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Your host, Brian Goodwin, breaks down and discusses the day's most relevant sports topics. We include solo shows with Brian, co-hosts, interviews, and different segments. It's sports and we have fun with it.

Your host, Brian Goodwin, breaks down and discusses the day's most relevant sports topics. We include solo shows with Brian, co-hosts, interviews, and different segments. It's sports and we have fun with it.


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Your host, Brian Goodwin, breaks down and discusses the day's most relevant sports topics. We include solo shows with Brian, co-hosts, interviews, and different segments. It's sports and we have fun with it.




Brady Going to His Tenth SB and KC Too Much for Buffalo (Ep. 364)

On today's show, Brian reacts to Championship Sunday in the NFL by looking ay the top headlines from the day's two games. Tom Brady wins at Lambeau and now is heading to his record 10th Super Bowl appearance. Matt LaFleur's decison to take 3 at the end instead of going for a TD. Aaron Rodgers giving a sad press conference that raises some eyebrows. Andy Reid and the Chiefs, led by Patrick Mahomes, embark on their own dynasty. And can we give the KC defense some love, please?!


Champ's Corner: Championship Sunday is Here, Plus Ted Thompson's Impact and Dan Campbell Hired in Detroit (Ep. 363)

It's time for Champ's Corner! The guys discuss Championship Sunday while also spending time reflecting back on Ted Thompson's impact on the league and the Green Bay Packers. Plus, the Lions hired Dan Campbell -- will this work? Then, we play "If I..." and "Champ's 3 Wishes".


Championship Sunday Preview (Ep. 362)

On today's show, we break down the AFC and NFC championship games. How much does mindset play into these matchups? What will it take for Brady and the Bucs to pull the upset in Green Bay? And why the Bills might be the perfect team to go into Arrowhead and knock off the defending champions. Plus, Best Bets and Archie's Picks.


Next Steps for NFL's Divisional Round Losers; Plus Newest HC Hires (Ep. 361)

Today, Brian examines what the major moves need to be for the teams whose seasons ended last weekend: Cleveland, Baltimore, New Orleans, and the Rams. Plus, the Chargers zig when everyone else is zagging -- why it's a good move to hire Brandon Staley. Then, Brian ends by discussing the Dan Campbell hire for the Lions and why the roster is just one piece to the puzzle that needs mending.


Brady Over Brees and Andy Reid Shows His Stuff (Ep. 360)

Brian recaps Sunday's Divisional Round games in the NFL. Cleveland put up a fight and it was valiant effort, but Andy Reid made the call of the game when he had to -- and Kevin Stefanski did not. At the Superdome, it's farewell to a legend, as the Bucs end the Saints run and, in turn, Drew Brees' career. Plus, we continue following the NFL's best drama -- the Houston Texans.


Reacting to Packers-Rams and Bills-Ravens (Ep. 359)

On a special Sunday show, Brian reacts to Saturday's Divisional Round games in the NFL playoffs. Packers put the squeeze on the Rams, and the Bills contain Lamar and his legs.


New Hires Around the NFL Plus Divisional Round Previews (Ep. 358)

It's our Friday show and Brian starts off by examining some of the recent hires by teams (for some recent we left out Robert Saleh) as they fill GM and HC positions. Then, we dive into the games on tap for the Divisional Round this weekend: the matchup game in Green Bay with the Rams, the recipe for a Browns upset in KC, a fast start for the Bills, and the epic Brady-Brees III. Plus, Best Bets and Archie's Picks.


CFB National Championship Reaction. Plus, What's Next for Wild Card Weekend's Losing Teams? (Ep. 357)

On today's show, Brian gives his thoughts after Monday's college football title game. Devonta Smith is worthy of consideration at number 2 in the NFL Draft; Ryan Day isn't NFL-ready (FYI); and Deonte Brown is STC's new favorite player. Then, we look to those NFL squads that got bounced on WC Wildcard weekend and ask what is the number one item on their respective offseason "to-do" lists.


Wild Card Sunday Reactions. Plus -- See Ya, Dougie P!! (Ep. 356)

Brian reacts to Sunday's Wild Card games. Lamar and the Ravens defense too much for the Titans. And what was Vrabel thinking punting? The Bears die a slow death Sunday in NOLA. And the Browns out-played and definitely out-coached the Steelers. But first, Brian opens with thoughts on the news that Philly has parted with their head coach.


Saturday's Wild Card Round Reactions (Ep. 355)

Brian reacts to Saturday's slate of Wild Card games in the NFL. How good is Tampa Bay? Seattle couldn't beat Jared Goff??!! And Buffalo shows it's not how much time you get -- rather, it's what you do with that time.


