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A Podcast for YOUR Houston Texans!

A Podcast for YOUR Houston Texans!
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A Podcast for YOUR Houston Texans!






Interview- Derrik Klassen Of Football Outsiders

This week we have a special guest, Derrik Klassen joins us to recap the Texans Season, Who is to blame for the Texans playoff loss, Deshaun's ceiling, Clowney's worth, and so much more! Be sure to Follow Derrik on twitter at @QBKlass Be sure to follow us on twitter/instagram @HoustonFBpod Go to our Patreon page and show your support for your favorite Texans Podcast at https://www.patreon.com/houstonFBPod Check out our website at www.TexansUnfiltered.com And Join our discord to...


RECAP: Texans vs. Colts - Texans Embarrass Themselves In The Playoffs Yet Again

This week YoungAriGold and the boys discuss the loss to the Colts during wildcard weekend. We discuss Deshaun's worse game of his career, why the local media wants BOB fired, the next steps for this defense, the Harbaugh rumor, and all the questions from the listeners! Follow us on - Twitter: @houstonFBpod Instagram: houstonfbpod Discord: discord.gg/rDssPMy And consider supporting us on Patreon! Patreon: patreon.com/TexansUnfiltered



IT DOESN'T MATTER, BRIAN - AFC SOUTH CHAMPIONS AGAIN, BRIAN! "These guys have worked hard, especially the way we started out. It’s a testament to the players in that locker room. They’ve always hung tough, and to go from 0-3, then go 11-2 in this league, pretty tough to do. Give credit to the players.” THE TEXANS… Bill O’BrienBill O’Brien


RECAP: Texans vs. Eagles - Back to Reality

The Houston Texans did all they could but a 35-yard field goal from Jake Elliot sealed the victory for the Philadelphia Eagles, 32-30. While Deshaun Watson wowed all four quarters, his arsenal took a hit. The defense made several key plays but also allowed 519 yards of total offense from Nick Foles. THE TEXANS SCORING PLAYS MISCELLANEOUS NOTES TEXANS PLAYER NOTES CB JOHNSON BADEMOSI RB ALFRED BLUE CB DEANTE BURTON WR DEANDRE CARTER DE/OLB JADEVEON CLOWNEY ILB ZACH CUNNINGHAM P...


INTERVIEW: YoungAriGold with Texans Long Snapper Jon Weeks

In this special INTERVIEW episode of the Texans Unfiltered Podcast, our very own YoungAriGold has a great conversation with Houston Texans Long Snapper and consummate professional, Jon Weeks. Please give Jon a Texans Unfiltered Welcome, and drop him a follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram if you can - and let him know if you appreciated his interview! About Jon Weeks Height: 5'10"Weight: 242 lbsAge: 32School: Baylor (2004-2007)Hometown: Bethpage, NYGrew up a "military...


Texans Jets Recap, and Why Is Sam Darnold's Head So Big?

YoungariGold, Garnet Texan, Brad Groux discuss the recent win against the NY Jets. WE take a deep dive into the game starting with the offense. Offensive Line Woes? Lack Of A Run Game WR/TE's Deshaun's Improvements Defensive woes Can we fix the cornerback position or are we stuck with who we have? D'onta Foreman back this week???? Playoff discussion Questions from the listeners


Interview Alert Rivers McCown #1 Beat Writer For The Texans Yeah I Said It Fight Me

Rivers McCown stops by to talk some Houston Texans. We start with how Rivers has improved on his film breakdowns and who is mentors were when he began his career. We talk in depth about all things Texans from including Deshaun's past two games and why he has struggled, what the tape says about Jadeveon Clowney, all things defense. He also believes the Texans will make a move for Pat Pete during the offseason and so much more. Be sure to follow Rivers on twitter @RiversMcCown and go...


The Sky Is Not Falling And Here Is Why

Forgive the audio quality I was not going to put this episode out but was convinced it isn't as bad as I think. I am correcting this for next week trust me. YoungAriGold 5 minutes of Colts bashing. Than we hop straight into the offense. Yes Deshaun is our savior, with that being said he can be criticized and he will be. Why can't he recognize the outside blitzes? Does he trust our offensive line? How do we fix the WR injuries? Lets talk defense YoungAriGold gushes over Clowney even...


