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The Best of the Outdoors Podcast is optimized to bring listeners the best in hunting, fishing, shooting, bowfishing, and other outdoor activities from Texas and beyond. Brought to you by Texas Fish & Game.

The Best of the Outdoors Podcast is optimized to bring listeners the best in hunting, fishing, shooting, bowfishing, and other outdoor activities from Texas and beyond. Brought to you by Texas Fish & Game.
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The Best of the Outdoors Podcast is optimized to bring listeners the best in hunting, fishing, shooting, bowfishing, and other outdoor activities from Texas and beyond. Brought to you by Texas Fish & Game.






Harvesting, Cleaning and Cooking Wild Game with Guest Jeremy Beaston

On this episode, Dustin sits down with Jeremy Beaston from the Cast, Blast, Grill, Chill podcast to talk about eating the harvests from your wild game pursuits including field care, cleaning, prepping and cooking wild game meat of winged and four-legged critters! Dustin and Jeremy talk about fun food ideas and why proper preparation of your game meats are important considerations for yourself and those in your circle of influence for the enjoyment of the great outdoors. Connect with...


Outside the Box Saltwater Fishing Strategies with Guest Cal Gonzales

On this episode, Dustin Warncke connects with TF&G Saltwater editor Cal Gonzales on the South Texas coast to discuss some saltwater tactics that are out of the box methods to catching speckled trout, redfish, flounder and more. Some of these tactics even borrow some lures and rigs from freshwater fishing! Crazy stuff! This is a fun show with lots of entertaining stories and tips. Connect with Cal!


Tactical Shooting, Self-Defense and Firearms Fun with Guest Dustin Ellermann

On this episode you get TWO DUSTIN's for the price of one! Dustin Ellermann joins Dustin Warncke again for an interview on getting started in tactical training and self-defense, shooting fun, marksman camp and so much more! Dustin Ellermann was the winner of the History Channel's hit TV show TOP SHOT Season 3 and Ellermann has a huge YouTube and social media following. Dustin also serves as a columnist and contributing editor for Texas Fish & Game Magazine and contributor to the...


Outdoor Gear Review Mashup with Host Dustin Warncke

On this special bonus episode, Dustin rides solo talking about some of his recent gear finds from and other retailers. Dustin gives his "no-bull" review of some great outdoor products he has been using in the field and how they can help you experience the best of the outdoors. Game Cams: WingHome Trail Camera: Model 290C Campark Trail Game Camera Rifle Accessories: Universal Dovetail Short Rail and Winchester Model 94 & Rossi...


Turkey Revolution - Hunting Wild Turkeys in the Spring with Guest Chester Moore

On this episode, Dustin sits down with Chester Moore, Editor-in-Chief of Texas Fish & Game Magazine and host of Moore Outdoors on KLVI 560 AM. Dustin and Chester talk about turkey hunting, conservation in the turkey woods and have an inspiring conversation about this incredible species as a worthy opponent to hunt in the spring with a shotgun or bow. Chester has been working on launching the Turkey Revolution movement to help with education and conservation of this fascinating species and he...


Texas Brigades, Conservation and Coastal Fishing with Guest Derek York

Texas Brigades, Conservation and Coastal Fishing with Guest Derek York On this episode, Dustin sits down with TPWD staff and Coastal Brigade Camp Co-Director Derek York and they talk about hunting and fishing the great state of Texas, conservation initiatives in Derek's work with the state and new rules for speckled trout. In a usual upbeat fun podcast episode, Derek and Dustin talk about the Texas Brigades summer camps that teach young adults about the outdoors and preserving it for the...


Bonus Episode: Live from the Houston Fishing Show with Guests Chester Moore and Cal Gonzales

On this bonus episode, Dustin reconnects with TF&G Editor in Chief Chester Moore and TF&G Saltwater Fishing Editor Cal Gonzales for another crazy "on location" show as the three attend the Houston Fishing Show. This podcast was recorded live at the fishing show in the middle of the action. The trio of outdoor writers talk about some fond fishing memories including first fishing experiences, most embarrassing fishing moments and more. Chester, Cal and Dustin also point out some of the...


Aoudad & Axis - Hunting The Toughest Of Exotics With Bow & Crossbow with Host Dustin Warncke

On this episode, host Dustin Vaughn Warncke rides solo on a show about two of Texas' toughest exotic game species, the Aoudad (Barbary Sheep) originating from North Africa and the Axis Deer originating from India. Dustin covers how and where to hunt for these species, the fact that there are no seasons or bag limits on them and how to find a game hunting ranch or book an outfitter and have a successful hunt. Dustin also covers some of the basics of archery equipment he uses to hunt with a...


The Early Flounder Run and Fishing Fun with Guest Chester Moore

On this podcast, Chester Moore Jr., Texas Fish & Game Magazine's editor-in-chief, joins Dustin again to talk about the early flounder run and how to fish for these flat fish and make a good trip to the Texas coast even better. Dustin and Chester also talk about best baits, areas to fish and strategies for the best fishing results possible. Thanks for listening!


