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Sports and Spirits is a weekly podcast discussing the biggest events in the world of sports as well as some of the local establishments, breweries, wineries, and restaurants at the location of these events. We attempt to take you in for a taste of the local scene that makes each of these weekly venues special.


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Sports and Spirits is a weekly podcast discussing the biggest events in the world of sports as well as some of the local establishments, breweries, wineries, and restaurants at the location of these events. We attempt to take you in for a taste of the local scene that makes each of these weekly venues special.




David Allardice with Glenfiddich

College football is back! We take a look at the opening weekend of games and discuss the early polls. The usual suspects are in the top 5 but will those teams be there in the end? And what did the polls get wrong. Matt and Hank take an early look at the season. Then at 24:00 we sit down with David Allardice at Tales of the Cocktail. Really fun chat with him about Glenfiddich and the latest they have going on. We could have talked for a while he is so much fun so we will be trying to catch up with him down the road. As always thanks for taking the time to listen, and if you're looking for a great scotch check out Glenfiddich! We always highly recommend their expressions. You can find out more at


Lynn House and Elijah Craig Old Fashioned Week

Back with a big show this week! Matt and Hank get caught up on the latest in Major League Baseball and their thoughts on the standings. Are the Braves the team to beat? Plus college football is right around the corner. Our thoughts on the state of the game with conference realignment in full swing. After that we are honored to be joined on the show by Lynn House with Heaven Hill brands and Elijah Craig Old Fashioned Week. Catch that at 30:00. We talk about Old Fashioned Week and their partnership with the Southern Smoke Foundation. It's a great event that helps to raise money in support of those in the hospitality industry. Hank talks with Lynn at Tales of the Cocktail and we get in to all kinds of different topics. It's a great time! As always thanks for listening. For more info on Southern Smoke: To find out more about Old Fashioned Week: Follow Lynn on Instagram at:


John Cubelic with Dread River Distillery

Super fun show this week and something that epitomizes the meaning of Sports and Spirits. We sit down with John Cubelic, co-founder of Dread River Distillery in Birmingham, AL. This is a great conversation about how he got to the point of wanting to start a distillery and what that process was like. For the first time ever Dread River Distilling will be partnering with Big Machine Music City Grand Prix IndyCar August 4 - 6, 2023. This will be their introduction into the Tennessee market. We talk with John about their partnership with Indy in Alabama the last few years and why this makes sense to break into the Tennessee market. Really a fun conversation. Check it out and as always thanks for listening! Find more about Dread River at


Virginia Distillery at Tales of the Cocktail

Big show this week! Settle in for a great show 'live' from Tales of the Cocktail. Hank and Nathan site down with Lead Blender Amanda Beckwith and Head of Advocacy Jenny Wren to learn all about Virginia Distillery and their Courage and Conviction Whisky. We recorded it in person during Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans. This show is packed with information about the distillery, their single malts, and this history of the people working their. Plus we go through a tasting of each expression to talk about what you will find in the bottle. You can learn more at Find Amanda on Instagram at and on LinkedIn at Jenny is available on Instagram at


1 on 1 with Neal Bodenheimer

A great show this week as we are joined by Neal Bodenheimer. Tales of the Cocktail is right around the corner so we get his take on what this festival means for the service industry and why New Orleans is the perfect place for it. Plus we learn about his book "Cure: New Orleans Drinks and How to Mix 'Em" along with some of his other projects. It's a quick but insightful interview to get you ready for Tales!


Back at it in mid June with Casa M Spices

We're back! As we head towards Father's Day weekend we are giving you a great gift idea for the grill dad in your life. We talk with Casa M Spices to learn about their line of low sodium seasonings and rubs. These are all really good, and such a great option for anybody looking to avoid the normal high sodium options. Check that out at 24:30. Before that we give our thoughts on the recent NBA championship by the Denver Nuggets, and talk some MLB. Thanks for joining us! You can find more about Casa M on their website:


Glen Moray and Baseball Playoffs

Another huge show this week! We talk with Brendan Raulerson of Glen Moray. He takes us through some samples and lets us know what makes Glen Moray unique. We taste four different expressions, all unique and really good. Plus some sports talk on baseball playoffs and a big weekend in college football. Thanks for listening!


All About Shochu

Back this week with a fantastic interview! We really hope you stick around for all of this one. Hank sits down with Shochu expert and founder of Honkaku Spirits Christopher Pellegrini at 13:30. He has a fanstastic story to tell about how he got into Shochu and moved to Japan. If you're not familiar with this spirit it is a really interesting genre. Shochu is the national spirit of Japan and Christopher will break down what makes it so unique. Plus Hank samples 3 different Shochus with Christopher and a Japanese whiskey as well. And the story behind the whiskey is also amazing! We talk a little baseball early but most of the show is built around Shochu. Hope you enjoy it! You can learn more at


NFL Preview and Craft Standard

We have another great show for you this week! Stay tuned for a tremendous interview with William and Don Ray of Craft Standard coming up at 26 minutes. This is a draft cocktail company. They are reinventing the way cocktails are served at large and small venues. Really interesting stuff. Before and after that we are giving you our NFL picks ahead of opening weekend. We talk about who we think is the favorite in each division and conference and some sleepers. As always thanks for listening! Check out more about Craft Standard on their website:


College Football Preview and SouthNorte cocktails

The big weekend is finally here. College football is back in a big way with a full slate of games and we are fired up about it. Big show this week that we start with a discussion of the current state of the game with the transfer portal and NIL deals. Then we get to our featured guest of the week at 24:00. Ryan Brooks of SouthNorte beverage company joins us to talk about their line of ready to drink cocktails. These are really good and perfect for a beach weekend or tailgating. We had a great time with him. After that strap it in for a full power 5 conference preview as we make our picks and sleepers in each league, plus our college football playoff predictions. Thanks for listening! Check out more on SouthNorte here:


