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The 2 Half-Squads is the only podcast dedicated 100% to Advanced Squad Leader. Join Dave and Jeff for an informative, frolicking hour of ASL talk. It's tactics and antics, tips and quips, guns and puns, strategy and comedy. It's ASL like you've never heard before!

The 2 Half-Squads is the only podcast dedicated 100% to Advanced Squad Leader. Join Dave and Jeff for an informative, frolicking hour of ASL talk. It's tactics and antics, tips and quips, guns and puns, strategy and comedy. It's ASL like you've never heard before!
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The 2 Half-Squads is the only podcast dedicated 100% to Advanced Squad Leader. Join Dave and Jeff for an informative, frolicking hour of ASL talk. It's tactics and antics, tips and quips, guns and puns, strategy and comedy. It's ASL like you've never heard before!




Episode 218: LFT 14 and the Italians

Add caption Greetings Brothers of the ASL Rule Book, We hope you are doing well and that you will enjoy the wonderful opening song performed 100% (and we mean it when we say it this time) by Jeff Hallett. We remind our listeners of our contest to win Arnhem: The Third Bridge by Critical Hit. Enter by April first, and no, we are not fooling. The majority of this effort centers on Le Franc


Episode 217: Axis and Arnhem

Interesting listeners want to know. Is it Dave and Jeff, or Jeff and Dave? Well everyone knows that these things are done alphabetically. That would make Dave and Jeff the official way of addressing the hosts of The Two Half-Squads, the one and only podcast dedicated 100% to the greatest game in the world: Advanced Squad Leader. In this episode lot's o' lovely letters from our lucky listeners


Episode 216: Corregidor Forevermore with David Roth

David Roth Another amazing interview. This time we snag David Roth who utilized 25 research books and other sources including some interviews with survivors of the battle in order to design this amazing module. . He tells us of the challenges and joys of producing such a marvelous game for Bounding Fire Productions. Learn some history of the battle while you listen. Corregidor: The Rock


Episode 215: Climbing the ASL Ladder with Nadir

Nadir Elfarra of Advanced Squad Leader Fame We actually never discuss the ASL Ladder. We just put it into the title because it rhymes with Nadir, our guest. Nadir Elfarra has been a long time contributor to the world of Advanced Squads Leader. He was with the players around Los Angeles, Mark Neukom Steve Dethlefson and Eddie Zeman and many others who were all producing ASL stuff. He has


Episode 214: Mad Hatten in Flames

Bob Joins us again and we open with some BEARS talk, and since that will appeal to very few of you we also have a discussion about Peter Jackson's The Hobbit Trilogy and Russians in general. What we have been playing lately includes scenario ASL 173: Father Sunshine, and WO 20 Sealing Their Fate. What's in the box? gives us an opportunity to review the Russian counters from Broken Ground


Episode 213: Bob and Us on Broken Ground

A very Happy New Year to you all! We wish all of you the best for a wonderful 2019 and many more. The power goes out on us while recording which proves to be a fortuitous event, because when we resume recording weeks later we are graced by a visit from Bob Holmstrom as he makes a return to the broadcast foxhole. During What's In The Box?, we look at many of Broken Ground's new counters for ASL,

Episode 212: Rule #1: Always Play the Germans

Holiday greetings listeners. We hope this yuletide season finds you all cheery and staying warm by the fire. What better time than this to have a cup of hot coco and have a listen to the one and only podcast dedicated nearly 100% to the greatest game in the world....Advanced Squad Leader. In this episode Dave compiles a set of recordings he had hanging around on his computer, including a look


Episode 211: Yanks and Sugar Tanks

Recorded on a wintry night, we managed to finish #211 just before the power went out (forcing the postponement of the recording of #212), this episode features a whole bunch of letters, the announcement of the winner of the game YANKS, and an in depth look at the rest of the scenarios from Korea SHOW TIMES 1:00 Chit Chat 15:00 Letters 33:00 YANKS Winner Announced 37:30 Korea:Forgotten War


Episode 210: Cranking out the Crackers

. If you are quite certain that you want to miss the bantery discussion of some interesting films that Dave and Jeff have seen lately, as well as info on how crackers are made you can skip right to minute nineteen and get a close look at the Kampfgruppe Scherer Player's Guide. This guide can provide a big assist to you when you play the game. We are proud to present the last of our ASL


Episode 209: Garret and the Return of Box Art Review

Hear the dulcet tones of Dave's nose flute, as well as Jeff's new flute provided to The 2 Half-Squads courtesy of Bill Forg and his amazing 3-D printer. Many of you have been waiting a long time for the return of Box Art Review. The fine art chosen this episode is from Winter Offensive Pack #9. Pull up an image from your google search and have a gander. Beware, it is quite frightening......


