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EPISODE #41 - Do You Know Your Athlete's Triggers?

Do you know your athlete's triggers? What makes them anxious? Are you saying or doing things that actually hurt them when your intentions are to help? In today's huddle, I talk with Teisha Womack, who played college basketball at Seton Hall and then professionally in Poland. She went on to get her Master's in Sports Psychology and now works with athletes on improving their mental skills. This is a conversion you don't want to miss and you'll want to pass along to other sports mamas and...


EPISODE #40 - What Type of Sports Parent Are YOU?

Nick and I discuss... Who he is, what he does and why he does it. Why he started The Reformed Sports Parent platform and when he realized he needed to change. How being vulnerable with his boys was a turning point. When he realized it was more about him than his kids he realized he needed to step back and make some changes. How he reached out to others to see if others were feeling like this and so many others were at very high levels. Why parents are feeling the pressure of the...


EPISODE #39 - Is Your Athlete Specializing Too Early?

Can you feel it? The pressure is high. The fear of missing out is real, but what happens to your athlete when they specialize too early? In today's huddle, I talk with Brett Klika from SPIDERfit kids about the very real dangers of early sports specialization. Brett shares important insights with us from his extensive background working with youth athletes all the way to professional athletes. Stay with us for this's information you'll need. Brett shares with us... Why he...


EPISODE #38 - Is Yelling and Screaming at Athletes the Best Way to Coach or Parent?

Does yelling at athletes prepare them well for the world after sports? Does it really" toughen them up"? Is this the best way to coach/parent? In today's huddle, I bring back J.P. Nerbun, a mentor, writer, coach, and sports consultant. who is, most importantly, I am a husband and father. We talk about what happens when we lead with love, both as a coach and parent, and some practical ways we can change the default response from yelling and screaming to setting high standards and leading...


EPISODE #37 - What Happens When Your Athlete Doesn't Eat Properly?

Did you know that food is more than just fuel for our athletes, it's information their body uses to perform and to stay injury free? So what happens when our athlete doesn't eat properly? In today's huddle, we talk with sports dietitian, Amy Dirks. Amy is a mom of 2 daughters playing sports and Amy herself was a D1 volleyball player at Arkansas State . She also was Sporting KC's first sports dietitian. Listen in for her great tips and tools! Amy tells us... About her food philosophy: Eat...


EPISODE #36 - How Do We Change the Default from ME to WE in Youth Sports?

Welcome to the Sports Moms 15 minute huddle Dr. Rob shares... Who he is, what he does, and why he does it. Why he holds sport and the vehicle of sport as sacred. What is the Hinge? We are always one moment or one person away from connecting who we are with who we are going to become. Why having a coach is so important. Rob shares his hinge moment during a triathlon and how it led to the question he asks "Would You Stop"? A better us is what makes a better you. It's not about being...


EPISODE #35 - What does Love-Powered Leadership Look Like in Sports?

What if there were a proven Coaching & Sports-Parenting Philosophy that would help your student-athlete have more joy, passion, confidence, and success on and off the field? Would you want to hear about it? In today's huddle, I talk with Andrew Simpson from Player's Fitness and Performance about the love-powered leadership philosophy and it's growing movement in youth sports. Andrew Simpson shares... Who he is, what he does and why he does it. What is Love-Powered Leadership? What...


EPISODE #34 - The Power of Love in the Pursuit of Excellence

Being a sports mom is awesome and challenging all at once. We often stress out and become overwhelmed because we are focusing on things that are completely out of our control. We choose fear over love. On today's episode, I talk with Stacie Mahoe, who is a sports mama of 8 about the power of love in the pursuit of excellence. This shift in focus can be a gamechanger for our athlete and for us! CONTINUE THE HUDDLE WE LOVE HEARING FROM YOU! If you have a question about today’s episode...


Episode #33 - Is Your Athlete At Risk for a Knee Injury?

We buy our children all the best equipment for their sports but are we protecting their bodies in the right way if we just focus on external equipment. What about equipping their bodies to be injury free? On today's episode, I talk with Dr. Leslie De-ro-zure , who is IS A DOCTOR OF PHYSICAL THERAPY, a SPORTS INJURY PREVENTION EXPERT, AND BOARD CERTIFIED ORTHOPEDIC SPECIALIST. We talk about ACL injuries and how to be proactive to keep an athlete's ACL strong. CONTINUE THE HUDDLE WE LOVE...


Episode #32 - Is Your Athlete Who They Want to Be or Who They Think They Should Be?

If your child doesn't truly love playing the game, is it time for them to find something else they really love and pursue it? In today's huddle, Marisa & Vinny Malts, owners of Bloodline Hockey, talk with us about their approach to youth hockey and why their mission is to show kids their true potential on and off the ice and to give them the confidence to reach the goals they strive so hard to achieve. So let's drop the puck and get this going... Marisa and Vinny share about... What...


