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We are a backcountry snowmobiling podcast, focused on getting in touch with all varieties of people throughout the industry. Not only will we talk with the biggest and baddest but also with everyday riders that just love to ride.

We are a backcountry snowmobiling podcast, focused on getting in touch with all varieties of people throughout the industry. Not only will we talk with the biggest and baddest but also with everyday riders that just love to ride.


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We are a backcountry snowmobiling podcast, focused on getting in touch with all varieties of people throughout the industry. Not only will we talk with the biggest and baddest but also with everyday riders that just love to ride.




McCall Rippin'!!

Sitting down with Bridger Labau, Jaden Ballard, and Levi Green to talk sleds was nothing short of amazing. Make sure to give this episode a share if you get anything out of it!!


Grow a Set!!!

Joel is a wealth of knowledge in the sled industry and we felt that these topics needed to be covered. To many times do we see posts about sledder and skiers alike, getting caught in avalanches and not coming out on the winning end. IT IS NOT WORTH IT!! Please for the sake of your family and your group get some education and make educated decisions while out riding! Force Turbos


All American Heroes Foundation

James sits down with Bryan, Joshua, and Mai from the All American Heroes Foundation to talk about everything that they are doing to help get veterans out on the snow and educated to do so! Make sure to check them out on facebook and instagram!


Love Your Life!!

He is a business owner, former professional snowboarder, and search and rescue member! Kyle P. Franklin is a solid guy and he loves the sport of snowmobiling as much as the next guy! James sat down with him at the Utah Snow Show to talk about the Love your Life lifestyle and what it all entails! Check out this episode and let us know what you think!!!


Kids Day with Ben Hancock

Every Year the Utah Snowmobile Association puts on an event that they call "Kids Day". It brings an opportunity for parents and kids to come and learn about winter safety on the mountain and the chance to win an abundance of prizes, including but not limited to a Phazer II built out with C&A pro skis, CFR handlebars, Zbros Rear bumber and a Custom JedHead Wrap!!


Avery White

In this episode of the SledAdx Podcast, I talk with Avery White out of Nebraska, who is taking the sledding world by storm this season! We talk trucks, decks, sleds, snow shows, you name it!! Go check it out and make sure to give him a follow!!


Luke Youngberg - Oregon

Luke Youngberg from the state of Oregon has been around the block when it comes to sledding. From guiding, to hillclimb racing, the just enjoying the backcountry, he has done it and he loves it all!! Luke shares his crazy story about the wildfire that happened in/around his home town of Estacada and how the local towns people had to fight it due to lack of resources! Check out this song that was written about the event on Youtube by searching "Small Town Fight"


Trent Woolsey with Z-Bros/Exit shocks!

Trent is the marketing manager for Z-Bros and Exit shocks out of Ogden, Utah. He just started riding sleds last year and is super stoked about this coming season. He is hoping to get a good amount of time on the new Ski Doo Lynx!! Check out this episode and check out Z-Bros Racing on Facebook and Instagram!!


Makin' the Ladies Comfy!

I have to start this off by just pointing out the fact that Melissa Wagner is a total Badass! She tapped me on the shoulder and said, I have a topic that i would love to share! So we sat down in the Iron Dog Booth at the Idaho Snowmobile show and got after it! If you have a wife or a girlfriend that wants to ride but she is hesitant listen up and you might hear some words of wisdom coming from someone with first hand experience!


Chillin' with IBEXX LLC

I had to take the opportunity to sit down with the guys from IBEXX at the Idaho snow show!! We had a great time talking about all of the products that they offer and I actually learned a ton too!! Hopefully we can follow this up with a more in depth episode when it comes to the clutching!


James Kaufman

I could talk to this guy FOREVER!!!! James is a super cool dude with a huge passion for sledding. Only being a few years into the sport it is pretty amazing how engulfed he has become! His new company out of Idaho, Broken Timber Sled Productions, is super exciting news. If you are interested in following the progress use this link to join the group,


Boondock Nation's Jack and Dylan

What a fun relaxed episode with two very influential people!! Jack and Dylan from Boondock Nation were a blast to talk too! I ran into Jack at the Salt Lake snow show put on by Snowest Magazine, and we talked about getting them on the show! As you all know, Boondock nation has a very good Video presence in the Snowmobile industry, but they express how they want to start spreading their wings a bit!! Give this episode a listen and make sure to follow/subcsribe to Boondock Nations social media...


Idaho State Snowmobile Association

I had the chance to sit down with the Hansen's of the Idaho State Snowmobile Association at the Snowest Idaho snowmobile show!! What a fun couple to talk to and they are very passionate about our sport!! Give it a listen and if you are interested in contributing to their cause visit their website to become a member!!


3C Guiding all around Wyoming

Cameron is one of the bigger guiding outfits out west, mainly in Wyoming. He literally can take you to snow anytime during the winter months due to his extensive amount of hard work and dedication to the sport. All the way from easy meadow mashing days to hardcore tree riding and jumping. Listen in!! or go look up 3c Guiding on Facebook!!


The Driven Mindset Podcast

Two worlds collide!! I wrangled Scott Spero and Cody Hunt at the Utah Snow show for a killer episode! We were all over the place but it turned out great!! Check it out and make sure you give them a follow!


Stable Mountain Rentals

What a crazy fun episode recorded at the Utah Snowmobile Expo in Sandy, Utah! I was able to round up Aaron Case and Ryan Searle to talk about their new adventure called Stable Mountain Rentals. Its not just about badass sled rentals though, they will rent you out avy gear and take you out on a guided ride! Give it a listen!!


Island Park Cabins and Lodges

Episode 027 I sit down with my little brother Daxton to talk about our trip up to Island park and the amazing stay that we had at the Grizzly Cabin by Island Park Cabin and Lodges!! Listen in for some fun back and forth between us!!


Go Fast and Take Chances with Kennon Jeppson

Sitting down with Kennon is always a blast!! We covered a ton in this episode so give it a listen!


It's Braaap Time!

In this episode I have the chance to sit down with William Singer, founder of BraaapTime! We had a killer weekend on the snow here in Utah for the first SledAdx Epic Allstar Ride.


SledAdx "Epic" Allstar Ride

Episode 024 of the SledAdx Podcast is three of the many riders sitting down to go over the epic weekend that we had for the SledAdx Epic Allstar ride.