Wild Card Weekend Preview Plus Deshaun Watson's Frustration in Houston (Ep. 354)

Brian breaks down his thoughts on Wild Card Weekend in the NFL. Can Washington stymie Brady and the Bucs? Is Cleveland the "Nobody Believes in Us Team of the Playoffs"? McVay and the Wolf (maybe Goff, too) head into Seattle. How nasty will it get in Tennessee with the Titans and Ravens? Plus, the blueprints for the Bears and Colts to pull off upsets this weekend. But we open with Brian discussing the mess in Houston and why it's imperative the Texans figure things out with Deshaun.


NFL Awards Plus Head Coaching Vacancies (Ep. 353)

On today's midweek show, Brian opens with what each team with a head coaching vacancy should be looking for. Then, it's time for the 2020 STC NFL Awards!! We've got the routine, run-of-the-mill awards plus a whole bunch of special awards for some special people and teams in the NFL.


Something Magical in Buffalo? Plus, Week 17 Reactions & Playoff Look-Ahead (Ep. 352)

On today's show, Brian reacts to the end of the regular season in the NFL, and asks if something seems magical with the Buffalo Bills this year. Plus, should we believe in Baltimore or Tampa Bay? Then, we run through some of the Wild Card Matchups and wonder if the Rams are better off without Jared Goff in Seattle. Lastly, it's Black Monday and we look at the coaches who got their walking papers.


The Ten Most Important People in Football 2020 (Ep. 351)

On the first STC podcast of the new year, Champ joins Brian, as the two look back at 2020 and discuss the most important people in football for the year: Andy Reid reinventing offense with Patrick Mahomes, JJ Watt holding teammates accountable, Alex Smith returning to football, Brian Daboll changing Josh Allen and the course of offense in Buffalo, and much more.


Playoff Ramifications in Week 17, Busy Offseason for Philly, and Is This It for Certain Players (Ep. 350)

We enter a wild Week 17 -- nothing is as it seems!!! (That's a warning to any bettors out there.) But we do try to wrap our heads around a few things, like how will rest versus rust come into play with Buffalo and Pittsburgh -- and how will those decisions impact potential playoff contenders like Baltimore, Indy, Miami, and Cleveland? Plus, more week 17 items, Best Bets, and Archie's Picks.


The Rams Without Jared Goff; Why We Should Have Seen the Haskins Disaster Coming; and Appreciating Cam Newton (Ep. 349)

On today's show, Brian takes a minute to appreciate Cam Newton and how he's handled this difficult season with the Patriots. Then, we examine the Jared Goff injury and what this could possibly mean for the future of the Rams. We also look at Dwayne Haskins getting released by the Washington Football Team and why that pick never looked like it was the right one.


Week 16 Reactions: The Can't-Trust-Cardinals, Brian Flores' QB Bullpen, and the Too Successful Trubisky Plan (Ep. 348)

On today's Week 16 recap show, Brian asks why we ever trusted Kliff Kingbury heading into the SF game and if the "Trubisky Plan" is working TOO well for Mitch. Plus, Brian Flores is toying with all of us as he rolls out the QB Bullpen with Tua and Fitzpatrick. Then, we dive into Jon Gruden's true identity, the strange Cleveland gameplan against the Jets, and what to make of the NFC East, as we head into Week 17. And much more.


NBA Bold Predictions Plus NFL Week 16 Best Bets (Ep. 347)

On today's show, Brian gives his bold predictions for the NBA season, including why the Suns and Warriors won't live up to expectations, why Donovan Michell is primed to take the next step, and why you shouldn't sleep on the Miami Heat. Then, we get into Best Bets for Week 16 plus Archie's Picks.


NBA Extravaganza Tip-Off Show with Jay and Tre (Ep. 346)

The 2020-21 NBA Season is here!! Jay and Tre are back with Brian to discuss things to look forward to, including how good the Nets can be, why the Pacific Division might be the toughest in basketball, and why no one should believe in the Clippers. Then, the guys talk about how the Mavs could be the second best team in the West, the pathway for the Celtics to be title contenders, and why it's a forgone conclusion that the Lakers will repeat.


The Question Now for the Jets; Trubisky's Plan Taking Shape; and the Future of the Falcons (Ep. 345)

Brian reacts to Week 15 in the NFL by starting out with wondering how the Rams can lose to the Jets. Then, we explore the new options that the Jets created for themselves by winning Sunday. Plus, the Bills make a statement in Denver, and the Trubisky Plan is working almost too well for Mitchell. Lastly, what goes through Matt Ryan's mind during critical stages of a football game.