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A podcast dedicated to covering Myerscough Basketball Academy in Preston, England. Features current players, alumni and staff interviews, as well as the latest news surrounding the Academy.

A podcast dedicated to covering Myerscough Basketball Academy in Preston, England. Features current players, alumni and staff interviews, as well as the latest news surrounding the Academy.


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A podcast dedicated to covering Myerscough Basketball Academy in Preston, England. Features current players, alumni and staff interviews, as well as the latest news surrounding the Academy.








Episode 31: Broken Glasses in Holland

Myerscough Under-18s coach Lewis Scott calls into the pod to talk about his growth as a coach and what he expects from players coming into his teams. Lewis also reflects back on what it has been like to work with some of the top junior prospects in British basketball and the role Myerscough has played in their development on and off court.


Episode 30: Enjoy the Journey

Myerscough alum Zion Tordoff's dad Dan jumps on the pod to offer a unique perspective on what it is like being one part of a parental unit of a NCAA Division I athlete. He talks about the recruitment process, handling the ups and downs and what he feels his role is. Dan saves time to look back at the journey he and Sue have been on with Big Z so far, which has taken them across Europe and the Atlantic!


Episode 29: Newberry Bred

Myerscough alum and current Newberry College guard Callan Low calls into the pod from South Carolina to chat how he got into basketball, why he thinks Scottish players have success at academies in England and his highlights from his time in Preston. Oh, and Cal dishes on his all-Myerscough teammate starting five.


Episode 28: Drexel Special ft. Mate Okros & Amari Williams

Myerscough alum and reunited teammates Mate Okros and Amari Williams call into the pod to talk all things Drexel Hoops and how opportunities provided by Myerscough Basketball prepared them for the next step in the careers both athletically and academically. The two look back at their time playing out in Europe in the EYBL and other highlights from their time in Preston.


Episode 27: The Art of Stoyan

Myerscough Basketball alum Stoyan Toshkov calls in from Bulgaria to talk about his journey to the Preston-based programme, the influence of the Academy's coaching staff on his own coaching journey and how he's taking advantage of the opportunity to work with the BBL's Worcester Wolves. Allen saves time to take Stoyan on a trip down memory lane to talk the "best of" during his time at the Academy.


Episode 26: Anguillian Atittude

Myerscough Basketball newcomer Wakeem Richardson (Class of 2021) drops by the pod to talk to Allen about what it was like growing up in Anguilla and how his early introduction to basketball fueled his competitive spirit. Plus, he details his transition to England, his selection to DENG Camp and what he's currently getting up to in the gym.


Episode 25: Lost in Translation

Liverpudlian Dan Gargan joins the pod to talk life as a basketball student-athlete at Myerscough College. Dan also reminisces on some of his highlights from the shortened 2019-20 season and the impact the first lockdown had on his game. He saves some time to about the Liverpool accent and the Myerscough melting pot.


Episode 24: Foreign Cheese

This week, the pod catches up with Myerscough's resident viking Troy Culley. Troy talks about his coaching "eureka moment", balancing basketball with daily life and some of the highlights of where the game has taken him.


Episode 23: Breaking Out

Second-year Myerscough guard Pedro Ellery joins the podcast to talk about how he adjusted to living away from home in Year 1, how he's taken on a leadership role this year and what he believes helps players rise within the Academy.


Episode 22: Sweet Home Alabama

Myerscough Basketball coaching staff newcomer and Alabama native Joe Gurley joins the pod to talk about where his passion for sports developed, his early years as a coach, working with NCAA Division I student-athletes and what he now hopes to bring to the Academy.


Episode 21: My Mental Health

SCO: The Podcast returns for season 2 and opens with Neal Hopkins hosting Louis Sullivan, who chats candidly about his struggles with mental health, hitting rock bottom and what gave him the confidence to seek help, and how he's now bringing awareness to the topic. You can support Louis' Movember cause here:


Episode 20: My Balancing Act

In the Season 1 finale of SCO: The Podcast, alum Dave Walsh talks about the evolution of Myerscough Basketball throughout his time playing in the green and black, as well as his own personal progression on and off the court using the progamme as a vehicle. Dave also explains how he balances a full-time job alongside a busy basketball schedule.


Episode 19: My Big Move

Myerscough Basketball alum James Banton recently picked up his life in England and headed to Switzerland for work. In this episode, he talks moving on from basketball but also how he took advantage of the opportunities the sport provided along the way to his new pursuit.


Episode 18: My First-Team Physio

Former Myerscough Basketball physio Nick McCarthy joins the podcast to talk about his journey from British Basketball to the Premier League where he’s currently a first-team physiotherapist at Burnley FC. He also looks back his fondest memories and the players he crossed paths with.


Episode 17: My Time to Lead

Myerscough Basketball committed to help strengthen junior basketball in the region by forming a U14 Boys team to give young athletes an opportunity to see more court time alongside their current club formats. Shaun Hoyle, who was appointed U14 Boys coach, joins the podcast to about his coaching journey and the initial aims for the programme.


Episode 16: My No Look Pass

Rayon Brown drops by to chat all things Myerscough Basketball, including who he believes is the best team in the Academy's history (so far). He also names his all-time Sco teammates team and dishes out on the celebrities he's bumped into while working at Harrods.


Episode 15: My Strength

Former Myerscough Basketball Academy S&C coach Alex Hodgson joins the show to chat about his six-year journey with the programme and how he is adapting to his new job at UCLan. Alex also reveals who he thinks were some of the strongest and most athletic players to pass through Academy doors.


Episode 14: My Fitness

Myerscough alum James Harvey, who was part of the first class, joins the podcast to talk about what convinced him to take a flyer on a new Academy, why he developed a love for fitness and how he’s built a successful fitness business.


Episode 13: My Biggest Fishy

Myerscough alum Bradley Fisher takes us on the winding road from teenage Chorley fame to his current role within the healthcare system in the United States. "The Biggest Fishy" also tells us about the time he crossed paths with Steph Curry and what it was like to go toe-to-toe with the likes of Jahlil Okafor and more.


Episode 12: My Name is Joseph Bankole

Joseph Bankole had a less than conventional route into the sport of basketball, but his drive has helped him become one of the top 50 junior prospects in Britain. He shares the lessons he's learned along his journey, how he ended up at Myerscough and some of his best stories from Year 1 in Preston.