to stick around for some fantasy shenanigans. We try to cover everything there is to know about the Super Bowl. We talk about weed commercials...


S01E21 - Wildcard Weekend, Illuminati Decisions, and Fantasy Resolutions

We’re back and we’re just as surprised as you! I would have loved nothing more than just not doing anything, but we have paying customers now. This is quickly becoming a job. Regardless, we have a fantastic show for you this week! I have Proper Football and Ten Foot with me and we rundown a bunch of NFL news and playoff results, we dish some new ideas for fantasy prize payouts, and we cover both of the league’s championship finishes. Speaking of the SLFFL, we describe in detail a laughable...


S01E20 - Fantasy Championships and Magical Christmas Questions

Ho, ho, ho! We’re back again for a special Fantasy Championship & Christmas Extravaganza all jam packed into one episode. Fresh for your beautiful ears, we have Proper Football and 4th and 9 Inches rounding out the line-up. In this episode, we hit the NFL news pretty hard. I looked down at the clock and we apparently just covered everything there was to cover. After moving on from that, we got into side-games that we like to play during the off-season to accrue more fantasy balls for the...


S01E19 - Early Salutations & Off-Season Preparations

Woah. Two episodes in one week was way more work than anticipated. Not only did we pull it off, but we bring you two different co-hosts. Proper Football and Blitzed! In this episode, we prepare for the off-season. We understand that the majority of fantasy football contestants are no longer in their respective playoffs. Most people are checked out. We decided to throw out some tips for those of you looking at 2019. We also, on a similar note, discuss in detail what leagues should do about...


S01E18 - Fantasy Newcast, Payout Structures, and End-of-Season Strategy

The playoffs are still here! We continue the festivities by trying to ignore them completely. Most of you aren’t in the playoffs anymore, so we figured it would be smart to talk about something else. League punishment ideas! In this episode, we bring in 4th and 9 Inches once again and we bring back Ten Foot for the first time in quite awhile. Buddy and 4th have a serious semi-final match-up on the horizon, so obviously that comes up at one point or another. Also, we get some live news from...


S01E17 - The Fantasy Playoff Preview Special

The playoffs are here! We kick off the festivities, obviously, with a eulogy for those that we have lost. We don’t honor their effort as that would be pointless. Instead, we thank them for the easy victories. I’m not sure why, but we invited 4th and 9 Inches back on the show. Fishbowl microphone and all. Sorry about all that. In this fresh episode, we focus almost strictly on playoffs. We take it in multiple directions by discussing different fantasy playoff formats and the idea of promotion...


S01E16 - Fantasy Football in Space, Fourth Down, and Playoff Scrambles

Look, I don’t know why we did it, but let’s just get over it and move on. We invited 4th and 9 Inches on the show to fill in for just about everyone else in the universe that seemed to turned us down this week. Look, it is what it is and now the eternal question of “what would that be like” has been satisfied, but I guess that’s subjective. In this episode, we blast off to the playoffs and experience not only multiple g-forces, but also fantasy football in spaaaaaaaaace! Shoutout to High...


S01E15 - Thanksgiving Extravaganza, Super Bowl Monday, and Playoff Odds

Happy Thanksgiving! For us, it’s currently Super Bowl Monday and we’re celebrating with another episode of the Internet’s favorite new podcast! I mean, we’re at least in the top million or so. This week, we chat about the Super Bowl favorites, we speak nerd on how to calculate playoff odds, and we’re constantly interrupted by a gobble. We did have a voicemail, but holy shit, it’s really just low effort. Do better. We reached into the Fantasy Sack of Destiny to pull special Thanksgiving...


S01E14 - Fantasy Playoff Formats, Incentivizing Trades, and League Punishments

This week, we decide to stuff way too much content into a bite-size episode. We want to get things moving a little quicker and this should help. Less rambles, more hot takes! Having said that, we were ultra prepared for this episode and breezed through a ton of different topics. We covered everything from playoff races, playoff formats, incentivizing trades, best league punishments, and we even found time for a few voicemails. We recapped the farm by just gushing over Smoking Blountz and his...


