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Covering the Oklahoma Sooners football, basketball and recruiting from the staff at The best podcast out there for information and fun from the official OU website of

Covering the Oklahoma Sooners football, basketball and recruiting from the staff at The best podcast out there for information and fun from the official OU website of
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Covering the Oklahoma Sooners football, basketball and recruiting from the staff at The best podcast out there for information and fun from the official OU website of








U40: How to insult a Sooner fan? Tell them everything is OK right now.

In this edition of the Choctaw Casino & Resort's Unofficial 40, we talk about how coaches are talking about their defense. Is just winning good enough for the fans? It doesn't seem to be enough for Carey, Josh, Eddie and Bob. Hear from Lincoln Riley and Ruffin McNeill on how their defense is playing. Hear the guys give their take on what the goal should be for Riley and McNeill moving forward with this team. The guys yell at each other and we take a break to talk recruiting with Trejan...


U40: Recruiting takes center stage as OU looks for a Bedlam beatdown

On this edition of the Choctaw Casino & Resort Unofficial 40, Oklahoma State comes into Bedlam after a disappointing and shocking road loss to Baylor. The gang is all here to talk about where the Sooners are heading into the weekend. Could it be that the gang feels good about OU's defense even after the Tech game? It's also a huge recruiting weekend for the Sooners and we go heavy into the weekend visitors with Josh and Bob. We also give our Coop Ale Works Player(s) to Watch against the...


U40: OU's road to the Playoff starts in Lubbock Saturday night

This week's Choctaw Casino & Resort Unofficial 40 is a supersized edition because the gang has a lot to talk about. Lincoln Riley rumors will continue as long as the Browns job is open. We hear from Riley on the reasons he loves Oklahoma and college football. The College Football Playoff rankings were released as well and we give our thoughts on the Sooners #7 ranking as well as where everyone else fell. We debate the biggest challengers to OU's ascension up the rankings. We also break down...


U40: Rattler news shakes things up, KState coming to town

The Choctaw Casino & Resort's Unofficial 40 podcast is in mid-season form as the entire crew is here to talk about the scandal in Phoenix. Spencer Rattler was suspended for the rest of the season. What do we know and will any of this affect his future at OU? Kansas State is also headed to town and we're wondering if this is another physical test the Sooners will struggle with on defense. We have your Coop Ale Works Players to Watch as well as breaking down what the Sooners will need from the...


U40: We're trying really hard to be optimistic about the defense

The gang is all here for another edition of the Choctaw Casino Unofficial 40. We start out discussing Curtis Bolton's first comments since the controversy about halftime and the Cotton Bowl. We're trying really hard to give the defense a chance under Ruffin McNeill. We're giving change a chance even though we don't understand some of the clamoring that out there for certain players to see more time. This is not a team with a lot of quick-twitch pass rushers on the team, so how the hell would...


U40: Can OU's defense be fixed this season?

Lincoln Riley and Ruffin McNeill had a chance to meet with the media and finally address the Mike Stoops firing. It's been a three-ring circus the last few days in Oklahoma as Mike Stoops even called into local radio to defend himself. We talk about the madness that's been as well as moving forward with Ruffin McNeill and Bob Diaco. Can this defense be fixed? What are our expectations? We also talk with Josh and Bob about how this change is going to affect recruiting. The full rundown...


U40: It's OU/TX. Sooners try to keep their foot on the Longhorns' necks.

It's the old power trio with Carey, Josh and Eddie as we breakdown some of the key matchups of OU/Texas. We hear from Mike Stoops, Curtis Bolton, Trey Sermon and Shane Beamer throughout the show while each member of the staff brings their biggest question marks and concerns heading into the Red River Rivalry. There's plenty of matchups to talk about, there's OU's tackling, the physicality of the secondary, the OU offense versus the Texas defense. Kyler Murray will be the best player on the...


U40: A lot on the line for Mike Stoops and the defense against Baylor

The Choctaw Casino & Resort presents the Unofficial 40 and this week the rubber hits the road with the OU defense. It's time to put up or shut up and we're totally judging the future of this team based on how the defense performs. Eddie came fully triggered in this episode as we talk about the state of the program and the angst in the fanbase. You're not happy and it's making us unhappy. Media coverage seems to be the last thing on anyone's mind at this point. We rehash the mistakes against...


U40: Real concerns vs. what's being overblown on defense

The whole gang is back and it's time to really dive into what is working and what isn't on defense. We all know there are issues with tackling. We know there are some coverage issues. After studying the game and looking at some key numbers, what issues really stick out? Can the run game be better? Will the offensive line get better now that Creed Humphrey has been named the starter at center? Army comes to town and that's always a delicate situation from a P.R. standpoint. We love our men...


U40: Is Trey Sermon really the No. 1 RB this team needs?

