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Your host, Brian Goodwin, breaks down and discusses the day's most relevant sports topics. We include solo shows with Brian, co-hosts, interviews, and different segments. It's sports and we have fun with it.

Your host, Brian Goodwin, breaks down and discusses the day's most relevant sports topics. We include solo shows with Brian, co-hosts, interviews, and different segments. It's sports and we have fun with it.


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Your host, Brian Goodwin, breaks down and discusses the day's most relevant sports topics. We include solo shows with Brian, co-hosts, interviews, and different segments. It's sports and we have fun with it.




Top 10 Mock Draft, AFC North/NFC West Team Needs, and "Our Guys" (Ep. 270)

Champ joins Brian, as the two run through a mock draft of the top 10 picks in the upcoming NFL Draft. Who needs what and how each team should go about building their respective roster. Then, the guys break down draft needs of the teams in the AFC North and NFC West. Lastly, Brian gives his "My Guys" list for players the Patriots should consider, and Champ discusses his top players that would make great Packers. And Brian's mom makes another appearance and this time has a question.


QBs on the Move, Clueless in Houston, and Free Agency Winners and Losers (Ep. 269)

On today's show, Champ joins us virtually, as we stay in our self-quarantine. We talk Tom Brady's decision to leave New England and what awaits him in Tampa Bay. Also, Indianapolis makes a nice play to sign Phil Rivers, while the Bears grab Nick Foles from the Jaguars. What was Bill O'Brien thinking trading one of the NFL's best WRs? And the sad fall for Todd Gurley and why the Rams are in the position they are now in.


The End of Tom Brady in New England (Ep. 268)

On today's show, Brian discusses how the end came to be for the greatest QB of all-time in New England. We also look ahead to what makes his decision to join Tampa Bay intriguing.


NFL Free Agency Preview & Matchmaker, Matchmaker NFL Draft-Style (Ep. 267)

On today's show, Champ joins the show to play "Name That Team," as NFL free agency bears down on us. Where do some of the league's biggest names end up? And then the guys play Matchmaker with some of the more exciting players in this spring's NFL Draft. What would be the perfect, dream scenarios for these players?


Five Offseason Qs for Champ Plus GM Role Play (Ep. 266)

On today's special weekend show, Champ joins Brian to answer 5 big questions regarding free agency and the draft, including how the Tom Brady Saga ends, the 2020 QB draft class, and what teams like Miami and Las Vegas could do in the draft. Then, Brian plays the role of each GM drafting 1 thru 10 and delivers his picks.


America's Fascination with the Astros' Scandal & Be Happy About Zion (Ep. 265)

On today's show, Brian walks through the Astros' scandal and analyzes it through the grieving process. Why have things happened they way they have? What do Americans want in all this? And how should we view Rob Manfred's actions? Plus, we all should sit back and enjoy what Zion has done so far.


How Load Management Might Be Skewing Our Perception of the NBA Regular Season, Plus the Bucks are Cruising and Zion is For Real (Ep. 264)

On today's show, we open a 6-pack of NBA items, as the All Star Break approaches. How is load management impacting which teams we think are good? Are the Bucks destined for 70 wins (or more...)? Stop doubting the Toronto Raptors!!! The Eastern Conference is going to be a dog fight for seeds 2 through 6. And of course, Zion. Then, we wrap up with a Dads Only with Champ.


NFL Quarterback Musical Chairs Plus an Early Edition of the STC NFL Draft Preview (Ep. 263)

On today's show, Champ comes by to reflect with Brian on Super Bowl LIV and why the 49ers lost. Then, the guys jump aboard the Quarterback Carousel and play musical chairs with all the QBs who could, potentially, be on the move this offseason. To wrap up, we do an early preview of the NFL Draft -- teams to monitor and players and positions that may be worth keeping an eye on.


Super Bowl LIV Reflections: Shanahan's Playcalling, Reid's Aggressiveness, and the Team of Destiny (Ep. 262)

The football season is over and Super Bowl LIV left us with a lot to discuss: KC battles back AGAIN in the postseason and gets Andy Reid his ring; Kyle Shanahan's questionable calls down the stretch; and after analyzing and reflecting and sorting everything out, it might be this simple -- it was just KC's year.


