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Host Daniel Schmidt uses his unique blend of humor and creativity to give you the best stories and sports takes from Columbia to St. Louis and beyond.

Host Daniel Schmidt uses his unique blend of humor and creativity to give you the best stories and sports takes from Columbia to St. Louis and beyond.
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Host Daniel Schmidt uses his unique blend of humor and creativity to give you the best stories and sports takes from Columbia to St. Louis and beyond.






Episode 52 "BFIB & Pride, Satan Kroenke buys Arsenal, AITO, and Pants with Flip-Flops"

Satan Kroenke's quest to take over the world continues as we check in with Arsenal fans (:45-4:30). Urban Meyer is a POS and so are sports fans (5:00-11:00). Tyler O'Neill has a groin injury-wink, wink says Mike Girsch-and the BFIB hate gay people (12;40-26:30). I defend wearing pants with flip-flops, rip apart 35 year olds who play softball seriously and talk about the greatest catch in AITO history (26:40-39:00). Asking Schmidt (39:10-51:20). I wrap up with some PGA Championship talk...


Episode 51 "Yacht Boys, Summer Beers & Mike Matheny's demise"

TSP's Summer Series episode. TFTW returns with an unforgettable Yacht weekend in Chicago's Playpen (1:15-15:45). The highly anticipated 6 Columns of Summer Beers ends with an obvious choice (16:00-25:15). Mike Matheny is fired by the Cardinals 4 years too late as we look ahead to potential next skippers (25:30-35:15). Least favorite sports opponent, being terrified of women and the pros and cons of fireworks are discussed in depth on Asking Schmidt (35:30-52:45).


Episode 50 "TSP goes viral, MPJ goes 14th, & I'm going to eject the #BFIB"

No weeks off for the podcast that rules Philly sports media. I recap the last week of TSP (1:15-21:00) since going viral, and the daily battle for credit with some of the biggest powers in sports media. MPJ plummeted on draft night all the way to Satan's squad (21:00-38:00). My latest complaints about the #BFIB (38:30-46:00) and my new plan to have them ejected from Busch. A rowdy Asking Schmidt concludes (46:00-1:16:00) this week's ep.


Episode 49 "NBA Draft Special ft. Drew Hanlen"

NBA training guru Drew Hanlen joins me (2:10-30:30) to breakdown some of the most exciting prospects in this year's NBA Draft. We also discuss his training with Markelle Fultz, how he would do against Courtney Ramey in 1v1, and where I rank on the list of players he's trained. The first ever TSP NBA mock draft follows immediately after (32:00-53:10).


Episode 48 "MPJ Mystery, Superfly review, and the Tundra vs the Civic"

1:00-6:30: MPJ 6:30-21:00: Tales From The Weekend 21:00-35:30: Moviepass/Superfly 35:30-1:02:00: Asking Schmidt 52:00-1:01:30: Tundra vs. Civic


Episode 47 "Jontay is BACK and Twitter's Greatest Night"

Jontay and the Saviors: 1:30-16:00 NBA Finals: 16:00-30:00 Twitter: 30:00-49:00 Asking Schmidt: 49:00-1:07:00


Episode 46 "Albert Pujols Top 6 moments and JJ Redick's career"

Tales from the weekend, specifically #HitchedtoHuska (5:40-16:20). 6 Columns featuring Albert Pujols (16:30-36:00). Mizzou hoops and the next batch of STL high school basketball prospects (36:10-46:40). A tribute to my favorite athlete ever, JJ Redick (46:50-1:08:10). Asking Schmidt (1:08:20-1:25:00).


Episode 45 "How to get rid of the #BFIB, and kU fan demolition"

BACK. I explain the variety of factors that contributed to the long hiatus, namely a long an grueling surgery (:20-9:50). I had an unbelievably believable interaction with a #BFIB representative that turned into my beef of the week (10:00-29:25). Asking Schmidt pops up in the middle of the ep with an update on my ongoing chicken wing eating disorder (29:45-39:45). I spend 20 minutes verbally destroying a kU fan who basically threw me an alley-oop and then asked if I posterize him...


Episode 44

Happy birthday TSP! I review the last year and take a look at the future of TSP (1:10-17:25). The Tigers let us down yet again but at least they did it in the best city in the country (17:30-35:30). As a birthday present for my loyal listeners I reveal a story to you guys that I have only shared with a handful of people (35:30-47:10). In Asking Schmidt I discuss the stupidity of Jordan Barnett, and what I gave up for Lent (47:20-59:25).


