Greg James, Jimmy Anderson and Felix White with an alternative (and sometimes musical) look at cricket...

Greg James, Jimmy Anderson and Felix White with an alternative (and sometimes musical) look at cricket...


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Greg James, Jimmy Anderson and Felix White with an alternative (and sometimes musical) look at cricket...




The Tractor

Nearly 14 months after they last saw each other in real life, The Tailenders assemble for a podcast recording at the home of cricket. Includes special guests, the return of GCS, a ’spicy’ revelation for Felix, kazoos, ’Mattchinmind’ and a tractor.


Mattchin Abandoned

Mattchin’s new (stolen) game ends in chaos, car crash confessions from Greg, Felix’s Indie Music Quiz and a Lancashire Cricket lesson from Jimmy. Plus, does the ball swing in Thailand?


Crease Lightning and Brazil

A day later than planned, Tailenders assemble to review the India ODI series, plus Mattchin pilots a new quiz, another round of ‘Felix’s Mystery Indie Song’ and we’re going to Brazil.


For Matt

How long does it take to go ‘from naked to pads’? This is just one of the key questions answered in this week’s podcast. Plus Nas, Call of Duty, Record Breakers and vaccinations.


The Anderson Obama Method

Everyone gets misty eyed as they reminisce about the live show in Manchester from a year ago, Jimmy receives some mind blowing news, Mattchin provides an Indian Cricket history lesson, University Challenge and a lot of ‘unnecessary honesty’. Plus a look back at the third Test against India and a preview of the fourth and final match in the series.


Two Chaps in Hazmat Suits

Greg, Jimmy and Felix look ahead to the third Test against India, ably assisted by Mattchin and his ’scientific research’ into how the pink ball might behave in Ahmedabad. Plus a new quiz, a quest to find Mattchin a Serbian girlfriend and Jimmy reveals how Dua Lipa helped him in the first Test.


Chennai Cheers

The inside story of THAT over, plus Mattchin slides into Jack Leach’s DMs, sweaty hands, zing bails, big cheques, County Cricket cheese on toast, the hunt for clay and Who Are You?


Pacino and De Niro

Jimmy brings a very special guest to the podcast while Mattchin ‘reinvents’ the sporting interview with a dramatic twist. Plus beans, cheese, Macca, Weller and ovens.


Antlers Are Necessary

An emergency podcast (sort of) as The Tailenders assemble to look back at the extraordinary events at The Gabba in the final Test between Australia and India. Plus, Felix enters the ‘Sharky Tank’, cheese on toast cancel culture, tight shorts, thumbs up photos, heckling and the battle for The Moose Cup.


Howzat, Hamzat and Whozat

New Year, New Tailenders but still the usual mix of ’Twaddly Chat’ covering a wide range of topics, including Australia v India, England’s upcoming series against Sri Lanka, cheese on toast and the return of ‘General Cricketing Sadness’. Plus Mattchin brings back a ‘classic’ game and Felix has been using his time in Lockdown to come up with a new formula for the World Test Championship.


Christmas Cheers

Greg, Jimmy, Felix and Mattchin assemble for an ‘Emergency Tier 4’ podcast to make sure no Tailender is alone this Christmas. Featuring listener stories, a special guest, Mattchin’s quizzes (including arguably the greatest Crusic of all time) and more cheese chat. Plus a look back at THAT India collapse and a preview of the Boxing Day test at the MCG.


Cricket, Christmas, Cheese and Serial Killers

A definite ‘end of term’ feel as Greg, Jimmy and Felix look back at the extraordinary year that was 2020, aided by Mattchin and his ‘virtual advent calendar’. Plus a look at the England squad heading to Sri Lanka, Jimmy gives his verdict on the current Australia v India series and Mattchin has a surprise for the end of the show.


South Africa, Statues and Sangria

Greg, Jimmy and Felix review England’s T20 series win over South Africa, plus plans for a road named after Jimmy in his hometown of Burnley go up a level and Mattchin is back with a new quiz called ‘Wicketless’, which is in no way similar in any way to ‘Pointless’.


Burnley News

All the big and important cricketing questions are tackled in the latest podcast including - will we ever see a $10 million IPL player, are the new rules for the Big Bash any good, which road should be named after Jimmy, and will Mattchin make it in time to his ‘virtual’ parents evening?


Lockdown Quiz 2.0

As England enters its second lockdown, Mattchin is back for another of his ‘famous’ quizzes, complete with special guests, new rounds and some family favourites.


Death. Blood. Death.

Warning: This edition of 'the loosely cricket based podcast' was recorded in the evening and includes folk metal, tall cricketers, the IPL, moustaches, pagodas, super super overs and the 38th coolest person in Bristol.


The Dream Apprentice

Greg, Jimmy and Felix are joined by psychologist and dream expert Ian Wallace to help decipher Joe Root’s ’Tailenders / Tenacious D / Spaghetti Guitar / Jimmy 600 Tribute’ dream. Plus England’s Tammy Beaumont joins us from Australia ahead of the start of the WBBL, Mattchin is back with a new ‘video messaging-based’ quiz and Tailenders unite and takeover for a special musical finale. #GoWell


Hey Joe

Welcome to a Tailenders special as England Men's Test captain Joe Root joins Greg, Jimmy and Felix to discuss dreams, blackberries, haircuts and even some cricket. Plus Mattchin is back with a new quiz/podcast concept/stolen format (delete as appropriate) and Adam Collins pays tribute to the late Dean Jones.


Signings, Sibley and Sixer!

Greg, Jimmy and Felix look back at the Pakistan T20 series, we discover who is ‘half as famous as Richard Osman’ and Mattchin debuts his new game - ’Sixer’! Plus, Will Flynn from England’s Physical Disability Cricket Team shares his ‘General Cricketing Gladness’.



The Tailenders assemble for an emergency podcast to celebrate Jimmy becoming the first fast bowler to claim 600 Test wickets. Plus Mattchin reveals his 'secret role' within the England camp and a surprising email arrives from Los Angeles.