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Live from Wisconsin: NFL Teams Under the Most Pressure & Challenge Champ

Brian and Champ are live from Wisconsin discussing the Jaguars and the issues with Dante Fowler and Jaylen Ramsey. What does this mean for the Jags and why do people think this team can make it to the Super Bowl? We also get in to the teams heading into 2018 facing the most pressure to win. Champ's got his 5 teams and Brian has his. Lastly, Brian challenges Champ to some Green Bay Packer trivia, NFL Draft style.


NBA Over/Under Win Totals for '18-19 -- Part 2 (Ep. 59)

Brian dives into the Las Vegas over/unders for the Western Conference. What do these win totals mean for the playoffs and what else can we take from these?


NBA Win Total Over/Unders for 2018-19 -- Part 1 (Ep. 58)

Las Vegas released over/unders for the 2018-19 NBA season for each team. Brian reacts to these numbers and uses them as a barometer for what we may be able to expect in the NBA next year. We pick out the items that most stand out from Vegas's numbers, as they pertain to the Eastern Conference.


Fantasy Football Players to Beware Of

On today's episode, Brian breaks down the list of top 10 NFL players to be a little skeptical of in your fantasy football drafts. Based on average draft position (ADP), these 10 players should be viewed cautiously. Some of these players have position battles, injury history, "the unproven" factor, or weak pieces around them at critical positions. Any way you slice it, beware of just taking these players.


Most Hyped NFL Teams Entering 2018

Brian runs through his top-5 list of the most hyped teams heading into 2018.


Each NFL Team's Most Indispensable Player

Champ joins Brian to run through the player from each NFL team that cannot be lost. Who's most indispensable and why?


Fantasy Football Players to Watch

Brian examines 15 fantasy players to watch this season.


Offensive Linemen Getting Paid!

Taylor Lewan gets a big new contract. This deal opens the door for Jake Matthews and the Falcons. It also illustrates Tennessee's commitment to building that roster the right way. In Miami, the Dolphins change the culture in an attempt to turn some losses into wins in 2018. And we'll examine the return of Ryan Tannehill. Lastly, Brian discusses comments made by Giants owner John Mara about his new star running back and why the Maras are a perfect ownership family for New York.


NFL Training Camps Open with Big Name Defenders Holding Out

NFL teams are practicing and some big names are absent. Brian looks at the contract situations with Earl Thomas, Khalil Mack, and Aaron Donald. We also dive into 3 other news items: Lamar Jackson in Ravens camp, Matt Nagy's impact in Chicago, and two pieces of the recent Jimmy G. interview that were of note.


Final NBA Free Agency Thoughts & It was Fun to Have Tiger Back

Brian touches on the Julio Jones holdout from Falcons training camp and Tiger's return to the British Open. Then, we talk about NBA Free Agency wrapping up, Isaiah Thomas opening up about Boston, the Lakers latest head-scratching signing, and some final thoughts on Kawhi.


Fantasy Football "My Guys" & 2018 Storylines for Each NFL Team (Ep. 50)

NFL training camps are opening so we're talking NFL!! Champ's in and we talk the Le'Veon Bell contract saga and who's right: Bell or the Steelers? We also debate some fantasy football selections in a segment called "My Guys" -- guys we like, maybe for irrational reasons. Then we dive into all 32 NFL teams and run through storylines for each team for the upcoming season. And we wrap up with a "Dads Only" segment.


Spurs Trade Kawhi & British Open Predictions (Ep. 49)

Brian discusses what the Kawhi Leonard trade means for Kawhi, Toronto, DeMar DeRozan, and the Spurs. Why this trade doesn't make the Raptors a true contender, but was a MUST for Toronto. Also, how this trade could be the best thing for DeRozan. Then we get to the British Open and discuss the course, the favorites, the sleeper, and a bold prediction.


NBA Free Agency Slows & KAT Contract (Ep. 48)

Brian breaks down who's left on the NBA free agent market and why that's the case. Also, we dive into Minnesota's desire to lock up Karl Anthony Towns, long term. Is this a good decision and what's Minnesota's outlook for the future -- Tom Thibodeau, Jimmy Butler? Finally, we'll look at some winners and losers from free agency.


Kawhi's Mess, Carmelo's a Rocket or Laker (RIGHT?!), and K-Love's Future

The Kawhi Leonard fiasco shows no signs of concluding any time soon. Brian talks about who's to blame. We, also, weigh Carmelo's next move -- seriously, it's really not even up for debate. And we examine Kevin Love's future post-LeBron. But will it be without the King for long?


Recapping OKC Keeping PG, the Latest Lakers Logic, and Brian's NBA Team Tiers

Brian examines Oklahoma City's decision to re-sign Paul George and why they did it. What are the long range effects and was this their only move? Also, Brian gets into the latest Laker moves, possible future moves, and how all this impacts LeBron in 18-19 and going forward beyond next year. We wrap up the show with Brian introducing his Tier System, when looking at all 30 NBA teams.


LeBron's a Laker & Everyone Hates Boogie (Ep. 45)

NBA Free Agency was practically over before it started. Then Boogie blew up the internet!!! Brian talks LeBron's decision to move to Los Angeles and how this decision is more than basketball. We also get into DeMarcus Cousins's move to sign with the Warriors -- why this happened. And now with the signings that have been made thus far in Free Agency, what are some initial thoughts on where teams stand?


NBA Free Agency Clock is Ticking

We're days away from NBA Free Agency officially beginning. What are the latest rumors? Is Kawhi going to be traded and where to? We'll examine the most sensible trades for the top-5 superstar. Brian also looks at the top free agents and analyzes where they may choose to go on July 1: LeBron James, Paul George, DeMarcus Cousins, and more.


Luck's Shoulder, Julio's Offseason, and Fantasy Football

Champ and Brian reunite to discuss the state of Andrew Luck's return to football. How's the shoulder progressing and what can be expected as training camp approaches? How nervous should Colts' fans be? In Atlanta, how concerned should Falcons' fans be over Julio Jones's offseason? Then the guys dive into some fantasy football topics and play a game -- "Him or Him?". The show wraps up with a "Dads Only" segment.


Jay & Tre Show -- Part 2 (Episode 42)

Brian recaps the fire spewed by the "Golf Elite" after Phil Mickelson offended everyone at the U.S. Open. Also, Brooks Koepka goes back-to-back after managing to conquer the field at Shinnecock over the weekend. Then, we get to the second half of our conversation with Jay and Tre, where we get into the biggest NBA names we'll be talking about all summer.


The Jay and Tre Show, Part 1 -- The NBA Offseason (Ep.41)

Jay Jackson and Treval Parker join the show for the first of a two-part series. We question Jay's "guru status". We talk lasting images from the 2018 NBA Finals before diving into the offseason. We run through a laundry list of players and what their futures hold.