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Dickel Whiskey review and NFL Championship weekend picks

Championship Sunday in the NFL is here! Matt and Hank are back to talk about that and whiskey! We start with a review of George Dickel Barrel Select (9.25/10) and their Tabasco finished whiskey (7/10). Get our thoughts on what we like and what we don't. After that it's all about NFL Championship Sunday. We think these are two premier match-ups in each conference. We give you our picks and keys to each game. Plus the usual banter and fun. As always thanks for listening!


NFL Wild Card & CFB Playoff picks

Happy New Year! Matt and Hank are back heading into a big weekend of football. A little spirits talk to start off. If you want a great party recipe Hank has what you need with his Brandy Milk Punch. After that it's all football. We'll give you our thoughts on each of the 4 NFL Wild Card games this weekend. Unlike last year there is a lot of disagreement on our picks. Then we break down the college football final on Monday between Alabama and Clemson. How do we see that one shaping up? As...


Orphan Barrel Rhetoric review and NFL thoughts

Hank starts this week's show with a discussion on the Orphan Barrel Rhetoric series. The final expression is out, the Rhetoric 25 year. We have info on that. Plus, a review and thoughts on the 23 and 24 year releases of Rhetoric from Orphan Barrel. After that Matt joins the show as we discuss the current NFL playoff situation. A lot of great matchups the final two weeks of the season. We'll talk about how we feel about each team in the hunt. Plus we talk a little college football and...


Football thoughts and drinking in Charlottte

Matt and Hank are back this week as we head into a really big weekend of NFL matchups. First we start by talking a little drinking in the great city of Charlotte. Matt recently spent some time trying a couple new brews and enjoying some other food and beverage during the snow storm. After that we give our thoughts on the Heisman trophy outcome. We'll talk about some of the big NFL matchups this weekend and what we are watching for. Plus discussing some of the early season bowl games.


College bowl thoughts and Milagro Tequila interview

Matt has survived his extended bout of various sicknesses and returns with Hank for the latest episode. We're going to give our thoughts on the college football playoffs and if we think the committee got it right. Plus what games we are interested in. Then we'll talk a little college basketball and NFL. We wrap up the show with a really cool interview with Jaime Salas of Milagro Tequila. Really great info on the brand plus tequila in general. We had a lot of fun talking with him. As always...


Rivalry Week Analysis and Bulleit Whiskey Reviews

It's rivalry week! One of the best weekends of the year is upon us as we feast on college football rivalry week and early season basketball match-ups. We start with some whiskey talk. We give you our thoughts on Bulleit Rye Whiskey (Hank 9/10, Matt 9/10) and Bulleit Barrel Strength Bourbon (Hank 9/10, Matt 8/10). Needless to say, we like them both. Plus some neat gift ideas for the cocktail lover in your life Then it's time to talk college football as we look ahead to the the Apple Cup,...


College football, basketball, NFL thoughts and holiday cocktail ideas

We back! After a small layoff due to scheduling and sickness, Matt and Hank are back in the saddle to talk about the fall sports calendar going on right now. We'll start by giving you our thoughts on the latest college football playoff rankings. After that some NFL discussion including why we think Drew Brees remains underrated. College basketball has tipped off and we will talk a little about that and then wrap it up with some great holiday cocktail ideas from our friends at...


MLB playoffs weekend football and fall beer

Our favorite month of the year continues. Hank and Matt are back this week to give their thoughts on the MLB playoffs as the league championship series are about to wrap up. Then we look ahead to some match-ups we will be watching in college football this weekend and some NFL games that we want to see. We'll pick some of these games and give our thoughts on the betting lines. After that some fall and seasonal beer discussion. What do we think you should be trying? Thanks for listening!


MLB playoff analysis plus college football and NFL picks

Episode 99! Almost to 100. Matt and Hank are back to break down a big weekend in sports. We'll start with our thoughts on the MLB playoffs. What do we think happens in the ALCS and NLCS. After that some thoughts on college football this week including the big matchup between UGA and LSU. Then some NFL talk and a couple games we are interested to see this week. As always thanks for listening!


MLB playoff preview, football picks, and BOLS Genever interview

It's our favorite time of year. Matt and Hank are fired up to talk about the baseball playoffs, give our thoughts on the NFL and college football seasons, and pick the big games this weekend. Plus we talk to the Master Distiller at BOLS to discuss the Genever genre of spirits. Big show check it out!


