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Pelicans Up, LBJ Carries Cavs, Same Old Wiz, and Thunder Hurting (ep. 29)

We're in the middle of the first round of the NBA Playoffs, and it's every bit as exciting as we could have hoped!! Brian talks through 4 of the opening round matchups and where they stand after a couple games. Who would have thought the Pelicans would be up 2-0 on the Blazers? Jrue Holiday is making his mark on this series and the Portland guards have been non-factors. The Cavs needed a herculean effort by LeBron to pull even with the Pacers -- and they still almost lost. Not a good sign....


Mock Draft Analysis and NFC North Breakdown

On today's show we recap our combined NFL mock draft (1-10) from last weekend's show. Champ is here and we go through picks 11 through 20 in this edition of our combined mock. Then, we run down a list of NFL Draft prop bets. We finish off our trip around the NFL divisions with the NFC North -- looking at where the 4 teams there stand at this stage in the offseason. To close, we have a "can't miss" Dads Only!!!


NBA Playoff Preview Extravaganza!!!!!

The NBA Playoffs are HERE!!!!! Brian talks about how the NBA regular season ended. We also discuss the teams and players with the most to prove in these playoffs. Finally, Brian breaks down each opening round playoff series and talks about each teams' keys to winning. We end with some predictions.


Champ and Brian Team Up on a Mock Draft & Breakdown the AFC East

Champ is in and we do a combined NFL mock draft of the top 10. We also break down the AFC East and analyze what those teams need and where they're going.


NBA Conversation with Jay Jackson & Masters Preview

Brian recaps the men's Final Four and the National Championship game. We, also, preview the Masters which starts this week, and Brian gives three names to watch out for. Friend of the show Jay Jackson stops by to talk NBA storylines: who's coming out of the East, are we destined for a Houston-Golden State finals in the West, who are the teams to watch for, and can anyone surprise us come playoff time?


Will OBJ Get Traded? And Are the Rams the New Evil Empire?

Happy Easter!! Champ's here and we dig into the NFL news and notes of the week. Is Odell Beckham, Jr. on his way out of NY? We discuss Ndamakong Suh's deal with the Rams and what the Rams are building out there in L.A. And is Johnny Manziel on the comeback trail? Where might he land? We get into the AFC West divisional breakdown, and then close the show by handing out some Easter baskets.


The Final Four, NBA Storylines, and MLB is BACK!!!

Now that the Final Four is set, we examine the teams remaining and what we might see Saturday night in San Antonio. We also look at the top NBA storylines of the week -- Cavs back or not, Steph's injury and how that impacts Golden State, and the West's playoff teams that the top seed do not want to see in the playoffs. Lastly, Brian gives his Major League Baseball stone cold locks, as he lays out how the season will unfold with predictions about division winners, award winners, and, of...


The Best Mock Draft Ever Done

Champ's in and we run through a 2-Minute Drill of NFL topics. Then, we dive into Brian's first NFL Mock Draft. We examine potential top 10 trades. Finally, we analyze the NFC West in our fifth of eight divisional breakdowns.


Recapping March Madness, Previewing the Sweet 16, and 5 NBA Storylines to Watch

It's been a week since the tournament started so we recap the first couple rounds of madness, including Virginia's stunning defeat (but I kinda called that, not to brag) and Loyola's divine run into the second week. We look ahead to some of the Sweet 16 games and what could be in the Elite 8. We also tackle five storylines from the NBA, like are Blazers really for real? And are the Raptors going to pull a Virginia come the playoffs? We also mix the Cavs, the Warriors, and Spurs into the...


Big Money Thrown Around in NFL Free Agency & NFC South Breakdown...Champ's In

NFL Free Agency has swept through like wildfire, and Champ's in to help us all make sense of it. What do all these moves mean for future contracts plus what can we expect in the NFL Draft now? We also examine the state of the NFC South in our fourth Divisional Breakdown.


March Madness and NFL Free Agency

Sunday's Selection Show was weird. Notwithstanding, the bracket is out and I lay out 8 features that are worth keeping an eye on. I also provide my Final Four selections and the winner. I also get into NFL Free Agency and everything the that happened the day leading up to the new league year starting. We wrap up the show with some segments.


Journalism at Its Worst

We turn our attention to examples of how sports journalists have failed us. Most recently, we look at the reports on Michigan State football and basketball. Other examples include Deflategate and what is happening with the sports media in Boston.


Another Weekend with Champ

Champ is back and we run through the wild week of trades in the NFL. Yes, I said trades in the NFL!!!! We play a game we call "QB Carousel" with high stakes. We talk about possible free agent moves by the Packers and Patriots as the new league year begins next Wednesday. We get to another Divisional Breakdown -- the AFC South.


NBA News and Notes & Takeaways from the NFL Combine

The Cavs aren't quite as back as we all thought. And now soup is being thrown around the facility. The Rockets might never lose another game -- but the same could be said for the Warriors, Blazers, and Pelicans. The West is wild!!! And the NBA MVP is still not totally decided. I also give my three takeaways from an NFL Combine that I claim not to care about. I don't. Honestly.


Champ is In to Talk Blake Bortles, the NFL Combine, Gronk, and the NFC East

It's been a week and a half, but we're back!! Champ stops by to discuss the Blake Bortles contract extension and what it means for the Jags and Bortles; the NFL Combine and what we should take from it; and what is happening with Rob Gronkowski. We also run through our second Divisional Breakdown -- the NFC East. We close the show with a "Dads Only" segment.


We're in Portland Talking NBA Stretch Run

We're coming to you from Portland, OR on the road at the 2018 Synchronized Figure Skating Team Championships. We get into some big questions as the NBA regular season comes down the stretch run: Are the Cavs back? Who's the best in the West? Who's the MVP? We wrap up the show with some segments.


Did the Colts Get It Reich? Plus an AFC North Breakdown

Champ jumps back on for what's becoming his weekly weekend visit to the pod. We discuss the Frank Reich hiring in Indy -- and compare it to what the Eagles have done in Philly. Also, Saquon Barkley said he's going to attend the NFL Combine and we've never had so many GMs happier to see a guy running and doing drills in his underwear. We debut our NFL Divisional Breakdowns by starting with the AFC North -- we examine team needs, reflect on their 2017 season, and look at where we see each...


The New Look Cavs & Other Post-Trade Deadline News

Who is this Cavs team??? We also talk other NBA news items and who's been impacted the most since the trade deadline. "Pitchers and Catchers Report" -- calm down for a minute, seamheads. What's going on with the lack of big-money contracts? We have a drop-everything-you're-doing Winter Olympics update. Also, Champ chimes in as we finish up our "Ten Questions" from last weekend on the NFL offseason. Then, we wrap up with some segments.


Champ Reflects on SB 52 and We Play "Ten Questions" (Part 1) About the NFL Offseason

Champ returns to give his take on one of the worst Super Bowls ever played. (If you liked the game, Champ doesn't think highly of you.) We also play "Ten Questions" as we break down 10 items to look forward to now that the NFL offseason has officially begun. We finish the pod with a segment called "Snowed In", where I make a confession.


Breaking News!!!! Josh McDaniels is Staying!!! Oh, SB 52 Reflection and NBA Trade Rumors, Too

Breaking News -- Josh McDaniels decides to stick it to the Colts at the very last second as a reminder that New England doesn't forget. We also reflect on the Super Bowl and give a lot of credit to Doug Pederson and his game planning. Also, we check in on the latest and greatest as the NBA Trade Deadline nears. We wrap up the show with some segments centered around the return of college basketball, the Olympics are again being forced down our throats, and Dan Snyder doing Dan Snyder things.


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