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Ep 61 - Destruction in Hiroshima & Beppu (BPWP Edit)

Strong Honor is not (completely) dead! Tommy, Taco and Joe still talk about ROH & NJPW on Best Pro Wrestling Podcast! But we understand that not everyone wants all the WWE stuff. So we will edit those conversations and post them as new Strong Honor podcasts. We also will occasionally record new original episodes of Strong Honor and post them on the Best Pro Wrestlling Podcast feed, but not the Strong Honor feed after October 1st. So make sure to subscribe to Best Pro Wrestling Podcast where...


Ep 60 - G1 Climax 28 Finals

This week Tommy, Taco and Joe are back in-studio talking about the final three nights of the G1 Climax 28. Plus talk about where things might be headed this fall and into Wrestle Kingdom 13. They also discuss the Madison Square garden sell-out, All In, Being The Elite, ROH and more! @StrongHonor @TommyStryker @HGRevTaco @JoeBPWP


Ep 59 - G1 Climax 28 - Week 4

Tommy and Taco talk about all the matches from week 4 (nights 14-16) of the G1 Climax 28. Then they breakdown possibilities for the finals and talk some post-G1 championship match contenders. Plus Chris Jericho, All In, Being the Elite, ROH and more! @StrongHonor @TommyStryker @HGRevTaco @JoeBPWP


Ep 58 - G1 Climax 28 - Week 3

This week Tommy and Taco talk about week three of G1 Climax 28. Hear their thoughts on all the matches and stories going on in the tournament. Then they preview this up-coming weeks G1 shows. Plus ROH TV, Being The Elite, All In and more! Tommy's G1 Climax 28 Recommended matches @StrongHonor @TommyStryker @HGRevTaco @JoeBPWP


Ep 57 - G1 Climax 28 Week Two

This week Tommy flies solo and talks about week two of G1 Climax 28. Then he previews next weeks G1 block matches and goes over the current standings. Plus he talks ROH TV, Honor for All on HonorClub, Being The Elite and more! @StrongHonor @TommyStryker @HGRevTaco @JoeBPWP


Ep 56 - G1 Skullduggery

Tommy and Taco talk the first three nights of G1 Climax 28. Is there too much skullduggery, will Mackabe go undefeated and will Okada ever get out of this funk? Then they preview the four G1 shows coming up this week. Plus Being the Elite, ROH and more! @StrongHonor @TommyStryker @HGRevTaco @JoeBPWP


Ep 55 - G1 Climax 28 Preview

This week Taco and Joe are back with Tommy to talk the G1 Special from San Francisco last week and to preview the G1 Climax tournament that starts this Saturday. Plus ROH, All In news and more! @StrongHonor @TommyStryker @HGRevTaco @JoeBPWP


Ep 54 - G1 Special Cow Palace Preview - ROH Best in the World Fallout

This week Tommy flies solo on the 4th of July. First he previews and makes his predictions for NJPW's G1 Special in the Cow Palace on July 7th. Then he talks aboout the CEO x NJPW show and the controversy associated with the dark match. Plus he highlights the Strong Style Evolved UK shows. Tommy then talks ROH's Best in the World PPV from last week and why he's sour on the new champion. Plus ROH TV, Being the Elite and...


Ep 53 - ROH Best in the World Preview

This week Tommy, Taco and Joe start with Honma's return to the NJPW ring. Then they preview the NJPW/CEO Convention show in Florida and the Strong Style Evolved UK shows. Plus they preview and make their predictions for ROH's Best in the World PPV, talk ROH TV, Being The Elite and more! @StrongHonor @TommyStryker @HGRevTaco @JoeBPWP


Ep 52 - G1 Climax 28 Lineups

This week Tommy, Taco and Joe talk all the highlights and fallout from the Kizuna Road shows. Early G1 predictions and thoughts on the blocks, a great Juice Robinson promo for his up-coming match vs Jay White and Hiromu defends his newly-won Jr Heavyweight belt against El Desperado. Plus ROH TV, State of the Art on Honor Club and more! @StrongHonor @TommyStryker @HGRevTaco @JoeBPWP


Ep 51 - Omega Defeats Okada!

This week Tommy, Taco and Joe review Dominion! Five championships changed hands at this spectacular show. They talk about what this means going forward for NJPW and where things might be going in the G1 Climax and into the Tokyo Dome for Wrestle Kingdom 13. Then they have some advice for new NJPW fans on how to follow and keep up with everything going on. Plus preview Kizuna Road, talk ROH and more!