Jordan Come Back! Oh and we talk Browns and Baker Bitchfield

YoungAriGold tells a story about how he lost an interview with Jordan Akins 9 in a row…. We continue to keep getting the job done. Look around the league. It makes no sense; and we continue to figure out a way to get things done. Offensive Line Improvements continue L.Miller; wow has he looked like a different runner. Dwatson; accuracy was off on deep passes. Concerned? Reid is masterful, his closing speed is second to none Cunningham is making us look more and more like geniuses...


The Tits Have Been Slayed!

Excessive Language Used At The Beginning Beware YoungAriGold and the crew dig deep into the MNF game against the Titans Starting with the offense- Offensive line, Lamar Miller, Ryan Griffin not needing to be on the field, DT's coming out party, Keke's Hamstring Injury Defense- To much to type and its almost 2 in the morning so just know we talk about it all. Check out our website www.Texansunfiltered.com Join Our discord https://discord.gg/UNyKF9b Follow us on Twitter...


Are We The Worst Bad Team, Or The Worst Good Team? Happy Thanksgiving!

Are we no longer the best bad team? And maybe we are the worst good team? Let's not compare ourselves to the Rams and Chiefs. We are not built that way. Did you catch Tyrann on the Rapsheet podcast? Dylan Cole! Foreman practicing. Who's the IR player? Where was DT? Oline injuries. Love Keke. Oline did a great job run blocking, but what was going on with DW4? Keke could have had an even bigger game. TITANS! On MNF. Titans just got legitimately smoked. Mariota may not...


YoungAriGolds' Reaction To The Redskins Game, And Guest Stops By

Youngarigold gives his reaction to the Redksins game. Starts with the offense and questions why Ryan Griffin is on the field Defense looks strong I interview a long time listener and get his input on the Texans so far. Be sure to check out our Discord and website! New episode coming out Thursday morning!


Texans Unfiltered - John and Brad Crushin' on Romeo's Big D

With host YoungAriGold on the move, tonight's special edition podcast is a short reaction show for the Texans vs. Redskins game with John the GarnetTexan and Brad Groux. Fret not Texans fans, there's another #TexansUnfiltered podcast tomorrow and yet another on Wednesday! Introduction Game Recap Struggles Standouts OffenseDefense"He should have been a #1 pick"“To be able to have a guy like Romeo on the staff is — think about his history in the league,” said O’Brien on Monday. “He worked...


The Real Bye Week Blues

What games did you guys watch yesterday? Tyler Ervin cut Players coming back from injury Players potentially coming back from IR Foreman's window is open did the Texans handle this properly Expectations for the rest of the week Twitter and discord questions! Join our discord here discord.gg/Sjvq4J and talk Texans 24/7


Broncos Fail To Kick GW Field Goal

Housekeeping/Personal Info Intro potential new host? Little background on him What the show may look like moving forward Anything crazy going on? (personal lives/news) Offense DT87? Why waste time… new toy is the favorite toy. WR is hard to learn in BOB/Patriots system Offensive line Lance Z might have been right on Rankins… he will be better the further inside he plays WR’s Running Backs Tight Ends QB Defense umm.. maybe we should start to consider that have 1 franchise tag...


The Thrumble PT. 2 The Return Of The Lobster

This week YoungAriGold and the Garnet Texans discuss the most complete game the Texans have had this season and it was against the worst signing in Texans history Brock Lobster We start with the offensive line and move through the rest of the offense. Will Fuller tearing his ACL how do we replace him? The defense continuing to shine And what we expect the Texans to do at the trade deadline


Bortles Gonna Bortles

This week on Texans Unfiltered we discuss the convincing victory over the Jaguars starting with the offense. We have a run game with Lamar Miller Deandre makes Jalen Ramsey his B*#%@ Andre Hal coming back and how the safeties are alleviating the lack of corner back depth on this team Clowney uncaged Brocktobe ris coming to NRG PAT PETE YET AGAIN How we feel after this victory


Peterman shows his peter.....

New recording setup this week, noticed the interruptions are some what bothersome we will correct it. Let us know your feedback on the audio quality! We start with the offense, and yes alot of the Issues whether you like it or not are on Deshaun....... Offensive line woes continue Defense is the heart of the team and John loves him some Kareem Jackson Pat Pete trade Youngarigold mentioned 4 weeks ago is starting to pick up some national media attention hmmm wonder why could it be...


WE HAVE A WIN!!!!!!!