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7 different SEC West previews at once

THAT'S RIGHT IT'S SEVEN CUSTOM TEAM PODCASTS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE! You get: And a Bama podcast, which you'll just have to listen all the way through to find out what we did there!


Michigan Football, The Audiobook

Ok, we didn't set out to make another NPR episode but when you pretend to be a certain kind of Michigan fan you inadvertently kind of make another NPR episode. Anyways, we think Michigan's going 9-1. Listen to the episode and you'll probably put together why. BONUS: This is probably the only podcast anywhere that considers the possibility of Rutgers winning the Big Ten East.


The Best Not-Football Things We Experienced

Here we are, rapidly approaching the end of the Not-Football. In this period of time, we, your hosts, have immersed ourselves in culture so that we might ignore our families unless they would like to watch us play video games. We have also done this so we can tell you about our experiences - the books, movies, TV, music, and so forth that we enjoyed the most during Not-Football, some of it hilariously dated because we're all living on dad time. Also, if you need to do a book report on The...


Talkin' Bout The Noles

Florida State had inarguably their worst season in almost a decade, and yet they still handled Florida easily, needed a miracle to finally lose to Miami, and probably shoulda beat Clemson according to our patented Nolemetrics. They remain the kings of the ACC, a conference that is both very deep and total trash that the Seminoles are way better than. This is TALKIN' BOUT THE NOLES, the world's second FSU podcast because we're afraid Bud Elliott will sue us and win if we claim...


2018 Big 12 "Preview," by THE TEX-FILES

You've probably heard people complain that the Big 12 rigs the outcome of games. What you haven't heard is that they rig them to hurt the University of Texas - because the truth is so dangerous to those in power that they must protect their anti-Longhorn strategies at every turn. But here at The Tex-Files, we don't kneel before those conference power brokers. We only worship one thing; unsubstantiated, crackpot, paranoid truth.


Big Duck Energy

What do you get when you imagine Rex Grossman having played for Washington, discuss where Wazzzu ranks in FBS Unintentional Self Tasering, argue that Stanford and A&M are somehow alike, explain how Phil Knight's better than every other alum in the division because BUSINESS, and do it all under the watchful eye of regular co-host Brian Floyd? BIG DUCK ENERGY, the world's only Oregon podcast.


Questions, Answers, and a Farewell to Papa

As a token of our...shame? Contrition? Acknowledgment that we have put you, our audience, through some things lately? Yeah, that one feels right. As a token of that, we have a bonus episode that has no concepts or bits strung out for far too long and is just us being jackasses answering your questions for OVER ONE HUNDRED MINUTES. Also, we find out during recording that Papa John has fallen from his greasy pedestal. Please support our effort to install Jon Bois as the new Papa Jon.


Put Pitt In! (Our 2018 ACC Coastal Preview)

Pitt has long been the darling of the Shutdown Fullcast, and now it's time for that love to bear fruit in the form of PUT PITT IN, our Panther-focused podcast hosted by Jason Kirk (who has never been to Pittsburgh to my knowledge), Jeff Goldblum (or at least a very poor impersonation of him by Ryan), and Alex Kirshner (who does a Yinzer Bane speech and is basically the most important part of this episode). You can also listen if you would like to hear approximately 1.7 things about Miami,...


A Scholarly Preview of the Pac-12 South

Bienvenue à Wait Wait Don't Hell Me, the only Arizona State podcast and arguably the most erudite, genteel, and cultured college football offering available nationwide. On this episode, we review the upcoming Sun Devil season, remind you of the tortured histories of several of our rivals, play our signature trivia game, and demonstrate conclusively that the Rose Bowl is beneath ASU in every conceivable way. Allez!


Feast On Our Corn-Heavy Big Ten West 2018 Preview

Welcome to WACORNDA, formerly known as HARDCORE CORNOGRAPHY, a limited edition Nebraska fans only podcast. We respect two teams: Nebraska, the greatest team in college football history, and Illinois, a humble, reliable team that doesn't try to be better than it is. Every other team in the Big Ten West is an embarrassment to itself and the sport. TOM OSBORNE WILL LEG WRESTLE YOUR DAD INTO SUBMISSION IF YOU THINK OTHERWISE.