Five Trail Whiskey and college football

The wait is over! We finally have college football back this weekend. We will get in to our full season preview next week, but we do discuss some of the opening games, some over/under predictions, and some general takeaways of the upcoming season. Then a great interview at 30:30 with Five Trail Whiskey. We talk with Alberto Farias, General Manager of Molson Coors Beverage Company along with their Marketing Manager Kim Fox. Really good stuff with them. This is an American blended whiskey that really delivers a smooth finish with some sweetness early and a little spice late. Hank gives it a 9.5/10 rating. Then we wrap it up with Matt's pop-culture segment talking about the opening episode of House of the Dragon and that series. Thanks for listening! You can check out more about Five Trail Whiskey at their website


MLB standings, college football, and Casa Lumbre Spirits from Tales of the Cocktail!

Big show this week! We start off with our thoughts on the MLB standings as things sit right now. It's really a 3 team race in the National League and 2 in the American League to us right now but see if you agree. Then a huge interview at 21:30 with Ivan Saldana, one of the co-founders of Casa Lumbre Spirits. This stuff is awesome. All locally sourced products from Mexico and California. Amazing flavors and a variety of spirits including corn whiskey and gins along with others. This was a great time at Tales of the Cocktail talking with Ivan. After that we get into some college football news to wrap it up. We will talk about the chance of expanding playoffs, breaking off from the NCAA, and the state of the sport in general. For more on Casa Lumbre check out their site at Thanks for listening!


We're back! And we talk with De Nada tequila

It's been quite a layoff and quite a two year stretch for everyone. We missed the show and bringing you stories from the spirits world and talking sports so we are finally back. Season 7 kicks off with Matt and Hank getting back into the swing of things with a brief discussion of the state of college football. We'll talk more on that in the coming weeks. But we start back up with content from the recently completed Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans. We got to sit down with the creators of De Nada Tequila and learn what make their product so special. Catch that interview at 23:30. After that we wrap it up with some streaming tv analysis and pop culture from Matt. As always check out our website at for the latest shows. You can find more about De Nada tequila at Thanks for listening!


Super Bowl betting analysis and cocktail recipes

We are back with our Super Bowl preview edition! It is so nice to be back with you making shows again after our schedule got thrown off the past few months. We are back in a big way this week though leading up to the Super Bowl. We start with our buddy Raphael Esparza at 9:00 minutes to break down the sports betting angle. This guy is always loaded with info plus a ton of prop bets for the game. Then after we make our picks at the 47:00 mark we are joined by Lynnette Marrero. She's a master mixologist and bartender who has partnered with Teremana Tequila to bring you some fantastic cocktails for your Super Bowl Party. See the recipes below. As always thanks for listening and don't forget to tell your friends! Tampa Bay Pirate Party 2 oz Teremana Blanco .75 oz Lime Juice .75 oz Orange Juice .5 oz Passion Fruit Syrup .25 oz Grenadine Shake all ingredients and dump into a Hurricane Glass. Garnish with half the discarded lime shell, smoking cinnamon stick & a pirate flag! Kansas City BBQ Sour 2 oz Teremana Reposado 1 oz Lemon Juice .5 oz Cloudy Apple Juice .25 oz Maple Syrup 1 healthy tsp Kansas City Style BBQ Sauce Shake and strain into a double old fashioned glass. Garnish with lemon wheel, apple fan & cracked pepper. Serve on the side of your choice of BBQ meal!


New Orleans Bourbon Festival

We are just a week away from the New Orleans Bourbon Festival! Join us as we talk with founder Tracy Napolitano on how much it has grown and what you can expect this year. It's amazing in year number 4 where this has gone. Plus we will have some early March Madness thoughts. Get info and tickets at:


MLB changes and Glenfiddich from Tales of the Cocktail

Big show this week as we get ready for the start of NASCAR with the upcoming Daytona 500. Plus some new rules for baseball this year. We discuss the headliner about pitchers. After that we bring in Tracie Franklin ( of Glenfiddich. Always fun to catch up with her at Tales of the Cocktail. We talk about a lot, including their scotch Fire and Cane.


Neil Strachan of The Balvenie

Great interview this week! One of our favorite products out there. We sit down with Neil Strachan of The Balvenie. This is from Tales of the Cocktail a few months back but some great info on some new whisky they have out. A little different from what you're used too. That comes after a brief Super Bowl Recap. Thanks for listening!


Super Bowl LIV special

It's Super Bowl weekend! We are back with our latest show to get you set for the game and surrounding fun. We'll give you our thoughts on the game and make our picks. Then bring in Raphael Esparza at 28:00 for all the betting insights you need. Then at 43:00 we talk with Chef Isaac Toups and the NFL's Party with a Purpose.


Fernet Branca and college football championship weekend

Back with a big show this week. Great interview from Tales of the Cocktail with Edoardo Branca of Fernet Branca. Then our analysis of college football conference championship weekend and playoff scenarios. Plus NFL thoughts, random Star Wars discussion, and the usual shenanigans.


Knappogue Castle and football

We back! After a hiatus due to various life circumstances Hank and Matt are back with a new show. After a quick re-introduction we go right to our feature spirit of the week, Knappogue Castle Irish Whiskey. It's a brand we weren't too familiar with but it is great. We sit down with Philip Duff, Brand Ambassador, at Tales of the Cocktail to learn more. After that we're talking NCAA and NFL football. Just a couple weeks left in college, get our thoughts on the playoff standings.