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Each Wednesday two of the great characters of the game AFL legendary medal winners Scotty Cummings (Coleman medal) and Dane Swan (Brownlow Medal) talk footy and life. They'll cover the big issues of the day, but will probably spend too much time on small ones too. Hosted by "Racetrack" Ralphy Horowitz, who got the gig because he works cheap and is Scotty's mate

Each Wednesday two of the great characters of the game AFL legendary medal winners Scotty Cummings (Coleman medal) and Dane Swan (Brownlow Medal) talk footy and life. They'll cover the big issues of the day, but will probably spend too much time on small ones too. Hosted by "Racetrack" Ralphy Horowitz, who got the gig because he works cheap and is Scotty's mate
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Each Wednesday two of the great characters of the game AFL legendary medal winners Scotty Cummings (Coleman medal) and Dane Swan (Brownlow Medal) talk footy and life. They'll cover the big issues of the day, but will probably spend too much time on small ones too. Hosted by "Racetrack" Ralphy Horowitz, who got the gig because he works cheap and is Scotty's mate




Sam Newman and Sam Riches

1:00 Never apologise 2:00 Samantha Joins 4:00 Patreon 5:00 Dead Sea 7:00 Sam Newman joins 40:00 Thank you messages 43:30 Helpful foil tips 48:00 Dane's father of the year 50:00 Gender gaps 56:00 Heath and Scott tributes 59:00 Tall poppy syndrome 1:02.00 Steaming 1:04.00 Dane's weather 1:06:00 Social feedback


"Kid Looker Afterer"

1:00 The Voice of Reason 2:00 Urban WTF? 4:00 Swanny's tough week 8:00 Zero ratings from the nasty bunch 9:00 Dane house keeping 16:00 Preparing a look 18:30 Taking a break 20:00 Thanks to our ppl 21:30 Overrated coaches 24:00 Movie tip 28:00 Tweeting Dane 30:00 Dane's segment 34:00 Line length 35:30 Lighten TFU 37:30 Do you want cream with that? 40:30 New button 41:00 Social feedback 43:00 Who's back? 48:00 Mer-person 49:00 The conundrum 51:00 Interlock titbit 55:00...


Dane and Scott's politically correct footie talk

0:30 Nice Talk 2:00 If you don't like us... 3:00 Scotty never said 4:00 Ralph editorial 5:30 Who Dane doesn't hate 7:00 Shameless invitation 11:00 Whistling a dirty tune 14:00 G Train 18:00 Teflon Swan 25:50 Bingo 32:00 Mick's List 37:00 Ghost marriage 38:00 Old Porn 42:00 Outrage Pie 43:50 Swearing songs 48:00 Jaidyn Stephenson bet chat 55:00 Social feedback 1:06.00 Swanny's tips


Sewerage Awareness Officers

1:00 Mysterious white powder 4:30 Long term relationships 6:30 Interlock update 10:00 Swanny in work-wear 12:00 Influencers update 16:00 Twitter quinella 20:30 Gill Cummings 24:00 Sewerage Awareness Officers 26:30 Kellen's issues 30:00 Pretend Sultan 33:00 Saints and Sinners Ball 36:00 Ballarat tourism 38:00 Dirty google 41:00 Hole punch or pinch? 47:00 How to improve our rankings 52:00 Social feedback 1:03.00 Swanny's tips


Coat Swap

1:00 Brand Damage 2:00 Hip to Street Beat 4:00 No More of That 6:00 Just googled it 8:30 Spider Man 10:30 Slide O'Clock 14:00 Theft 17:00 Crowd crackdown 23:00 Swanny solo 25:00 Wet toothbrush 28:00 Dehydrated flyer 32:00 Avoided the bus 35:00 Super Switch 38:00 Mick's List with Mick 50:00 Sheckels and... 53:00 Social feedback 1:04.00 Swanny's tips


Hard as a cat's head

1:00 Swanny back from WA Scotty back from death 2:00 Port Hedland feedback 4:00 New word debut 5:00 Racoons 6:30 Chicks we respect 7:30 Scotty the coach 9:30 Carlton required club 12:00 Dobbing 15:30 Melon 17:00 Big in Kawartha 19:00 Qantas podcasts 20:00 Pinjarra 23:00 Giving back 25:00 G Train G 27:30 Chasing in undies 29:00 Long service 32:00 Life as an influencer 35:00 Sapiosexual 37:30 Chillies and figs 38:30 Crawf and Hirdy update 41:00 Word of the week 45:00...