Ep 50 - BOSJ Finals - Dominion Preview

This week Tommy, Taco and Joe talk the last week of the Best of the Super Juniors and the Finals.Then they preview and make their picks for the Dominion show this weekend. Plus Being The Elite, ROH TV and more! @StrongHonor @TommyStryker @HGRevTaco @JoeBPWP


Ep 49 - Best of the Super Juniors Mid-Point

Strong Honor is back after taking last week off for Tommy's vacation. This week the guys talk the Best of the Super Juniors tournament so far. Thoughts on the best matches, the standings and who might win. Plus they talk ROH Honor Rising, this weeks ROH TV, Being The Elite and more! @StrongHonor @TommyStryker @HGRevTaco @JoeBPWP


Ep 48 - Best of the Super Juniors 2018 Preview

Tommy, Taco and Joe are back talking New Japan, ROH and even Rev pro this week! First Tommy and Taco talk about their weekend in Chicago. Taco experienced his first ROH show and Tommy scored tickets to All In in the shadows of the Sears Centre. Then they dive into their Best of the Super Juniors preview. Tommy shares his picks for the finals and they highlight the coming weeks big matches. Then Tommy talks about the Lionsgate show and Rev Pro's Epic Encounter from last week. Rev Pro...


Ep 47 - Jericho Makes Naito Bleed

This week Tommy and Taco talk all things Wrestling Dontaku and how things are shaping up for Dominion in June. Chris Jericho attacking Naito, Okada defeating Tanahashi and his win streak, Ospreay defeating Kushida and being attacked by Bone Soldier and the Bullet Club (seemingly) being on the same page. Then they talk the A and B blocks for the Best of the Super Juniors tournament starting next week. And Tommy reveals his early G1 Climax prognostications of who's gonna be in the tournament,...


Ep 46 - Naito Re-gains the IWGP Intercontinental Title

This week Taco's back with Tommy talking the week in New japan and ROH. First they talk about last weeks Road To Wrestling Dontaku shows from the 27th and the 29th. The show from the 27th from Hiroshoma featured a surprisingly good macth for the NEVER belt between Hirooki Goto and Juice Robinson. Then on the 29th New Japan had its first show in Kumamoto since the devastating earthquake over two years ago. The guys discuss the IC title change and what this means for Naito and Suzuki going...


The Road to Wrestling Dontaku Continues

This week Tommy flies solo and talks about last weeks Road to Wrestling Dontaku Shows. Hear his thoughts on the Jay White vs David Finlay main event, Hiromu & Bushi vs Suzuki Gun plus a preview for next week's matches. ROH featured the WOH title tournament semi & finals from Supercard of Honor on this weeks TV. Hear Tommy's thoughts and a preview of this weekend's Bound By Honor events streaming live on HonorClub. Plus Kenny Omega, The Bullet Club, and...


Road to Wrestling Dontaku & Masters of the Craft

This week Tommy, Taco and Joe are back talking the Road To Wrestling Dontaku shows from April 13th & 14th last week. Both shows featured 10-man tag-team elimination matches building up the current singles and tag title matches to come. Plus they talked the RevPro show from WrestleMania weekend featuring the matches with New Japan stars. Then they discuss ROH. Masters of the Craft was on HonorClub from Columbus, OH and featured several note-worthy matches. Plus they talk the tag-team...


Supercard of Honor Fallout

This week Tommy, Taco and Joe talk about ROH's Supercard of Honor and all of the angles coming out of it. Where does the Bullet Club go from here and the sad Being The Elite episode 100: "Finale." Then they preview this weekend's Road To Wrestling Dontaku shows from Korakuen Hall. Plus they highlight some of their favorite indie matches from WrestleMania weekend and talk about what the New Japan stars did on those...


Sakura Genesis Fallout - Super Card of Honor Preview

The guys are back talking Sakura Genesis, previewing Super Card of Honor and some WrestleMania weekend indie shows. They start with highlighting some WrestleMania weekend indie shows featuring Jew Japan talent. Then they talk Sakura Genesis. featuring the spectacular Will Ospreay vs Marty Scurll match for the IWGP Jr Heavyweight title. They talk all the matches and fallout form the show and preview the upcoming Wrestling Dontaku title matches. Then they preview ROH's Supercard of Honor...