EPISODE #31 - Does Your Athlete Play for the Love of the Game?

When you look at the big picture of youth sports, what words immediately come to mind? How about "fun"? How about "integrity"? Are those in the top ten? In today's huddle, I talk with, Glen Mulcahy, founder of Paradigm Sports and For the Love of the Game. Glen has over 20plus years of coaching experience with men, women, boys, and girls in multiple sports and he is on a mission to bring the game back to the kids...where it belongs. Glen shares with us... His journey as a sports parent, a...


EPISODE #30 - Faith & Sports: Putting Your Faith First

In today's huddle, I talk with Coach Donnie Bostwick, who has made a remarkable rise in the basketball-coaching world. His track record of winning is truly astounding, but what Donnie tells us is that without God absolutely none of it would have been possible. If you have questions about how faith and sports can come together, listen in! Coach Bostwick shares his experience with us and why he always puts his faith first. Donnie shares... Where he came from, how he was raised and how the...


EPISODE #29 - Why Should We Trust Kids to Lead Youth Sports?

What You’ll Hear in Today’s 15-Minute Huddle: Let's imagine all the adults involved in youth sports took a big step back and let the kids take the lead. How do you think the current youth sports might change? On today's episode, I talk with Zac Ludwig, founder of Switching the Field, about trusting our kids and putting aside our adult anxiety and worries to experience the joy of youth sports again. We go a bit over of 15 mins, but its well worth it. Links &...


Episode #28 - Before You Yell at That Official, Get to Know One.

WHAT YOU’LL HEAR IN TODAY’S 15-MINUTE HUDDLE: “You should check your phone for messages, you’ve been missing calls all night,” someone yells from crowd. This is one of the more humorous quips heard from the stands, but often what the crowd yells is not so funny and can turn ugly quickly. So in today’s huddle, I talk with Craig Kibbe, High School Basketball and Football Official, about what it’s really like to be an official and how parents can partner with officials to create a great...


EPISODE #27 - How Can Your Wrestler Avoid Burnout in the 3rd period?

What You’ll Hear in Today’s 15-Minute Huddle: How Jackie became interested in nutrition and why she specializes in nutrition for wrestlers. How she approaches nutrition/making weight for wrestlers and how her approach is different from the traditional approach. Why this approach is an easier and more healthy approach to making weight. Jackie shares how important carbs are to their performance on and off the mat. Her "hard and fast rule" around what age wrestlers should be cutting...


Episode #26 - Why Nate Robinson Wants You to Slam it in the Bag!

What You’ll Hear in Today’s 15-Minute Huddle: Let’s be honest. Does your athlete stink? No, not at their sport. But do they have a sports bag that you kindly ask them to leave in the garage? The struggle is real, right?! On today’s episode I take to NBA great, Nate Robinson, who played college basketball for the University of Washington, was the 21st pick in the 2005 NBA draft, played for numerous NBA teams and is a three-time NBA slam dunk champion Nate and I talk about… His mental...


Episode #25 - Raw Truths From a Sports Mom & Olympic Gold Medalist

What You’ll Hear in Today’s 15-Minute Huddle: Samantha shares how a perfect storm of emotions almost her to almost quit swimming (at just 14 years old) and how a moment in the car with her Mom helped her. Samanatha takes into the situation that created huge internal conflict for her and how it showed up in her swimming and in her behavior. She talks candidly about almost losing her daughter and how it cracked her wide open and forced her to look at herself in a very different way. We...


Episode #24 - 6 Ways for Parents to Give Coaches Great Feedback

CONTINUE THE HUDDLE We love hearing from you! If you have a question about today’s episode (or want to ask a question of your own for the podcast), you can email me at or head on over to the Sports Moms United Facebook Community To learn more about the Sports Moms United movement and find resources to support you as you support your athlete, head to our website or follow us on Facebook and Pinterest.


Episode #23: Where Can I Find About My Athlete's Coach

What You’ll Hear in Today’s 15-Minute Huddle: Today's Topic: How much do you really know about your athlete's coach? What if there was a social media platform that empowered you to understand more about who is coaching your athlete and be able to give and get feedback in real time? Here's what we Bill Kerig, founder of Great Coach, shares with us on today's episode: Bill shares his background in sports, business and coaching and how his background led to the creation of Great Coach We...


Episode #22: Eat Like A Champion: Performance Nutrition for Your Young Athlete

What You’ll Hear in Today’s 15-Minute Huddle: Today's Topic: I'm joined by Jill Castle, a pediatric nutritionist with over 27 years of working with kids and families. Jill shares why she became a nutritionist and how her active kids influenced her sports nutrition focus. We talk about how sports nutrition has changed and where it's headed. Jill discusses how we got off-track in sports nutrition by rewarding physical activity with a treat instead of fueling for recovery. We talk about...