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Sarah & Sarah #16 We bid a mostly fond farewell to the Tivoli (OTT / wXw / RevPro)

Your favourite bowling tournament organisers are here to discuss the goings on at OTT Belfast, wXw’s 18th Anniversary and Rev Pro live at the Cockpit aka the Dream Factory. We also reflect back on the life and times of OTT in the Tivoli theatre as we say goodbye to the iconic Dublin City venue. We’ll always love the Tivoli!


Sarah & Sarah #15 Irish Wrestling Round Up - OTT and Courage

Sarah & Sarah are back to discuss a whole host of shows they’ve attended in Ireland over the past few months, from a hot OTT 4th Year Anniversary show with the much talked about WALTER/Ospreay match to the recent OTT Contenders show that featured legends such as More than Hype and well, Masato Tanaka. We give some Oberhausen Open updates and discuss some of the recent goings on in the independent scene. And what wrestler does Sarah get scolded for not liking?


16: Sarah and Sarah #14 - Travel to wXw WTTL weekend, PROGRESS Hello Wembley, OTT FAN and EVE

Sarah & Sarah Wrestling Around Europe with the 2 Sarahs trip to wXw WTTL weekend featuring Femmes Fatals 2018, Inner circle, the Oberhausen Open and the famous after party karaoke. MDKs trip to Progress Hello Wembley and Pro Wrestling Eve. Live unedited (almost) post OTT Tivoli reactions and news of the shows first sponsor the Muscle Hustle. Tracking Link: Promo Code: 2SARAHS1


15: Sarah and Sarah #13 - wXw FAN, Rev Pro’s BJ Cup, OTT FAN vs Progress, the Oberhausen Open and more...

Real Sting Sarah/Sarah Classic is back with a bang! In this episode you can hear the 2 Sarah’s back together again discussing wXw FAN in Hamburg/Oberhausen, MDK’s trip to Rev Pro’s BJ Cup and accidentally Media Con as well as their thoughts on PROGRESS and the OTT FAN v Wembley struggle. Did you know they’re running a bowling tournament? #OberhausenOpen


13: 12.5 Sarah and Sarah: OTT Wrestlerama 2 weekend

Listen in as a sickly MDK Sarah talks about the much hyped up OTT Wrestlerama 2 weekend, the must watch WALTER v Jordan Devlin title match and all the great stuff that happened over the 2 days. Go watch Wrestlerama 2 RIGHT NOW!


12: Sarah and Sarah #12 - Phoenix!, Fight Club: Pro, OTT Wrestlerama 2, MYC II, NJPW and more!

Sarah is joined by her good friend Greg, I mean Jenna for this episode of Sarah and Sarah. Sarah talks about her trip down to Phoenix Wrestling whilst Jenna talks about why she loves Fight Club:Pro. They also delve into the upcoming OTT Wrestlerama show, Mae Young Classic II, talk a bit about NJPW (and the good and bad hair) and finally wXw. We love a giggle and we hope you love one too!


11: Sarah and Sarah #11 - Flying Solo. G1 Climax, NJPW SSEUK, Trinity Brawl, OTT and a Q&A with wXw FFPW talk and much more!

Join MDK/Fake Sting Sarah as she goes solo for this edition of Sarah & Sarah. She discusses her experience at the SSEUK show, the Irish scene back home with Trinity Brawl and OTT. She also answers some of your questions ranging from serious to just a bit of banter. In this episode the pokemon thing probably dies as we find out Minoru Suzuki's favourite, with the greatest reasoning ever


10: Sarah and Sarah #10 - Live at Fight Factory and OTT w/ AMA and WALTER's Favourite Pokémon

Join Sarah and Sarah for live reactions from outside the Big Sean and the Tivoli as they make some friends whilst others make some towns in this special episode. They also answer some of your burning questions and talk about the hot topic: Pokemon. Whether you're a Squirtle guy or Jigglypuff gal, you'll enjoy this one.


9: Sarah and Sarah #9 - OTT Scrappermania weekend and more

Sarah and Sarah are back! On this episode they discuss the biggest weekend in Irish wrestling, OTT Scrappermania/Contenders weekend. Listen in as they aim for 1.30 but instead hit 1.41 (much love to the Stone Pitbull) as they talk about their highlights, the antics from the weekend and the rising talent in Ireland. With snippets of Sarah Classic’s Wrestlemania weekend and MDK Sarah’s PROGRESS & EVE weekend (and of course we didn’t forget the Pokémon talk!)


8: Sarah and Sarah #8 - Irish Wrestling Weekender, FFPW, OTT with some Wrestlemania & NJPW talk!

Sarah & Sarah are back on home soil as they discuss a massive weekend in Irish wrestling which included the first ever all female show in Ireland along with FFPW and OTT back in the Tivoli. Listen in as they talk about the upcoming Irish talent, hone in on some key points from all 3 shows and more importantly, how they're not friends. For all international listeners - there is also NJPW & Mania weekend content! *Recorded before Mania weekend.


Sarah & Sarah are still talking about wXw 16 Carat Gold 2018 EP #7

Sarah & Sarah continue their love in with 16 Carat, Bobby Gunns, Ilja Dragunov and bons on this episode of the podcast. They just have a lot of love for Oberhausen. Join them to share in the love and antics along with their special guests Jamesie & Mike!


Sarah & Sarah #6 wXw 16 Carat Gold 2018 - A Love song - Part 1 of ?

Join the Sarahs as they discuss 16 Carat weekend, all the shows they attended and everything else from their trip to Germany. The first half is live(ish?) with friends in Oberhausen!!


Sarah & Sarah #5 Makin' friends - Reverse call in show plus wXw ROH EVOLVE & OTT

Join Sarah and Sarah as they discuss all of the wrestling they watched since episode 4! Also the debut of the reverse call in segment "Call some guys"


Sarah & Sarah #4 Now w/ Better Audio! - OTT Homecoming, Coliseum Home Videos, NJPW, WWE, NXT, FFPW & More

Join Sarah and Sarah as they try and figure out a format for their show whilst discussing OTT Homecoming, FFPW, NXT Takeover, Royal Rumble NJPW New Beginning shows and a lovely trip around the world in the Coliseum Home video - World Tour ‘92\. Listen in as they discuss highlights, lowlights (which are few and far between on this show - spoiler alert) and what Keith Lee thinks of Dragonite. If that's not enough tune in to find out why @Alan4L got banned from the podcast


3: Sarah & Sarah #3 - 2017 Year in Review Part 3

Join Sarah & Sarah for episode 3, where they complete their 2017 year in review. What was the most shocking betrayal of the year? Who had one of the greatest entrances they've ever seen? (Three times in one night) Find out this and more on Sarah and Sarah: Wrestling Around the World.


2: Sarah & Sarah #2 - 2017 year end review May-August

Sarah and Sarah return for episode two where they discuss what happened in May - August of 2017 in part two of their year in review. What wrestlers have ushered Sarah out of drinking establishments? What moments made them tear up? All is revealed in this episode.


1: Sarah & Sarah: Episode #1

Sarah and Sarah attempt a quick an easy year in review show covering their feelings and thoughts on the wrestling they attended & watched in 2017.