S01E13 - Therapy Couch, Buddy Dangerous, and The Connecticut Beerman

In this week’s episode, Proper Football expresses his depression on the therapy couch, we take a deep dive on Buddy Danger’s amazing week, and we welcome Connecticut Coheeds to the show for the first time! It was yet another haphazard show. Everything was thrown together immediately prior to recording, but Coheeds was awesome to drop everything and join us. Ignore his shitty microphone. He did us a solid. We talk plenty about Coheeds and the whole Coheeds family. We jump in the farm where we...


S01E12 - Trick or Treating, Horror Drafting, and Fantasy Rambling

It’s Halloween! Well, it was just Halloween and you’re listening to this after, but still… Yay! This week we have Buddy Danger taking the family on a trick-or-treating adventure, the crew holds a horror villain draft, and we tangent on every possible topic other than last week’s matchups. We do spend a little time in the farm where we properly blast Jackhammer for being jackhammered by München on Bündchen. Oh and we chat about just how blue Blue Ballerz balls are getting as he just can’t...


S01E11 - Holding Court, Voicemails, and the Battle for Jackie Battle

The rotating chair continues to rotate as we swap Blitzed out for Ten Foot… again. Proper Football is back and we get into last week’s madness. Before we dive into the actual game recaps, we hold court for Holding Court, we bullshit for a bit about traveling for work, and we run through a few unique voicemails. First of all, shoutout to everyone that dropped us a line, but more importantly, thanks to the anonymous caller that really opened my eyes and made me question fantasy football in...


S01E10 - Work Commutes, NBA Disputes, and Fantasy Salutes

Ask and you shall receive! We are joined once again by the illustrious Proper Football live from across the pond. Oh, and Blitzed is back with his shitty tin can microphone. Ten Foot is off flying somewhere again. In this episode, we try to get into the NBA, but we quickly realize that will likely never happen the way I would want it to happen. Let’s just say British people apparently aren’t into basketball. It’s a small sample size (1) but it’s all I’ve got to base this on. We get into the...


S01E09 - Nipple Tassels & Lineup Hassles

Oh, we have a hot bag for you scumbags this week. None other than Proper Football joins the show to discuss his recent locking of Buddy Danger. Not to mention, he replaces Blitzed this week, so win-win-win. We get into some trade talk at a macro-level and we dive into the new new idea of player rentals. Plenty of locks and balls to discuss and we preview (the now complete) waiver claims of the week. Farm talk is focused on Jackhammer and all his jackhammering. Rather impressive, but the farm...


S01E08 - Postmortems, Previews, and Prestigious Press Conferences

Calling all scumbags! We have another hot bag for your headphones! This week is a bit different. First of all, the Internet here in Florida apparently is the poops all of the sudden, so we deal with a few technical difficulties. We have ourselves a press conference that I certainly won’t spoil here. After the nonsense, we drove to the farm and analyzed the standings. We found out just how bad it smells there and that somehow someone named “Talk to the Hand” is running everything. What a...


S01E07 - Week Four Predictions & Roster Amendments

Another week, another mess of an episode. We are once again without Ten Foot, but Buddy and Blitzed are blessed with the league's calming voice of reason, High Decibels. We spend a little time in the farm where we ruin our brand new Yeezys and learn that they literally sleep in poop. Speaking of poop, we talk about the proper ways to use the word "blowout." We preview the upcoming weekend of games for the SLFFL and give our predictions for some key matchups. We wrap with the usual JBOTW and...


S01E06 - Week Two Recap & Ten Foot Vanishes

What’s up, scumbags? We’re back for another episode of that crystal clear fantasy clarity that you’re used to. Get your straws and mirrors out, so you can snort this content before the upcoming NFL weekend. We’re missing Ten Foot. Just about everything went wrong for him last week, so he has run away. Of course, he’s saying it’s work related, but we know the deal. Regardless, we talk about Ten Foot’s “me too moment” without him. We sympathize with Blue Ballerz for his huge farm loss and we...


S01E05 - Week One Recap & Lavish Locks

Two huge shows in the same week? Yep. We played catch-up by recording two episodes. This one brings us up to present day with a complete recap of the first week… and by complete, I mean farm too. We cover everything, bitches! Other than the typical shit-talking, we also introduced some new segments. We now officially have a “Jackie Battle of the Week” and we’re introducing “Shit List / Love List” which you will all shit on, yet secretly love. We also sprinkle in some tips and tricks for...