Episode 208: Hand Me a Sniper

Disco, rap, space travel and cultural preferences are just a few of the topics discussed before we dive into our coverage of the greatest game in the world - Advanced Squad Leader. Join Fred Canzolino and Mark DeVries as they discuss their favorite aspects of ASL. Later we announce the winner of our contest for Hot Stove 3, you'll have to listen to find out if you are the lucky winner. There


Episode 207: Battling Banozic

Banozic, Emberton and Forg What a treasure trove of an interview! We've got it right here for ya brothers and sisters. It is the legendary and lyrical Robert Banozic. He is joined by Will Forg, and Zach Emberton, Together they reminisce and pontificate on all things ASL. Robert was one of the first names that early Advanced Squad Leader players recognize from his days in the early Chicago


Episode 206: Vaughn, Kirk, Kraatz and More

Helllooooo Listeners! Dave, Jeff and guess who? Listener Mark Kraatz at Gen Con Did you know at Gen Con we were just walking down the street and someone yelled "Is that Dave and Jeff?" Would you believe it was listener Mark Kratz? We also discuss the longest ASL scenario ever played. MMP's Messenger Boys. It took well over a year and a half. Lets see you take that long to play a scenario. In


Episode 205: That's the Way It Goes Folks

When you're digging in your backyard and you have to put your garden project on hold while the police come in and make the area a crime scene. Fall is fast approaching and so is the next episode. We just can't believe how fast time flies. Or how long this episode is. It seems like only yesterday we were celebrating #200 together. In this show Dave confesses his big mistake in tracking what


Episode 204: Cot, not Cat

What a great opening song! Check out the lyrics below and enjoy the brilliance of the Donovan Studios as they continue to produce marvelous ASL songs. Then lay out your boards and follow along as Rick Hollander and Dave Kleinschmidt present their After Action Report of Bounding Fire Productions scenario ITR 12 Sosabowski Slapdown that appeared in Into the Rubble 2. We delve into the Critical Hit


EPISODE 200: Totally Twisted 200

Our own Dave and Jeff celebrate 200 episodes Boy, that number 200 does look odd in the title. We hope you don't have your hopes up too much this one. Doing that almost always guarantees disappointment and we give you enough disappointment even without our listeners having an unusually high expectation for this podcast. Following the usual format Jeff presents a look at BFP-78 Operation


Episode 203: Episode Unavailable

This summer has been extremely hot Dave's Russians push against Mark's Germans and so is this episode. Why? Because we get back to the grind and continue our coverage of the Advanced Squad Leader rules, 7.0, Fire Attacks. When is that fire doubled? Halved? Tripled (oh yeah)? Do you even know? Of course you do.But you may not know the more advanced concept from this rules section. Match your


Episode 202: Jeff, The Killing Machine

Heroes 2: One of the re-issued Hero Pax from Critical Hit Jeff, otherwise known as the Black Belt of Death, reveals his humble beginnings in the wonderful art of Karate. He also tells us what chicks used to "dig" back in the day. We get some nice letters from listeners, very nice letters. Everyone's a hero in the re-issue of the Hero Pax from Critical Hit. They have been updated and have


ASL Extra 25: Shklov's Labors Lost

Hello, It's been a while since we have published an ASL Extra. This one has been recorded in a play by play style, where we follow every move and roll of an exciting game between Mike Ryzy's Germans and Eric Ortega's Russian defenders, as they try to hold onto some required buildings in Shklov, Russia. Hopefully you will enjoy listening along while the game is played, rules are recalled and


Episode 201: An ASL Oddity

Open the ASL Rulebook Hal. Sorry HAL 9000, it had to be done.....and we had a lot of fun doing it. Do you think a HAL unit would have its line of sight blocked to the interior of the ship if you held the ASL Rulebook up over it's little red eye? You will learn the answer to that question as we explore rule 6, LOS. It is a bit of a "quiz show" so sharpen your mind and prepare to listen. See