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Soaring the sky is an aviation podcast dedicated to sailplanes and gliding. Join Chuck as he talks with glider pilots around the globe. You never know who my be the next guest on Soaring the sky.

Soaring the sky is an aviation podcast dedicated to sailplanes and gliding. Join Chuck as he talks with glider pilots around the globe. You never know who my be the next guest on Soaring the sky.


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Soaring the sky is an aviation podcast dedicated to sailplanes and gliding. Join Chuck as he talks with glider pilots around the globe. You never know who my be the next guest on Soaring the sky.




131: Engineered To Soar: Adriana’s aviation adventure

Born in Guadalajara, Mexico, Adriana Barragan grew her passion for life, beauty, science and freedom. During her childhood and teens, she was exposed to disciplined arts and sports that would let her develop her spirit and realize the power of the mind. Raised near the International Airport of Guadalajara, airplanes made her wonder. She had a revelation while learning basic aerodynamics on the internet. She was filled with pure passion and excitement. This was the most amazing applied...


130: Paragliding & Sailplanes: An aviation adventure with Wim Decrook In Belgium

On Today's episode we head to Belgium to chat with Wim DeCrooK, a competition paraglider pilot with over 1000 hours. Before finding his sweet spot in the cockpit of a sailplane, Wim competed alot! He was ranked 2nd in the Serial class at the British open in Spain in 2019 and 3rd overall at the Mossella Open in France also in that same year. His best soaring season in a paraglider he flew more than 140 hours. These are just some of his accomplishments. Wim will share some of his adventures &...


129: Soaring & Simulation: Getting the most out of your simulator experience

For this edition of the podcast Scott Manley joins us to talk about how we can use simulation as a powerful tool to learn and also have some fun while we are on the ground. Scott has been an educator and flight instructor for years but recentlry he has been teaching students online all over the globe using condor the soaring simulator. He has so much to share about how we can get the most out of our simulators and have fun while doing it. We also reached out to you the soaring community to...


128: Soaring In The Junior Worlds & OLC Rookie Of The Year: David McMaster & Laura Stern Interviews

Today we will be hearing from two guest pilots! first we will head over to the soaring capital of America, Harris Hill In New York state and chat with our first guest pilot David McMaster! David comes from a large family with lots of aviation history that he will tell us about and share some of those soaring stories at Harris Hill and other parts of the World. David Also competed at the Junior Worlds in the Czech Republic this past summer so he has a lot to share with us! Later on this...


127: A Mission To Soar In Montana & The Dust Devil Dash 2022: John Foster Interview, Doug Fronius

On this episode we will first head to the great Northwest where we find John Foster, our guest pilot soaring over the rocky mountains in Montana. Now this is in a part of the soaring world we have not heard too much about here on the podcast so I was happy when he reached out to us to share his adventures & journey and how he plans to help build the soaring community there. John also flies a Phoebus that has some super interesting history that he will share with us. Later on this episode we...


126: From Sailing to Soaring & The Women’s World Gliding Championship 2022: Georgia Schofield & Barbora Moracova

On this episode we first join Photographer, Videographer & glider pilot Georgia Schofield of New Zealand! Today she shares her gliding adventures soaring all over the world, recently visiting several glider ports. Georgia also has already competed in a couple National competitions where she placed 1st and 2nd. She also has had the incredible opportunity to soar the face of Mount Cook, the highest mountain in New Zealand. Georgia has recently helped out at the Women's worlds as a photographer...


125: Western Mountain Soaring & The Deadly Trap of Microburst

Western mountain air often generates super-charged thermals, endless convergence lines, and very high cloud bases - epic conditions for epic flights. On this episode we join Clemens Ceipek from Chess in the Air on a soaring journey over the 55 tallest peaks of the Rocky Mountains, and his declared 1000 km FAI triangle flight across the entire state - the first ever such flight in Colorado. But there's also a dark side to such extraordinary conditions: when the air goes up extremely fast, it...


124: Water Landing : An Interview with David Krautter

David Krautter grew up flying at a small airport near Huntsville, Alabama named Moontown. He received his private pilot's license at 17. He attended Georgia Tech in Atlanta and studied aerospace engineering. David got into soaring in 2010 after he graduated, flying with the Mid Georgia Soaring Association. During that time he started competing and working on improving his cross country skills. David moved to California in 2018 and purchased a LS-6. He spent the last year completely...

123: A Soaring Safari with Bruno Vassel & Dan Wrobel

Clemens Ceipek from Chess In The Air is joining us from Colorado. He will be talking with Bruno Vassel & Dan Wrobel in Utah about their recent Soaring Safari they completed. You may have followed some of their journey on Facebook. Their adventure included 5 states and approximatly 1,800 miles. With a Ground Crew & a refurbished glider winch from the 1960's. They take us through each leg of this journey and share their experiences along the way. From rope breaks to landing out in a farmers...

122: Amelia The Glider Pilot

On this episode Chuck talks with Amelia, a glider pilot soaring in the United Kingdom. Yes her name fits her very well as you will soon find out. At just 15 years old she is already making an impact on the sport. She loves sharing her soaring journey on Instagram and already has over 60,000 followers! Ameila also recently was ask to be the roving reporter for the buildup to the 2022 Woman's Worlds and she has already interviewed several pilots that will be in that event this year there in...


