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Welcome to the SimpleFlight Radio show! We are here to help you define your personal aviation lifestyle. We've got the tips, pilot hacks and introductions to the people who give their aviation secrets.

Welcome to the SimpleFlight Radio show! We are here to help you define your personal aviation lifestyle. We've got the tips, pilot hacks and introductions to the people who give their aviation secrets.
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Welcome to the SimpleFlight Radio show! We are here to help you define your personal aviation lifestyle. We've got the tips, pilot hacks and introductions to the people who give their aviation secrets.




ADS-B - Its more powerful than you think! January 22nd, 2019

It feels like ADS-B is almost about ready to get started. We only have one year left before the FAA mandate in 2020 for ADS-B Compliance! Did you know that ADS-B has been an old idea built up of multiple technologies? Steve Bussolari was one of the original thought leaders and key contributor of building out the ADS-B system. He has so many stories to share from his time developing this new network while working in the MIT labs. We take it for granted the amount of weather information,...


Go / No Go, December 16, 2018

This past week, Marc found himself at his airplane at 6AM in anticipation of a 7AM departure for some minor maintenance at an airport some two hours away. The only issue was his home airport (KPWK) was fogged in with forward and vertical visibility near zero. When it became apparent the fog would not lift, he canceled. He posted the situation on Facebook and Instagram, @simpleflightradio, kicking off a diverse set of opinions. The Go / No Go decision comes with every flight, regardless of...


Cockpit Complacency, December 9, 2018

This week, Al confesses to some troubles in the cockpit, that ultimately point to an enemy of a pilot .... Complacency! Marc and Al take the conversation to a deeper level and come to the conclusion, that the very things pilots strive for as part of a safety culture, including process, standardization, and a rigid acceptance of checklists, can contribute to routines that may detract from the quality of a flight and potentially, its safety. But fear not, the crew brainstorms strategies and...


The Flying Club Community, December 2, 2018

This week, Marc and Al had some special guests that made their way to the SimpleFlight studio at KPWK. Gavin Black, Andrew Haefner, Pierce Lane, and Bill Engelking flew from their respective home bases in Knoxville and Duluth for the show. That, in and of itself, epitomizes what flying clubs are all about. It's all about adding a social aspect to our flying and infusing some energy into the aviation experience. What's different about their flying club, is that they are part of the Cirrus...


Final Approach - Bob Schmelzer, November 25, 2018

This week, we speak with Bob Schmelzer, who has spent the last 40+ years, flying for United Airlines. Just this past week, Bob turned 65, which by FAA rules, required him to retire from the airlines. With 27,000 of his 37,000 hours being at United, it is certainly an end to an era. The good news for GA is that Bob has never stopped training primary and advanced students working towards a rating, and even evaluating pilots while acting as a FAA designated pilot examiner. He stands as a role...


Jason Schappert of MzeroA, November 18, 2018

This week's show features Jason Schappert of As pilots around the world know, Jason Schappert is a CFII and ATP rated pilot. He is the founder of, and author of eight aviation flight training books. In 2008, Jason was named AOPA's Top Collegiate Flight Instructor, which was followed by being named an Outstanding Flight Instructor in both 2014 and 2015. Having amassed over 8000 hours of in-flight instruction since learning how to fly, he now provides help to many...


Mark Baker - Leader & Avgeek, November 4, 2018

This week Marc and Al sat down with the President and CEO of AOPA, Mark Baker. AOPA has always been there for the General Aviation pilot, but the focus often seems to be centered on protecting our rights in Washington. It was great to talk to Mark on a pilot to pilot basis and come to understand his passion and commitment to GA is really no different than any of us. And the fact that he is dedicated to making aviation better as a result of his involvement, is proof positive he's the right...


Connecting with AOPA! (Tom Haines) October 30th, 2018

Tom Haines! This week Marc and Al sat down with the Senior Vice President of Communication and Outreach for AOPA, Tom Haines. After 30 years of bringing aviation into the homes of pilots via magazines like AOPA Pilot, Tom helps us to see the world from the editor's point of view. Changing technology and the people who use it, creates a wide range of challenges in bringing the right content, in the right format to the right reader. Tom talks about the strategies he uses to stay connected with...


Cockpit Hacks - October 22nd, 2018

Cockpit Hacks! This week its all about making things a little bit easier, simple and safer in the cockpit. You may have seen a few things on Instagram this week of a few of the cockpit hacks. In the show we promised we would include a link to the "LCD Doodle Pad" that we talked about this week. Many of you asked where to buy it, here it is on Amazon: CLICK HERE FOR: LCD Neon Doodle Pad During our conversation, Al and Marc talked about these ideas: Congratulations to our Avgeek of the...


Seaplane By The Seashore (with Mike Poznansky), October 14, 2018

Mike Poznansky joins us this week. Mike has the good fortune to own two airplanes. But what makes his situation a little more unique, is that one of those planes is a Cessna 185 on amphibious floats. He lives a dual life, with a business need and one for adventure. Not surprising, Mike flies mostly for business, but looks for opportunities to increase the adventure side. You can follow Mike on Instagram: @mikepoz During our conversation, Al and Marc talked with Mike about some interesting...


