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If the NFL was a Cider Mill (Ep. 86)

It's our midweek pod!! On today's show, Brian ranks the NFL's 8 divisions in a somewhat unconventional way.


Patriots Win a Thriller & Defense as We Knew It is Dead (Ep. 85)

Let's recap Week 6 in the NFL. The Patriots win a thrilling shootout over the Chiefs and Pat Mahomes; the Bears lose the trapiest trap game ever in Miami; don't be fooled by the con man Brock Oswieler; Blake Bortles won't let the Jaguars reach the top; the AFC North is wide-open yet also not great; and much more.


Patriots Host Chiefs in Game of the Week; AFC North Showdown; Bears Trap Game (Ep. 84)

Brian previews some week 6 matchups in the NFL. What will it take for the Patriots to slow up Mahomes Mania? The Steelers-Bengals game promises to be all offense -- who's defense can do just enough? Are the Bears in a vulnerable spot in Miami? Plus more intriguing storylines for week 6. And Archie gives his weekly picks.


The NBA Extravaganza Podcast!!! (Ep. 83)

The NBA season is coming!!! And Brian's here to break down the upcoming season before opening night. We preview both conferences and go through who's a playoff team and who's not. What will it take for Indiana, Toronto, or Milwaukee to be a 2-seed in the East? How many wins can Boston collect -- and who's their MVP? Will Philly build on last season's success? Out West, Houston's in for a "let-down" year and there'll be a fight for the top 4 seeds. Lastly, Brian explains the different MVP...


The Rams Might be Special & There's Something Seriously Wrong in Philly (Ep. 82)

Brian recaps Sunday's games by examining what's wrong with the Eagles and the Jaguars. We also praise the Rams for inventing new WRs on the fly in the middle of a game and take a deeper look at the AFC North -- who's for real in that bunched-up division?


NFL Week 5 Games to Watch (Ep. 81)

Brian previews the "must see" games of the week. How do the KC wide receivers respond to the physical Jacksonville defense? Can Pat Mahomes keep playing at his record-setting level? Will the Vikings or the Eagles right the ship this weekend as they battle each other at Lincoln Financial Field? Will the scoreboard survive the shootout that is likely to ensue in Pittsburgh between the Falcons and the Steelers? We touch on some other worthwhile matchups in week 5, and then the show wraps up...


Jules is Back; Bell's Return Date; and the Giants are a Mess (Ep. 80)

It's our midweek show! Brian recaps Pat Mahomes's performance on Monday Night Football and why Andy Reid is such a good coach for the kid. We also welcome Julian Edelman back to the Pats for their week 5 game on Thursday Night Football. Brian tackles the Earl Thomas injury and the whole situation leading up to him still being in Seattle; and we wonder if Mike Tomlin has the guts to do the right thing with Lev Bell. And we wrap up the show talking about the complete incompetence that seems to...


Frank Reich isn't in Philly Anymore, Signature Performance from Mariota & More from Week 4 (Ep. 79)

We recap Sunday's games in the NFL, and discuss the wild offensive explosion that now appears to be the norm in the league. Brian focuses on some specific items from week 4: Frank Reich overthinking it; Mitchell Trubisky balling out; it's a wrap in Tampa; Tennessee gets a signature win for their QB and HC; and much more.


The NFL Thru 3 Weeks with Champ (Ep.78)

Guess who's back, baby??? Brian sits down with Champ, who's graciously agreed to take a weekend off from golf, to talk all things NFL as we get ready for week 4. They guys talk about a variety of topics, including Aaron Rodgers's injury, the Vikings defensive woes, Tampa's surprising offense, the Rams crazy offense, and the same old Chargers. They also list a few things to look forward to as we get closer to October. We close out the show with a "Dads Only" segment.


Previewing Week 4 in the NFL, Plus Archie's Picks (Ep. 77)

It's the Friday Picks Show! Brian gives you some insight into some of the week's best games. We wrap the show with Archie's Picks.