121: Pineapple Thermals, Cargo Gliders in Japan? & Flying the LP-15: Steve Keltie Interview

On this episode our guest pilot is Steve Keltie. Steve's father was an engineer so, he has been around aviation since he was very young. Hanging out at the airport watching test flights and soaking up all the sights and sounds he could. Steve even had the opportunity as a kid to be around aviation royalty Bob Hoover and other well known aviators. Steve sits down with our producer Mitch and shares some stories about catching thermals above pineapple fields in Hawaii, cargo gliders invading...


120: Area 51, UFOs & Potato Guns: An Interview with Jay McDaniel of Las Vegas Valley Soaring

On this episode we head to Las Vegas Valley Soaring where we chat with Jay McDaniel! What's it like soaring in the desert heat and monster thermals? Join us now as we hear some crazy stories and personal experiences Jay shares with us that include, Area 51, UFO's, mid air collisions and Potato Guns? Later on this episode Sergio the Soaring Master is back with another segment titled "Bounced Landings" All this and more on episode 120 of Soaring The Sky, a glider pilot's...


119: Soaring Slovakia & Aerobatic Dreams In Great Britain

Today we will first head to the Czech Republic and talk with our good friend Barbora Moravcova, She is a member of the Czeck Repubulic Women's gliding team and has just finished competing in the 15 meter class of the FCC Flight Challenge competition in Slovokia, flying her LS8. Unfortunately the first day of that competition was a rough one to say the least. Barbora chose to share this with us in hopes that we all can learn from it and be better and safer pilots. She will also share with us...


118: Cross Country Across The Country: An Interview with Gordon Boettger

Our friend Zach Yamauchi recently caught up with Gordon Boettger, Gordon has added a whole new meaning to "cross country" soaring as you are about to hear on this episode. He has been soaring pretty much his whole life. He soloed at 14 and has not looked back. Gordon holds 5 US distance Records and has Multiple crosswind and downwind flights beyond 2000 km, including flights done in a Kestrel from the 1970s. He began his professional aviation career in the Navy, and now flies for FedEx....


117: Pioneering a new route to Sierra wave: An Interview with Morgan Hall

Morgan Hall has just experienced an amazing uncharted soaring route flying wave in the sierras. What an adventure he had! You can open the OLC link below and follow along with us as he tells us about this crazy ride in wave. Morgans family has a deep aviation background that goes all the way back to World war II. So, its not a suprise that he was determined to start his own aviation journey. So, he traded his computer for his first aircraft, an ultralight. Soon after he discovered hang...


116: Soaring Austria: An interview with Rudi Schlesinger

On this episode we chat with Rudi Schlesinger, glider pilot and airline captain. Rudi started flying gliders in 1998 and later flew competitions including the Austrian Junior Nationals in 2002, Junior Worlds In Slovakia in 2003 and later that year he was invited to a training camp with Geaorge Lee in Austria. Rudi flew his first 1000k flight in 2010. He was Austrian National Champion in 2012. He had 2 World Records in the 13.5m class in 2020. On this episode he shares some crazy stories like...


115: Cross Country Soaring In The French Alps: An interview with Christopher Fleming Of Fayence Soaring

On this episode we head to Fayence France to chat with our guest pilot Christopher Fleming. Chris took the opportunity as an airline pilot to soar in as many locations as he could but, found his soaring paradise in the Alps. He decided to move there so he could fly more often. Today we chat about his many adventures and the important things he has learned along the way & what it takes to fly in that kind of tarrain with little to no landing out options. We also get into thermaling,...


114: Sailplanes, Hang Gliders & Ultralights: Ian Brubaker Interview

Ian Brubaker started his aviation journey in 2006, first flying powered in Cessnas, then sailplanes, and then moving on to hang gliders. Hang gliding has been his primary form of aviation for the past several years and he has been teaching it since 2015, holding a basic instructor and tandem rating. Ian also holds a B.S. in Space Physics from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Ian's passion and expertise is to make flying easy to understand and fun to learn by leveraging both his...


113: The Soaring Kings Of YouTube: World Premiere, Bruno Vassel Interviews Stefan Langer

This episode’s guest host is glider pilot and YouTuber extraordinaire – the one and only Bruno Vassel! Bruno joins us from Utah, and even in the small world of soaring, this will be his first time to ever connect with the legendary Stefan Langer. Together their gliding videos already have over 85 million views, and they have inspired countless thousands of people to take up or at least try flying in a glider. In this episode, they share their journeys and the various adventures they’ve...


112: Project AK-X The Flying Wing: Dominic Poppe Interview

We are excited to have glider pilot and project manager of the AK-X flying wing, Dominic Poppe with us. Join Tom Coussens, our guest host, as he gets the full story from Dominic behind the scenes at Akaflieg Karlsruhe in Germany. What does it take to design and build such an amazing aircraft? Later on the podcast Sergio The Soaring Master will join us to talk cross country soaring and turn points. Join us now for another soaring adventure now on episode 112 of Soaring The...