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NBA Free Agency Slows & KAT Contract (Ep. 48)

Brian breaks down who's left on the NBA free agent market and why that's the case. Also, we dive into Minnesota's desire to lock up Karl Anthony Towns, long term. Is this a good decision and what's Minnesota's outlook for the future -- Tom Thibodeau, Jimmy Butler? Finally, we'll look at some winners and losers from free agency.


Kawhi's Mess, Carmelo's a Rocket or Laker (RIGHT?!), and K-Love's Future

The Kawhi Leonard fiasco shows no signs of concluding any time soon. Brian talks about who's to blame. We, also, weigh Carmelo's next move -- seriously, it's really not even up for debate. And we examine Kevin Love's future post-LeBron. But will it be without the King for long?


Recapping OKC Keeping PG, the Latest Lakers Logic, and Brian's NBA Team Tiers

Brian examines Oklahoma City's decision to re-sign Paul George and why they did it. What are the long range effects and was this their only move? Also, Brian gets into the latest Laker moves, possible future moves, and how all this impacts LeBron in 18-19 and going forward beyond next year. We wrap up the show with Brian introducing his Tier System, when looking at all 30 NBA teams.


LeBron's a Laker & Everyone Hates Boogie (Ep. 45)

NBA Free Agency was practically over before it started. Then Boogie blew up the internet!!! Brian talks LeBron's decision to move to Los Angeles and how this decision is more than basketball. We also get into DeMarcus Cousins's move to sign with the Warriors -- why this happened. And now with the signings that have been made thus far in Free Agency, what are some initial thoughts on where teams stand?


NBA Free Agency Clock is Ticking

We're days away from NBA Free Agency officially beginning. What are the latest rumors? Is Kawhi going to be traded and where to? We'll examine the most sensible trades for the top-5 superstar. Brian also looks at the top free agents and analyzes where they may choose to go on July 1: LeBron James, Paul George, DeMarcus Cousins, and more.


Luck's Shoulder, Julio's Offseason, and Fantasy Football

Champ and Brian reunite to discuss the state of Andrew Luck's return to football. How's the shoulder progressing and what can be expected as training camp approaches? How nervous should Colts' fans be? In Atlanta, how concerned should Falcons' fans be over Julio Jones's offseason? Then the guys dive into some fantasy football topics and play a game -- "Him or Him?". The show wraps up with a "Dads Only" segment.


Jay & Tre Show -- Part 2 (Episode 42)

Brian recaps the fire spewed by the "Golf Elite" after Phil Mickelson offended everyone at the U.S. Open. Also, Brooks Koepka goes back-to-back after managing to conquer the field at Shinnecock over the weekend. Then, we get to the second half of our conversation with Jay and Tre, where we get into the biggest NBA names we'll be talking about all summer.


The Jay and Tre Show, Part 1 -- The NBA Offseason (Ep.41)

Jay Jackson and Treval Parker join the show for the first of a two-part series. We question Jay's "guru status". We talk lasting images from the 2018 NBA Finals before diving into the offseason. We run through a laundry list of players and what their futures hold.


Warriors Sweep the Cavs and We're on to the NBA Offseason

The NBA Finals ended as we all predicted they would. And now we can look forward to where a slew of NBA superstars will end up playing next season, as free agency season begins.


Cavs Miss Their Chance in Game 1

It's been a while but Brian's back talking NBA Finals. The Cavs played as well as they could have hoped and got 51 points from LeBron -- and still lost by 10. What can the Cavs possibly do now? How do these playoffs impact LeBron's looming offseason decision? Brian also looks ahead to Game 2 and what we can expect from both teams. Is this a series now? We wrap up by discussing the big non-Finals story of the week -- burner Twitter accounts.


Is LeBron v. Warriors IV in Jeopardy?

We've got two Game 6s (will we have two Game 7s?) in the Conference Finals. The Celtics have put LeBron on his heels. Can LeBron get help and push this series back to the TD Garden? And hey, the Rockets play defense -- who knew? Oh, and the Warriors look like a middle school basketball team in the final 2 minutes of close games.


