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The Saints FC Podcast. A podcast by John Bailey and Tom Parker to discuss all things Southampton FC. Joined by ex-Saints and legends, each show will have comment on the current state of play at Southampton Football Club and stories from some of the Southampton greats! #SaintsFC #WeMarchOn

The Saints FC Podcast. A podcast by John Bailey and Tom Parker to discuss all things Southampton FC. Joined by ex-Saints and legends, each show will have comment on the current state of play at Southampton Football Club and stories from some of the Southampton greats! #SaintsFC #WeMarchOn
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The Saints FC Podcast. A podcast by John Bailey and Tom Parker to discuss all things Southampton FC. Joined by ex-Saints and legends, each show will have comment on the current state of play at Southampton Football Club and stories from some of the Southampton greats! #SaintsFC #WeMarchOn






EP 50 - Saints FC Podcast

EP 50 - Saints FC Podcast Tom Parker is back on the sofa with John and we get a call from Jeremy Wilson to discuss the malaise at Southampton and his thoughts on Les Reed's sacking, Mark Hughes and the immediate future for Saints. Email:


Ep - 49 - Les Reed Sacked

John and James discuss what's happened at Southampton as Les Reed is sacked by Saints and why this is important.


Ep 48 - Professor Simon Kemp on Saints

*probably John heads back to the University of Southampton to meet with Professor Simon Kemp and discuss Saints recent fortunes. The Professor looks at Southampton's poor scoring record and tries to apply science to it...... He also shares a story on that time he ended up on the pitch at St Marys driving a noddy car!


Ep - 47 - Chelsea at the Pub

On Sunday the Saints FC Podcast regulars John and Tom found a conveniently located pub in East London to watch Saints lose to Chelsea. Here you can hear the conversation pre-match, at half time and after the inevitable defeat. Best enjoyed with three pints of beer.


Ep - 46 - Brighton and Liverpool

Saints FC Podcast is back to talk about the draw against Brighton and the loss at Anfield, plus we look ahead to Saints visit to Wolves.


Ep 45 - Claus Lundekvam

WARNING - Grown Up Content We speak to Saints FC legend Claus Lundekvam, life the universe and everything. Email: twitter: @saintsfcpodcast


Ep - 44 - Two Wins for Saints

What do Crystal Palace and Brighton & Hove Albion have in common? They both lost to Saints last week! The Saints FC Podcast returns with a happy John and Tom celebrating Saints first two wins of the season. Email: twitter:


Ep - 43 - Saints lose at Everton

The Saints FC Podcast are back to discuss Southampton's loss to Everton at the weekend, preview the games against Leicester and Brighton. We discuss your emails, the future for Saints youth players, the fans forum, bitcoin, fashion and more. To get in touch:


Ep - 42 - Saints Draw with Burnley

The Saints FC Podcast are back in the swing of things as we discuss the draw with Burnley at St Marys. While there may have been no goals to talk about, there is a lot of discussion about Mark Hughes' approach to the team selection, formation and how Saints new signings got on as they made their debuts. As ever, if you would like to get in contact with show: @saintsfcpodcast


Ep 41 - Saints FC Podcast Season Preview

John, Tom and James Preview the 2018-19 Season for Saints, looking at the summer sales and signings, new(ish) manager and set out our expectations for the season ahead. We go through all your tweets, reflect on Tadic's career at Saints and tell you which players to look out for, who we think will be the cult heroes and who will be banging in the goals (or not). Get in contact: @saintsfcpodcast


Ep 40 - BONUS (Bad Language) Ugly Inside Takeover! Pt 2

*The Ugly Inside takeover concludes with Part Two of the 2017/18 Southampton End of Season Review* Warning - grown up language! Best to avoid listening to this one with the kids around! Join us as we take a look back at all the results from the second half of the season from January to May, we discuss the dismissal of Mauricio Pellegrino and the appointment of Mark Hughes, the highs and lows of the season including the FA Cup run, we run through the best and worst moments of the...


