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The official home for audio programming from Silver Screen & Roll, SB Nation's community for fans of the Los Angeles Lakers.

The official home for audio programming from Silver Screen & Roll, SB Nation's community for fans of the Los Angeles Lakers.
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The official home for audio programming from Silver Screen & Roll, SB Nation's community for fans of the Los Angeles Lakers.




The 30 podcast with guest Yahoo! Sports NBA Reporter Seerat Sohi

In this episode of The 30 podcast, Jas and Seerat discuss the Lakers struggles without LeBron and how coach Luke Walton has done without his superstar. They also talk Brandon Ingram, Lonzo and their future with the Lakers. With Seerat being based in Toronto, they also touch on Kawhi and follow that up with some Anthony Davis talk. To wrap things up, they talk about being a woman in the sports media industry.


Can You Dig It? Ep. 13: What would firing Luke Walton fix?

There has been a call by Lakers fans to fire head coach Luke Walton, but what would that really fix? Silver Screen and Roll's Alex Regla joins the show to help us break it down.


Show Tiempo: Beating the Bulls doesn't make us feel better

Lakers fans, Jordan and Alex, discuss the biggest news around the franchise on a weekly basis. Subscribe.


The 30 podcast hosted by Jas Kang

Jas is joined by Rob Perez aka World Wide Wob for this episode, where they discuss: How Lonzo, Kuz and Ingram have looked without LeBron in the lineup. With Rob formerly being a member of the New Orleans front office, he offers some insights into how the organization works and what it could mean for Anthony Davis' future there. Rob and Jas wrap up their discussion with some gambling talk, the NBA's pettiest players as well as look at how the NBA has embraced social media, and how it has...


Can You Dig It? Ep. 12: Can the Lakers keep the streak alive?

Kyle Kuzma carried the Lakers to their second consecutive win without LeBron James? How can they keep the streak alive going into their next stretch of games?


Show Tiempo: Will LeBron James attend Rams vs. Cowboys?

Jordan Carruth and Alex Padilla return by asking a very important question. Will LeBron James attend the Rams-Cowboys playoff game Saturday in Los Angeles? The biggest star in Los Angeles is a fan of the Dallas Cowboys but will LeBron show up for the home town team?


The 30 podcast hosted by Jas Kang

In this episode, Jas is joined by Marcus Fitzgerald of Sportsnet radio. To kick things off, Marcus and Jas discuss the disappointing loss to Paul George and the Thunder, and whether or not Brandon Ingram and Lonzo Ball will be longterm fits next to LeBron. After that, they dive into the Staples Center crows booing George all night and if they think he will be a Laker at some point in the future. With LeBron out with the groin injury, Marcus and Jas talk about the King's new found attitude...


The Lake Show: Bonus Holiday Mailbag

Anthony wanted to take the week off, but Harrison decided to record a podcast anyway and it was... Something. He was joined by his new fiancé, Mia, who read him basketball mailbag questions about which member of the young core he thinks will be traded first, how he'd rate Luke Walton's performance, potential trades and more. Then, around the 14-minute mark, things shift away from basketball, and they answered your strangest questions from Twitter. This was either the best or worst episode...


Can You Dig It? Ep. 10: What are the Lakers without LeBron James?

Christian and Grant discuss whether or not the Lakers have enough talent to win games without LeBron James.


Can You Dig It? Ep. 9: Big Baller talk with Jacob Rude of Lonzo Wire

Grant and Christian welcome Lonzo Wire site manager Jacob Rude to the show to talk about Lonzo Ball's successful road trip with the Lakers.


The 30 podcast hosted by Jas Kang with guest Brian Windhorst

In this episode of The 30 podcast, Jas is joined by ESPN Senior Writer Brian Windhorst. They kick things off by discussing how the Lakers have looked thus far, and dive into which of the Lakers seems to be a fit with LeBron and how the roster might look after this season. Brian and Jas followed that up by touching on how Lonzo Ball is looking a season-and-a-half into his career, and whether or not he will ever live up to his draft position. With all the talk in the basketball world about...


Show Tiempo: Who would the Lakers trade for Anthony Davis?

Lebron would love to play with Anthony Davis. Duh! So who will the Lakers trade for the Pelicans superstar? We hope we find out. Jordan Carruth and Alex Padilla return for Show Tiempo: Episode 3 to discuss the Lakers struggles on the road, Anthony Davis and more. Please subscribe.


Lake Show: How to navigate Lakers trade rumors

Get ready for trade speculation season.


The 30 podcast hosted by Jas Kang with guest Harrion Faigen

In this episode of The 30, Jas is joined by Harrison Faigen. The guys start off by discussing Harrison's first memory of being in the Lakers locker room and how his first interaction with Kobe went. After a tough loss on the road to the Rockets, Harrison and Jas talk about James Harden's annoying ability to get every call from the officials. With Kyle Kuzma stepping up his game of late, the conversation turns to why he has been able to be a good fit with LeBron, compared to the other two...


Can You Dig It? Ep. 8: Finding the perfect trade for Trevor Ariza

The Lakers are reportedly looking to acquire Trevor Ariza in a trade, but they need all the right pieces to fall into place. This week, Christian and Grant try to find the perfect trade for Ariza and the ideal landing spot for Kentavious Caldwell-Pope.


Show Tiempo: INVESTIGATION: Is Kevin Durant right about the Lakers?

Show Tiempo returns to discuss the latest with Lebron James and Kevin Durant in episode #2. Jordan and Alex have fun with the "toxic" atmosphere inside the Lakers locker room. The guys also wonder if the Lakers went a little over-the-top celebrating Dwyane Wade's final game at the Staples Center.