Learn to love your interlock

1:00 Scott needs a hole punch 2:00 Coping mechanism 3:00 Face Time 5:00 Box of sickos 6:30 Should we cut and paste? 8:00 He's a funny guy 11:00 Scotty WA Brownlow 12:00 Dane brand damage 15:00 Required wife 18:00 Staycation 19:30 Lunch and dinner 22:00 Older fans 23:00 Time Poor 25:00 Brad Scott required Coach 28:00 Wrestling a pig 29:30 Mick's wheelhouse 33:00 Bec Daniher 40:00 The beast is getting nervous 48:00 Matty Johns 30 for 30 50:00 Social feedback 59:00 Caty...


Vegas: 6 days and 2 sleeps

1:00 Swanny's back in town 2:00 News catch up 5:00 Taylor Adams - fake injury? 7:00 GOT v MRS 9:30 Missing sword 12:00 Vegas review 29:00 Swabbed! 32:00 Scotty and Alex 37:00 G Train medal 40:00 Mick's list 44:00 Crawf and Hirdy update 47:00 Vegans and Bees 52:00 Walshy and Swanny TV 54:00 Daisy fine Swanny not 57:00 Does Patreon work? 59:00 What about me tips???


When Taylor got home with the ginger

1:00 What Dane needs 2:00 Happy birthday 4:00 Dodgy card 6:30 Dane's social media review 7:30 Beach Etiquette 9:00 Presumptuous 10:00 Chicken stir fry 12:00 Footy violence 15:00 Hell's Gates 17:00 Pickers update 18:00 Mothers Day dilemmas 22:00 Sex Strike 25:00 Scotty and Swanny TV 28:30 Roughy G Train Medal winner 30:00 Mick's List 33:00 Crawf and Hirdy without Ralph 38:00 The Cleaner 39:00 Lucky or unlucky? 41:00 Swanny doing soaps 43:00 Brand damage 44:00 Costing...


Drinking Bans Invite Nothing But Trouble

1:00 Chatham House Rules 2:00 Swanny's alarm 3:00 Not drinking coffee 4:00 Public Service Announcement 5:00 iTunes feedback 7:00 Scotty's cooking rules 9:00 Charity ride specialist 14:00 Pillow talk 16:00 Supermarket trauma 18:00 Marty Fields cameo! 26:00 Steven May chat 30:00 G Train medal 31:00 Why Swanny hates drinking bans 36:00 Cost me a Brownlow 42:00 Peak hour traffic 43:00 Why we can talk 45:00 Why Scotty hates drinking bans 50:00 Trial By Media 51:00...


Is Veganism a disease?

1:00 Scotty's sugar free challenge 2:30 Swanny and social media 4:30 Four sides that count 6:30 When Scotty got booed 7:30 Pendles and Swanny differences 12:00 Multiple heads under the desk 13:00 Fake Facebook 15:00 James Faulkner WTF 17:00 Swanny for sale 22:00 Left handed or gay? 24:00 Crawf and Hirdy update 25:00 MAFS Live! 29:00 Four hands 33:00 Lego 35:00 G Train of the week 37:00 Hoppers Crossing fill in 38:30 Mick's List 40:00 Men's Feminism Camp 43:00 Phone...


C'mon Deidre

00:30 Swanny fighting for life with Bali belly 05:00 Disappearing Air Pods 09:00 Customs debacle 11:00 Pen license 12:00 Conga Line moron 17:30 You probably remember me from... 19:00 Beep test 21:00 Love Deep 22:30 Ralph leaves the show and recommends you do too 28:00 Pick it up again here - G Train award noms 31:00 What Channel 7 should have offered Dane 32:00 Wrestling a Pig 34:00 Roasting a Lion 36:00 Our ppl 37:00 Actual proper chat about Anzac Day footy and people 49:00...


Trifecta of Tools

1:00 Swanny in Bali 4:30 Airport debacles and observations 9:00 International interlocks 13:30 Scotty and Scotty 14:30 Ecosexual review 16:00 Australian of the Year nomination 18:30 We recommend you skip this 23:00 And this bit too. Sorry 25:45 Pick it up here. Grill'd review 28:30 When couples should be thrown in jail 30:00 Two sports to cancel 32:45 Linkedin and the G Train 37:30 Nearly a grown man 39:30 Holidays from what? 40:30 Not that Notre Dame 42:30 Social...