College and NFL preview and a huge final weekend of MLB

A huge weekend on the sports calendar as we wrap up September and Matt and Hank are here to break it all down. We start with a quick recap of the NFL and college football seasons so far. Then at 26:30 we discuss baseball's final regular season weekend and what it means in the National League. Huge implications! We follow that up by picking some of the big games this weekend. Stanford/Notre Dame, Ohio State/Penn State, Washington/BYU, LSU/Ole Miss. Plus we will give our thoughts on the...


NFL week 3 and college football week 4 predictions

A lot to talk about in the world of football as we head towards one of our favorite times of year, October. Matt and Hank recap the most recent weekend of action for you and what stands out in NFL and college. Then we take it back to Tales of the Cocktail to talk with Desmond Payne, Master Distiller with Beefeater Gin. He is a true legend in the spirits world and really fun to talk too. After that we pick some of the big games this weekend. We break down TAMU/Alabama, Stanford/Oregon,...


Canelo vs GGG 2 analysis, NFL and college football picks, and Exotico Tequila

Big show this week as Matt and Hank are back to break down all the big games in football this weekend. Plus our Vegas Insider Raphael Esparza joins us to talk Canelo/GGG 2, along with all the insights into Vegas you need. Plus what he's watching in the NFL. We also break down the big games in college football. 3 top 25 matchups and we will give you our picks. And we'll talk with Exotico Tequila's Graciela Gonzalez about the industry and what they have been up too. Thanks for listening!


NFL and College football picks and Glenfiddich interview

Another big show full of content for you this week. Matt and Hank discuss weekend one of college football and where we stand going in to week 2. Then our thoughts on the Khalil Mack trade. Is it possible the Raiders got the better part of the deal? Then we talk fantasy football picks and some of the week one games we are interested in. After that a visit with Glenfiddich to talk about some of the new expressions they have to offer. Then it's pick time as we lay out our predictions for some...


College football begins, FEW Spirits, Captain Morgan Apple Smash

College football is back and we have a big show for you this week! Matt and Hank start by breaking down the weekend weather to let you know what games may be impacted. Then it's on to some of the big games of the weekend. We'll talk about Ole Miss/Texas Tech, West Virginia/Tennessee, Michigan/Notre Dame, Auburn/Washington, Miami/LSU, and Virginia Tech/Florida State. In between the games we have a great interview with Paul Hletko, the founder of FEW Spirits in Evanston, IL. Got to taste...


Big 10, Big 12, Pac 12 previews and Flor de Caña Rum

We are inching closer to the start of college football! Matt and Hank are back this week to break down the rest of the power 5 conferences. We start with a quick discussion over the NFL helmet rule. How it's going so far in the preseason. Then it's off to our predictions and analysis of the Big 10 this season. How does Urban Meyer's story affect our picks? Then we go to part 2 of our interview with David Powell of Flor de Caña Rum. If you missed part one last week go back and listen. Great...


Flor de Caña Rum and SEC & ACC previews

Huge show this week for Episode 91! Matt and Hank are back to talk about some preseason stories in the NFL. We touch on where we think Dez Bryant may end up, Jalen Ramsey qb comments, and some other news around the league. We also give our thoughts on Ronald Acuna Jr with the Braves getting hit to lead off the game this week. Then it's back to Tales of the Cocktail. Part one of our interview with Flor de Caña Rum Brand Ambassador David Powell. He has some great stories to tell. After that...


The Balvenie Single Malt Scotch Whisky Interview

All Balvenie all the time! That's what we have for you in episode 90. Hank sits down with two of our favorites at Tales of the Cocktail. Balvenie Brand Ambassadors Jonathan Wingo and David Laird discuss what's new with the brand, some exciting new products, what they see in their travels as ambassadors, and a little sports as well. If you love The Balvenie you will love this! As always thanks for listening.


Talking NFL, Urban Meyer, Baseball, and Altos Tequila

Big show this week as we start off the month of August. Matt and Hank discuss the new helmet rule in the NFL and the impact that could have on the season. Then the big story this week, Urban Meyer. How do we see this situation playing out at Ohio State going forward. After that some MLB talk as we look at some of the close divisions heading into August. We wrap it up with a big interview with Dre Masso, co-founder of Altos Tequila. Great to catch up with him in a noisy and fund Altos...


Brenne Whisky founder Allison Parc

Episode 88 is here and we have some great content for you. After the show open Hank sits down with Allison Parc of Brenne Whisky. She is great. One of our favorite interviews. How often do you meet somebody that started their own brand of whisky and then imported and distributed it. Great stuff. Plus the whisky tastes fantastic. After that we will take a look at week one of the NFL schedule. What matchups do we want to see and what do we think about some of the early lines. As always...