Le'Veon Bell Trade Talk, Fitz v. Jameis, and TNF Preview (Ep. 76)

It's our midweek show, and Brian dives into the rumors swirling around about the Steelers trading Le'Veon Bell. Who are the teams most equipped to make a play for Bell? What destination makes the most sense? Brian also talks about the running back philosophy in the NFL. Then, we examine the Ryan Fitzpatrick - Jameis Winston debate. We close the show by previewing the Thursday Night Football game this week -- Vikings at Rams.


TIGER FREAKING WOODS!!!! And Week 3 Recap (Ep. 75)

Pretty ho-hum weekend, except for Tiger winning the Tour Championship!! Brian jumps right into reaction over Tiger's first Tour win in over 1800 days. Also, we recap a wild, upside down Week 3 in the NFL, which included the Bills dominating in Minnesota, the Jaguars laying an egg, and the Pats deciding to not bother getting off the bus in Detroit. We wrap up with some storylines heading into Week 4.


The Battle of L.A., Bucs in Primetime, and Other Week 3 Headliners (Ep. 74)

Week 3 is here and Brian digs into the marquee games of the week, including an NFC South 'prove-it" game, Bucs-Steelers on MNF, and the Battle for Los Angeles between the Rams and Chargers. We also get to the lesser games of the week that still carry some sort of intrigue -- Belichick versus Patricia on SNF, the Bills as 17-point dogs against the Vikings, and the Battle of Who's O-Line is Worse (NYG-Texans). We wrap up the show with Archie's Picks.


I'm Sorry Tampa; Kickers Need to Stop; and More Notes from Week 2 (Ep. 73)

Brian discusses the big takeaways from week 2 in the NFL, including a shocking 2-0 start for the Bucs, an historic start for Pat Mahomes, and the continued dysfunction in the Steel City.


Pats-Jags Rematch, KC Hits the Road, and Archie's Picks (Ep. 72)

Brian looks at some of the more intriguing match-ups on the slate for week 2, including Pats-Jags and Chiefs-Steelers. We also get into some critical games between teams on the verge of starting the year 0-2. Then, we wrap up with Archie's week 2 picks.


Aaron Rodgers isn't Human, Pump the Brakes on KC, and More from Week 1 (Ep. 71)

Week 1 in the NFL is in the books. Brian takes a look back at the major storylines coming out of the first week of action: Aaron Rodgers comes back from injury to rip a victory from the Bears despite an out-of-this-world first half performance from Khalil Mack; the Bucs managed to put 48 points on the board against the Saints defense; and the Steelers and Browns fought neck and a tie. And much much more from the week's games.


College FB Week 1 Recap: Remain Rational (Ep. 70)

Brian takes a rational look back at week 1 in the College Football season. Topics include the national reaction to Jim Harbaugh and Michigan's loss to Notre Dame; Ohio State's got a new QB; Texas and whether people in Austin care enough for the program to be great; and LSU looked different.


"All In" on These 7 NFL Predictions + Archie's Week 1 Picks (Ep. 69)

Brian gives his seven all-in predictions for the NFL season, which includes the worst teams in the league, why the Patriots have to win now, and 3 teams that are for sure going to underachieve in 2018. Plus, Archie the Bulldog debuts his Week 1 picks.


NFL Preview Extravaganza 2018!!!! (Ep. 68)

The NFL is back and this is our preview show!! Champ stops by and the guys discuss each team, each division, who's in the playoffs, who's not, who's turning things around, and who's a long way away. We wrap things up with a "Dads Only" segment.


College Football is BACK!!! Here's the Preview Show! (Ep. 67)

Brian breaks down major storylines heading into the start of the college football season. We go thru the Power 5 conferences, pick champions, and who's got the best shot at landing in the playoff. We, also, discuss Heisman chances and who could break out this season.