Your Personal Minimums! (with Amy Voss) October 7th, 2018

Amy Voss joins us this week. She is a rockstar CFI, Mentor and is the Regional Training Manager for the East Coast at Cirrus Aircraft. She works daily with helping students, instructors and flight schools help people through elevating their personal minimums. Sometimes personal minimums are a lot harder than we think. You can follow Amy on Instagram: @tri_everywhere We covered in our conversation with Amy: Tell us how you have expanded your personal minimums! Congratulations to our...


Do PreFlights Have An Expiration Date? - October 1, 2018

This week on SimpleFlight Radio, Marc and Al discuss: The PreFlight With the impending return to flight of Marc's airplane, the SimpleFlight crew talked about the preparation for flying a plane that is fresh out of a major maintenance event. For all it's structure and formalization, it's surprising to see the variability employed by pilots in conducting a PreFlight. That is true between pilots and even with one pilot in different situations. Listen in to hear Marc and Al discuss different...


Bringing Professionalism into the Cockpit - September 24th 2018

This week on SimpleFlight Radio, we welcome: Max Trescott National CFI of the Year, Author, Avionics Guru, and host of his own podcast - Aviation News Talk There is so much we can learn from somebody like Max. Here is what we get into with Max: Max Trescott's G1000 and Perspective Glass Cockpit Handbook Congratulations to our Avgeek of the week! David H - @gkdave He answered our question correctly on Instagram. If you want to earn a shout out on the show as the avgeek of the week, make...


Fueled For Flight, September 16, 2018

Congratulations to our AvGeek of the week! Micah Maziar - @Micahatc He answered our question correctly on Instagram. If you want to earn a shout out on the show make sure to follow us @simplefligthradio on Facebook and Instagram. Planning your flights for fuel is such a personal idea and problem to solve. Al and Marc go at it based off of some personal experiences with a few tips and tricks learned through out. Come see us: September 22nd, - KSQI - Whiteside County Career Day and Fly -...


Tripping Down Lake Shore Drive, September 9, 2018

The SimpleFlight crew welcomes back Air Traffic Controller, Eddie Trujillo. Eddie has been quite busy at C90 (Chicago Approach), including his recent checkout on North Satellite. That means Eddie is now working all sectors around O'Hare, and its quite a challenge. As we continue to collect survey responses (click the link above to add your voice), it was interesting to see multiple requests on how to fly VFR in a busy area like Chicago, including the beautiful Lake Shore Run. The timing...


Pathways to Aviation Success, September 2, 2018

In the spirit of "bringing the band back together again", Al Waterloo joined Marc in the studio for this week's show. The great news is that this is not a "one and done" event. Al and Marc have been working behind the scenes to put together a long term plan to deliver value for our listeners. It starts with fanning the flames of our listeners passion for aviation, by connecting them to the people and things that bring aviation to life. So tonight Marc and Al launch SimpleFlight 2.7. Why not...


Transitions and Partnerships, August 26, 2018

Brandon Anderson had a goal. That was to bring aviation into his life in a big way. As he is an independent technology consultant, the path to reaching his goal was not so clearly defined. Diving in with both feet, Brandon headed out to the west coast to get on the fast track to earning his CFI, and then followed with his CFII. Listen in as Marc learns about Brandon's first year as a CFI, with over 650 hours flown. The experiences, the surprises, and the opportunities that have come as a...


The VFR Bandit - Unmasked, August 19, 2018

Some of our listeners may have heard the SimpleFlight crew refer to the "VFR Bandit". That moniker was earned by Adam Hirsen, a Chicago entrepreneur that used General Aviation to fly around the country for business. Not so unusual, until you understand that Adam had not completed his IFR training, so his frequent long trips all were made VFR. And as the legend goes, he never had to cancel. How does that happen? That's what we wanted to know, and so Adam joins us on this episode to dispel...


Insuring Your Passion, August 12, 2018

Aviation insurance is a confusing and sometimes complex subject. Whether your looking to acquire insurance, or "use" it after an incident, aligning yourself with good people is critical to successfully navigating the path ahead of you. Join us this week, as we speak with Ryan Konrath of Wings Insurance (, who not only acts as an aviation insurance broker, but brings with him the experience of being a GA pilot, as well as a member of a "121" flight crew. His path...


What Are The Odds, Part Deux, August 5, 2018

Last week, we talked about the small world we live in and Marc had a couple of proof points that demonstrated the concept. As it turns out, the small world theme continues.... only not in a positive way. So we ask again... WHAT ARE THE ODDS. What are the odds that during an oil change, you'll get a call from the maintenance shop that they accidently had a prop strike with your plane? That's what happened to Marc's plane, as the mechanic taxied the SR-22 to the maintenance hangar. The prop...