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An actor/comic, a political junkie, and a sports stats geek. Two are in their 60s. One is in his 20s. Steve, Rich, and Greg have a bit of fun every day with sports betting, the biggest games and other interesting stories. And you’re invited to come along!

An actor/comic, a political junkie, and a sports stats geek. Two are in their 60s. One is in his 20s. Steve, Rich, and Greg have a bit of fun every day with sports betting, the biggest games and other interesting stories. And you’re invited to come along!
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Las Vegas, NV


An actor/comic, a political junkie, and a sports stats geek. Two are in their 60s. One is in his 20s. Steve, Rich, and Greg have a bit of fun every day with sports betting, the biggest games and other interesting stories. And you’re invited to come along!






"That's Not Current Enough!"

Typically Steve, Greg, & Rich talk baseball to complain about the ball but a pitcher stole the show Tuesday along with Adam Vinatieri and the Raiders PLC's. Alicia Perrone and Victor James AKA 'Fans of Jimmy Century' talk about their works, including a song on Giannis Antetokounmpo before bets are made!


"That's a $25 Drink!"

One show, two guests. Dr. David Chao, The Pro Football Doc, makes a cameo appearance to talk about all the injured NFL quarterbacks and the timing of their returns. Scott Roeben, author of the 'Vital Vegas' blog, shares insights about new shows, finding bargains and avoiding rip-offs in Las Vegas. And Steve may be waiting a while to see his share of that new mega-deal for the 'Seinfeld' streaming rights.


"That's A Lot Of Points In The NFL!"

The guys all won their NFL bets but Greg reacts to a college football coach who's decision making cost hist team the game and Drew Brees and Ben Roethlisberger both getting hurt. Ron Flatter of VSIN talks horse racing and shares great stories with Steve before Greg talks about cell phone encounters on jogs along with bets for Monday!


"That's An Actual Story!"

The guys recap Thursday Night Football, Greg talks about an E-Sports gambling controversy & Sam Darnold getting mono, Steve chats NFL betting with Vin Ferreira of, Rich tells the story of Jaguars quarterback Gardner Minshew, & the guys make bets for the weekend!


That's a Lot of Buffalo Wings!"

The guys' unbeaten bets streak continues, Rich gives some quick hitters on comedians, Steve chats with Jeff Motley, VP of PR at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, & Greg looks at Justify's failed drug test & a big Buffalo Bills bet before Thursday's bets are made!


"That's Vending out the Beer!"

The guys reflect on the anniversary of 9/11, Greg looks at the Jets trading for Demaryius Thomas & MNF's short lived graphic, Dana Powell gives Steve & crew advice on a smelly situation, & Rich rates the best and worst NFL stadium experiences before Wednesday's wagers are made!


"That's Really Personal!"

Steve, Rich and Greg admire the Saints' amazing Monday Night Football comeback, and consider the impending demise of the last NFL field also used for baseball. Las Vegas Review-Journal 'Man About Town' columnist John Katsilometes talks about the changing nature of his job and some of the current happenings in Las Vegas. And Rich gets another chance to revel in more turmoil at USC.


"That's a Dumpster Fire!"

The guys react to week one of the NFL season with the Antonio Brown & Miami Dolphins sags taking center stage. Branden Powers of The olden Tiki talks about the success of his ventures and what inspires his fun ideas Steve recaps his trip to Eugene for Oregon vs Nevada, Rich gets grilling, & Greg moves before the guys make bets for Monday!


"That's What We Waited 100 Years For!"

The guys broadcast from The D as Steve & Greg best Rich with their wagers in Packers vs Bears. The D owner Derek Stevens & SVP Mike Palm talk about the game, the Circa Millions contest, & the growth of The Palm Readers. The guys also stop by The South Point to talk to legendary broadcaster Brent Musburger about his illustrious career & setting up VSIN before weekend wagers are made!


"That's Good Writing!"

In classic "Tonight Show" fashion, the guys bump one of their biggest guests ever in favor of someone who just walked in the door. John Caparulo, who does stand-up SIX nights a week at Harrah's, joined Steve, Rich and Greg on the couch in the back of The Golden Tiki. John and Steve get deep into the art of stand-up, and John hangs around to offer up a pick on the Packers-Bears game.


That's a Lot of Shrunken Heads!"

The Golden Tiki is the scene for this podcast as Steve takes an awful beat, chats abut the history and lore of The Golden Tiki with Las Vegas food writers Jason Harris and Al Mancini before Wednesday's bets are placed.


"That's the Heartland!"

The Colts sign a pair of former New England Patriots quarterbacks, Greg dislike LeBron James' "Taco Tuesdays", Dr. David Chao AKA The Pro Football Doc talks NFL injuries with Steve, & Rich gets a jab in at USC. The guys preview their upcoming live broadcasts in Vegas before bets for Tuesday are made!


"That's Lucky!"

Greg is a bit bitter about Steve's recent stretch, the guys recap a busy weekend of NFL transactions and college football games, Rich looks at how Hurricane Dorian might affect sporting events and lives in general. Everyone also shares their sadness for Tyler Skaggs' cause of death and wager for Labor Day are placed.


"That's a Lot of Cowbell!"

More home run records were broken and Greg filled the guys in on those, Rich looks at stories involving Masons and Cowbells while Steve chats with former Chargers lineman Marcus McNeil before weekend wagers are placed!


"That's Why People Don't Like Me!"

The guys reflect on the passing of racer Jessi Combs, Greg tears into the Milwaukee Brewers, Rich looks at the return of the Sahara & KFC's newest creation. Dan Szymborski of FanGraphs talks baseball and food situation with Steve before Thursday's bets are made!


"That's Drive Time!"

The show's resident car guy, Vinnie Richici, shares the fun of driving the newest versions of the Chevy Corvette and the Dodge Challenger -- the one with TWO keys. Rich is the only winner from Tuesday's bets. And there's lots of talk about the possible sale of the Kansas City Royals, the latest fast-food chain to toy with meatless meat -- and what restaurant could be a metaphor for America?


"That's Kenny Albert!"

Steve and Rich give over most of the show to Sportscasting legend Kenny Albert, the only active sportscaster who calls all four major sports at the network level. Meanwhile, the guys go winless in their Monday picks. And Greg and Steve take the same side on the same game for Tuesday. Rich heads way, way across the pond to Northern England for his pick.


"That's a Captain's Farewell!"

The guys talk about Andrew Luck's sudden retirement, Greg recaps Rory McIrloy win the FedEx Cup, Steve & Rich go in depth in their weekends & discuss meat substitutes at restaurant chains before Monday's bets are made!


"That's a Lot of Scuttlebutt!"

With trips to Los Angeles coming, Rich explores a possible Amtrak between Las Vegas and LA, Greg looks at the Packers & Raiders playing on an 80 yard field, & Juliet Papa of 1010 WINS highlihts the New York sports scene with Steve before weekend bets are placed!


"That's Impressive!"

While the guys sweep their bets, the Baltimore Orioles continue to give up home runs and Greg talks about OTC ED pills in baseball. Tim Murray of NBC Sports Radio's "The Daily Line," talks about the Washington DC sports scene and advises against parlays before Rich paints the picture of the XFL logos & the guys make bets for Thursday!