Ep 39 - BONUS - Ugly Inside Takeover! End of Season Review

The Ugly Inside Takeover the Saints FC Podcast for their End of Season Review. Part 1 of our Southampton FC 2017-18 End of Season Review. In the first episode we start from day 1 from the day Pellegrino got appointed all the way through the Premier League results to January, we try to figure out how and where it all started to go wrong and discuss the (lack of) transfer activity from Saints...


Ep 38 - End of Season and Saints FC Podcast Awards

John, Tom and James meet up on the Saints FC Podcast sofa to reflect on Southampton's 2017-18 season. The main focus of the nearly two hour chat is on what went wrong for Saints this season and how Mark Hughes managed to turn around Saints fortunes in the short period of time and get Saints over the line. We also get a chance to reflect on the moments, players, heroes and villains of the season with the Saints FC Podcast awards. Find out who we selected for: Player of the Season Young...


Ep 27 - Total Saints FC Dellivery Podcast

The 2017/2018 Premier League Season is over, and Ben, John and Matt are combining forces to bring you one podcast that looks back and forward, both on their respective shows and in the Saints FC season. From the pitch and the boardroom to the perils of podcasting, join the guys as they do their best Shane Long impression (we try really hard but might miss the target more often than not). Although they joined forces for this one, each host has their own show. Be sure to subscribe on...


Ep 36 - Tired and Emotional

Ep 36 of the Saints FC Podcast, recorded from the Lord Clyde pub at various stages of the Swansea vs Saints match. From the first pint in the sunshine through to the bottle of Moet to finish off the evening, join John, Tom and friends as we go through an emotional evening following the Saints. Big thanks to William Porteous Blyth for tech and production support! Arrrrgh!


Ep - 35 - The We Won and Poetry Episode

John and Tom are joined by regular listener and email contributor Jason Dickey, who's in England watching the Saints for the first time while visiting friends. Not only do we get to reminisce about Southampton beating South-Coast neighbours Bournemouth but we also get our first taste of high-art as Jason reads us a surprisingly excellent poem about his first experience of watching the mighty Southampton. We try and work out if Saints are going to stay up, have a close look at the remaining...


Ep - 34 - Hope and Despair

The Saints FC Podcast are missing Tom Parker as he suns himself in Portugal but fortunate enough to get William Porteous Blyth to step in and join John on the sofa to discuss the trials and tribulations of Southampton Football Club. After two good performances where Saints put 2 goals past both Arsenal and Chelsea, William and John are left rueing what might have been, and what a difference those points could make to a relegation battle that is fast slipping out of Saints grasp. We try and...


Ep -33 - Joined by Matt Markstone from Southampton Dellivery

John and Tom are joined on the sofa by Matthew Markstone from the Southampton Dellivery Podcast. Matt, who lives in California, made his first trip abroad to see the Saints playing against West Ham in London (and of course make a guest appearance on the Saints FC Podcast). We analyse Saints recent fixtures, the upcoming game against Arsenal, what life might be like in the Championship but also quiz Matt on why on earth he supports the Saints, and what drove him to create a podcast from the...


Ep - 32 - Matthew Le Tissier

Saints FC Podcast are lucky enough to be invited by Scott Charlton to 'An Evening With' Matt Le Tissier at Revolution in Southampton. We recorded the Q&A session as Saints fans got to ask questions of one of the greatest football players of a generation and Southampton hero! They say never to meet your heroes. There's no such danger with Matt Le Tissier though, the guy is charming, funny and has great stories to tell about football. We have a small selection of them here, obviously we can't...


Ep - 31 - Duncan Alexander - Pellegrino Sacked

John and Tom are joined by Duncan Alexander, author of Outside the Box and the brains behind Opta Joe. We reflect on Pellegrino's sacking as manager of Southampton and have a look at what our chances are of surviving relegation. Duncan has some surprising statistics for us from his work at Opta, ranging from how Saints are an outlier in terms of performance in the Premier League right that way through to proof of Francis Benali being a lunatic! XG is explained much more coherently by...