Panic in Cleveland; Rockets Even Series with Warriors

The Rockets played outstanding in Game 2. Is that sustainable for the rest of the series? Kevin Durant got the LeBron treatment from his teammates in Game 2 -- no one else showed up. What's up with Stephen Curry -- is the ankle a real issue? Is Klay Thompson going to show up offensively? What happens when this series goes to Oracle? In the East, Cleveland has LeBron.....and that's all. What must LBJ do to extend the Cavs' season? Al Horford is the MVP of the playoffs and the heartbeat of...


Celtics - Cavs ECF Preview

The Eastern Conference Finals are ready to tip so Brian breaks down the keys to this series. How does LeBron get this Cavs team back to the Finals? What can Brad Stevens and the Celtics do to prevent LBJ from getting to his 8th straight NBA Finals? Brian briefly recaps the keys to the Western Conference Finals between Houston and Golden State, and also clues listeners in to some slight programming changes with the podcast.


The NBA Conference Finals are Upon Us

It's mid-May and the NBA has finally sorted itself out. We've got just what we thought we'd have. Boston took down Philly -- Brad Stevens is a genius; and now we get Cavs - Celtics, after LeBron ripped the Raptors' hearts out. Out West, of course, it's Rockets - Warriors because why wouldn't it be? What are the keys to that series and will it be as competitive as everyone thinks?


The Good, the Bad, and the Confusing from the NFL Draft

Champ graces us with his presence (maybe) after a weekend off. The guys go through and identify the good things that came out of the NFL Draft while also looking at the "not so good" things. And then they talk about the moves that left them confused. Champ and Brian spend some time having fun with the latest team-by-team win total projections put out by Vegas. And we wrap up the show with a "Dads Only".


NBA Second Round & Some Questions Surrounding OKC, Washington, and the Spurs

Brian looks at each second round series in the NBA and breaks down what's happened so far. The Raptors have nightmares about LeBron. Can they get past that? The Celtics don't look like they know Kyrie and Hayward are not in the lineup, and the Sixers need to run their offense through Ben Simmons. The Warriors look like the Warriors. And the Jazz won a game playing the Rockets style? Then Brian asks some glaring questions with regard to the future of some of this year's playoff teams --...


NBA Game 7s, the 76ers are the Favorites in the East, and Storylines from the NFL Draft

It's the weekend podcast and Champ didn't show up for work. So Brian goes it alone and previews the upcoming Game 7s in the NBA. We also break down what the future holds for the Thunder; how the Jazz might be changing the focus of the NBA; and how the Sixers have exploded as the favorites to get to the Finals. Brian also dives into some of the storylines to come from the first round of the NFL Draft.


Live 2018 NFL Draft Podcast

Champ and Brian live podcast during the NFL Draft. You get gut reactions from our hosts as picks happen. They discuss potential landing spots for players and reflect on winners and losers of Round 1.


Final Mocks Before Draft Night

The NFL Draft is less than a week away and we are so excited!!! Champ's in, and he and Brian finish up their combined mock with picks 21 - 32. They also compare draft night scenarios. We invite media members into the studio and hold a GMs press conference based off of Champ's mock draft. We do some bold predictions for draft night and wrap up with a "Dads Only". And after the music at the end, you might want to stick around.....


Pelicans Up, LBJ Carries Cavs, Same Old Wiz, and Thunder Hurting (ep. 29)

We're in the middle of the first round of the NBA Playoffs, and it's every bit as exciting as we could have hoped!! Brian talks through 4 of the opening round matchups and where they stand after a couple games. Who would have thought the Pelicans would be up 2-0 on the Blazers? Jrue Holiday is making his mark on this series and the Portland guards have been non-factors. The Cavs needed a herculean effort by LeBron to pull even with the Pacers -- and they still almost lost. Not a good sign....