Winter Catfish Adventures: Using Old School and Modern Fishing Tactics with Guest Jeff Stewart

On this episode, host Dustin Warncke is joined again by Jeff "Cryptohulk" Stewart. The two talk about fishing for catfish during the winter months and some great memories of catfishing many years ago in their youth. From "eater" size to trophy "floor fish" there is something here for everyone. This is a fun filled episode with lots of great content and stories. Thanks again for listening! This Show Sponsored by: AND


SHOT Show 2019 Tactical and Practical Finds and Wrap Up with Dustin Warncke & Dustin Ellermann

On this special episode, host Dustin Warncke is joined again by TOP Shot Dustin Ellermann at SHOT Show 2019. Both Dustins talk about their experiences at SHOT Show and some of the innovative hero products as well as some things that could have been done better by manufactures. This is a fun filled episode with lots of great content and stories. Thanks again for listening! Mentioned in this Show: AccuSharp Winchester Ammunition Sig Sauer Electro-Optics Holosun Optics Desert...


SHOT Show 2019 Coverage with Guest Chester Moore & Dustin Warncke

On this special episode, Dustin Warncke and is joined by TF&G Editor-in-Chief Chester Moore as they attend another day of SHOT SHOW in Las Vegas. The two talk about hunting and shooting gear they found and the trends in the outdoor industry as well as some other observations. Chester and Dustin also go off on sidebars and rants like usual on these special podcasts when they are together. Thanks again for listening! Mentioned in this Show: Silencer Shop Barska Optics MGM...


SHOT Show 2019 Outdoor Gear Coverage with Host Dustin Warncke

On this special episode, host Dustin Warncke rides solo and covers what he saw from the day at SHOT Show 2019 and some new products and gear innovations from the exhibit hall floor on location in Las Vegas. Mentioned in this Show: ALPS Outdoors HOLOSUN Optics Buck Knives Safe Shoot Sentry-Live to Protect/Hexmag Outdoor Edge Knives and Tools Excalibur Crossbows Skull Hooker SPOT/Globalstar HYSKORE Shooting Products


Range Day Finds at SHOT Show 2019 with Guest Dustin Ellermann

On this special edition of the podcast, host Dustin Warncke joins TF&G Shooting editor Dustin Ellermann at SHOT Show Range Day (Industry Day at the Range). Both Dustin's gained a lot of insight and knowledge from this shooting event and share it on this show. Mentioned in Podcast: Norma Ammunition's MHP 9mm and BondStrike Winchester Ammunition's New 350 Legend Walther Arms Mossberg Franklin Armory Black Rain Ordaniance OSS Supressors Black Hills Ammunition Crimson Trace Sol...


Muzzleloaders For Whitetail: Getting In On Late Season Action and The Thrill of Muzzleloaders with Guest Trever Bryan

On this episode, Dustin interviews Trever Bryan again from the Cast, Blast, Grill, Chill podcast and they two talk about late season whitetail deer hunting, the basics around muzzleloaders, public land hunting and more! Both Dustin and Trever also share some entertaining hunting stories of things they have learned in the field over their respective hunting careers afield. Cast, Blast, Grill, Chill Podcast: Trever...


Fishing Mashup #2 with Kayaks, Paddle Boards and Okuma Fishing Gear with Guests Ryan Jones and Dave Brown

In this second installment of the fishing mashup from the Confluence Writers Event in Venice, Louisiana, Dustin sits down with Ryan Jones from Frontier Sales and Marketing and talks personal watercraft like paddle boards and kayaks and all of the innovations that are happening in that realm. Then, later in the show, Dustin is joined by Dave Brown from Okuma for a short segment and they talk about all kinds of fishing and the different Okuma rod and reel options. Thanks for listening and...


Whitetail Deer Mysteries and Other Fascinating Facts with Guest Chester Moore

In this episode, Dustin discusses whitetail deer mysteries, the different species of whitetail deer in Texas, and much more with Chester Moore, TF&G's Editor-in-Chief. This is a fun and spirited show with lots of educational tidbits and fascinating facts! Sponsored by Accusharp Knife Sharpeners: Mentioned in Show: Vapor Trail Scents 33 Pt. Buck and Display Headlamp: Articles of...


Fishing Fun Mashup with Various Guests from Bubba Blade, Arctic Ice, Nomad Design and Grundens

In this episode, Dustin attends an outdoor writers fishing event in Venice, Louisiana and does an interview mashup with four special guests from Bubba Blade (fillet knives), Arctic Ice (ice packs), Nomad Design (freshwater and saltwater lures) and Grundens (fishing apparel and foul weather gear). This was a live "on location" podcast featuring some of the best brands in the fishing industry and the focus was on how to become a better outdoors enthusiast in the field and on the...


Fall Whitetail Rut Hunting Strategies and Bowhunting with Guest Lou Marullo

On this episode, Dustin sits down with Texas Fish & Game Magazine's hunting editor Lou Marullo and talk hunting strategies for whitetail deer and the two share their passions for the pursuit of bowhunting in Texas and beyond. Lou shares many tips for hunting the rut during deer season and tips and ideas you may not have thought of before to increase your odds on bagging that buck of a lifetime or some meat for the freezer. Whatever the pursuit, this was a fun podcast! Thanks for...


Hunting New Zealand with Guest Simon Fowler

In this episode, Dustin connects with Simon Fowler and his guide service Wild Places Wild Game based in New Zealand. This is another "destinations" episode, exploring new places to adventure in the great outdoors. Dustin and Simon talk about hunting red stag, tahr, fallow deer, sheep and other wild game as well as fishing adventures that can be taken in and around New Zealand. Contact Simon: +6421737824 This episode sponsored...