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The White Sox Podcast For Fans, By Fans.






Running The White Sox Without Pants

Have you ever fantasized about running the White Sox? What would you do first? Let's fire a few people and ask a question of the team's scouts that any credible team would ask immediately. We're kicking of this episode, though, with the voice of Ed Farmer and an incredible charity event he threw his support behind years ago. Now Sox In The Basement is jumping in to help The Tom Hopkins Foundation and the Papa Hops 16" Softball Tournament on the South Side. Brought to you by Family...


White Sox Must Stay In Their Groove

The White Sox promoted young minor league star infielder Lenyn Sosa from Double-A, and didn't put him in the lineup. We go over the long list of roster moves on Thursday as the team looks to beat up on Baltimore. We also chat with Brian Barry of Sox on 35th about the rise of AJ Pollock in June, and what we can expect if he gets regular at-bats the rest of the way. Plus the debut of "Corn In The Basement!" Brought to you by Family Waterproofing Solutions! Listen. Subscribe. Share. Call...


White Sox Look To Build Momentum

The next several weeks can propel this White Sox team into legitimate contention, or seal their fate. It doesn't help that Lucas Giolito has not performed as a front-line starter this season. We take a look at the numbers, and ask if Ethan Katz can fix a pitcher he has fixed before. We are also taking a variety of listener calls as Sox fans try to find the positives, and share some outlandish ideas. Brought to you by Family Waterproofing Solutions! Listen. Subscribe. Share. Call...


Fixing Up The White Sox 40-Man

The White Sox should be right on the heels of the Twins, which is a weird place to find optimism. That said, championship teams use their 40-man roster to push for titles. So why do the White Sox have so much dead weight? We learn about a few pitchers who should be added to that roster from Michael Suareo of We also notice an offensive return to the norm. Brought to you by Family Waterproofing Solutions! Listen. Subscribe. Share. Call 708-459-8406 and leave your comments and...


Burger Story A White Sox Bright Spot

The White Sox took a likely 4-2 (possibly 5-1) homestand and turned it into a 2-4 debacle. The manager seems lost. High-end talent is playing at a low level. The organization looks bad from top to bottom. In the middle of it all there is a great story in Jake Burger. We welcome his new fiancé Ashlyn Carmela for details on his proposal this past weekend, what this season has been like so far for the couple and how Jake reacts to errors & homeruns. Brought to you by Family Waterproofing...


It’s OK To Boo, White Sox Fans

The White Sox ballpark experience reminds us of a zombie movie, players are underperforming badly & Tony La Russa has lost touch with reality. The boo-birds have been out this homestand and we are here for it. But, those boos are not for the players! Meanwhile, we speak with a veteran honored at Thursday's game who grew up in the shadow of Comiskey Park and once went north to see Jackie Robinson play in 1947. Meet Captain Bill Pinkney during "30 Minutes of Sox!" Brought to you by Family...


James Fox & The White Sox 2B Logjam

Rick Hahn, Chris Getz and others were recently watching Lenyn Sosa in Birmingham (AA). James Fox of FutureSox joins us to talk about a possible promotion to the majors for the prospect as a long-term fix at second base. Why would the Sox skip Yolbert Sanchez in AAA? What happens to Josh Harrison and Leury Garcia? We look at a logjam that Rick Hahn must un-jam. We also explain why we choose to remain an independent voice for White Sox fans. Brought to you by Family Waterproofing Solutions!...


James Fegan & Fixing The White Sox

The White Sox are bad. The season is spiraling out of control. Time to make some changes and fix this thing. We offer a few logical moves that Rick Hahn and Tony La Russa could do right now, if they could get over their own mistakes. James Fegan of The Athletic also joins us with clubhouse mood, some areas he would like to see improved and if we will soon see internal cracks as the team continues to struggle. Brought to you by Family Waterproofing Solutions! Listen. Subscribe. Share. Call...


White Sox Fans, How Did We Get Here?

When your team is sitting at .500 coming out of the Memorial Day Weekend in a contention window season, you are tempted to play The Blame Game. So, let's play. Who is most to blame for the White Sox 2022 season to date? From Rick Hahn to Tony La Russa to Jerry Reinsdorf to aging hitters, there are so many options. Listen to the case for each so you can yell about the right people until the White Sox eventually turn a corner and go on to win it all...right? Brought to you by Family...


Do You Still Trust The White Sox?

How fans view White Sox personnel is starting to seem different to how the team views this group. With a .500 ballclub entering the Memorial Day Weekend, we ask if you still trust those running the 2022 White Sox. There is still a lot of season left, but at some point this team needs to win more than they lose. Let's also entertain the question of who the starting catcher should be right now. Brought to you by Family Waterproofing Solutions! Listen. Subscribe. Share. Call 708-459-8406 and...


