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Talking your legs off! Talk Ultra is an ultra running podcast bringing news and interviews from the ultra, trail, mountain and skyrunning world - hosted by Ian Corless

Talking your legs off! Talk Ultra is an ultra running podcast bringing news and interviews from the ultra, trail, mountain and skyrunning world - hosted by Ian Corless
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Talking your legs off! Talk Ultra is an ultra running podcast bringing news and interviews from the ultra, trail, mountain and skyrunning world - hosted by Ian Corless








Spisode 157 - Sue Ding Lucy Bartholomew Kris Brown

It's a full and packed show as Kurt Decker brings you a Western States special chatting with Kris Brown and Lucy Bartholomew. Ian brings you a full and in-depth chat with Sue Ding who was the first Malaysian woman ever, to complete the Marathon des Sables.


Episode 156 - Kelly Wolfe Brittany Peterson and Alex Kurt

We bring you interviews with Kelly Wolfe and Brittany and Peterson who placed 3rd and 4th at Transvulcania. The Godfather of Trail brings us a chat with Alex Kurt and Speedgoat is co-hosting.


Episode 155 - The Barkley with Eoin Keith and Ally Beaven

Episode 155 of Talk Ultra and this show is all about the Barkley with two interviews.Yes, two virgins tell us about their experiences at Frozen Head State Park. Eoin Keith from Ireland and Ally Beavan from Scotland discuss what it’s like to toe the line at one of the toughest foot races in the world.


Episode 154 - Ryan Sandes Elisabet Barnes Keely Henninger UltraMirage

We speak with Ryan Sandes about his amazing FKT with Ryno Griesel on a section of Nepal’s Great Himalayan Trail. Elisabet Barnes discusses taking a break, looking at nutrition and how to return to training and racing healthy. We speak to Amir Ben Gacem about Ultra Mirage and we offer a free place! The Godfather of Trail, Kurt Decker brings us a chat with K Henninger and of course, Speedgoat co-hosts!


Episode 153 - Beth Pascall, Pavel Paloncy, Mike Ambrose, Golden Ring Ultra

Episode 153 of Talk Ultra is a packed show with multiple interviews. We speak with Beth Pascall who was 1st Brit and 4th lady at Transgrancanaria. We speak with 3 time winner of The Spine Race - Pavel Paloncy. We also chat with Michael from Russia’s Golden Ring Ultra and finally, Kurt Decker brings us chat with Mike Ambrose. Speedgoat co-hosts.


Episode 152 - Tom Evans, Marcus Scotney and John Storkamp

Episode 152 of Talk Ultra is a packed show with two interviews from The Coastal Challenge! Race winner and course record holder, Tom Evans tells us how he won and we also chat with Marcus Scotney. Kurt Decker brings us an interview with John Storkamp and Speedgoat is here to tell us about his 39th 100-mile win!


Episode 151 - Carol Morgan

We bring you an interview with the 2018 female winner of the UK's Spine Race and Speedgoat Karl is here to co-host and chew the ultra fat.


Episode 150 - Ryan Sandes and Brian Boyle

Episode 150 of Talk Ultra brings you a preview chat with Ryan Sandes before he embarks on an epic FKT on the Great Himalayan Trail with Ryno Griesel. Kurt Decker brings us a chat with Brian Boyle and Speedgoat Karl is co-hosting.


Episode 149 - Camille Herron and Pat Reagan

Welcome to our 2017 Christmas and New Year show! We interview Camille Herron about her stunning end to the year and an amazing 100-mile world record. We also introduce Kurt Decker, the Godfather of Trail, as he does his first solo 'TU' interview with Pat Reagan.


Episode 148 - Kilian Jornet

Episode 148 is a Kilian Jornet Special - It is in-depth and discusses the whole #SOML Summits of My Life project and we talk about Kilian's approach and ethos in regard to his adventures, in particular Everest. The interview is not about trying to prove what Kilian has achieved! This is about providing a voice and hopefully in that process, many aspects will be made clear.


Episode 147 - Felix Weber and Everest Trail Race 2017

Episode 147 of Talk Ultra brings you an interview with the amazing running nomad, Felix Weber. We also bring you a selection of interviews from the 2017 Everest Trail Race with Elisabet Barnes, Paul Allum, Becks Ferry, Sondre Amdahl and Ester Alves. The show is co-hosted by the Godfather of Trail, Kurt Decker.


Episode 146 - Courtney Dauwalter and Katie Kaars

Talk Ultra brings you an interview with the amazing Courtney Dauwalter who won Run Rabbit Run and then just weeks later won Moab 200 (238 miles) outright! We also speak with rising trail and mountain runner, Katie Kaars. Speedgoat co-hosts!


Episode 144 - Darcy Piceu and Anna-Marie Watson

Episode 144 of Talk Ultra brings you an interview with Darcy Piceu after her incredible FKT on the John Muir Trail. We also speak with Anna-Marie Watson who this year placed 7th at UTMB and just recently won the first edition of the Half Marathon des Sables Fuerteventura. Speedgoat is back co-hosting!


Episode 143 - Emelie Forsberg, Tim Tollefson, Susan Donelly

Talk Ultra brings you an interview with Emelie Forsberg after her victory and CR at Glen Coe Skyline. We speak with 3rd placed UTMB finisher, Tim Tollefson and we speak with the inspiring Susan Donelly who recently completed her 100th 100-mile race! The show is co-hosted by Hillary Allen.


Episode 142 - Damian Hall and Elisabet Barnes

Episode 142 of Talk Ultra brings and we bring you a full and in-depth interview with Damian Hall who was first Brit, first Vet and 12th overall at UTMB. We also speak to Elisabet Barnes about her training and racing at altitude at the 2017 Transrockies. The show is co-hosted by Kurt Decker.


Episode 140 - Hector Haines and Ragna Debats

Episode 140 brings you an in-depth chat with Hector Haines who's is having a great year in the 2017 Migu Run Skyrunner World Series. We also chat with Ragna Debats about her rise in the sport. Karl 'Speedgoat' Meltzer is back and we bring you the latest news from around the world.


Episode 138 - Ryan Sandes and Hillary Allen

Episode 138 of Talk Ultra and we bring you a full and in-depth interview with Western States 2017 Champ - Ryan Sandes. We also bring you an interview with the USA's Hillary Allen who is very much pioneering a path for female mountain runners in Europe. We have the news, ultra chat and the 2017 Marathon des Sables champion, Elisabet Barnes co-hosts.


Episode 137 - Herron Withers Hodgkinson

Episode 137 of Talk Ultra brings you three interviews - Camille Herron talks about winning the biggest road ultra in the world, Comrades. We delve into the mind of Tom Withers and how he used his brain to finish the UK’s Dragons Back Race. Niandi Carmont talks with Tania Hodgkinson in her next ‘one-on-one’ interview and yes, Speedgoat is back.


Episode 136 - Dragons Back Race

Episode 136 of Talk Ultra is all about the UK’s epic multi-day mountain challenge, the Berghaus Dragons Back Race - 5 days, 315km and 1000m’s of vert! We speak with the winner, Marcus Scotney. We speak with Sabrina Verjee who lead the ladies race for 4-days and finished 2nd. We also speak with Jan Rogers who finished in the final 20% of the race. I also have the pleasure of my excellent buddy from the USA co-hosting - Kurt Decker.


Episode 135 - Eoin Keith and Tim Freriks

Eoin Keith has just run the length of Ireland in a new FKT and we catch up with him to find out about the journey and the record. Tim Freriks burst onto the world Skyrunning scene by winning Transvulcania Ultramarathon, but who is Tim? We find out...