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Sports, entertainment, controversy and the new “Wrestling War” between the industry giant WWE and Spike TV’s new TNA wrestling – just some of what Bruce weighs in with his celebrity and expert guests each week. You’ll hear the battle stories and the behind the scenes realities from years past and the backroom stories of today. “Brother Love” is back on the air.

Sports, entertainment, controversy and the new “Wrestling War” between the industry giant WWE and Spike TV’s new TNA wrestling – just some of what Bruce weighs in with his celebrity and expert guests each week. You’ll hear the battle stories and the behind the scenes realities from years past and the backroom stories of today. “Brother Love” is back on the air.
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Sports, entertainment, controversy and the new “Wrestling War” between the industry giant WWE and Spike TV’s new TNA wrestling – just some of what Bruce weighs in with his celebrity and expert guests each week. You’ll hear the battle stories and the behind the scenes realities from years past and the backroom stories of today. “Brother Love” is back on the air.




Episode 114: Hulk Hogan's 1989 - 1990

Bruce and Conrad have covered the Mega Powers exploding and Zeus, but what about the rest of Hogan's 1989? Learn more about the script for No Holds Barred, how Hogan taking a dump saved the movie, how the movie nearly didn't make theaters, and all about the Rumble, Survivor Series, and SummerSlam matches that year with fun sidebars on Honky, Schiavone, Bad News, and Sherri. When we get to 1990 you won't believe what Bruce was suggesting but Vince shut down, why Vince shut it down, hear a...


Episode 113: SummerSlam 1997

1997 was one of the most important years in WWF history. We will examine the story lines like the USA-Canada angle of course but the real story is what is actually happening within the company. The WWF has greater attendance but ratings and PPV buys are down. We're less than two months away from Vince McMahon coming to Bret to tell him, "I can't afford your contract." We know that the following month, Vince "found the money." But how? We examine what changes the company made to cut costs and...


Episode 112: Vengeance 2003

This is a sleeper episode! Bruce and Conrad discuss the brand split and how it allowed guys to be featured who may not normally have a chance to do so, why the US Title was created, the rumor and innuendo surrounding Zack Gowen, the infamous HBO interview where Vince got frustrated discussing deaths in wrestling, why Hogan left, the original plan for Hogan and what the backup plan was, Chris Bell's brief run backstage, Billy Kidman being the envy of the locker room, why Terry Taylor was...


Episode 111: Invasion PPV (July 2001)

What were the original plans for the Invasion angle? When did they change? Why did they change? What missteps were made? Was McMahon impatient? The "dream" angle became a nightmare, but why? Bruce and Conrad examine the ins-and-outs of the "Dream Card" that didn't live up to the hype on today's edition of Something to Wrestle! Want more content? Support us on Patreon! New York, San Antonio, Winston Salem, LA, the UK, and Phoenix on sale now:...


Epsisode 110: Muhammad Hassan

Anti-American "gimmicks" have been done in wrestling for decades but Muhammad Hassan is the only character to ever be banned from television in the WWE. Join Bruce and Conrad as they examine the "how" and "why" of one of the most controversial characters in wrestling history. Who had this idea originally? How was it different than what had been done before? How did they choose who would portray the character? What were the booking plans before the incident? How did the man behind the...


Episode 109: Brutus "the Barber" Beefcake

We're struttin' and cuttin' this week on Something to Wrestle as we do three hours on Brutus the f'n Barber Beefcake! That's #BTFBB for short! We discuss who came up with the name Brutus Beefcake, the original gimmick, how it became a barber, whose idea that was, how it was received, who helped Brutus see how to get it over, why he never won the IC title in 88, why he was chosen to be by Hogan's side in 89 vs. Zeus/Savage, what the plans were at SummerSlam 90, all about the accident and the...


Episode 108: King of the Ring 1998

Rochester, New York, San Antonio, Winston Salem, LA, and Phoenix on sale now: Watch Bruce answer your Sable questions LIVE next week: Ask questions for the "King of the Ring 1998" episode right now: Tees are at and everything else is at Save Yourself Some Money: And don't miss our "Big Evil" Undertaker episode next Wednesday on the WWE...


Episode 107: Sable

The Sable story is unlike any other. There's an old saying about keeping your wife away from the business but Marc Mero didn't listen. He brought her to meet Vince McMahon in 1996 and nothing was ever the same. Perhaps no one could have predicted the star she would become when she debuted at WrestleMania 12 with Hunter Hearst Helmsley. We can't help but cover the story of Marc Mero's push, IC run, and the horrible timing of his ACL injury. But that ACL injury presented an opportunity for...


Episode 106: Bad Blood 2003

Business was down for the WWE in 2003 compared to 2002, but why? Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson discuss "the State of the WWE" for two hours this week and it's based around Bad Blood 2003, which exceeded expectations. Was it the Hell in a Cell that was responsible for the bump in business? Was it the return of Mick Foley? The show also featuring a burping contest, a poontang pie eating contest, and a singing contest -- who booked this?! Nobody was asking that for Flair-Michaels, a full...


Episode 105: King of the Ring 1993

The Summer of 1993 might be one of the most interesting times in the history of the WWF. With the Federal investigation looming, Vince McMahon steps down as President of Titan Sports after 12 years in the role, Tom Cole's story and the "ring boy scandal" continues to twist in the media, Hulk Hogan is working with NJPW but he's the WWF Champion and he wants to leave to do TV full time, Bret Hart feels like his opportunity to be the top guy was taken from him by a "half-in" Hogan, Yokozuna...