Super Bowl LIV Breakdown and Predictions Plus a Look at the Offseason for the Packers and Patriots with Champ (Ep. 261)

Champ joins the show and discusses all-things-Super Bowl: what to most look out for on Sunday, x-factors in the game, keys to victory for each team, and why this matchup has a lot of potential to be exciting. Then Brian and Champ give their predictions, score, and MVP. We wrap up the show as the guys turn their attention to the offseason for their favorite teams. Who should the Packers and Patriots target in free agency; who's on your wishlist via free agency or trade?


Predicting the NBA All-Star Game Reserves (Ep. 260)

We remember Kobe Bryant and reflect on why his death is so different for a particular generation of people. Then, Brian discusses his All-Star Game Reserves ahead of the NBA's announcement coming on Thursday.


ZION!!!! Plus Five Big Ticket NBA Items to Examine (Ep. 259)

Zion made his debut and this podcast could not be happier!!! As an official Zion Podcast, we reflect on his first game and his thrilling 17 consecutive points in the 4th quarter. Then, Brian digs into five items that you should be paying attention to -- the Bucks and Giannis on historic pace, Luka is legit, the Battle for L.A., big question for the Sixers, and the 8th seed in the West.


Chiefs & 49ers Advance to Super Bowl 54 (Ep. 258)

The Super Bowl is set. How'd we get here? We look back at the conference championship games, and Brian takes us through the list of storylines that are sure dominate headlines over the coming two weeks.


Championship Sunday, Archie's Picks, and a Juicy Baseball Scandal (Ep. 257)

On today's show, Brian points out what to watch for in the two conference title games this weekend. Plus, the Cleveland Browns do what the Cleveland Browns do -- why are we surprised? A lot to like in Carolina right now. And some changes to the Bears' staff. Archie does his picks for Championship Sunday, then we dive into the MLB "Sign Stealing Scandal" that has high-jacked the sports world.


Keys to the Divisional Round Playoff Games in the NFL (Ep. 256)

The Divisional Round Playoffs in the NFL are here and Brian breaks down his keys to each of the four games. Can the Vikings force the 49ers to play their type of game? Why running the ball like they did last weekend won't get it done for the Titans on Saturday night in Baltimore. Bill O'Brien in the divisional round is funny. And how the best player in Packers-Seahawks might be a guy who wasn't in Green Bay last year. Then, we round out the show with Archie's Picks.


Saints Lose Again and Full-Scale Uncertainty in New England (Ep. 255)

On today's show, Brian examines yet another disappointing playoff loss for the New Orleans Saints and what all this means, if anything. We also ask the questions that everyone is/will be asking regarding the future of Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. Then, we discuss the possibility of the Seattle Seahawks making the Super Bowl.


What is Happening in Dallas...and WHY? Plus, Wildcard Weekend Preview (Ep. 254)

On today's show, Brian recaps the ESPN report that Jason Garrett is out in Big D. But is he? And more importantly, what's been happening since the Cowboys' season ended? Then, we preview the playoff games as Wildcard Weekend kicks off; and Archie gives his predictions.


NFL Regular Season Reflections, Playoff Preview, and Head Coaching Carousel (Ep. 253)

On our final show of the year, Champ joins the show to reflect on how the 2019 NFL regular season ended and what may be in store during the playoffs. Plus, we discuss the coaching changes and all the openings with potential replacements. (This was recorded prior to the news that Cleveland GM John Dorsey was out with the Browns.)


What We'd Like to See Happen in Week 17 (Ep. 252)

On today's show, Brian looks at the slate of Week 17 games and wonders what are the spiciest outcomes: the Giants upset the Eagles, the final playoff berth in the AFC goes haywire, Jameis continues being Jameis, and much more. Plus, we wrap up the show with Archie's Picks.


The Patriots Look Like the Patriots, the Jason Garrett Era Must End, and Weekly Awards (Ep. 251)

Brian reacts to Week 16 in the NFL. We look at winners and losers as we approach the final week of the regular season. The we hand out some weekly awards.