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Your host, Brian Goodwin, breaks down and discusses the day's most relevant sports topics. We include solo shows with Brian, co-hosts, interviews, and different segments. It's sports and we have fun with it.


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Your host, Brian Goodwin, breaks down and discusses the day's most relevant sports topics. We include solo shows with Brian, co-hosts, interviews, and different segments. It's sports and we have fun with it.



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Is Philly heading for a Super Bowl hangover? Did the Bills and Bengals close the gap on the Chiefs? Are the Lions and Seahawks set to make a big step forward in 2023? Plus, more questions that were answered in the NFL Draft. (Ep. 600)

On today's show, Brian addresses what teams did in the draft and if they answered the most important questions their respective franchises faced. Are the Eagles still the NFC's best? Did the Lions or Seahawks close the gap at all? Did the Bengals and Bills address needs that help pull them even with KC? And the Cardinals appear to be pulling off an obvious tank job for Caleb Williams or Drake Maye.


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NFL Draft Night Extravaganza 2023 (Ep. 599)

The tradition continues as Champ joins the show during the live First Round of the NFL Draft. The guys banter over picks, laugh at the Lions, and try to figure out the Jets.


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The Lamar Jackson Standoff Addressed at the NFL Owners Meetings. Plus, Ugh....Aaron Rodgers. (Ep. 598)

On today's show, Brian discusses what's being said at the 2023 Owners Meetings about Lamar Jackson. Plus, it's been a couple weeks since Aaron Rodgers told the world that he wants to play for the New York Jets. We discuss why this hasn't happened and what we hope the Packers will do.


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Carolina Trades Up for the Number 1 Pick! Plus, No Teams Want Lamar? Really? (Ep. 597)

It's Friday night and there's breaking news!!! We react to the huge trade that gives the Carolina Panthers the number 1 pick in the draft. What this trade means for the Panthers and Bears? But Brian opens with the Lamar Jackson situation and what to make of all the reports that have come out since that teams are not interested in the 26-year old former MVP.


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Derek Carr and Geno Smith Get New Deals. What's Next on the QB Carousel?! (Ep. 596)

Get ready -- the quarterback news will start coming fast and furious! Yesterday, we got the reports that Derek Carr is a New Orleans Saint and Geno Smith is back with a new deal in Seattle. Brian discusses these deals. Then, we look ahead to what might happen next, with Aaron Rodgers to the Jets likely leading the way. But there's more! What will Baltimore do with Lamar? Brian predicts non-exclusive tag and why that will result in Lamar starting on another team in 2023! Plus, could the Rams deal Matthew Stafford??!! Lastly, the Bears have been busy putting a lot of smoke out there. What's all the noise really mean about the number 1 pick in the draft? And why potential trade partners are waiting.


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Who's Going #1? Which Team Trades Up with Chicago? What Will the Lions Do? And More NFL Draft 2023 Predictions. (Ep. 595)

We're in the middle of Combine Week in the NFL, and Brian is in the mood to make some draft-related predictions. We examine which QB will go number 1 and which team will be poised to trade up for him. Which surprise defensive player will come off the board first? Could QBs really go 1-2-3? Should the Lions grab a quarterback at 6 (or 18)? And who's the QB below the top-4 who could have a Jalen Hurts-type of impact on his team?


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Bryce Young's Weight, the Bears' Number 1 Pick Up for Sale, and Some WR Talk from the Combine. (Ep. 594)

Welcome to Combine Week in the NFL, as everyone descends upon Indianapolis! One of the top storylines (if you can believe it) is potential number 1 pick Bryce Young's weight! Brian has some thoughts! Plus, we discuss the tweet that Schefty put out about the Bears' number 1 pick being up for sale. We put on our Brian Windhorst hat and theorize what this means. Then, we dive into what is most important at the Combine, and how we should be sorting through the WR prospects this year.


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10 NFL Predictions for the 2023 Offseason (Ep. 593)

The 2022 NFL season has ended, but that only means that the offseason is just beginning! Brian takes us through ten predictions for the coming months. Where does Aaron Rodgers end up? Does Lamar stay in Baltimore? Which top level WR will get dealt? How does Philly respond to being oh-so-close in the big game? All that and many more predictions!!


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Chiefs are Champions, Andy Reid's Masterpiece, and Where was the Philly Defense? Plus Officiating and Grass. (Ep. 592)

On today's show, the KC Chiefs are champions once again. Why was this one more impressive as we examine Andy Reid's coaching performance? Plus, we look at all the angles from the game that played out -- some as expected while others were not. Then, we discuss how a classic game was marred by officiating, and Brian explains why that call -- while correct by the letter of the law -- should not have been made. Lastly, we talk about grass! How was that playing surface so brutal???


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A Sad Championship Sunday, Eagles-Chiefs Storylines, Brady Retires, and Coaching Moves. (Ep. 591)

On today's show, Brian reacts to a bummer of a Championship Sunday. Plus, Tom Brady retires (again), Eagles-Chiefs storylines that we'll hear about, and movement on the coaching front -- Sean Payton to Denver, DeMeco Ryans to Houston, and coordinator positions filling up.