It's the first road game of the season and the road crew is getting ready to fly to Iowa. Will the hurricane make it a weekend from hell for our travelers? Obviously we talk a lot about the loss of Rodney Anderson and how this affects the entire running back rotation. We have some bold predictions about what will happen moving forward. Is Trey Sermon really the No. 1 RB this team needs? We're developing a man crush on Curtis Bolton even though Carey keeps calling him Curtis Lofton. Are we...


U40: Everything looks great for OU, so let's complain about stuff

With the season underway and a full game to digest, we have more to talk about than ever on the Unofficial 40 presented by Choctaw Casino & Resort in Durant. UCLA comes to town with plenty of suspended players, a quarterback situation and a first-year head coach. We make our picks for the biggest games this weekend, we give you our players to watch and we talk about Kenneth Murray not having any tackles and Curtis Bolton coming into his own. We also breakdown the latest on the recruiting...


U40: Ready or not, here comes OU football

It's the Unofficial 40 presented by The Choctaw Casino & Resort. And we're in mid-season form with this one. No lie, one of our best pods in a long time. We break down everything that's happened over this last week leading into game week. The interviews are all done, the press conferences are over, it's time to talk about where OU stands heading into the season opener. The guys are also going head-to-head to find out who is the best gambler on the podcast and we talk about the players we are...


U40: Kyler Murray takes over as QB1 in Norman

Game week approaches and OU has named it's starting quarterback from the opener. We talk about Kyler Murray taking over Lincoln Riley's offense. What should we expect? What does this do to Austin Kendall moving forward? Riley says he won't be afraid to use his QB in the run game. We talk about the start of Baker's OU career and try and see how that tells us about the potential start of Murray's OU career. We also take out some time to talk about the joke of an investigation in Columbus,...


U40: The quarterback decision is on its way as fall camp winds down

Preseason camp is winding down and Lincoln Riley is getting ready to make a decision about his starting quarterback as classes get underway next week. Hear from Riley about where the competition stands and whether he would consider playing two quarterbacks. Riley also says the center position is the best battle of camp. We talk about our biggest takeaways from the last few days of fall camp on both sides of the ball as well as look ahead to the season opener a bit with Florida Atlantic. No...


U40: Taking you inside what's happening during Fall Camp

If you are a fan of some hardcore fall camp info, then this is your podcast. The entire newsteam assembles once again to break down what we've learned over the first five days of fall camp. Some of you will be happy to know that we keep the tangents to a minimum until later in the podcast. We just had too much information to get out there. That doesn't mean we don't have fun as Eddie gets triggered over Kyler Murray questions, Caleb Kelly questions and for some reason, Drake Stoops...


U40: The final pre-preseason podcast. ChampUBBQ review.

The last pre-preseason podcast of the 2018 season. The guys are champing at the bit for football to return as Lincoln Riley takes the Sooners onto the field Friday. Eddie decides to be a bigger part of this week's podcasting festivities while Carey is the one who turns evil. We also talk about the horrible news out of Ohio State, the nickname Palace on the Prairie and people who listen to games on the radio inside the stadium. Plenty to talk about in the aftermath of the ChampUBBQ as well....


U40: Previewing the ChampUBBQ, preseason media has been extensive

Well, the ChampUBBQ is here and we dive right into the big weekend for the Sooners and Lincoln Riley. Josh and Bob give a full breakdown and we chop up all the names to know, including the latest we know on Dax Hill. Eddie is strangely quiet and surly today early in the pod but something inside is brewing before we finish. Carey just tries to stay out of the way and drives the car toward ChampUBBQ. We do have plenty to talk about with the safety position heading into fall camp. We also break...


U40: Lots of audio interviews, lots of highlights from Big 12 Media Days

The gang is back from Frisco, Texas, with plenty to break down from the Sooners time at Big 12 Media Days. We talk about everything that stood out to us about OU's time at The Star as well as the other interesting topics such as Tom Herman, UT and Justice Hill being hounded about where Dax Hill is going to college. Plenty of OU QB/Kyler Murray/Austin Kendall goodness as well as some man-crushing on Kenneth Murray and Rodney Anderson. We also hit some recruiting as a big commitment...


U40: Big 12 Media Days tell us football is just around the corner

It's time to go back to work as Big 12 Media Days begin in Frisco, Texas on Monday. OU moves up their own media day to July 22nd. Carey has a plan to eradicate mariachi bands with barbershop quartets. We talk about the expectations of what we could learn from media days and some of the frustrations of media days. What awful things would Eddie say to Bob Bowlsby if given the chance to ask him anything? Josh disrupts the podcast on multiple occasions because he is trying to eat and listen to...


U40: Wrapping up the 5-Star Challenge in Atlanta

Atlanta and the Rivals 5-Star Challenge is in the mirror and the entire gang is back to breakdown what we saw in Georgia. It was a weird podcast We were pretty much awful people that deserved to be flogged for some of our hypothetical takes on Big 12 Media Days and potential media stereotypes. Also one of Eddie's takes on Tom Herman was so hot, we had to bleep most of it out. The excitement is building for the #ChampUBBQ at the end of the month and we break down the best case scenario for...