Previewing most of the country (as massive USF homers)

We decided to preview the entire rest of the country not currently in a Power Five conference the only way we could: Speaking for the entire podcast as massive University of South Florida homers. The first and only episode of the internet's only South Florida Bulls podcast, GROTHE POINTE BLANK, features all of the following facts about noted Bulls rivals C-Florida and their terrible, terrible city, Orlando. LISTEN. SUBSCRIBE. ENJOY? ENJOY.


SPECIAL PRESENTATION: The History of Fun on the origins of Madden

You've played the popular NCAA video game series - but did you know there's an obscure, little-played NFL version of the same game? Madden is arguably more of a fantasy RPG, since it allows you to explore impossibilities like "Florida produces a viable pro quarterback" or "the Chiefs win a Super Bowl." The History of Fun, made by our friends at Polygon, explores the weird and wild origins of the video game series. We hope you like it, if only because it's not another round of Fullcast...


Cocks and Friends - A Completely Botched 2018 SEC East Preview

We decided to try something different for this year's preview episodes, and, per Fullcast tradition, trying something different means failing at something different. Welcome to COCKS AND FRIENDS, our single episode South Carolina-focused podcast, through which we preview this year in the SEC East. By preview, I mean continually drop the act on accident, and force Holly to play Rocky Top on an adjacent computer, and generally provide little actionable information. Welcome!


A Deeply Personal Episode with Steven Godfrey

Which member of the Fullcast had a baked potato for breakfast? Which has never done drugs because he's boring? Which suffered a serious shoulder injury because they slept on a beanbag as a grown person and might actually be a poorly paid pro wrestler? Which guest almost got charged with terrorism, but it was before 9/11 so it was a totally different thing? Which superhero is just Silicon Valley But For Crime? Find out these answers on a very special, very oversharey Fullcast with special...


Let's Make Coaches Earn Their Pay

At least half of FBS coaches made $1 million or more last season, and there doesn't seem to be any workable, smart way to keep those salaries from continuing to balloon. Fortunately, we have several dumb and bad ways to offer instead, as well as timely opinions on:


The Star Wars Spinoff Spectacular

Fun note: I (Ryan) somehow super screwed up recording my part of this so the first 10 minutes or so are just Jason and Spencer. I'm sorry/you're welcome, depending on how you feel about me as a part of this show. Also, we had to cut the whole part where we conclude Cloud City is a free love colony and Lobot is its greatest lover. Again, sorry/you're welcome.


Let's explore SEC academic rankings lol

Holly Anderson joins us to discuss our greatest academic achievements, such as treating an entire semester like Notre Dame's NCAA-approved 2012 record -- as in, only showing up for the final, then failing. Also, Spencer took a judo class at Flori- stop laughing. Spencer took judo at Flo- please. It's time to make fun of each conference's academic rankings. Spencer took judo a- fine. It's funny.


Find Your Polish Middle With Bud Elliott

Gambling on sports is now (potentially, depending on the state in which you live and the timing and a lot of other stuff) legal! Finally, you can profit from your extremely bold feelings on college football, like "all kickers suck" or "we always throw it short of the sticks on third down" or "why did you schedule north dakota state you fools." SB Nation's Gambling Potentate Bud Elliott joins us to discuss the world of CFB wagering; The Sandman does not make an appearance due to a lengthy...


Shutdown Fullcast 8.16: The CFB Questions You're Too Embarrassed To Ask Your Friends

What parts of college football history actually matter? What is the triple option? Why are Michigan Men the way that they are? Are refs actually different depending on conference, and what is the purpose of the one point safety's continued existence? These questions and more are answered, often by just talking about Star Trek in ways that don't connect to the questions themselves. Also, Spencer unveils the worst accent in show history. I hate it so much.


Shutdown Fullcast 8.15: Thanos and Batman Don't Do Cardio, Dave Wannstedt's Magic Sandwich Car, Scot Loeffler's Wikipedia Holidays

Two of us have seen Avengers: Infinity War but the other hasn't, so we only get to talk about superheroes in a really vague and meandering and nudity-focused way. Dave Wannstedt is a superhero for our purposes. Fred Durst is not. Again, this is the only college football podcast. Please treasure it accordingly.