Tree Hugging

0:30 The world is rooted 1:30 Vegan Rooted 5:00 Dane on protesting 6:00 Scott on protesting 8:00 Duck Season 9:30 The good bit until... 11:00 Pet Nutrition 17:00 Jamie Elliott love 18:00 Dusty Martin 22:00 Brownlow strategy 24:30 Dane and Billy 27:30 More weekend review 29:00 Leaving early rules 31:30 Scotty tolerating shorter ppl 33:00 Thinner full forwards 34:00 Dustin and the decoy 36:00 Get behind us and those behind us 40:00 Social feedback 41:30 Tree porn and...


Dane the Daddy Blogger

1:00 Wednesday somewhere 2:00 Forward planning 4:00 Required Journo 6:00 Bee issues 8:30 What are you in a hurry for? 11:30 Jimmy and Joes 12:30 Mason Cox and duty of care 17:00 Drafting midgets 19:00 Let's Get Physical 24:00 Spreading Scott around 25:30 Eddie McGuire chat 27:00 Paralympian Don Elgin joins us 35:30 Having a bad day 41:00 Why are we reading this out 43:00 If I had kids... 45:30 Chestnuts 49:00 Screen-shotting clickbait 51:00 Dane and the workplace 55:30...


You weren't getting an earn doing a lap on grand final day

1:00 Turtles 5:00 Dog exploitation 6:00 Nothing for free 8:00 Dane visits Scotty 10:30 My Room 11:30 Beer cans and time for your brother 14:30 Texting Mick 18:30 In Depth Round 1 review 20:30 Gazza junior and senior 22:00 Because of Humpday I just hit something 24:00 Do me a solid 26:00 Carrying this podcast 27:00 Fear of pillows 29:00 Prepped for bed 31:30 Just like she is 32:30 Strengths and weaknesses 36:00 Dirty dried clothes review 40:00 Grazing and MAFS 45:00 Nearly...


Gatorade Vodka and have you washed the clothes?

1:00 Dane stares down fear 6:00 Introduce me 8:00 I wanna figure out who's right 12:00 Did it start working again? 17:30 This is the last hill 20:00 Echoes through the valley 22:00 Jesse Hogan chat 28:00 I turned up no matter how... 31:00 Still re-hydrating 32:40 Taking Swanny's line 35:15 Fat-shaming and ignoring tickles 37:00 Benny the Jets and Elmo 42:00 NFL required player 44:30 Alex Rance and Jack Riewoldt 49:00 Selflessly stepping down 53:00 Croissant 54:45 Solid...


No Worries Ken

0:00 Kev Two thirty: I think you should get a will Five: Taylor was One Ef Seven: She booked me economy Nine thirty: She was asleep so I didn't want to wake her Thirteen: I've had the worst three weeks anyone could possibly have Fifteen: Towel follow up Seventeen: Tattoos explained Twenty two: How Swanny and Dusty met Twenty four: Pull up your socks Twenty six: Never seen a runner get a Brownlow vote Twenty eight: Serious footy insight from Swanny on instinct Thirty five: Scotty...


The Softest Thing I’ve Ever Touched

On this week's show the boys discussed the trauma of vegetarian meat food, the Nathan Buckley re-signing and if short women are ok compared to blokes under 5 foot 8 who can't be trusted 1:00 Laundry or laundering 3:00 I'm getting the sand paper 4:00 Not a massive Man-scaper 6:00 I thought she was being nice 7:30 Get to as many contests as you can 9:00 That's not a sausage roll 10:30 I won that argument 12:00 Nineteen minutes left 14:00 Facon Query 15:30 Pimping Barney 16:30 Bucks...


As soon as I got to the MCG I couldn't stop getting it

Show 4 started with a review of some of the trauma experienced by Dane on his way home from Adelaide and ended with a longish and way too serious chat about illicit drugs in the AFL 1:00 Uneventful Monday 2:30 First thing he did 5:00 Guinness Book of Records 6:30 This is was the worst day of my life 9:00 Trust AFL to get in the way of a good time 12:00 I started planning in Year 8 16:00 Where Pickers and Ed went downhill 18:00 Worst day of my life part 2 20:00 Liam Pickering...