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In the sports world where heated debates are part of its core, we often forget that the use of statistics and context tell the whole story not just opinion. You can count on host Steve Duffis, the Walking Sports Encyclopedia to bring you the up to date stories in full context. From NBA, NFL, Soccer and College.

In the sports world where heated debates are part of its core, we often forget that the use of statistics and context tell the whole story not just opinion. You can count on host Steve Duffis, the Walking Sports Encyclopedia to bring you the up to date stories in full context. From NBA, NFL, Soccer and College.


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In the sports world where heated debates are part of its core, we often forget that the use of statistics and context tell the whole story not just opinion. You can count on host Steve Duffis, the Walking Sports Encyclopedia to bring you the up to date stories in full context. From NBA, NFL, Soccer and College.






StatMan | Episode 93: Should the Warriors trade the #2 pick? NBA Off-season 2020 Review thus far!

After two weeks, Steve is back with some interesting number breakdowns as to why the Bucks traded for Jrue Holiday, how it impacts Giannis supermax contract. Also, David Griffin and Sam Presti should be getting GMs of the century awards, if such a thing exist. And we also break down what each trade thus far means for the Eastern and Western Conference teams. For anyone who thought the Golden State Warriors were finally free of the long and sleepless nights, anxiety, angst and all other...


Episode #92: Antonio Brown - did the Bucs make the right decision?

In this iteration of the StatMan Sports Podcast we explore the idea or question rather of whether the Tampa Bay Buccaneers made the right decision of signing Antonio Browns. Do they really need him? We then follow up on Steve's Super Bowl contenders thus far; their biggest strengths and weaknesses headed into the rest of the season. Segment One: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers might be the best team in the NFL, and that includes the Kansas City Chiefs, undefeated Pittsburgh Steelers or anybody...


EP91: Where are we now in the GOAT debate? MJ or LeBron?

NBA GOAT DEBATE LeBron James has earned his fourth NBA championship and fourth Finals MVP, closing the gap on the ring total of all-time great Michael Jordan. As LeBron's legacy continues to grow, the debate of who is the GREATEST player in league history becomes closer than ever before. Few questions have engaged the world of sports as much as the question about the best or greatest sportsman of all time. Often the acronym GOAT – Greatest Of All Time – is attributed to someone who is the...


EP90: 2020 NBA Finals Preview, Breakdown, and Predicted Winner

In today's episode, we preview and breakdown the 2020 NBA Finals matchup between the 5th seed Miami Heat v.s. the 1st seed Los Angeles Lakers. Both teams had a particularly "easy" path to the NBA Finals nevertheless they were the best two teams in the NBA Bubble Post-season with both having a 12-3 record. The coincidence of this series is quite delicious and will own the intrigue and conversation until the ball goes up Wednesday in Game 1. LeBron James will be playing against the team he...


StatMan - Episode #89: Why are people confused about the NBA MVP debate?

In today's episode we question, answer and even re-vamp the NBA MVP criteria because it looks like we end up having dumb debates about it or we just don't understand what the criteria is anymore. What does MVP even mean? Best player? Best player on the best team? Best numbers in the regular season? Best performing player? Also, we talked about notable Week 2 injuries in the NFL that will have deciding impacts on teams playoffs aspirations. You'll Also Learn ---- Enjoy the...


StatMan | EP88: NFL Week 1 Tom Brady is washed and the Clippers are finished

We are back after a two weeks with the NFL Kickoff to tell you that Tom Brady is washed (kinda) and also to explain why the Clippers are finished after being forced into a Game 7 by the Nuggets. Things You Will Also Learn: We then finally recap NFL Kickoff Week 1 and the Eastern Conference Finals between the Boston Celtics and the Miami Heat. We pick the Miami Heat reluctantly in Game 7 in the end. Enjoy the episode!!! Support the show (


StatMan | Episode 87: Luka Doncic is Top 5 Player in the NBA

The first chapter in the book of Luka Doncic Legend was written on a Sunday afternoon, when Doncic capped off an all-time playoff performance with an overtime buzzer-beating triple to tie the Mavericks’ first-round series with the Los Angeles Clippers at two games apiece. Doncic took the shot defenses want him to take at this time in his short NBA career, a leaning, step-back three. But moments often transcend numbers, and sometimes it takes only a sliver of daylight to turn a ho-hum,...


StatMan | Episode 86: The NBA Is In Good Hands (NBA Playoffs Edition)

NBA Playoffs is in Good Hands (NBA Bubble Edition) After Day 1 of the NBA Playoffs we can say with certainty that the NBA is in good hands. Its future is bright with young stars like Luka Doncic becoming the first player ever in NBA history with 40 point in his debut. Donovan Mitchell scoring 57 points (3rd most all-time) despite a loss against the Nuggets, Jamaal Murray scoring 20 points in the 4th quarter + OT. Fred Van Vleet being the first Raptor in history to have a 30 point/10 assist...


EP85: Final NBA Power Rankings | We Should Be Concerned About the Lakers

After a week hiatus, I am back to give you my NBA Power Rankings Top 10 NBA teams going into the NBA Bubble playoffs. I also share a not no nice experience on Twitter with another fellow tweeter, and I round it off with Damian Lillard taking Skip Bayless soul in a Monday afternoon tweet. NBA Power Rankings It was impossible to predict what would happen during the season restart after 4 1/2 months off. But even expecting the unexpected, we have to be surprised by the performances of some...