Tim Anderson: White Sox Catalyst

During an intense series in Yankee Stadium, the White Sox rallied around shortstop Tim Anderson. The weekend could be a turning point in the season, but that isn't why TA is a catalyst. He's doing something at the top of the White Sox batting order that is extraordinary. Nik Gaur of explains why the Sox leadoff hitter does so well at the plate, and why he shows no signs of a slowdown. Brought to you by Family Waterproofing Solutions! Listen. Subscribe. Share. Call 708-459-8406...


Scott Merkin Talks White Sox From The Road

Scott Merkin of checks in from the White Sox road-trip. Get his take on the Ozzie Guillen & Tim Anderson kerfuffle. Find out what it would take for Jose Abreu to move down the order. Is the team resting players as part of an overall philosophy? Plus, he spoke directly to Rick Hahn to see if manager and general manager were on the same page. We're also entertaining three big theories on what has caused the White Sox to struggle in "30 Minutes of Sox!" Brought to you by Family...


White Sox Finding Their Second Leadoff?

As White Sox manager Tony La Russa declares that the 9th batter in his lineup is the "second leadoff" man, we look at six key players that actually determine how the offense performs. Dallas Keuchel may be looking for more innings, while we're looking at some unorthodox decisions that have not worked out. Meanwhile it is still May, and this White Sox team may be a spark away from a run up the standings. Brought to you by Family Waterproofing Solutions! Listen. Subscribe. Share. Call...


The One Thing Worse Than Yankees Fans

This weekend brings out some of the worst fans in baseball, but they are not exactly who you may think. We'll explain why Tony La Russa's Thursday night lineup against the Yankees clearly tells you how he views his player personnel and team roles at this point. We're also asking if the White Sox are playing specific odds when matching pitchers up each series. Relax, Sox fans. There is a lot more ahead of us. Brought to you by Family Waterproofing Solutions! Listen. Subscribe. Share. Call...


White Sox Showing Some Smarts

White Sox fans were right to criticize Tony La Russa during the team's 8-game losing streak. They now need to commend his good choices and a winning streak. From bullpen usage to shuffling the rotation, smart baseball leads to wins. We're chatting with Chicago radio veteran Herb Lawrence about it all, including looming decisions on Johnny Cueto, Dallas Keuchel and Vince Velasquez. Plus, are the baseballs different for national broadcasts? Maybe. Brought to you by Family Waterproofing...


White Sox Start Figuring Things Out

The White Sox seem to have turned a corner this week. Tim Anderson is proving us wrong in a very good way. Aaron Bummer may be looking a a role change too. Michael Suareo of joins us to identify minor leaguers down on the farm you may see with the big club this year, and to update us on some surprising prospects further down the line. Meanwhile, the science says offense is about to come back in a big way very soon. We'll break it all down! Brought to you by Family...


April Showers Bring May White Sox Wins

The White Sox are trying to put April in their rear-view mirror, and Dylan Cease may be the rock to build upon. Jordan Lazowski of joins us to explain how the mustached man turned a corner into becoming the possible Ace of the White Sox. We also look at the outfield defense and pre-pitch tendencies from A.J. Pollock. Very soon the White Sox have to clear roster space for Moncada, Kelly and Cueto. Will Dallas Keuchel survive? Brought to you by Family Waterproofing Solutions!...


John Cangelosi: White Sox Guy

In 1986 host Chris Lanuti first met John Cangelosi at the age of 9. Now he has the one-time White Sox rookie on his podcast to tell stories, talk about Tony La Russa, and hear about his partnership with Bo Jackson. We're also talking about the baseballs that Major League Baseball seemingly have ruined this season. When does this team start winning? It has to be soon, right? Brought to you by Family Waterproofing Solutions! Listen. Subscribe. Share. Call 708-459-8406 and leave your comments...


For The White Sox, Does The Manager Matter?

The White Sox went 0-7 on their recent road trip, but how much of that really falls on manager Tony La Russa? We dig deep to find if managers in MLB actually matter over 162 games and learn something unique about La Russa compared to his historical peers. In between some listener "venting" calls we also look at some individual hitting tendencies thus far in the White Sox lineup. The solution to early offensive woes seems simple to us. Brought to you by Family Waterproofing Solutions!...


A Perplexing Start For The White Sox

We chat with Fox Sports MLB Analyst Ben Verlander about the potential of the 2022 White Sox, if his brother Justin really could have ended up on the south side & how any Power Rankings list could possibly forget the Sox. Scot Gregor of the Daily Herald discusses some troubling early issues for the team after a disasterous trip to Cleveland. Plus, we worry that Tony La Russa has vastly overvalued Leury Garcia. Brought to you by Family Waterproofing Solutions! Listen. Subscribe. Share. Call...