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Winners and Losers from NFL Divisional Round (Ep. 590)

What a Sunday of NFL playoff football! Brian runs through winners and losers. -the Bengals o-line showed up despite the doubters -Joe Burrow is elite -Greg Olsen was excellent on the SF/DAL game -changes coming in Buffalo? -CBS and FOX miss out


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Can the Jaguars' Dream Season Continue at Arrowhead? Will the Pressure Get to Philly? Expect a Star-Studded QB Battle in Bengals-Bills. And How Will Brock Purdy Deal With Micah Parsons? (Ep. 589)

Today, we breakdown the 4 NFL Divisional Round games on the slate for this weekend. What do the Jags need to pull the upset? (HINT: Everything....and more! But Dougie P will be ready.) The Bills-Bengals features two championship-caliber teams, but will it be a QB mistake that makes the difference? Will the third time be a charm for the Giants, as they head into Philly? Watch for Wink's blitz and the Eagles' response. Lastly, let's go into a time machine to the 90s for 49ers-Cowboys! So many keys and questions: Brock versus Micah Parsons; Dak versus the nasty Niners defense; Big Mike in a huge game; the Cowboys' ability to make the big plays. Plus, Brian gives his Best Bets.


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Searching for the Los Angeles Chargers' Next Offensive Coordinator. (Ep. 588)

With the news earlier in the week that the Chargers have parted ways with OC Joe Lombardi, Brian takes it upon himself to help Brandon Staley find the next playcaller for Justin Herbert. We give a list of potential candidates and tier them out.


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Ravens' Questionable Decisions, Chargers Collapse and Jags Comeback, and More From Wildcard Weekend. Plus, Bucs-Cowboys MNF Preview. (Ep. 587)

On today's show, Brian recaps the weekend's playoff action. Baltimore blew a chance to upset Cincy -- what was John Harbaugh thinking at the end? And now, what's the future of the Ravens and Lamar Jackson? The Bengals advance but at what cost, as more O-line injuries emerge. We also talk about the Giants advancing and the 49ers doing it with Brock Purdy. But let's not forget the main event here -- the Chargers do what we all should have expected and lose a 27-0 lead! The Jaguars come back, Dougie P shows why he's got a ring, and now the Chargers franchise must ask and answer some difficult questions about their head coach and coaching staff. Plus, we wrap up with Bucs-Cowboys on MNF.


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What's Next for Aaron Rodgers and the Packers? Plus, Head Coach Openings in the NFL and Playoff Predictions. (Ep. 586)

Champ joins Brian to discuss the Packers season-ending loss to the Lions, the offseason, and what might, what should, and what could happen with Aaron Rodgers. Then, the two examine the five head coaching vacancies and discuss which are the most intriguing -- and could two more open up after this weekend? Lastly, we wrap up by discussing all 6 Wild Card games this weekend.


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NFL Awards. Plus, Playoffs -- How'd We Get Here?! (Ep. 585)

On today's show, Brian hands out recognitions for all the major NFL awards. How'd Patrick Mahomes have such an outstanding season after an offseason where he lost Tyreek Hill?!! Why can't we recognize Nick Bosa and Justin Jefferson as legitimate MVP candidates? Who wins the very very crowded field for Coach of the Year? Sauce or Hutch for DROY? And a surprise OROY! Plus, we get into a few leftover storylines from Week 18, as we head into the playoffs.


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Buffalo Puts Patriots (Fans) Out of Their Misery, Houston Wins But Loses #1 Pick, Black Monday for HCs, and Tip of the Cap to Mike Tomlin. (Ep. 584)

The NFL regular season is over and it's playoff time! We'll talk playoff matchups and the schedule, but first we reflect on the 2022 season: big changes probably necessary in New England, Mike Tomlin just wins baby, and did Sean Payton's next job just open up in Arizona? Plus, Houston loses the number 1 pick in the NFL Draft and Lovie Smith, consequently, loses his job as Texans' head coach.


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New AFC Playoff Scenario; Must-Win Week 18 Games; Lions and Packers on SNF at Lambeau. Plus, Great News on Damar Hamlin. (Ep. 583)

On today's show, we examine the Week 18 slate of games, but first we celebrate great news about Damar Hamlin. Plus, new pieces to understand with regard to the AFC Playoffs -- homefield, number one seed, neutral site title game, and coin flip to determine homefield in a potential Bengals-Ravens Wild Card Round game. We got more on the playoff picture: Lions-Packers-Seahawks for the 7-seed in the NFC, Patriots still with a shot (???!!!), Jags-Titans for the AFC South crown, and we have Best Bets (based on player incentives).


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Damar Hamlin's Cardiac Arrest on MNF (Ep. 582)

Brian discusses Damar Hamlin and what we saw on Monday Night Football.


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Carolina's Better Than Tampa Bay, Bills-Bengals Game of the Year (???), and Who's Got More Magic -- Vikings or Packers? Plus Best Bets for Week 17. (Ep. 581)

On today's show, Brian wonders aloud how anyone could trust the Bucs this weekend against Carolina. Plus, we get a good one on MNF -- Buffalo at Cincinnati. Could this be the Game of the Year? Then, we examine some other Sunday games -- Packers' magic versus Vikings' magic, Tomlin on SNF against a hated rival, and the Washington Commanders entrust their playoff hopes to Carson Wentz. Plus, we give out some Week 17 Best Bets.