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Covering the Oklahoma Sooners football, basketball and recruiting from the staff at The best podcast out there for information and fun from the official OU website of

Covering the Oklahoma Sooners football, basketball and recruiting from the staff at The best podcast out there for information and fun from the official OU website of
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Covering the Oklahoma Sooners football, basketball and recruiting from the staff at The best podcast out there for information and fun from the official OU website of








U40: Jalen Hurts is coming to OU, breaking down the new coaches

It's been a non-stop news cycle since we ended last week's pod. Jalen Hurts actually announces his decision to enroll at Oklahoma as we were finishing the pod so we came back and did an extra 30+ minutes just on what this means for OU. Alex Grinch has completed his staff. We breakdown the sweeping changes to come, Roy Manning, Brian Odom and how this could affect the current roster. We also hit up all the recruiting news from last week and talk about the makeup of 2019 as it all happens...


U40: Coaching rumors, QB rumors, recruiting rumors

There are so many things floating out there we had to address them all. And many of them could change by the time you listen to this podcast. This week's Choctaw Casino & Resort Unofficial 40 deals with Alex Grinch and the hiring of his staff. What are the names to know? Are reports about some coaches meaningless right now? And what coaches could return? Is it more than originally thought? We also talk about Kyler Murray to the NFL, or is it college? Or is it just baseball? It was also a big...


U40: Lincoln Riley tabs Alex Grinch to take over his defense

About 15 minutes into the Choctaw Casino & Resort Unofficial 40 Bruce Feldman's report leaked out that Alex Grinch was set to be hired as Lincoln Riley's new defensive coordinator. So the pod turned into an emergency podcast quickly. We talk about the hiring of Alex Grinch and everything we know about OU's newest defensive coordinator. We also throw out some ideas for Grinch's new staff and our thoughts on who will be staying and going. It's also a huge week for recruiting news as Josh has...


U40: Kyler Murray no shows, Hollywood Brown does. Media in full swing.

Media collides with the Orange Bowl as Wednesday is here and our first major media opportunities arrive. We headed out to practice to watch Marquise Brown and talked with offensive coordinators and key players. We're also joined by friend of the pod Jason Kersey to talk about his big oral history on the 2003 Oklahoma team he just published at The Athletic. We break down what we learned from day one of media access as we anxiously await full blown Media Day at Hard Rock Stadium tomorrow...


U40: Lincoln recruits like a boss. The signing day breakdown

Oklahoma currently sits with the No. 5 recruiting class in the country after the early signing period has ended. On this edition of the Choctaw Casino & Resort s Unofficial 40 we breakdown the impressive haul Lincoln Riley pulled in on signing day. Even without a defensive coordinator he pulled in two 4-star recruits and stole a safety from Arizona State. We also go inside the commitments and how signing day came together from our perspectives. Lots to talk about with the future including a...


U40: OU has been busy with awards, recruiting and getting back to football

Kyler Murray and Lincoln Riley arrived back in Norman after a whirlwind week and a half of awards circuits and recruiting trips. So the gang got together and broke down everything we've learned since watching Kyler Murray win the Heisman Trophy. Josh and Bob weigh in on the recruiting trips the coaches have been taking and the latest developments there. We talk Lincoln Riley and his next defensive coordinator of course and even talk a little bit about Alabama, Ben Powers and Bill Bedenbaugh....


U40: Season over and things have never been busier

On this week's edition of the Choctaw Casino & Resort Unofficial 40 we had a lot to talk about. Recapping the Big 12 Championship with Josh here this time, Kyler Murray's Heisman weekend and his relationship with Baker Mayfield. We also talk about all the recruiting visits the coaches are on right now as signing day is just two weeks away. Josh and Bob weigh in on the latest with recruiting. We also talk about OU's defensive coordinator situation as well as some previews of Alabama. We also...


U40: It's OU-TX part two as the Big 12 offices just keeps getting softer

The biggest game of the year has arrived as the Sooners head to Arlington to take on the Texas Longhorns for a second time this year. On this week's Choctaw Casino & Resort Unofficial 40 we dive right into the horns down controversy, the matchups we're looking forward to in Arlington, the Coop Ale Works Players to Watch as well as the recruiting that takes center stage immediately after this game. Oh yeah, Lincoln Riley has to hire a defensive coordinator too. But first it's the rematch at...


U40: Forget about the defense, it's time for a WVU shootout

The Choctaw Casino & Resort Unofficial 40 returns for a holiday week showdown between OU and West Virginia. What's gonna happen? We don't know, but there are going to be a lot of points scored. As we head out the door to West Virginia we talk about OU's place in the college football Playoff landscape, The Playoff committee isn't docking the Sooners for the bad defense but the Sooners must keep dominating on offense and make their way through WVU and Texas. We also talk about what Lincoln...


U40: How to insult a Sooner fan? Tell them everything is OK right now.