Episode 41

I offer a fitness method membership that is exclusive to my loyal listeners (4:10). The most boring season in Bachelor history got interesting for a total of three minutes, and ask if we know for sure that Ari is actually attracted to women (8:00). Mizzou basketball is 1(!) win away from punching its ticket to THE BIG DANCE, and they're going to do it without Moby Dick (24:40). We talk golf etiquette and rappers in Asking Schmidt (48:10) and Hardy Cox wraps things up with the TSP Voicemail...


Episode 40 "Hometowns, Tigers and Black Panther Oh My!"

We've got trivia, Black Panther and guns (3:00-12:00)! We talk the best reality television on the planet episodes, Bachelor hometown dates. Brothers home from prison, weird family stories, and families that don't eat at tables (12:30-30:30). Mizzou heartbreak (30:45-50:00). I battle between being a prisoner of the moment and announcing the end of the season, and realizing that Mizzou is still in the tournament field.


Episode 38

The working man is back in the lab! I address the change in my professional life (having a professional life) (:30-3:35). I talk about the hypocrisy in LeBron's legacy in comparison to Tom Brady's. Also in my Super Bowl segment I break down the hottest takes during the game, and hoe I finished my NFL gambling season on a predictably low note (3:40-20:50). Mizzou basketball is trending up in a big way, but what will the Tigers do WHEN Moby Dick(MPJ) come back(21:00-37:10)? Queen Krystal's...


Episode 37

The longest podcast in TSP history brings with it the return of Tales From the Weekend (3:10-18:30) where I talk South Broadway wrestling and diaper parties. In the Saviors I discuss the brilliant feature by S.L. Price on Mizzou's Cuonzo Martin and what it means to him and Mizzou to have him as the Tigers head coach. In Engaged In 70 Days (35:-40-47:00) I send home Bibiana while giving my rose to Bekah M. Episode 37 also brings back Satan and Friends (47:10-56:10), where I break down...


Episode 35

The first TSP of 2018 sets the bar very high for the rest of the year. I recap Mizzou's football season (2:10-18:30) and talk about the different situations the Tigers would find themselves in depending on if Drew Lock stays or goes. I celebrate my singlehandedly taking down Apple in a Scorched Earth update (18:40-23:30). I FINALLY talk Bachelor extensively (23:45-40:10) recapping this season's premiere. Briefly preview Mizzou's conference season in hoops (40:15-45:40) and I revisit...


Episode 33

The Return of the King. I am #back, and I recap where I have been, mostly rubbing elbows with Webster celebrities and watching amateur wrestling with St. Louis hoosiers (4:00-21:00). I celebrate my gambling win on Mizzou over 6.5 wins in Sharps, as well as marvel at 9 straight weeks of correctly (read incorrectly) picking winners (23:20-32:40). In 6 Columns this week I reveal the undisputed 6 best Christmas song (NO MARIAH CAREY) (33:05-40:40). I close with Asking Schmidt covering topics...


Eulogy for MPJ's Freshman Year

A reaction to the most devastating news in the history of Mizzou athletics.


Episode 32

Mizzou basketball returns back to Earth after getting eviscerated in Utah (1:15-24:15). The Raiders are the lock of the week (25:00-28:00). I celebrate a glorious weekend in Columbia (28:00-37:00) and Asking Schmidt closes us out during which I predominantly talk about sucking at gambling (37:00-1:00:00).


Episode 31

COLLEGE BASKETBALL IS BACK! Matt Cox of the Three Man Weave Podcast joins me (3:20-50:45) to break down Mizzou and SLU's seasons, and whether or not Grayson Allen has ruined "Everytime We Touch" for generations to come. In Sharps, I randomly & blindly select the Dolphins +9 as my lock of the week. In Asking Schmidt I receive and all time voicemail from Jay Blossom and give him an all time response (1:05:00-1:14:00)


Episode 30

Three decades of podcasting in the books. Two new segments helped kickstart another milestone episode for TSP. "Best Fan in Baseball" (3:20-14:10) breaks down the World Series and why it's hard for Cardinals fans to still care about baseball. "6 Columns" (14:20-21:40) ranks the top 6 Halloween candies and they are not up for debate. "Sharps" (21:50-31:40) discusses the anonymous bettor who made $10 million off the WS. Additionally the lock of the week is a GUARANTEED winner this week. In...


Episode 28

THE RETURN OF THE BORDER WAR (KIND OF). In honor of Mizzou and kU playing each other again, Aaron Reiss of the Kansas City Star joins me to talk all things Mizzou hoops. I also talk about the legendary speech I gave at the Windler wedding over the weekend, and why being in the wedding party is simply the best.