EP84: No Debate: Giannis Antetokounmpo is the 2020 MVP and DPOY

Giannis Antetokounmpo is the 2020 MVP and DPOY. In today's episode we will study this in depth and make the clear as to why he will win both awards by a wide margin. We also covered Alyssa Nakken becoming the first female coach in major league history, and the NBA setting a date for the season award votes. Overview: Giannis case for MVP and DPOY He's the best player on the league's best team and having a ridiculously dominant season at both ends of the floor. Another season, another...


EP83: EA Madden NFL Ratings Matter and the numbers prove it | StatMan

In today's episode, we explore the recent Madden NFL ratings, the issues we have with them and why they matter in 2020. We also talk about some interesting occurrences in the NBA bubble, and finish it off with our hot take on the Washington NFL franchise and the name change. Madden Ratings It's ratings reveal week for "Madden NFL 21," meaning intense debate among fans about the best players at each position as a tease ahead of the Aug. 28 release date. While EA Sports has deflated player...


EP82: Will Patrick Mahomes contract change sports forever?

Patrick Mahomes contract, which he signed a 10 year, $477 million dollar extension with incentives that can potentially make him $503 million. This is sports history with lots of numbers involved so we break them down into details, how it plays out for the chiefs, and ultimately, did it change sports contracts forever? If you are questioning why Patrick Mahomes got that big deal? Here is how his first 31 games have gone thus far. ☑️ 76 Pass TD (most ever) ☑️ 9,412 Pass Yards (most...


EP81: Cam Newton landed a job and the NBA Bubble needs to reconsider

In today's episode I am running solo again. Over the weekend, Cam Newton landed a job with the New England Patriots and the NFL is losing its mind in the positive way. We talk about the implications and impact this will have in the AFC East, the AFC as a whole and how Cam's nine year career will play a big role in this. We follow that up with a reconsideration of the NBA Bubble procedures. A few NBA players who are suppose to report to the bubble have tested positive. This will without a...


EP80: NBA 113 Pages of Bubble with Andrew Ungvari | StatMan

An anonymous tip line to report rules violations. Pre-approved golf outings. Protocols for how to properly disinfect basketballs. Table tennis is allowed — but singles, no doubles. The N.B.A. on last Tuesday night detailed its elaborate plan for resuming play this summer by sending a 113-page handbook to team personnel, with a heavy emphasis on health and safety protocols as the league seeks to salvage its season amid the coronavirus pandemic. We sat with screenwriter and contributor to...


Episode #79 f.t. Bridget Mulcahy | Founder of Cheap Little Swing

In today's episode we sat down with founder of the Cheap Little Swing blog, Bridget Mulcahy. We touched upon her love for baseball that inspired he drive into the industry, analytics and how it helped or ruined baseball, the current state of Major League Baseball in regards to starting the season, and much more. Also we play a game of Pick Em with food, people and places. You'll Also Learn ---- Today's Guest Resources: Blog: Facebook:...


Episode #78 f.t. Janelle Rodriguez | Host of ESPN's Now or Never

In today's episode with catch up Janelle Marie Rodriguez, host of ESPN's Now or Never. We talked about her career in sports, her current day to day, George' Floyd's death impact on society, how we are going to move forward and other various subjects. Also we play a game of Pick Em with food, people and places. Don't miss out on this fun sit down interview! You'll Also Learn ---- Today's Guest Social Media: Facebook: Instagram:...


Episode #77 | The Shot | The Last Dance Final Review | EP09-EP10

Today we come to the end of the 10-part documentary of The Last Dance with EP09 and EP10 where we see "The Shot" but prior to it, we see one of the greatest sequences in sports history, the Pizza Game and the CVS hit list BUT not before we answer the question of the series. It took almost 10 hours to get to the question. “Was it satisfying to leave at your peak?” Michael Jordan is asked in the final minutes of ESPN’s The Last Dance, “Or was it maddening?” The 10-part documentary ends right...


Episode #76 | Crying MJ | The Last Dance Review EP07-EP08

This week we continue exploring "The Last Dance" Episode 07 and 08 where we get Crying MJ, his leadership come into question, his baseball stint, the motivation after Michael's dad past away, the "Double Nickel" game, and ultimately the 72-10 Chicago Bulls run. Sunday’s installments of ESPN’s The Last Dance showed the rude, the bad, and the ugly sides of Michael Jordan. And the happy, the sad, the devastated. During the two hours of episodes 7 and 8, we see Jordan endlessly berate his...


Episode #75 | The Last Dance | EP05 & EP06 | MJ Off-court Grievances

In last week's episode we highlighted MJ's first championship and how Phil Jackson played a big role into all of this. This week we explore the main key highlights especially Michael Jordan's grievances off the court, his gambling/competitive sides and how it affected him mentally during the infamous 1993 playoffs series v.s the Knicks. No one ever brings up how exhausting it was to be Michael Jordan. It doesn’t fit the narrative. He could outshoot you, outhustle you, melt your defense, and...


Episode #74 | The Last Dance Review EP03 and EP04 f.t Mario Broussard

As we did last week, we continued with the The Last Dance documentary review. This time we break down Episode Three and Episode Four with a long time friend Mario Broussard who is a co-host himself on another TV show called Let's Pray . The focus in the latest two episodes were about Phil Jackson, Dennis Rodman, and how they came together in order to facilitate the 1997-1998 Chicago Bulls championship run. Before Rodman and Jordan shared a court, they were opponents: Rodman was a member of...