In this edition of the Choctaw Casino & Resort's Unofficial 40, we talk about how coaches are talking about their defense. Is just winning good enough for the fans? It doesn't seem to be enough for Carey, Josh, Eddie and Bob. Hear from Lincoln Riley and Ruffin McNeill on how their defense is playing. Hear the guys give their take on what the goal should be for Riley and McNeill moving forward with this team. The guys yell at each other and we take a break to talk recruiting with Trejan...


U40: Recruiting takes center stage as OU looks for a Bedlam beatdown

On this edition of the Choctaw Casino & Resort Unofficial 40, Oklahoma State comes into Bedlam after a disappointing and shocking road loss to Baylor. The gang is all here to talk about where the Sooners are heading into the weekend. Could it be that the gang feels good about OU's defense even after the Tech game? It's also a huge recruiting weekend for the Sooners and we go heavy into the weekend visitors with Josh and Bob. We also give our Coop Ale Works Player(s) to Watch against the...


U40: OU's road to the Playoff starts in Lubbock Saturday night

This week's Choctaw Casino & Resort Unofficial 40 is a supersized edition because the gang has a lot to talk about. Lincoln Riley rumors will continue as long as the Browns job is open. We hear from Riley on the reasons he loves Oklahoma and college football. The College Football Playoff rankings were released as well and we give our thoughts on the Sooners #7 ranking as well as where everyone else fell. We debate the biggest challengers to OU's ascension up the rankings. We also break down...


U40: Rattler news shakes things up, KState coming to town

The Choctaw Casino & Resort's Unofficial 40 podcast is in mid-season form as the entire crew is here to talk about the scandal in Phoenix. Spencer Rattler was suspended for the rest of the season. What do we know and will any of this affect his future at OU? Kansas State is also headed to town and we're wondering if this is another physical test the Sooners will struggle with on defense. We have your Coop Ale Works Players to Watch as well as breaking down what the Sooners will need from the...


U40: We're trying really hard to be optimistic about the defense

The gang is all here for another edition of the Choctaw Casino Unofficial 40. We start out discussing Curtis Bolton's first comments since the controversy about halftime and the Cotton Bowl. We're trying really hard to give the defense a chance under Ruffin McNeill. We're giving change a chance even though we don't understand some of the clamoring that out there for certain players to see more time. This is not a team with a lot of quick-twitch pass rushers on the team, so how the hell would...


U40: Can OU's defense be fixed this season?

Lincoln Riley and Ruffin McNeill had a chance to meet with the media and finally address the Mike Stoops firing. It's been a three-ring circus the last few days in Oklahoma as Mike Stoops even called into local radio to defend himself. We talk about the madness that's been as well as moving forward with Ruffin McNeill and Bob Diaco. Can this defense be fixed? What are our expectations? We also talk with Josh and Bob about how this change is going to affect recruiting. The full rundown...


U40: It's OU/TX. Sooners try to keep their foot on the Longhorns' necks.

It's the old power trio with Carey, Josh and Eddie as we breakdown some of the key matchups of OU/Texas. We hear from Mike Stoops, Curtis Bolton, Trey Sermon and Shane Beamer throughout the show while each member of the staff brings their biggest question marks and concerns heading into the Red River Rivalry. There's plenty of matchups to talk about, there's OU's tackling, the physicality of the secondary, the OU offense versus the Texas defense. Kyler Murray will be the best player on the...


U40: A lot on the line for Mike Stoops and the defense against Baylor

The Choctaw Casino & Resort presents the Unofficial 40 and this week the rubber hits the road with the OU defense. It's time to put up or shut up and we're totally judging the future of this team based on how the defense performs. Eddie came fully triggered in this episode as we talk about the state of the program and the angst in the fanbase. You're not happy and it's making us unhappy. Media coverage seems to be the last thing on anyone's mind at this point. We rehash the mistakes against...


U40: Real concerns vs. what's being overblown on defense

The whole gang is back and it's time to really dive into what is working and what isn't on defense. We all know there are issues with tackling. We know there are some coverage issues. After studying the game and looking at some key numbers, what issues really stick out? Can the run game be better? Will the offensive line get better now that Creed Humphrey has been named the starter at center? Army comes to town and that's always a delicate situation from a P.R. standpoint. We love our men...


U40: Is Trey Sermon really the No. 1 RB this team needs?

It's the first road game of the season and the road crew is getting ready to fly to Iowa. Will the hurricane make it a weekend from hell for our travelers? Obviously we talk a lot about the loss of Rodney Anderson and how this affects the entire running back rotation. We have some bold predictions about what will happen moving forward. Is Trey Sermon really the No. 1 RB this team needs? We're developing a man crush on Curtis Bolton even though Carey keeps calling him Curtis Lofton. Are we...


U40: Everything looks great for OU, so let's complain about stuff

With the season underway and a full game to digest, we have more to talk about than ever on the Unofficial 40 presented by Choctaw Casino & Resort in Durant. UCLA comes to town with plenty of suspended players, a quarterback situation and a first-year head coach. We make our picks for the biggest games this weekend, we give you our players to watch and we talk about Kenneth Murray not having any tackles and Curtis Bolton coming into his own. We also breakdown the latest on the recruiting...