Episode 104: Bob Holly

You won't believe what Bob Holly thought of working for Jerry Jarrett in Memphis, or maybe you will, but his story doesn't stop there. Nobody has a story like Bob Holly. From quitting his job to wrestle to quitting wrestling to get a job and back again, he got his big break out of nowhere and felt like he was going nowhere as "Thurman 'Sparky' Plugg" for Vince McMahon. Bruce discusses Bob's claims of poor pay from the company in 1994, dropped Thurman for Bob, the real life racing situation...


Episode 103: #LoveToKnow

Instead of a single topic in long form this week, Conrad lets YOU ask Bruce the questions! The result is questions about anything and everything including Adam Bomb, Bruce's "WCW Dream Team" for the Invasion, Bruce's WCW gimmick as a manager, why Shamrock left, why Joey Styles wasn't on WrestleMania, babyfaces being clean shaven, Windham's "Widowmaker" gimmick, Vince as a heel in Memphis in 1993, the custody match with Rey & Eddie, the Warrior Award, Jericho's secret meeting with Vince, 02...


Episode 102: The British Bulldog

It's all about Davey Boy Smith with more than three hours on the "British Bulldog!" Of course Bruce and Conrad discuss Dynamite's injury, the infamous ribs from the Bulldogs, the Rougeau fight, why the Bulldogs left the WWF, how Davey wrangled the Bulldog name, his relationship with Dynamite, all of the feuds through 90-91, the May 1992 suspension, the famous SummerSlam 92 match with Bret, why Bret was disappointed in Davey heading into that match, how Davey responded to dropping the IC to...


Episode 101: The 1992 Royal Rumble

The 1992 Royal Rumble is regarded as being THE best Royal Rumble of all time. Bruce wasn't there so as a special bonus episode, Bruce and Conrad provide alternate commentary! So fire up the WWE Network, press mute and list to the guys cover all of the news and notes from the WWF at the time. Of course no one can hold a candle to Bobby Heenan's commentary so the guys talk about Ventura's lawsuit, Billy Graham trashing the company on TV over steroids, why Elizabeth came off the road, how the...


Episode 100: Brother Love

"I LOOOOOOOOOVE YOOOOOOOOU!" made Bruce Prichard a television star for the WWF as "Brother Love" back in 1988. But how did a 25-year-old kid working behind the scenes suddenly become a television character? Bruce tells the full story of the Brother Love character, who loved the idea, who hated the idea, and how it was never supposed to be him portraying the character. How did Bruce land the job? How did they "disguise" Bruce originally? How did the make up, the white suit, and the red...


Episode 99: The Big Boss Man

From an untrained enhancement talent to the main event at Madison Square Garden against Hulk Hogan in under three years, nobody has a story like Ray Traylor! Bruce and Conrad briefly touch on the Big Bubba Rogers days before breaking down how Boss Man got his big break in the business and how the gimmick came to be, why he was chosen to work with Hogan, why the character got over, why Hogan loved working with him, why Slick was chosen instead of Bobby Heenan, how much money Boss Man was...


Episode 98: Unforgiven 1998

The WWF is on fire by April '98. In this episode we cover the "RAW after WrestleMania" where Sean Waltman returned to the company to join DX, the New Age Outlaws became made men, Vince tried to "tame" his new champion, and everything else on the way to the Pay Per View after WrestleMania 14, Unforgiven 1998. Why was Dude Love the right opponent for Austin's first title defense? When did the company know that Austin-McMahon had "it" together? What did Waltman change that resulted in a...


Episode 97: Rob Van Dam

ROB! VAN! DAM! This week Bruce examines the entire run of "Mr. Monday Night" for hours on end. From training with the Sheik, to how he got into WCW, to why he left WCW, visiting Japan to fully become Rob Van Dam, finally getting into ECW, and the big break being featured on Monday Night RAW in 1997. You've got to hear Bruce and Rob's take on Paul Heyman's "management style" at the time, the first time Rob met Vince, when the WWF made overtures to sign Rob the first time, who actually...


Episode 96: RAW (4-13-98 - Austin vs. McMahon)

Is the podcast over?! Did Bruce and Conrad sell out? After the rumor and innuendo is put to bed, we have a special announcement about another podcast project, and then it's time for the main event... WHAT HAPPENED WHEN the WWF FINALLY beat WCW in the Monday Night Wars? It took 84 weeks but the magic bullet was under the nose all along: Vince McMahon fighting "Stone Cold" Steve Austin! Fire up the WWE Network, find the April 13, 1998, edition of Monday Night RAW, press mute and come along...


Episode 95: Goldberg

WHO'S NEXT?! GOOOOOLDBERG! He was the hottest star for WCW during their hottest period but his first run in the WWE wasn't quite as stellar. Did JR try to bring him in before he signed with WCW? What did Vince think about him? What run-ins did he have with WWE superstars before coming in? Who helped bring him in? Who was against it? Why didn't he come in sooner? Was he supposed to be a part of WM19? Why did he debut in jeans and a jacket? What REALLY happened with the fight with Jericho?...